Tuesday, August 26, 2014

IMBA World Summit Part II: IMBA World Summit Part II

Yesterday I presented Part I of my trip to Steamboat Springs, CO for the IMBA World Summit.

You are now about to read, gloss over, or altogether ignore Part II.  Then, tomorrow, I will conclude the series with Part III, since Wednesday* seems like the perfect day to finish a story about a trip to Colorado.

*[And no, I did not use marijuana during my trip to Colorado, because I do not like experiencing feelings of paranoia and psychosis while completely surrounded by hairy strangers and giant mountains.  So stop asking.]

After Wednesday, if history is any indication, it will be Thursday, at which point I will post on a subject "TBD."  Finally on Friday I'll put a bullet in summer's head, fuck off again for a bit, and then we can all come back here after Labor Day and start getting depressed about autumn and making fun of cyclocross.

Sound like a plan?

You bet it does.

Now then.

Looking at my blog, my dirty bicycles, and my slovenly appearance, you might make the mistake of thinking I'm a lackadaisical barnacle on the jetty of life.  Not so.  In fact, in anticipation of my trip to Steamboat Springs (and specifically something IMBA had billed as an "Epic Ride"), I embarked upon an intensive training program.  Of course, it's tough to approximate Colorado when you live in New York City, so first I rode a mountain bike with a balled-up sock in my mouth to replicate the effects of altitude:

Rest assured that as I did I was not the only turkey in the forest:

(Apologies for the blurry photo, it's difficult to urinate and take pictures at the same time.  Especially when you're using the same hand to do both.)

Then I rode one of those bikes with the curved-type handlebars like they use in the Tour de France:

Just to give you an idea of how hard I trained, at first I set off on my plastic bike.  As I mounted the first ascent (a short, steep climb from an elite prep school to a garden and cultural center) with the confidence and determination of Mario Cipollini mounting his housekeeper, I heard a clicking sound from somewhere between my legs.  Ruling out my scranus (it rarely makes noise now since the repair), I narrowed the source of the sound down to my bicycle, and when I finally found a chance to pull over a cursory inspection revealed this:

No, I'm not referring to the bicycle's shocking state of filth.  I'm talking about this:

I'm reasonably certain that's a crack, and if so it's got to be the source of the noise.  Believe it or not, hitherto this bicycle was as quiet as a Prius sidling up to you at a red light, so don't try to tell me it's noisy because it's dirty.  If anything, the grime is probably the only thing holding it together at this point.

I'll strip the parts from the frame, investigate more thoroughly, and report back just as soon as I get around to it, which could be anytime between tomorrow and never.

As you can imagine, this development put quite the Zertz insert into my ride plans, because obviously my massive wattage had caused the frame to fail and it was only a matter of time before the ferocity of my pedal stroke rent it in twain.  Surely I could not continue on the same bicycle.  So around I turned and did precisely what I should have done in the first place, which is grab my metal bike:

Off I went again in blissful silence and structural integrity o'er hill and dale, and if I used Strava I certainly would have obliterated their entire network with my crushing power.

I was ready.

On the appointed day, at 5:00am, a car service driver drenched in eye-stinging cologne whisked me to LaGuardia Airport--which, if you've never been there, is a complete shithole.  In fact, the passenger in front of me was checking a rat:

I imagine that as Eden the Rat made his way down the conveyor belt and into the bowels of the airport like a frightened prince in a sedan chair, he was roundly taunted by the many, many free rats who inhabit LaGuardia.

Some hours later I arrived in Denver, and IMBA Communications Director Mark Eller (to whom I am most indebted) drove me all the way to Steamboat Springs.  Once there, our first stop was Moots Cycles (to whom I am also most indebted), where I picked up this:

(By the terms of our agreement I had to ride with that Moots sculpture attached to the bicycle at all times.)

I actually took these photos upon returning the bicycle, not when picking it up, which explains why it is dirty.  You can be sure that when I accepted delivery it was as clean as virgin chamois.  As a sarcastic bike blogger I generally do my best to remain aloof, but that's hard to do when you're confronted with bike porn of this magnitude:

(It if ain't perfect it's damn close.)

Here's another picture of the bike's dirty rear:

In anticipation of the "Epic Ride" I'd packed a suitcase full of excuses, but clearly having a lousy bike wasn't going to be one of them.

Next we continued on to the Steamboat resort, which in the winter is a ski area but in the summer is a bike park:

Some kind of mountain bike race appeared to be wrapping up, and young kids were schluffing about with the insouciant poise of professionals:

This further eroded my confidence, so I attempted to rebuild it by reminding myself I was a world famous semi-professional bike blogger who had cracked a crabon bicycle mere days before.  It didn't work.  Instead I had visions of crashing out of the "Epic Ride" almost immediately, at which point a dozen or so preternaturally fit and talented Colorado children would ride their bikes right over my face.

Fortunately, there was not much time to dwell on this fear because I had a soirée to attend.  Unfortunately, the soirée was a long way up the mountain and I had to ride a gondola to get there, which meant I had a new fear on which to dwell because I'm sort of afraid of heights:

Passing over the rooftops of the condos, I attempted to mask my apprehension by making conversation with the affable Canadians (barring Robs Fords, is there any other kind?) who were riding up with me:

However, I doubt I fooled them, because Canadians can smell fear in Americans like it's back bacon.

As we climbed higher I stared in awe at the landscape and the trails I would soon be riding:

And by the time we'd reached 9,000 feet or so I'd successfully faced one of my greatest fears, which is being trapped in a gondola with Canadians.

Here's the view from the soirée--or, in mountain biker parlance, the place where beer is:

As the sun began to set I felt profoundly tired from my long journey, and so I took a stroll in a futile effort to clear my head.  Trails slithered up the mountain:

And stragglers slithered down it in a race against nightfall:

Meanwhile, I perused the signs:

I was looking for the legendary double-black diamond "Scranus Blaster Run," but alas, it must have been on the other side of the mountain.

Here's an evocative shot of an IMBA Subaru:

Nobody asked me to take this photo, but I feel like Subaru should give me money for it anyway.

Maybe I'll send them an invoice and see what happens.

In any case, I was really tired now, and it was becoming increasingly clear to me I had to get my body onto the business side of a bed immediately.  So I got back onto the gondola and headed down:

Let's just say going down a mountain at night in an empty gondola is even scarier than going up a mountain during the day in a gondola containing Canadians.

Then, as I disembarked at the bottom, my eyes alighted on this notice:

I may be a city slicker, but I don't need a notice to tell me not to approach a moose, because the presence of the moose itself is more than adequate to convey this message to me:

(Who the fuck would approach this?!?)

I was now eagerly anticipating doing a swan dive onto a duvet and going to sleep, but there was just one problem: I was staying in a house a little over a mile up a steep mountain road.  My bike was already up there, I had no car, anyone I knew was up at the beer thing, and it was getting dark.  It seemed crazy to call a taxi just to drive me a few minutes up the road.  So I did what any New Yorker would do in a situation like this:

I decided to walk.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten something very important, which is that when you're not in a great big city it gets dark at night.  Very dark.  Like this dark:

The above is an actual photo I took about 15 minutes into my walk as I shook in terror and wondered if moose were nocturnal.  

It soon occurred to me that I should probably turn on the flashlight in my smartphone before I either got hit by a car or assaulted by a moose, but I hesitated for a few moments because I fully expected this to happen:

Finally I mustered up the nerve, and here's what it looked like:

Every step felt like an eternity, and when I finally reached the house I was so ecstatic I kissed it right on the doorbell.

The next morning, feeling rejuvenated, I hopped on my Moots and headed back down the hill for some IMBA World Summit smugness:

The hill, it won't surprise you to learn, wasn't even remotely scary in the light of day, which made me feel twice as stupid:

Then I watched the day's keynote presentation:

After which I rode back up the hill again:

And got ready to go for a ride with Mark from IMBA.

The only thing more difficult than taking photos while climbing three thousand feet on a mountain bike is taking photos while descending three thousand feet on a mountain bike.  Therefore, I didn't.  Granted, I did bring my Fly6 taillight video camera to Colorado with me, but I was saving that for the "Epic Ride."  Consequently, precious little photographic exploits exist of this ride, but it shouldn't surprise you to learn I never got closer than 50 bike lengths from my riding partner, and in any case this photo of me getting whatever the opposite of "rad" is at my local trail should cure you of ever wanting to see a picture of me riding a mountain bike ever again:

Nevertheless, I can assure you the ride was breathtaking in its beauty as well as literally breathtaking, because that's a lot of climbing for a schlub from sea level.

As for the Moots, you'll no doubt be shocked to learn that immaculately made titanium bikes are extremely fun to ride, especially on mountains in Colorado:

Who would have imagined?

If this bike had bigger wheels there's absolutely no way I wouldn't have stolen it.

After the ride, I got cleaned up...and then I hopped back on the Moots and headed down that goddamn hill again in search of food:

Where I skipped the "Fast, Affordable, Fun!" Greek cuisine in favor of a sub-epic burrito:

Which I carried in a plastic bag with one hand as I once again schlepped up that hill with 3,000 feet already in my legs:

By this point I was nearly in tears and well on the way to putting the "Sissy" in "Sis(s)yphus."

As for the rest of the evening, I spent it at the opening ceremonies taking pictures of people taking pictures of people who have won awards:

And then I went to bed.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Some Douchebag's Trip To Colorado, including what happened (or didn't) on the "Epic Ride."

("I can hardly wait," he murmured sarcastically.)


DogShot said...

Yay! Riding mountainy bikes!

McFly said...

The point is Moots!

Mr. Kavanah said...

I am not a robot; I am a free man.

babble on said...

Good morning! What a surprise! I was just about to head out... It's still stoooopid o'clock out this way!

Anonymous said...

Blue eyes locked behind the 5th place window

Buffalo Bill said...

You wrote this stuff last week right? Hope you're getting some good rides in before summer is gone.

JLRB said...

So the B in IMBA clearly stands for bald.

Bryan said...

Top 10...better get soem coffee for this one

Anonymous said...

Snob, you do realize there was a whole NYT article about that rat getting checked as cargo, right? And to Portland, no less.



recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Just dropping by to comment. I'll read the post later or maybe just ignore it altogether.

top 10.


BamaPhred said...

Epic post


Now I want to go to Steamboat.

It's not gonna happen.

JB said...

Colorady mountainy bicycling!

Bryan said...

That was enjoyable t read while I ate my poptarts and drank my coffee. So, if we follow you on the twitters I guess we already have some spoiler alerts, so I won't spoil the suspense for anyone.
That is a sa-weet bike. How did you like the 650b wheel size? It sounded in your post you prefer 29ers. Honestly though, I feel I should be paying Moots just to look at and drool over pictures of their bikes.

PBateman said...

dang man. i havent even finished my first cup of coffee.

Snobberdingdong, did you happen to see my post yesterday requesting a red clourwayed hat? is that do-able?

Anonymous said...

Is it 12 noon? What did I miss?


Refer Madness said...

paranoia and psychosis? really? we are talking about weed, right?

3G said...

Wake and bake post!

Blog Drafter said...

Funny post, great writing. You've inspired me to take a short ride about the neighborhood, even though I wasn't planning on it. Cheers!

dancesonpedals said...

OK, how many Tennessee Volunteers does it take to eat a squirrel? 2...1 to eat the squirrel, thev other to watch out for cars..

P. Bateman said...

oh, and i would want actual red, not crimson or other lame shades of red.

how do you get an Alabama grad off your front porch?

pay for the pizza.

sorry to turn the comments section into a SEC hate zone, but the season starts in a few days and we just get kind of riled up.

dancesonpedals said...

for those of you scoring at home (and for those of you by yourselves) that's a wicked climb past riverdale country day & Wave Hill.

mikeweb said...

-Ears laid back.
-Long hairs on hump raised.
-May link snout.

Sounds like a great first date.

Anonymous said...

There ARE a lot of bald guys in that photo.
You sure you didn't go to AARP IMBA?

JLRB said...

DB - I think it was a targeted market for the capz merchandizing

Name said...

Obviously the rat was going to Portland.

McFly said...

Sorry folks.....parks closed.

Anonymous said...

JLRB: I think Snob sold some caps last week. Instead of Woo-Hoo speed it's the Cialis-Depends-Ensure version.

Orestes Munn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BamaPhred said...

I wouldn't post this prior to Snob's trip, but then he walked a mile in the dark to his lodge.

He's worried about the moose.

He ought to be worrying about what is rooting around the garbage bins. Apparently you are ok as long as you make enough noise to be mistaken for the Hare Krishna

Freddy Murcks said...

Dear great unwashed masses,

Since I am pretty certain that most of do not have degrees from Bard College or some similarly esteemed liberal arts institution, I will lend you a hand with today's post. The phrase "rent it in twain" translates roughly to "ripped it the fuck apart."


Spokey said...


I took a shower this morning so I know it means to agree to pay a monthly stipend in order to live in the quaint village of Twain.

I knew Twain and you're no Jack Kennedy

dancesonpedals said...

Snob...you showed us wonderful bike porn, but we had to click the moots libnk to get thev steamy bike-catalog porn..."this is a single track eating machine".. after your epic ride, was there any single track left for the other riders?

"I had had an old single track for dinner on a plate of fava beans, and washed it down with a dry chianti"

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 8:49am,

Oh my god I did not!!! Thank you!

--Wildcat Rock Machine

RodentBot9000 said...

"Oh my god I did not!!! Thank you!"

FYI from personal experience rats are survivors and adapters. I'm betting Eden the Rat coped better after getting off the plane in an unfamiliar environment then Mr. Snob did.

Euro Spondee said...

@Freddy Murcks - indeed "rent it in twain" is pretty wordsmithing. I was wondering if the altitude cleared out the cobwebs in Snob's brain.

Anonymous said...

Pre-Lunch Post! Superhuman due to increased oxygen !


Karl of the Wild said...

What's the plural of moose? Moosen? Mice? Do they hunt in packs? Gangs? Pods? I have so much to learn...

BottingBot9000 said...

Herd of moose. You've heard of moose haven,'t you?

BikeSnobNYC said...


I think for where and how I usually ride a 29er is best for me, though the smaller wheel maybe helped a bit with all that climbing.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Flyover BC said...

After gingerly, picking your way down the rocky trails, did you reach Yeehaaa (translation:woohoo)speed on the road back down to town?

Kudos on the epic climbs.

Beohoof said...

Female moose don't sport racks and that's no bull.

McFly said...

As a good 'ol Tennessee Redneck I can assure you those turki are engaged in a Battle of Supremacy for some hot wet turkey pussy.

grog said...

I'm a lackadaisical barnacle on the jetty of life. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I think the plural of turkey is turkey.
I went to a state school, so I may be wrong, but it was a Big Ten University which, so far, no one has made fun of.
So I have that going for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Snob:

Eden the rat has an article about its complicated lifestyle in the NYT:


crosspalms said...

A moose that sees you and walks slowly towards you is not trying to be friendly.

Does that go for elks and rotarians, too? What about Kiwanis? And is that one Kiwani, two Kiwanis?

BiologyBot9000 said...

"you those turki are engaged in a Battle of Supremacy for some hot wet turkey pussy."

If so those toms need a course in remedial calendar reading.

Also you don't want to ask any specific question about the turkey hen parts toms battle for, but I don't think the noun you used really applies.

dop said...

biologybot...my mom used to say, 'the part that went over the fence last'....I'd leave it at that

82medici said...

Is it only by coincidence that Moots sounds a lot like Moose?

Freddy Murcks said...

In addition to having a degree from an esteemed liberal arts institution, I had a series of pets rats when I was in high school. I did not try taking a rat to college with me, however. At Reed College, which is where I assume Eden and Emily are headed, she and the rat will fit right in.

P. Bateman said...

@DB - no one has made fun of the big 10 because your teams aren't worth mentioning. sorry.

although in fairness we've lost 2 times to stupid f'ing michigan state. pieces of green sh$!.

so fine, go f#4! yourself and shove your yankee football teams up your ass.

that better : )

Anonymous said...

The picture of the stooM was taken after the removal of the gas tank with the plastic hose coiled inside and filled with rolled up $50s (they save the $100s for professional bloggers).


Out here in the PAC we have great universities and indeed WE HAVE LIVES OUTSIDE OF ROOTING FOR SAID TEAMS!!

Unlike SEC

Turki al Faisal said...


flank_steak_and_cheese said...

Okeh, half-serious question.

I ride an old-school 26" mountainy biek nowheres near Coloradee.

I rented a 29-er nowheres near Coloradee or my lean-to under the expressway and kept smashing pedals on rocks. BB is looooowwww.

Does the 650b still drop the BB like the 29-er? I likes pedaling through the stuffs. I don't want to be smashing up my own pedals neither either.

That moots is some sweet, sweet bike porn.

ken e. said...


Blog Drafter said...

No joke, I took a mountain bike (an early model Bianchi that weighed about 50 pounds) to Anchorage when I was visiting my brother up there in the mid eighties. When I was assembling it I didn't tighten the stem enough. I was barreling down the Costal Trail way south of town and came around a corner and small hill and, boom, this gigantic moose was standing right in the middle of the trail, calmly munching away. I hit the brakes and, shit, boom, the stem bolt gives way and suddenly the steering collapses. I fall in a heap right in front of this gigantic beast, who turned very slowly and took one step towards me. I left the bike and ran like hell down the trail to the bottom of the little hill. Fortunately a little cluster of bikers on the other side of the hill witnessed the whole thing and laughed so hard they distracted the moose and it ambled off the trail. Of course, I didn't bring any tools with me so I had to ask the same bikers for a wrench to get going again. Yep, good times, the mid-eighties. Man, that moose was huge!

leroy said...

My dog wishes to point out that if you wished to double caption today's post, you could have used "Part Deux Deux."

I had no idea he spoke French.

McFly said...

Pretty sure the plural of turkey is the commenting section of BSNYC.

Anonymous said...

how 'bout those curvy headset spacers?

Anonymous said...

Did moots give you the bike set up like THAT!?!?
YOU KNOW what I mean!

When you descend lower your body bro!!! LOW is more important than behind the saddle!!!!


Anonymous said...

Rats will outlive us all. They're the rattiest and they always win the rat race!

Dean Wormer said...

P. Bateman - Fuck off to a football-themed website you overgrown frat brat

BikeSnobNYC said...



--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

It's a tie!
Early results for COD have Leroy 1:16 and McFly 1.26 in the lead.

And I don't watch football much anymore, so any unkind comments towards my alma maters' conference roll off my back because I don't give a shit. Unless we're talking about wrestling, swimming and women's field hockey!

Simeon Creese said...

Descend on this, Bro!

balls™ said...

Two things I really wasn't looking to find in this comment section:
*college football wanking
*another asinine discussion of MTB wheel size

Two things I was looking for:
*weed jokes
*pussy (but, not from wild poultry )

Flyover BC said...

There's no shame in being bested by preternaturally fit youngsters. When a peloton of blithe, posternaturally fit 65 year olds pass you on the 3000' climb, now that's shameful.

I'll slink away now.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...


JLRB said...

XXXVI - II = ?

Anonymous said...

Eden? Eben? There's something going on here. I'm not sure what.

Anonymous said...

Nice Moots!

One day, I'll have one...

I want one!

P. Bateman said...

@deanwormer - fair enough, though i will point out that bikers and football players both wear helmats. i think that may make football more relevant to a bike blog than say, rat husbandry or turkey pussy.

although, there was that book, the Mouse and the Motorcycle, and he had a ping pong ball helmut so i guess it may be a tie.

Cry Fowl said...

Take a gander at that turkey pussy.

James Cagney said...

"You dirty... rat..."

Olle Nilsson said...

I've been in many gondolas full of Canadians, and let me tell you, you never get used to it.

Okay, I saw two sheds. You're holding out for the finale tomorrow?

babble on said...

Ok, so there is a great big moose, and there is a little fluffy turkey pussy, but where, oh where is the massive moose knuckle?

babble on said...


-A Canadian who has spent an awful lot of time in gondolas.

Flyover BC said...

I spent a few weeks trapped in a motel room with a Canadian one summer. She was easy to get used to.

Anonymous said...

I used to like mountain biking but then I gave up pot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great.
Now I want a Moots.

Iys Water said...

I pity those poor Canadians, encapsulated in a gondola with a fidgety Wildcat all 'locked and loaded' with a Sub-epic Burrito Daisycutter (SBD) waiting to be unleashed.

Spokey said...

a female moose doesn't have a rack?

so, then, ah, what's the point of being a male moose?

Holy Roller said...

Spokey. The Good Lord commanded Ahab to load one male moose and one female moose onto the arc. That is the point. Though apparently he wasn't cool with having to load one male white whale and one female white whale too.

Comment deleted said...

Angus says "That's a moose? I'd hate t' see a bloody rrrat in this country!"

crosspalms said...

Forgot to say earlier, I'm glad your plastic bike didn't explode.

crosspalms said...

Although now that I look at that bike again it's possible I am an idiot. Still glad it didn't explode though...

Anonymous said...

Know what's funny though, I had a metal bike, and I'm shall we say rather large (over 6 feet and heavy to boot) and have the bad habit of the standing-on-one-pedal mount/dismount technique (luxury of non-SPD), all of which I believe is what eventually cracked the chainstay, and it creaked like a muh-fugga forever, but I'm SO LAZY that I never even took more than a cursory look at it, just tolerated the Budnitz-like creaking until eventually the crack went all the way through, i.e. the rear wheel was attached via only 3 of 4 stays, such that the whole rear end was all loosey-goosey like a rear suspension I was pretty sure I didn't have, and THAT'S when I finally took a look at it and discovered it was broken.


Spokey said...

I'm 6'4", will match my fat to your fat and sometimes stand on one pedal dismounting.

No cracks here on the 12 yr old comotion although I do have a click and metal on metal squeal that I think is the BB.

BTW I don't have a problem mounting and always use SPDs. But then I have both a front and rear moose rack. Also use knee saves to increase the crank q which should make the stress worse.

Olle Nilsson said...

Babs, that and having to shell out $10, I'll never do the Grouse Grind again.

semi serious cyclist said...

There are so many moose up here. They like powerbars and aren't afraid of humans. Do not feed the wildlife. How do i know moose like powerbars?

Just. Don't. Do. It.

How many frames bit the dust under your ginormous hammers?

Cyclists get bragging rights with multiple frameset failures, but the new crabon fribre frames level the playing field against the 'steel is real' old farts club with multiple steel frames ridden into the ground.

My count - so far - is 2 steel frames snapped underfoot, one steel bullmoose handlebar ripped right off the bike.
Pulled it apart at the welds in slowmotion, while i was riding it, and had to steer it to a stop with the stem stub.

Crushed it.

Anonymous said...

Leading somebody out.

Anonymous said...

Giving someone a tug. And also helping in the big bike race. McFly I'm surprised all the TN-bashing yesterday managed to distract you from PIMP MOM.

ken e. said...

pedaling furiously, whistling the gilligan's island theme.

i've got some "what is that noise?" stories, how's about the peeled-in-two mavic b.b. spindle...

Holy Roller said...

Moses... That was Moses that The Good Lord told to load two Queequegs onto the Ark... The Holy Spirit is strong again in me today.

Flyover BC said...


Flyover BC said...

Pedal to the metal

Flyover BC said...

No Crabon for me

Flyover bc said...


Flyover BC said...

That was exciting in pointless, introverted, computer geek sort of way.

Allah/Messiah/Idiot said...

What better way to celebrate a Gaza/Israel ceasefire than by using celebratory gunfire. Oh, you poor sods, lay down your arms and just give your heads a shake.

Spokey said...

congrats to flyover.

darn was making din and lost my way

BamaPhred said...

I took the gondola, still couldn't sneak in ahead of the sprint

Big Gun Small Mind said...

One would think that the irony would be enough to make them think twice.

McFly said...

PIMP MOM? Wassat? We have repeated this mantra ever since '99....."We're just a young team. It's a rebuilding year."

Slapped Gator 25's mated w/Matrix ISO II C's onto the Frankenhybrid. Much more roll-eee but nowhere near as fun as the 30c Kenda Kwiks on the box section Mavic MA 40's. As expected. I will upload the data and tabulate the results before I make a final decision.

JLRB said...


Anonymous said...

pimp mom

McFly said...

She looks like a fun girl. The thing about being a true Volunteer is.........she don't get paid.

Anonymous said...

FYI: One TV producer rides his bike to an awards show (and doesn't even win any awards) and it's covered by every news agency and bike blog in the USA.


Olle Nilsson said...

Anon, 10:33am, wasn't covered here. I have a strict awards show filter running on all my devices and TV so wouldn't know about it.

Orestes Munn said...

Mullet? So a fish does need a bicycle?

JLRB said...

"Flight home wasn't long enough to prepare all three days of colorady news" he sarcastically mumbled

Flkover BC said...

Don't get them started. First it'll be a mullet specific bike, then they'll make one for blues, specks, stripers, and reds. It'll be endless.

Freddy Murcks said...

Snob is taunting us with the weird timing of this week's posts. Yesterday was way early and today's is trending toward late. Must be hitting the Wednesday weed a little early.

(Snob said he didn't smoke up while he was in colo because he didn't want to be high around a bunch of strangers. One likely interpretation of that is that he only hits the bong at home or with close friends.)

crosspalms said...

Last time I tried the Wednesday weed was about 30 years ago, with friends before going to a concert. By the time we were in the car on the way there, I was convinced all the street signs were in Polish, that we were somehow in Warsaw, and I had no idea how the woman at the wheel knew her way.

It was Chicago. Don't remember the concert. Woke up the next day and thought "who needs this? I get paranoid enough without being high."

semi serious cyclist said...

that's Marquette, not 'marquetter'

'marquetter' it makes us sound like we're a bunch of trained mice, but up here in marquette county, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, riders bike down trails at night in 20 below weather- for a good time - and ride down roads with gravel the size of bowling balls for fun on the weekends.

Fat tire bieks actually do have their place.

Huron Mountain Crusher in Marquette County

semi serious cyclist said...

There is no small amount of irony percolating about snow bike grooming in the north. Some people who understand seasonality break out the skis and laugh loudly at people on bikes on trails they HAVE to stay on. try to ride a snow bike off trail in the winter is like trying to get airborne in a washing machine. Isn't going to happen!

But please, the snow bike capital of the world is in marquette county, not 'maqrquetter' ...that makes us sound like a pep squad for a cartoon mouse.

Nonetheless, "Marquette" county has a lot of touched fat tire winter bikers . think portlandia meets northern exposure. people up here are touched. gravel grinders over rocks the size of bowling balls, 30 foot snowbanks in the winter.

I still laugh at the snow bikeers

Dave - Everywhere said...

Nice reference to "Robin Hood -Men in Tights" - rent it in twain.

SYLIC said...

Really Snob? You get paranoid and psychotic feelings when you smoke? Somebody needs to show you the good stuff.

Cycologist said...

Subaru would've shelled out some $$ for your pics but some lowlevel IMBA mechanic said "who the fuck takes pics in 4:3 anymore? Is he using his grandfather's Polaroid?"

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