Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm breaking away early this morning in a desperate ploy for TV time.

So it's the year 2014, which must mean that some duder made some sweet mags:

I had pretty much the same setup back in the '80s when plastic wheels still meant something:

Too bad he only appears to be doing his wheels in 26".  Is that even a size anymore?  I thought all the cool people were riding that new wheel size between 27.5" and 29" now.

All I know is that in my mind I can still hear the sound of chain slap on that chainguard, which persisted until I finally figured out I could take it off, and that first bit of customization opened a veritable Pandora's Box of radness upon the streets of my neighborhood from which it has still not recovered.

And I didn't even have a MiniBrake.

In other news, how psyched are you for this year's Tour de France?  That is not a rhetorical question, please check one (1) of the following:

__Not at all psyched;

__A little psyched, like "My Pizza Pockets are almost finished toasting" psyched;

__A lot psyched, like "The oral burns from my Pizza Pockets have finally healed and I can taste again" psyched;

__Wet-spot-slowly-spreading-across-the-front-of-my-jeans psyched;

__So psyched I just slipped into an excitement-induced coma in which I dream that I am rocketing through the cosmos on Rollerblades of Awesomeness.

Anyway, whichever response you chose, I should remind you that this year's Tour starts in Yorkshire, and a reader has shared the following with me via email:

How Yorkshire really sees the tour depart – an excuse for knitting. 

Yep, and they ain't fucking around either:

Travelling the region, prolific crafter Cassandra Kilbride is travelling the region and creating one bike per city, celebrating the best that Yorkshire has to offer. York, for example, decorated their bikes in Viking armour with Celtic symbols, representing the ancient history of their region.

"Traveling the region, prolific crafter Cassandra Kilbride is travelling the region" you say?  Fascinating.  Also, check out this wheel festooned with yarmulkes and/or "tit cosies:"

By the way, is that a 26" wheel?  Because the only acceptable use for a 26" wheel in 2014 is festooning it with tit cosies.  Do not attempt to ride it off-road under any circumstances, or else you will die.

One thing's for sure though: ASO is going to be kicking themselves for starting the Tour in Yorkshire this year, because this knitting stunt is going to completely overshadow the racing, and they'll be lucky if anyone even bothers follows them back to France:

Other bikes in the series will represent Yorkshire’s industrial heritage, literary icons such as Dracula and the Bronte sisters, sports and the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales. Hepworth’s bike looks to be the most unique, with their project celebrating two of the regions most famous icons – the flatcap and the whippet.

"Dude, Tour de what?  Who gives a shit!  Did you see the tit cosies on Emily Brontë?"

Yeah, they're not stupid in Yorkshire.  Not only are they going to torpedo the Tour with their insane knitting skillz, but they're also harnessing the awesome power of
the time-traveling t-shirt-wearing retro-Fred from the planet TridorkBret to sell you parking, as I learned via the Twitter not too long ago:

Or, you know, you could also ride your bike to the big bike race, though for that you'll need a special bicycle befitting this auspicious occasion, and here's one I've learned about from another reader:

The overpriced and over-designed urban douche chariot has become a mainstay in the world of cycling, and like all of its siblings this one too has a philosophy:


First, pretty much all bikes are both "simple" and "integrated," except maybe this one.  Second, I'm not sure how this bike is supposed to calm your mind, since compared to a regular diamond frame its weird angles are disorienting and stressful, and it looks like it could even snag your "pants yabbies" in it if you were to attempt some basic stunts while riding in a kilt.  (I do all my stunt riding in a kilt for the added mobility.)  Third, my mind never roamed freely on hot summer days when I was a child.  I mean look at that picture up there!  Do you see where I grew up???  Don't let the artisanal Belgian block curb and soft grassy road shoulder fool you, I'm from the streets!  (Or, more accurately, I'm from a modest ranch house with a nice lawn in front of it set discreetly back from the streets.)  We didn't have the luxury of letting our minds roam freely.  No, for me, the dog days of summer were always pregnant with fear, sweat streaming down my brow as I looked over my shoulder for the ever-present bike thieves who were potentially hiding behind every Gran Torino ready to pounce on me and make off with my BMX bike and its sweet mags.  

But yeah, your orange whatever-it-is will look great leaning against a marble column as you douche it up with friends while sitting at tiny tables and sipping from tiny cups:

Also, it has a brake light, which they'd like you to think is a big deal:

Yeah, good for you, nobody gives a shit if you're slowing down anyway.

And if you're lucky, maybe one day you'll be able to buy a rack for it:

Don't hold your breath though.  They'll never go through with it since it might spoil the "clean lines" of that stupid vestigial brake light coccyx.

Lastly, still another reader informs me that David Byrne, a noted musician who does not own a car, is now operating a Craigslist bike rental enterprise in New Orleans:


3917 ROYAL ST.



505-699- Seven Six Six Six NOT 504!

I guess he was serious about leaving New York.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Buffalo Bill said...


Anonymous said...

Podium from the porcelain podium

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They stole my idea for Tit Cozies! Bastards! *stomps off holding her toasty boobs*

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Good Lob I hardly got my emails checked this morning.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Not at all psyched.

But I will probably tune in and watch some stages. I like the castle porn and Phil and Paul's witty banter.

Anonymous said...

Podium? Post-hipsters still sleeping?

McFly said...

Is that the bike that got rode off on by the bully that you subsequently tracked down and re-stole?

Also, What about RACKS?

Dooth said...

I'm psyched, hell's the Tour de fucking France! Epic climbs and suitcases of courage, gorgeous podium girls, chateau porn, the devil with the pitchfork. Where's my bike?

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Those tit cosies must be for skinny hipster chicks.

Biking the Live Fantastic said...

Thanks for the link to the Byrne article. I guess NYC left him "Crosseyed and Painless"!

McFly said...

RCT Castle Porn +06.

That Jenkins Rd Climb looks fun @ 30%. I didn't know 30% was a thing.

JB said...

Guten morgen, Herr Weissen.

10,000 Aches said...

Its been a long time my friend. I've been tied up disassembling, cleaning and re-assembling my chain like Brown taught me. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Must be lunch time.


dancesonpedals said...

it's that first post before breakfast

Anonymous said...

Semi-psyched. Will probably watch most of it.
Hoping they bring back Al Trautwig and that Kristen reporter from the early 2000's. Versus viewership increased logarithmically when she was on. I kept waiting for her to bust out of those too small Euro-sized shirts.

Anonymous said...

nineteenth! which is strava first for Cat6 50-55 82kg male

JB said...

Is that BMX a Schwinn? I had one too, but my Dad wouldn't spring for the schweet mags. We compromised and went with the "heavy duty" spoked wheels. Each wheel weighed 23 pounds.

Anonymous said...

If I were adjacent to watching you get dry humped curbside by a pedestrian - psyched

ubercurmudgeon said...

Never attend a BRA in Yorkshire without holy water and a stake. They are much more dangerous than elsewhere, thanks to "literary icons such as Dracula".

babble on said...

I will be 'do a happy dance' psyched if I can find myself in London when they ride through... otherwise, meh. I just wish I could ride the TDF.

Heh heh. Tit cozies. At first I thought they were little cakes.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...what is it with industrial designers! duder, go back to school and study some very simple statics... or better yet, just pick up a book published about bicycle design 100 years ago, and you'll find out right away that the shit you designed is flawed.

...i means, seriously, when you have a bike designed like a pair of glasses, where do you think it will break if you bend it? right... right afore of your scranus.

Serial Retrogrouch said...


Euro Spondee said...

Flat caps and whippets! Now we're talking. We might get some local
colour commentary

Anonymous said...

Wow - early !


crosspalms said...

Spent all morning finessing my geometry, now I think I'll take a nap (sung to my rest by flights of angles).

Giro said...

Too early to get damp about the Tour. Too much excitement now for the Giro:

WIZ !! JAY said...

Appears some sitting knunts will be performing some knitting stunts

babble on said...

It's sunny and warm in New York today, right?

Yer out there making some sweeeet Fly6 ride porn footage for us, aren't you, Snobberdood?
Yay. :)

Good thing you're down there in the US, though, cause up here you can't necessarily take a photograph from your bike without finding yourself entangled with the long arm of the law.

RoadQueen said...

I thought those were nipple pasties? You're telling me they're tit cozies?

TdF and Vulvanus

Anonymous said...

anti-psyched; as in burnt Pizza Pockets set off smoke alarm.....

rural 14 said...

rural 1st!
just a bumpkin on 26" wheels
spring has receded again

David Pearce said...

The Rodin Wheels actually look interesting and overcame my dismissive attitude toward over-engineered products.

However, the Cylo is another kettle of fishiness. Although you did mention the strange frame design, which concerns me for strength and disappoints me for good looks, you oddly omitted the fact that to make things even more simple and therefore super-awesome, they decided to take the second "c" out of "Cyclo", just because, well, it's so cool!

SIDE BIKE said...

Damn you, bringing that Killian guy here with that bike. Don't you know how he tormented Bostonians for years?
Oweenom Master
Oh, we know, M-master.

trama said...

overdesigned bags, sorry...bagless douchecharriots with dics braeks are hilarious! Tit cosies? This is a great post.

_X __Not at all psyched

wife eurodi


dancesonpedals said...

oh bable, of course it's a sub station, I can see the periscope

You should be more careful. Have you replaced your left cleat? (rhymes with teat) I wouldn't want you to fall out...of your pedals

Anonymous said...

"...bothers follows them back to France" eh? Is gives haves ball cancer much?

Anonymous said...

Like thousands of pizza-pockets sitting in trucks and convenience-store freezers completely unbeknownst to me psyched.

Anonymous said...

Nipple pasties? RQ are you a secretary? They would be pasties for ours. She used to be down for some occasional TF back in the day. Usually around this time of year....tanning bed season. Might as well show them off.

Matt said...

Ugh, the Cylo. Nice to have dynamo lights, too bad any basket or handlebar bag will block the front one and the rear one seems to preclude a rear rack or at least will be blocked by any load back there. Not that you'd want to carry much; why so few spokes in a radial lacing on an urban bike that's going to be pounding through potholes (maybe they don't have them in Portland but they're endemic here in Minneapolis). Nice that you have a belt drive to keep your pants clean but those fenders are too short and you'll get road filth on your pants from there. And why oh why mess with the traditional frame design? Triangles are fucking strong. These schmucks must be designers, not engineers.

York is cool. I saw a Royal Mail postman's bicycle there AND a bicycle-based ambulance. You can't understand a thing the natives say, though,

Anonymous said...


I am not sure why detail oriented "Designers" can't figure out how to angle the brake levers?
Maybe ride a bike sometimes? Or learn what design is all about?

Besides being useless, stupid, complicated for no reason and UGLY it misses a rack.

Perfect candidate for 2015 (s)city bike refresh.

dick hertz said...

chimp tells a penquin joke

James said...

Tour de Fuckit. Watched every minute of it for a decade. Drank the Kool-aid and believed that the USPS/Disco teams used superior training and coaching to excel at a high level. Then Frankie confessed to dope, then Levi, Tyler, George... The hours I spent watching were a farce. Then Lanceypants. I threw away all the VHS and DVDs I had recorded to watch on the trainer in winter. I'm still waiting for Phil Liggett to retire since he said he would if it was proven Lance cheated. "Just Kidding"... He's a liar too. I won't support a second of pro cycling again. I will commute on my bike to work and be happy with that.

Pro athletes in general are an overpaid waste of clothes. People who actually contribute to society make a pittance and "entertainers" like them get paid millions.

All You Athletes Suck My Balls.

James said...

On a lighter note, how do I get in on a tit cozy dealer franchise?

Jam Master Cray said...


Not "TDF"


Anonymous said...

All right time to get down to some hating. HATE FRENZY! BARK BARK BARK

That orange douche-chariot (pronounced doosh shah-ry-oh in honor of the Tour de Pizza-Pocket). So simple & integrated. No need to worry about things... just let your mind roam freely... that's right... freeeeelyyyy... just let it roam freely wherever it may. "Ahhh what a nice day... say I sure am pedaling fast, I wish I could change gears..." WHOA WHOA WHOA, not THAT freely, buddy!

Yes, looking forward to their front rack application - that should be a hootenanny. Hopefully they won't be forced to add more spokes to the front wheel, because spokes are a bad heavy hassle of complication. Fewer is better, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Oh they're from Portland. IN THE USA!

Anonymous said...

TDF = Titty De Fuckin'

Step 1: Remove cozies.

Step 2: Blah blah blah

Step 3: Blah Blah

Step 4: Pearl necklace

Step 5: Wipe down with cozie.

Anonymous said...

Babs you should sue them for allowing their shitty light photons to strike you.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell the server's suuuper slooow today?

That's no way to

conduct gkowei

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've made it to adulthood without getting punched in the face. Good luck, the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

EPO helps you recover from a marathon session of knitting tit cozies.

dancesonpedals said...

toes t boobs

babble on said...

Right?! Crazy. They could be out chasing down real criminals... you know murderers and the like.

I am usually in Stanley Park at stupid o'clock in the morning, but the doc says am a bit overtrained so I took the day off. This morning at six, a woman was found in the park in serious medical distress, and she has since died. :(

Anonymous said...

I'd like Cass to "flatcap my whippet" if you know what I mean . . .

Anonymous said...

James, 12:42.
Comment of the Day.
Well said, Sir.

RoadQueen said...

Anon @ 12:33

The PC term is Administrative Professional.

But no, I'm not. :)

Freddy Murcks said...

I missed out on the Wednesday weed (or, as we say in Deutschland, the Mittwoch mank). Can any of you hook a brother up with a toke or two?

giesdW Thomas

Naysayer said...

Of all of the odd frameshapes made over the years nothing beats the tried and true two triangles. Why mess with something so functional and elegant?

I've seen a lot more Rivendellesque dandy bikes these days in NYC. They are pretty but seem fairly ostentatious and seem to be everything that a practical city bike should not be:

Obscenely expensive, so if it gets stolen you will cry - Check,

Heavy - with the steel, and fenders and racks and various handcrafted leather artisnal doodads the thing must weigh 50 lbs - perfect for lugging up three flights of stairs to your walkup apartment everyday - Check

Slow - see Heavy above

Precious - so pretty and shiny that you it will make you cry when you get your first scratch on the custom paint job.

CommieCanuck said...


It would take 62 YEARS and $30,000,000 to made 10,000 shitty plastic rims by 3D printing. But we need to support this, the world needs more stuff made out of plastic for no good reason.

Yeah, so like, my Dad's rims are in the MOMA, but they suck, so like, we need more money to make 10,000 of them, bra. said...

PODIUggggrrrrr, Fuck it.

Eeee by gum, off t tour me duck.

1904 Cadardi said...


That's because, although in Yorkshire they seem to write it fairly well, they don't actually speak English.

CommieCanuck said...

James... what nailed my complete disinterest in Le Tour De Phrance was the UCI decision to throw Armstrong under le autobus with a lifetime ban, but Bruyneel will be back in under 10 years, but likely really next week. Bjarne Riis and others are still getting rich(er), and if I see one more profile of a young rider who doesn't support doping because he's wholesome I'm going to barf and buy an Escalade and re-elect Robs Fords.

Now it's just about drunk idiots running in front of motorcycles on YouTube clips. And that's ok.

babble on said...

Hear hear Commie.

Naysayer - I actually won one of those crown thingies on Strava riding my pretty city bike which weighs in at 61 lbs, because terminal velocity always includes mass as a factor.

Yes, she has been around the block a few times, and yes it's true, I did shed a tear at the rust, but still. It serves a purpose other bikes don't. I can ride it in my good clothes, and go straight from bike to boardroom. The long fenders and mudguards keep my shoes pretty, and the racks and basket, and the upright posture all serve to benefit my back.

But the best thing is that more people see how a bike can be part of everyday living. They notice that they don't have to dress like dorks to ride and before you know it MORE PEOPLE RIDE BIKES.

This is a good thing.

crosspalms said...

If anybody's job-hunting, the American Association for Nude Recreation is looking for an editor.

babble on said...

Hey heyyyyyyy now THAT sounds like a job for me. Do you have to be a nude American, or do you suppose a nude Canadian will do?

Serial Retrogrouch said...

Naysayer, don't bloody put all the dandy bikes in one basket, mate...

...i ride one o' dem steel, fendered, and racked things you speak of pretty much daily...

...the paint was precious (so precious, in fact, kids would stop me and take photos of it... and it wasn't even custom)... then through the years i've been using it, it's all scratched up and no one notices...

...the precious french bags i have up front always get comments from ladies... but they sure as hell work too... 30lbs of groceries no problem.

...and you know what else: shellac-ed handlebar tape, dyno lighting, shiny japanese fenders... and icing on the cake: white tires. part of all, i'll still go faster than you even when loaded with groceries... there you go.

P.S. i forgot, i put a human child on the back seat almost daily too.

CommieCanuck said...

If anybody's job-hunting, the American Association for Nude Recreation is looking for an editor.

Meh, I hate jobs like that, nothing to wear on casual fridays, and you have to use Just For Men Autoscranus formula on your pubes to get any respect from those punk kids.

Olle Nilsson said...

TdF? Now that they're showing the spring classics on North American TV, I've pretty much had my fill of bike racing for the season. Well, I'll probably follow those little Tour Divide dots in June. Now that's a real race - the word epic actually applies for once.
Damn, I really want a 26" wheeled bike now. If I get one, I'll do a video of myself on a sunny day. I've got that squinty look nailed.

And wow; Cylo, a bike with a wheelbrow and a filth prophylactic. You can never be too safe.

Oh, and Commie - All I read was "Meh, I hate jobs...". Am in total aggreeance

crosspalms said...

Would more people watch if they called it the WTdF?

dnk said...

I'm not seeing a helment either on David Byrne straddling his bicycle or on BSNYC straddling his circa 1980s....

Lumpen Fredetariat said...

Crosspalms - and you knew about that job opening because....?
It's not World Naked Bike Ride Day again is it? That's the only overlap (yes, I know) I can think of.

McFly said...

Some of the maintenance men busted me watching the last 11 kilograms of the Flesh Walloon in the office earlier. They assume I'm gay.

CommieCanuck said...

You're NOT gay? Who knew...


crosspalms said...

Lumpen Fred,
I stumbled on it on another site and figured that -- between the writing skills and the high tolerance for alternative lifestyles -- the commentariat here are up to the job.

Matt said...


Don't completely write off those bikes. I'm into ninth season on an actual Rivendell (who else makes 68cm frames?) with rack, fenders, dynamo hub and (gasp) kickstand. It ain't light, but it's immensely practical and comfortable. I would be profoundly unhappy if it was stolen (got Pitlock skewers on it to help avoid this) but first scratch in the paint was years ago.

I took my pickup truck to the Ford dealer this morning for some work and rode the Rivendell home in the 40 degree belting rain. The Cylo couldn't mount a pannier and those short fenders would ensure I was soaked. The line between deeply practical and artisinally foolish can be pretty thin, but the Cylo falls on the silly side on most counts.

Anonymous said...


McFly said...

The job requires prior experience in publishing and coordinating with staff, other workers and yadadadayada....coordinating with staff. Staff. "Yo baby you new here? Get over here and coordinate my staff. You know how daddy likes it. "

Bobby said...

I'm sorry Mr McFly but I'm the office boy from the mail room. I think you've started drinking a bit earlier than usual today.

babble on said...

Nah. That's him au nauturel.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm riding all day cos I got a holiday. The whole country of Straya is celebrating the fact that we defended ourselves by attacking Turkey in 1915

Lumpen Fredetariat said...

Crosspalms - are you calling cycling an alternative lifestyle? Those sound like fighting words for those that like to fight.
I am partial to 'doing a Babble' on the beach when the weather allows, but I don't know if I want to spend my days writing about it, or interviewing other people in the buff (except Babs, obviously).

Olle Nilsson said...

Wait, Strava is a country? Oh, Straya. Neva mind mate. Carry on. Guess I'll get in me Holden, pick up some VB and eat lamb, ya poof. Get outta me country, it's full.

McFly said...

Big whoop we attack Turkey in late November EVERY year.

Dumbfounded said...

Yarmalukes?!? You really are from NYC! Holy Moroni,did you know that only 1.7% of the US population is Jewish? Maybe the Mormons will take over Wall Street at this rate...

Anonymous said...


I took my Chevy (pickup truck) to the levy but the levy was dry

BikeSnobNYC said...


What the fuck is a "Yarmaluke?" Marmaduke's cousin?

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

Can't let BSNYC take red lantern honers....


wishiwasmerckx said...

Dumbfounded, the more widely accepted figure is 2.2%, and any result depends very heavily on how you define a "Jew." Observance? Ancestry? Name? Self-identification? Temple affiliation? Conversion?

It's not that easy...

Enjoy your leather-bound edition of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

JB said...

Speaking of au natural: nude selfies of Tilford on his blog.

Yarmadarth said...

Yarmaluke, I am your Yarmafather.

Luke's woman said...

Yarmaluke, I'myerwife

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit how many Jews there are. Hitler, that's who.

The View from Wreck Beach said...

One bets that BABBLE has been plucked.

Anonymous said...

In Portland WHERE I MOVED OUT OF, everybody's all worked up about the Houston/Portland game tonight, in the basketball-basketballing. A few people who just moved here five minutes ago still have their misguided hometown loyalties e.g. to Houston. You know how such things go when your city is a giant theme park. Anyway I just saw some babe with a badonkadonk and wearing a Houston t-shirt with James Harden's name on the back. So you look at her from the back and it says HARDEN. So I did.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Like taking candy from a baby...

wishiwasmerckx said...

...and 100th!

JB said...

The game of the night is Blues-Blackhawks game 5*.

Fucking Blackhawks.

* "pivotal" game 5

JB said...

3 of the first 4 have gone to overtime.

"The more you know"

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...


Mmmm naaaaaaaaked. I rode by the top of the stairs to Wreck at stupid o'clock this morning. The stairs were still plucked winter bare at that hour.

Ha. Bit of happy news today. The Supreme Court of Canada is keeping mad dog Steve on a bit of a lead. He's still foaming at the mouth, and taking us all for a crazy walk down a darl and dangerous road, but he keeps running smack dab into the voice of reason via rulings from our chief magistrates. Blessed be.

Old Foaming at the Mouth said...

30 dead cats. Leroy's Dog is the prime suspect.

Anonymous said...

And it's even imaginary! for the FAQ section of the webiste (I was trying to find out what the artisanal definition of "light" might be):

All the images of the bike you see on this site are 3D renderings. [gotta love this next part] However, unlike many concept bike renderings you see out there, we have done the majority of the engineering on the main frame, and are weeks away from a real prototype to ride and fully test. Things will change design wise as we do this extensive testing, and these changes will be reflected as we update our communication. We want to make sure that we deliver an impecable product we can stand behind and know you can enjoy for years to come. We will try our best to stay as true to our vision as possible, and we are always happy to hear your feedback.

Anonymous said...

nuff said:

Anonymous said...

gabriel said...

will be 'do a happy dance' psyched if I can find myself in London when they ride through... otherwise, meh. I just wish I could ride the TDF.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Penyakit kanker payudara bisa isembuhkan jika ditangani sejak dini dengan Obat herbal kanker payudara . Anda harus mengetahui gejala-gejala kanker payudara agar anda dapat mengobatinya sebelum terlambat silahkan baca selengkapnya . Tapi jika anda sudah terlanjur terkena penyakit ini, maka pengobatan yang harus dilakukan dengan Obat kutil di alat vital , lebih lengkapnya silahkan baca selengkapnya . Sebelum membicarakan tentang Obat kutil di daerah alat vital , sebenarnya ada hal lain yang lebih penting dari hal itu, yakni tindakan pencegahan silahkan baca selengkapnya . proses pencegahan sebagai Obat alat vital sakit ini juga perlu dibantu dari orang-orang yang ahli di dalamnya sehingga pencegahan tersebut efektif dan bisa sesuai dengan sasaran, silahkan baca selengkapnya . bila kita melihat lebih jauh dan meneliti beberapa kasus yang ada Obat keluar nanah di kelamin yang paling manjur adalah pencegahan sejak dini, silahkan baca selengkapnya . Dan ternyata ada Obat herbal wasir yang secara alami masih bisa dikonsumsi, silahkan silahkan baca selengkapnya .

blogku said...

Mengobati Kutil di Kemaluan Laki _ Jika anda ingin mengobati Kutil Kelamin ( kondiloma akuminata ) Tanpa Operasi yang membutuhkan biaya yang besar, Anda cukup mengkonsumsi paket obat kutil kelamin De Nature. Baca Selengkapnya
Makalah Obat Kanker Payudara Stadium 4 _ Ciri-ciri kanker payudara pada awalnya dapat dirasakan dengan adanya benjolan dan rasa nyeri. Hal ini dapat dirasakan Baca Selengkapnya
Obat Wasir Berdarah _ Wasir atau sering disebut wasir (dalam bahasa Inggris atau Latin disebut Hemorrhoid dan dalam bahasa kedokteran disebut Piles) adalah penyakit atau gangguan pada anus Baca Selengkapnya
Kutil di Kemaluan Perempuan _ Rentannya seseorang untuk tertular kutil kelamin biasanya ditunjang oleh beberapa faktor risiko, seperti melakukan hubungan seksual dengan berganti pasangan Baca Selengkapnya
Obat Kanker Herbal _ Ada lebih dari 100 jenis kanker beserta berbagai macam penyebabnya, mulai dari radiasi, bahan kimia, hingga virus. Tapi kesamaannya, kanker ditandai dengan pertumbuhan sel yang abnormal. Kanker apa saja yang paling mematikan dan kenapa sulit disembuhkan? Baca Selengkapnya
Obat Wasir Berdarah Tradisional _ Wanita hamil juga rentan mengalami wasir. Janin di dalam perut menekan rongga perut sehingga organ-organ di bagian perut sulit bergerak. Baca Selengkapnya
Menyembuhkan Kemaluan Keluar Nanah tapi Tidak Sakit _ De Nature Indonesia Insya Alloh adalah solusi untuk mengobati segala penyakit anda. Diramu dari campuran bahan-bahan Alami indonesia, Baca Selengkapnya
Obat Sipilis Ampuh Resep Dokter _ Belum kunjung sembuh dari penyakit sipilis? Masih menderita karena sipilis? Ingin mencari obat yang ampuh untuk menuntaskan derita anda? Baca Selengkapnya

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