Thursday, August 7, 2014

So I Finally Sit Down To Watch The Tour de France And It Turns Out The Damn Thing Ended Like 10 Days Ago.

"Aaand if a double-decker buuuuus, crashes into uuuus..."

Then we must be in Times Square!

Yes, for reasons I don't quite understand, tourism is Big Business here in the Big Apple, even though it's really expensive to visit this craphole and anybody with half a brain would go lie on a beach someplace instead.  But hey, money is money, hence the famous poem engraved on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty:

"Give me your hicks, your rubes, Your smarmy Eurotrash yearning to go outlet shopping..."

We also pander to this demographic in New York City by letting huge double-decker sightseeing buses run wild in the streets--you know, because there aren't enough massive deadly wildly-careening motor vehicles as it is.  Therefore, this Morrisey-esque crash should come as a surprise to nobody:

On Wednesday night, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said in a statement that preliminary tests of Mr. Dalambert for alcohol and drugs were negative, and that they were awaiting further results from a full toxicology report.

“We are taking this matter seriously and prosecutors in the office’s Vehicular Crimes Unit are conducting a thorough investigation,” wrote Joan Vollero, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr.

Wait a minute, there's a Vehicular Crimes Unit?  We should totally use that sometimes!

Also, the driver's license had been suspended a whopping eleven times:

A spokeswoman for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, Sandy Grossman, said on Wednesday that Mr. Dalambert’s license had been suspended 11 times in the past for infractions that included failing to have proper insurance and failing to pay child support. He had nine other suspensions, dating to 1993, involving registration issues that affected his ability to drive a vehicle registered in his name, Ms. Grossman said.

None of the suspensions were connected to dangerous driving, and Mr. Dalambert’s license was valid at the time of the crash, Ms. Grossman said.

Who cares what the reasons for the suspensions were?  I really wish someone would acknowledge the connection between being a general fuck-up and being a shitty driver.  If you drive for a living and you can't keep your license valid then clearly you're in the wrong line of work.

Time for this guy to start shopping for an Elmo costume.

Meanwhile, the end of summer is producing a bumper crop of Kickstarter campaigns, and for some reason now these people send me emails asking me to mention their projects, which seems about as prudent as asking the driver of that double-decker bus for a lift.  But hey, what the heck, I'm feeling magananmous magnanimus generous, and the first request comes from the inventor of the "Bike Lift&Carry:"

The Backstory:

Husband and Wife love to ride their bicycles:

However, Wife's giant bike weighs 400 tons, which makes it difficult to carry down stairs:

The Breakthrough:

Now, if I were her I'd simply roll the bike down the stairs instead.  In fact, you could probably just ghost-ride that tank off of a loading dock and it would be totally fine.  Nevertheless, Husband went ahead and devised a shoulder strap instead, and now all their bike-portaging problems are solved:

Here's Husband demonstrating how awkward it is to carry a bike up the stairs, especially when you're trying to make it look awkward:

(Note to all of you who discovered cyclocross last season: please keep your bike-portaging critiques to yourself.)

And here's how easy it is with the Lift&Carry:

The Conclusion:

This is an idea that exists.  I guess I can kind of see it for step-through bikes which are difficult to carry.  It is less annoying than this.

Here's another project the inventor asked me to mention, because he seems to be under the impression I have a thing for clipless pedal adapters:

Anyway, here's the basic idea:

Though I was more interested in the fact that the video happens to provide a perfect anatomy of a fixie dismount.  First, fixie rider approaches bar:

Then fixie rider skids, thereby reducing his speed from 3mph to 1.5mph:

Then he hops out of the seatbelts holding his feet to his pedals:

Next, he rotates his groin 90 degrees so that he is dry-humping his stem:

At which point he raises the leg and sweeps it over the bars:

Then he walks bike to pole:

At which point the "bro-down" can commence:

It's a scene that unfolds so often in the gentrified neighborhoods of the world that we seldom pause to appreciate how silly it looks.  Also, a note to the practitioners of this technique: if you actually do ride a bike a lot, there is absolutely no way in hell you will be able to lift a leg over your handlebars after the age of 35.  Sure, you can try, but instead of jogging into the bar afterwards you'll be limping into the ER.

As for why this is true, there are two reasons:

1) Years of riding will destroy your flexibility and render your body more or less useless for anything other than pedaling a bicycle;

2) Your bars get a bit higher every year and your racks and other accessories start to multiply, which is why by about age 50 your bike looks like this:

Not even Jackie Chan could swing a leg over that cockpit.

As for clipless pedal adapters, you'll have absolutely no need for them, since anything other than thick wool socks and Birkenstocks will wreak havoc with your bunions.

Take it from me, by 40 your podiatrist visits officially begin to outnumber your bike shop visits.

"But oh, the optimism of youth...," he sighed wistfully, and by way of illustrating it he linked to this:

When they reached out to me the first thing I asked was something like, "So what's the difference between these and all the other locking bolt systems already out there?," and they answered in the form of this chart:

So what do you think?  Are they on to something?  Let's put it to a vote:

Just kidding, it's really just a rhetorical poll, but hopefully at least some of you thought your computers and smartphones were broken.

As for the Nutlock, sure, why not?

And finally, who knew that centering your saddle was so complicated?

So am I the only person who just basically  looks at it and then tightens the bolt?

Apparently so.

I smell a Kickstarter for a Saddle Centering System.


rhetorical quester said...


Anonymous said...

je suis le deuxième

3G said...


Spokey said...

almost tri century and podi

oh well

All The Black People In Portland said...


BamaPhred said...

Top ten, was killing it on other post!

Spokey said...

yeah yeah

it's easy when the robot is shilling for you

babble on said...

I was so yesterday I missed the podiodioooo

Anonymous said...



balls™ said...

round boobies!

Spokey said...

I don't just look at my saddle. I take an extremely precise centering method. Stand behind the bike and line up the nose of saddle with the top tube. With only 1 good eye, it's really easy

babble on said...

LOL!! How very politically sensitive of you to include only the demure ankle of our lovely recumbabe.

Anonymous said...

And at age 60, your visits to the dermatologist outnumber your bike shop trips.

dop said...

center it? a little to the left please...the sinews in my sctom aren't as taut as they were when Hillary was first lady & I need the room

dop said...

almost doesn't count except in horseshoes & handgrenades (pre-teen male humor)

Spokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spokey said...

is that Genevieve or caityc oogling the guy with the camera in pic #1?

Anonymous said...

The woman's white scooped top of the Bike Lift and Carry is very demure as well.
What's going on here?

Fred Nifacent said...

Nice disembodied hand holding up that bike with the multiple racks and accessories. Must have popeye forearms to hold up that tank.

Spokey said...

not so. two hands

QuestioningBOT9000 said...

So Mr. Snob, how much of being a semi-professional bike blogger involves reading the comments? Wondering how much suffering you had to do climbing la col de commentaires yesterday...

Spokey said...

can someone post a review of the Bike Lift and Carry video. After yesterday I'm a little gun shy.

Comment deleted said...

Even though my bars have climbed skyward as I superannuate, I can still swing my leg saucily o'er them, executing a perfect "Rockette" dismount, as Snob nailed it years ago.

I like it better than the "Dorothy Hamill" dismount, personally.

crosspalms said...

Time for someone to invent a round saddle (insert stool joke here), because it's self-centering!

P. Bateman said...

re-Cum-babe foot porn today.

very, very, nice.

just imagine those feet coming out of thick wool socks after walking around the farmers market searching for agave nectar in birkenstocks.

very nice indeed.

semi serious cyclist said...

You so forecast our collective demise with age..... strains from mounting the iron beast, bars incrementally higher every year.

Best laugh i've had since watching Lance Armstrong attempt atonement by videotaping his fix a flat tutorial.

le Correcteur said...

It always happen; I check with coffee here on the left coast; then step away, and bang, almost 30 top spots gone!

3G said...

Is that a young John Tuturro in that Nutlock video?

David Pearce said...

Wow. That really is quite a crash. Here we are talking about bicycling and hardware, and I hate to see good hard work, a nice bus, just randomized like that. I hate chaos, unless it's like, dancing.

grog said...


McFly said...

Multiplying racks sounds nice. Nutlock does not.

Is Genevieve still pissed? I want to console her. I have to connect with a woman up here [points at mouth] before I can down here [points another place entirely].

babble on said...

If the number of people who die from automotive accidents were to loose their lives to any other issue, we would put an immediate end to it, no questions asked. I love that you're feeling magnanamous, snobbers, so please: go full recumbabe tomorrow. Because mmm boobies.

Oh! Have you heard? Water is the new oil. That's why you'll find me Beaching on about our water woes.

FeelingSuperiorBOT9000 said...

”… if you actually do ride a bike a lot, there is absolutely no way in hell you will be able to lift a leg over your handlebars after the age of 35.”

HA! I’m 51 and easily step over my tandem’s handle bars that are higher than the seat. And I've never been to a podiatrist.

”Stand behind the bike and line up the nose of saddle with the top tube. With only 1 good eye, it's really easy.”

This used to be really easy for me but now I have 1.5 good eyes and 4 lens in my glasses, so not so easy…

babble on said...

Loose schmoose. That was a freudian slip.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late... was busy patriarchally raping.

Joe K. said...


You are what doctors call either a liar, or outlier, which basically means you're a statistical lie.

Gene said...

Heh-heh. Wildcat Rock Machine said "Nutlock"....

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I hear you on the aging demographic Snob. I recently put a head rest on my recumbent's seat back. Now my afternoon naps are pure bliss.

RoadQueen said...

You cut off Recumbabe's tits.

You bastard!

Spokey said...


if you can handle one of them 2 wheelers, you're still spry. tried to pilot a ryan last year. gave that up and tested an Ice Adventure. that would have done the trick. Unfortunately after we priced a whole house generator it was back to the co-mo

Blog Drafter said...

As a recent Bard graduate I feel uniquely qualified to note that this post scores high marks in ironic subtext and queer theory but stumbles rather badly in terms of latent male hegemony and imperialist banter, which threaten to reduce its meaning to a typically postmodern shamble.

Spokey said...

i don't get it. Why do I need some special pedals etc.

i have several pair of shoes and a pair of sandals. Use the old SPD. I walk around on those all the time. Yesterday I had to man a table at the county fair. I threw sneakers in to front panniers and pedaled there. Never took the sandals off to put on the sneakers. 4 1/2 hours later hopped on the bike and went home.

I have platform / spd pdeals on the old Cannondale. pain in the ass. The platform side is usual up and tries to hassle me getting clipped in every time.

Don't see the problem let alone the solution. Never used those fredly pedals and understand they are hard to walk in. But if you're giving them up for some slick-starter solution why not just use good old reliable SPDs?

BamaPhred said...

A rash of work broke out. Sounds better than off-foffing

Bus crash. How in Lob's name can someone kill and maim people, destroy property, and just walk away free as a bird, cause he was driving?

Driving while impaired isn't even the issue, according to me.

It's like running into a crowd of people wildly swinging a baseball bat, then having the authorities say, well it was the bat's fault, cause that's what bats do.

Matt said...

Pretty much nailed it with the Atlantis. Add a kickstand and make the basket wicker and removable (Nashbar Toto basket, Ortlieb female receiver on it) (sorry Genevieve, that's how things like that are described) and you've pretty much got my bike. I don't have the underside down tube cage on mine, though, unless I'm off camping. And it weighs enough to need two disembodied hands to hold it up.

BamaPhred said...

As far as the Lift n Carry, why can't hubby just man up and portage his wife's bike for her? Male hegemony indeed, Ms Phred assumes what's hers, is hers, and what I have is up for negotiation. Die, HGTV, DIE!

Billy said...

Looking at the saddle isn't accurate enough. I prefer the "feel it with my scranus and inner thighs" method. That method especially helps me with my bent saddle, after I took a big hit right in the scranus from those pesky streetcar tracks in the road.

Mr Plow said...

I didn't have a chance to read yesterday's post. Did I miss anything?

BamaPhred said...

You missed Caityc and Genevieve.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Spokey -Right on those Ice are nice three wheelers. The RoadQueen and I tested a few different models earlier this year. I see one in my future for sure or maybe a Catrike.

RoadQueen said...

Spokey - I reallyreallyreally want the ICE Sprint RS. Like, REALLY bad.

Someday....they cost a lot.

David Pearce said...

Yes, WCRM, you are the only one.

When unfolding my Brompton, I always align my saddle with my trusty two foot level and masking tape, which I then conveniently carry in the expensive snap on bags that go with the expensive but worth it folding bicycle.

Mr Plow said...

I'll admit it. I was being fatuous. I was just wondering how someone would summarize. Well done BamaPhred.

Comment deleted said...

Mr. Plow, you missed hegemony, repression, exploitation and patriarchy.

But we have been corrected and reformed. From this point on, anyone making a tit or penis joke will be sent off to a re-education camp.

Anonymous said...


-ken e.

Orestes Munn said...

Blog drafter,

That sounds remarkably like the syndrome my daughter picked up at another institution of the higher learnings a few miles downriver. A year in the real world and out of the USA have cleared most of it up.

Vernal Magina said...

my favorite part is the third *thermos* on the undercarriage of the frame

Anonymous said...

"...anyone making a tit or penis joke will be sent off to a re-education camp."

Did anyone yesterday complained about penis jokes? Must admit I read less than 1/5 of yesterday's comments, so maybe they did.

BamaPhred said...

But there was just something about Genevieve.
She was up for the snarkiness, and if you got out of her bounds she wasn't afraid to give you the old Rochambeau.

David Pearce said...

1:19 p.m.

You sure it wasn't a "Fredian" slip?

Or maybe that was the two bike racers trying to fight with racing shoes on. :-)

Robot proofing:

1. "htepreq Organization"!

Nope. Now it's

2. "Noticomm cause"

Anonymous said...

I like the nutlock thing so I pledged. looks like there are others out there, but this is inexpensive and I like the dedicated key thing. Something similar for the seatpost and seat would be a good idea. I'm not a fan of carrying multiple locks that weigh more than the bike itself.

Ray Gun said...

I find the utilization of a laser beam works wonders for optimum saddle positioning.

1904 Cadardi said...

Next week on Ask the Mechanic: How to align your handlebars with nothing more than: a 3 foot level, two colors of masking tape, a sharpened spoke, 12 meters of string, a laser level, digital protractor and metric calipers either dial or digital.

Spokey, I use your method, but seeing as both my eyes work okay I just close one.

ps- Nice Smiths reference Mr. Wild Cat. Could be worse songs to have stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

David Pearce said...

Dear WCRM,

I see you are still on strike about making any comment about the TdF, and Nibali, and the whole echo of Pantani, and the Italians studying the case a bit more, which I thought was slightly interesting, but okay, I can deal with it.

I saw my first cargo bike in use in Washington, D.C., two days ago, going west on M Street in Georgetown during the evening rush hours. Don't really know why this girl was pedaling a cargo bike just to get home--didn't look like there was much carried in the wooden cargo bay--but the whole bike looked really nice. Then right after that I saw some dude on a LWB recumbent bike making lazy circles in the crosswalk before blowing the light at 31st Street and continuing on west.


1. "part rauriat". Confidence level, 20%

Anonymous said...

the Nutlock guy has pretty big jugs. sorry, hard not to notice.

dana said...

The bike strap carry thing keeps you from developing unsightly arm muscles. I think that's the selling point here.
And I wish you'd worked in the ass Crack with the bike pedal comments.

Freddy Murcks said...

I almost never center my saddle correctly on the first try. Likewise for my stem. I have a crooked eye. Nevertheless, I think I'd rather suck shit out of a camel's ass than use that fredtastic centering system (there was an equally fredtastic video in the same series about how to center your stem).


Dooth said...

There IS a light that never goes OUT?

Fred nifacent said...

Spokey - Thanks, I missed the hand on the back wheel....if the right hand holds the front and the left had holds the rear, what is pushing the button on the camera?

ubercurmudgeon said...

Any saddle-centring Kickstarter may ruin into patent issues with this:

Spokey said...

well no snarks about the videos so i guess it's safe. i'll watch them. but if you guys were holding back . . .

refrigerator says society eestestr but i think it was talking to the clones

David Pearce said...

Hey, WCRM,

I have a proposition for you. I'm officially applying for the Assistant Regional Manager job for the Mid-Atlantic Region for your blog.

But this will not be anything like the American version of The Office. I won't accept the position of Assistant to the Regional Manager, I will be the Assistant Regional Manager. And look, I'll even do it for free for a while, just so you can see the great quality of my discerning eyes an rapier wit.

Until proper corporate satellite offices can be leased, I agree to work out of my basement, I mean my home office here in D.C., and I'll just, you know, keep you apprised of the latest bicycle bulletins here, like "I just saw a cargo bike", or "a lot of people are biking here these days".

So anyway, thanks, and you can take the sign down, now that the position is filled, and happy to be your Assistant Regional Manager. 'Preciate being on board!


"raourne according". Confidence: 25%

James said...

I have a lifting and carrying device. It's a 5cm web strap come-along. Adjustable to any length and doubles as a trunk rack frame adapter for your bicycle cycles without level top tubes. $3.00US at your local hardware shop. Great for transporting your recumbents too!

BamaPhred said...

I thought the Lift n Separate, oops I mean the Lift N Carry, well never mind, it's off to the re-education camp for me. Now where is that ball gag...........

grog said...

You'll love the re-education camp. They serve kool-aid every stinkin day!

Spokey said...

what flavor?

refrigerator was sericsi about the clone thing

babble on said...

That's right, BamaPhred. Bend over, you naughty thing!

jodphoto said...

My scranus is crooked so I have to skew my saddle to compensate.

Comment deleted said...

Bama, I agree about Genevieve. Aside from the breathless run-on antiparagraphical style, she knows how to turn a phrase.

We should be the poorer were she to write us off as cock-clutching dullards.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I'm going home to berate my refrigerator.

David Pearce said...

4:33 p.m.

True dat!

Captcha: "Photo Sphere". Confidence 100%

Anonymous said...

Ï'm innocent," the bus driver said.

I'm still not over it. How did nobody die? How is your bail in this instance not more than the change jammed down in the bottom of my underwear drawer? How was the next step after the wreck and driver assessment not the arrest of the bus company that hired him? How does the innocent man ever get to drive again for any reason?

I am blaming New York City for this.

Jeb said...

I think I'm gonna git me one them there Lift & Carry thangs so I kin git that passed out Jim off my sofa an' onto my front porch without throwing my back out again.

Jeb said...

Bolt one end to his belt strap an' loop the other round his scrawny neck...

Spokey said...

Fred nifacent

there is either one or two remaining appendages to push the button on the camera. I'd say more but don't want to join BamaPhred at reeducation camp.

refrigerator was nature maitala. Now I got to change the damn litter box again.

Jeb said...

Awwww... sheeeit! That didn't turn out so well...

passed out Jim said...

go ahead Jeb and I'll tell caityc about how you're really an offensive hermaphrodite.

almighty Lob said...


sneaky pete said...

do di do

Anonymous said...


90 said...


Genevieve said...


caityc said...


Anonymous said...

la de da de da

Comment deleted said...


scranus said...


Anonymous said...

shotgun approach

Anonymous said...

shotgun approach

Anonymous said...


Freddy Murcks said...

Apparently, you can berate your fridge for not keeping your food cold enough. Although, it may berate you back.

crosspalms said...

Here at the Seat Center, we specialize (lower-case; lighten up, lawyers) in seat centering. And coffee.

Spokey said...

good show crosspalms

1 day off your re-education sentence

Freddy Murcks said...

Damn! So close to inadvertently stealing the 100 podio.

Spokey said...


we just replace our clothes washer. If something goes wrong I have to give my cell phone to the washer and it is supposed to talk to the repair center or something like that.

I'm thinking of a faraday cage over the entire house.

Comment deleted said...

Freddy, the future looks like a lot of work to me.

crosspalms said...

Thanks, Spokey. I'll be at the blackboard, writing "Penis and boob jokes aren't funny" over and over.

Comment deleted said...

Though I should think that "seat-centering" crack (uh-oh) should get you a special session in the Sensitivity Shed.

Juan Valdez said...

the coffee was a mitigating factor

semi serious cyclist said...

I hsve a feeling the front bag for randonneuring caught on because of the increasing difficultly at throwing a leg over a Carradice stuffed with 15 pounds of overnight gear.

Good lord, how i began to loathe my Carradice. Front bag though - only one half of the bike is wider than my ass so at least quick slips over top of the Brooks is still possible without pulling a leg muscle from too much range of motion.

"To Leonard Zinn: Is having ALL my drop bar bikes set up so on the tops of the bars i sit totally upright, is this a problem?


Old Freds, everywhere."

Anonymous said...

commencing a test

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Comment deleted said...

Yeah, Rollie's still in Milwaukee. Did he try clicking his heels?

Anonymous said...

commencing test again

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


srengiF ellioR said...


Anonymous said...

A new weapon in the comment century race! The equivalent of doping/cheating! It had to happen!

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Rollie just a coastin downhill to retirement.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. What happened? I watch the Nats on MLBtv for a few innings and we're at 123 comments already?

Spokey said...

roille discovers speed dating

Spokey said...


Spokey said...


Spokey said...

speed posting

Blog Drafter said...

Fred of the Sea @ 2:46:

I'm actually a huge proponent of women's rights, gay rights, and pretty much anybody's rights, all for the same reason: when everyone has a full compliment of rights there will be remarkably little left to fight over. Most wars, large and small. are about one person or group defining away the rights of others and then proceeding to bash away. It seems the theory/language used in the effort to gain an equal measure of rights has to be different than that of the oppressor in order to separate from said oppressor, but to many who don't question the process it just sounds like silliness.

I'll stop oversharing now.

crosspalms said...

I think Roille just hired a call center in the Philippines to send random numbers here anytime the count is within 15 or so of centurydom. But he saved the 4 for his golf game.

may grounse, robot sez. Better take my umbrella.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Are we allowed to mention nipples?

Anonymous said...

camp for you

Jeb said...

Those flies seems to be hanging round Jim more than usual... Shit. Guess I'll fire up the ol' Dodge and go roll some coal on some commie tree hugger.

Anonymous said...

DB 5:38,

If you were to exclude the gender politics discourse, the century and podium sprints, the idiosyncratic diversions, the multiple posting exercises, there'd be, like, fifteen posts.

Oh hey, "camiocam" is the new "photo sphere"!

Even robot is getting bored with this shit.

dop said...

ok, late again..

comment deleted at 12:55...why would anyone want to dismount Dorothy hammill?

babble at 1:17...we have just as many gun-related deaths in the usa as we have motor vehicle deaths..& we don't give a shit about those either..(on a serious note, since increasing the drinking age to 21 and making seat belts mandatory, motor vehicle deaths in the usa have fallen from 50k to 30 k annually

babble at 1:19 that's not a freudian slip, that's a freudian thong

Anonymous said...


Olle Nilsson said...

I can't believe there are 324 comments (and counting) on yesterday's blog. Someone's jumped the shark [or insert more appropriate cliche here]. Seriously, has BSNYC ever cracked 300 before? Wait, vaguely recalling a 500+ post.

BamaPhred said...

Re education camp is just no fun. G excoriated us old men with:

So, I'm telling myself here like I would with my uncle, you can't teach an old, not too bright, mangy, slow, shit-eating dog new tricks. Nor can they learn the fundamentals of logic, causality, or rhetoric.

Man, that's a lot of hate to pack around.

crosspalms said...

Peter G,
I think spoke nipples are still OK, but context is everything.

Genevieve said...

BamaPhred: "hate?" Aw, come on. Who is being sensitive now? Or is it just that I forgot to remember who gets to be the arbiter of what is funny and what is mean? If you care, read back through the comments and you might find that I was dished a lot worse than that.

No response on my proposal though, sadly. I should have popped the question yesterday I guess, but when my chance had some at last, a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask.

Love and breathlessly unparagraphical kisses.

Spokey said...


Alert the very first comment is very offensive anti-male tripe

refrigerator is mumbling ciety reebse.

babble on said...

Mmmm kisses. You're a little irresistable, G.

We could just keep going back to yesterday's post and chiming in. Easier than starting again...

RoadQueen said...

Today is National India Pale Ale Day.

Spokey said...

let me know when it is single malt scotch day

BamaPhred said...

Sensitive. I like that word. What proposal? I'm too much of an old, not too bright, mangy, slow, shit-eating dog lacking in fundamentals of logic, causality, and rhetoric too go back and look it up.

Btw, be careful of loose cannon dog references here. There is one rather acerbic canine that shows up now and then. But he usually wants to borrow your credit card.

Anonymous said...

nice boobs for first two Elmas

CluelessAgainAboutTheInternet BOT9000 said...

So, is there some secret way to know how many comment there are?

Every one else seems to know the number, and the only way I can know it is by counting.

(Not that I'm complaining, I like counting.)

Nacnud said...

I can't keep abreast of all these comments.



Spokey said...

above the first comment. Right now I see

146 Comments - Show Original Post Collapse comments
1 – 146 of 146

so this will be 147

unfortunately the refrigerator put up a number so dark I couldn't read it. But now it's a simple 197

Spokey said...

BamaPhred @ 9:17

man G musta really fried your brain. That post didn't make any sense at all. Even after a couple scotches.

Consider youself re-educated.

refrigerator finally gave me camiocam i guess i've been forgiven.

leroy said...

It took over an hour of riding this morning before the usual aches and pains started to go away.

Then I climbed Mt Frederst (TM mikeweb all rights reserved) up to the police station at the end of River Road.

Couldn't really get comfortable. Had to go up four more times. Still never achieved woo hoo speed going downhill even though I had the cap under my helment

After that I had to tilt my bike at a 45 degree angle to get my leg over it.

Of course my dog had no problem. All those years of lifting his leg to mark his territory paid off for him.

Olle Nilsson said...


1904 Cadardi said...


Back in olden times my day-before-a-race recovery routine was to ride till my legs hurt, then keep riding till they didn't. Usually about an hour, hour and a half. Fifteen plus years after giving up the license the ride till they hurt part takes about 5 minutes, the stop hurting part may not come at all.

At least you got off the bike and didn't have to just topple over like a triathlete imitating a turtle.

1904 Cadardi said...


Good to see you back.

At least console yourself that while there may be a certain testosterone fueled piggishness present at times, any one here would give you a spare tube if you flatted. We're all cyclists in this together after all.

Unknown said...

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McFly said...

Unparagraphical kisses and slutty leggings go together like grass skirts and weed-eaters.

In news of bikes c'est pas possible that I bolted on a SRAM X7 9 SP DERAILLEUIRELLERER and it worked correctly sans ensuing le h'eadache?

leroy said...

Dear Ms. Genevieve --

My dog was greatly amused by your observation condemning the inelasticity of the canine canon.

He assures me that old dogs can learn new tricks. They're just more discerning about their academic interests.

Then he asked to borrow my credit card again. Well how could I say no? He told me it was for research.

Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I heard him tell one of his buddies that I'm the one who'll never learn. Wonder what that was about.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Don't miss the bicyling Championship -- Tour de France 2015 Live Stream on 4 July.

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