Monday, February 10, 2014

Constant Surveillance: Rolling While You're Rolling

In New York state and city, drivers are rarely charged criminally if they kill another person in a crash, according to data compiled by the state and analyzed by The Wall Street Journal. That is because New York's vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter statutes apply only to motorists who are drunk or on drugs—one of the narrowest standards for conviction in the nation, legal experts said.

So basically, New York is to shitty driving what Florida is to shooting people.

I wonder how the editors managed to sneak this report past Dorothy Rabinowitz, who knows the real threat comes not from drivers, but from cyclists:

Actually, I don't wonder how how they managed to sneak it past her at all.  Just turn on some "Larry King Live" reruns and Rabinowitz lapses into an erotic reverie that couldn't be interrupted by a Mack truck.  Done.

Also, another Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper is reporting something else that we already know, which is that the person driving your cab in New York City could very easily have killed somebody:

He probably doesn't feel too bad about it either--or at least this cabbie who killed a five year-old boy doesn't:

Gul told The Post on Saturday...that he doesn’t feel bad about the accident. “Actually, no, I’m not too much sad. Actually, I’m not this fault happen [sic],” he said.

Gul, who said he was back behind the wheel of his cab just two days later, has an active license and splits use of his cab with two other drivers.

I realize these are the sorts of awful articles that ruin your day, especially on a Monday, though hopefully the fact that the media is actually paying attention to this now is an indication that some sort of change is afoot--though I suspect that, come the spring, they'll be back to baiting cyclists again.

In the meantime, since drivers are pretty much free to hit us and then lie about it afterwards, increasing numbers of cyclists are riding with video cameras, and here's one that's integrated with a tail light:

The inventors have actually sent me one of these to try out, and once I set it up I'll share my experiences, though I hope I don't have the opportunity to to truly "test" it, if you know what I mean.  Up until now I've never ridden with a camera attached to my bicycle, partially because I hate futzing with electronics while I'm riding, and partially because it depresses me that this is our only meager defense against shitty drivers, but the sad fact is that it's probably not a bad idea to arm yourself with one of these so I'll play around with this thing and see what happens.

In the meantime, the winter here has been relentless, and I've already burned most of what I own for heat and eaten my way through most of the household pets.  (The cat was surprisingly delicious, especially with a side of the goldfish.)  As far as recreational bicycling goes, ordinarily you can mitigate the cold somewhat by riding on trails that are protected from the wind, but for the fat bike-less among us they are more or less off the table thanks to all the snow:

(I bore right.)

Therefore I have been sticking with the roads, and while I'd rather be knocking around in the forests of suburbia when it's 20 degrees American at least they clear the roads here--unlike Portland, where I've learned they only plow main arterials, and where they don't salt due to groundwater contamination and environmental concerns.

(Fuck 'em, I say.  Just kidding.  I love all animals, especially on bagels.)

I may kid the Portlanders about freaking out over the snow, but the fact is there's not much point riding when the streets are completely iced over, so I don't blame them for staying in their homes and doing beard maintenance until the thaw.  You're pretty much guaranteed to fall on your bike when it's really icy out, and an hour or two of turning the pedals and some Twitter bragging rights isn't worth waiting months for a bone to knit.  Sure, you can buy studded tires, but why do that when you live in Portland?  You'll use them about as often as you'll use a bikini in Riadh.  (Or in Portland for that matter.)  Really, you're probably better off going running:

(Via a reader.)

Or maybe you're not.

Or, take a short break from riding and engage in other seasonally appropriate forms of recreation, such as sledding--but be careful:

The man was not wearing a helmet. Portland Fire recommended that sledders wear helmets to protect themselves. 

There is nothing funny about head injuries and I hope he's OK, but it is extremely depressing that you can't even have a sledding accident without the media reporting on your helment status.

In ten years all Americans will wear helments with 360-degree cameras at all times no matter what activity we're engaged in, I guarantee it.

By the way, where are all the fixie riders talking about how much control their drivetrain gives them in poor conditions?  They can't all have defected to cyclocross bikes, have they?

I guess they have.


Commentorbot9000 said...


Spokey said...


woo-hoo speed

Anonymous said...

Suck it babs

jayteepee said...

Nobody ever told me that zip ties used as bike tire traction devices don't play well with dual pivot caliper brakes. Oh for the want of a bicycling cycle with diks breaks.

Spokey said...

damn those commentor bots

Flyover bc said...

top ten

Pablo Fleece said...

I had to put my helment on.

Anonymous said...

top 10?


JB said...

Somebody has a case of the Mondays! It's me.

babble on said...

Fuck. Way to ruin a perfectly good holiday Monday, Snobbers.

balls™ said...

Let's face it, in ice/snow the best way to work up a sweat is to stay home between the sheets. At least, that's what I tell the missus.

Anonymous said...

Up until now you've apparently been too busy playing around with your combination brakelight/video camera to look in to the concept of breaking run on sentences into separate thoughts using actual punctuation.

Comment deleted said...

Anon @ 1:13, I expect Snob to say to you "I’m not this fault happen".

And he'd be right, because you're not wearing a helment.

CommentorBot9000 said...


A follow up to yesterday, driving on a steep icy hill WITHOUT getting into an accident.

Anonymous said...

no surprise at all that these murderers are back behind the wheel with the political power that the TLC have in this city. I live a block away from 97 and west end where the 9 year old was killed by Komeni who ran him over while he and his dad were crossing the street with the light. The only way that guy doesn't see them as he makes a left turn directly into them is if he is not looking at all, which of course they can't prove so he gets a failure to yeild the right of way. so the value of a Child's life here in NYC is apparently $300. Where the fuck is mr Vision Zero diblasio during all of this? one answer has been to crack down on jay walkers (not drivers) and another has been to change the walk/don't walk lights on 97th and 98th streets to read both when the pedestrian has the light. I'm totally serious, so i guess the message is cross at your own risk? Fucking insane.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 1:13pm,


--Wildcat Rock Machine

CommentorBot9000 said...

"I bore right”

There is a straight line if I ever read one…

CommentorBot9000 said...

“As far as recreational bicycling goes…for the fat bike-less among us they are more or less off the table thanks to all the snow…”

Have you tried recreational cross county skiing?

Anonymous said...

Those fixie riders were talking trash. Right now, they are waiting for spring like most posers.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the biathlon event during the Olympics yesterday, when it dawned on me that if bikers carried biathlon rifles while riding, folks may think twice before running into us.
Picture a cross-country skier and what do you think?
Vermont, mulled wine, James Taylor....
Now picture a cross-country skier with a rifle as a back pack.
Bad Ass.
Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Snobbie @1:17

Brief, to the point, and with appropriate punctuation...I like it!

JLRB said...

The problem with that hidden camera in the bike light is it is hidden. Being a complete dork I have been dicking around with various bike/hellmeat mounted cameras for about 10 years. (The first had a cable that had to be connected to a cam-corder in my backpack - weight weenies need not apply - but I, too, bore).

The little ones with SD cards they sell now are so light and easy. And when cabbies see them they become very polite.

The trick is to not hide them - the cagers need to see the glaring red eye and know they are being recorded.

the Jimboner said...


Anonymous said...

A judge just ruled that T-Mobile owns the right to the color magenta.

Anonymous said...

Laugh all you want...but the helmetless Nestle plundge jogger is actually a New Yorker. No self respecting Portlander would agree to an interview for channel 2....Please...

Though with here being a New Yorker perhaps she was actually making a get away dive. There might have been a cab somewhere just off camera.

Though we're starting to phase out of the beard trend, and instead I'm were doing the Rogane art else where on the body. Got the "Wildcat Rock Machine" stenzed on my ass right now. Gotta wear a helmet while it sets for the head stands - cause sitting smears the work.

CommentorBot9000 said...

Prediction: tomorrow’s Snob post will include a reference to:

Anonymous said...

I have contacted PETA about the beta fish torture in the camera vid. Those blokes are in for it now.

mikeweb said...

Funny, I just saw that Portland ass jogger video and figured it would be here too.

JLRB said...

No helmet suspected

g. said...

Hey, we're pretty good at killing pedestrians and cyclists here in Florida, too. We do have the added bonus of face eating homeless and gun toting psychopaths, so there's that.

Anonymous said...

g -
Strap on a 50caliber Desert Eagle in a cross draw holster. You can do that down there in FL.

Here in NYC, well, you can't even use your helmet as a weapon.

Would like to get some studdy / spikey stuff and apply to the bisikle gloves, for a quick scratch or when riding through non-gentrified flyover country.

vsk -

I'm reloading the .Bot for the numbers, the letters are too hard to read!

Buffalo Bill said...

So then, the advantage to living somewhere that routinely gets snow* is that it's only sensible to have an extra set of wheels with studs mounted.

* and ice, lots and lots of ice

Anonymous said...

Forget the camera, I want a seat bag with an accelerometer to detect a collision by a car and enough high explosives to make the driver a red stain. If I'm going down I'm taking someone with me.

Anonymous said...


Something like this?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anon:
That was great.
Won't be long before BikeNashbar starts carrying Armorlight bike rifles.
In Crabon, of course.

Dooth said...

So, Mushmouth became a clueless cabbie.

JLRB said...

While driving the carbon gasification unit to my place of employ this morning I saw many two wheeled self-propelled units making there way. That reminded me that I am being a big pussy this winter.

So I did a quick web-based search for a reminder of what to wear when it is below 30 'merican, and I came across something actually semi-useful on a all-too-familiar magazine's web-site: Now I know what to wear if I do get off my lazy azz

Inertia is a mutha.

Anonymous said...

I'm riding in a T shirt

Aaronandthedogs said...

... and yet if I were to have them killed, I would be the one to go to jail. That's democracy for you." --Mr. Burns

McFly said...

The fantasy of going in a Snow MTB Ride is bullshit. I tried it today.

I am going to watch some Lady Luging instead. Dem girls got the booty .

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I thought about going mountain bike cycling in the snow. Then I went back to the couch.

Really though I have been doing plenty of winter hiking and got out on my cross country skis. I'd definitely ride that recumbent ski-bike thing.

Idiots killing people with cars is sad.

commie said...

I suppose the Tailight camera was a good idea, but $145??

You can buy these right now from PBK for $50.

Oh, I can see the biekforums responses ONLY records 5 hours, I do at least twice that every day in junk miles, bla bla bla. Fawk off, cunts.

JLRB said...

RCT - I agree - this post could be titled BikeSadNYC

Anonymous said...

The Fly6 looks like a cool product. Unfortunately being hit from behind is one of the lowest percentage types of bike car crashes (according to the information I have read). Turning oneself into Lucas Brunelle is a poor option. I applaud the designers of the Fly6 and would consider investing in the future in a tiny camera(much smaller than a GoPro) that will keep track of the front and sides of the bike as I ride (perhaps the Fly 7?).

jay said...

I need to get my slingshot restrung.

jay said...

Blogger commie said...
I suppose the Tailight camera was a good idea, but $145??

You can buy these right now from PBK for $50.

Oh, I can see the biekforums responses ONLY records 5 hours, I do at least twice that every day in junk miles, bla bla bla. Fawk off, cunts.

February 10, 2014 at 4:02 PM

I don't think this one repels water or goldfishes

commie said...

you can buy a waterproof case for it.

Anonymous said...

after seeing what that camera did to the fish I am not putting one under my scranus.

commie said...

I watched the Olympics this weekend. In the moguls competition, I expected Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates to do better.

Podium for N of the NSA Border said...

Belated congrats to Babs for being top of the heep a couple of Snpb posts ago. O'Canada indeed.

Anonymous said...

Commie at 4:36 for early lead.

Freedom of Driving like a Maniac said...

Dorothy thinks she's still entertaining troops at a USO show. She can't wait for V-B day.

jayteepee said...

I can vouch for the Muvi cameras (available at Amazon among a million other places on the web). I have one attached to the seatpost, and the other discreetly mounted inside a healment vent (causing no discomfort whatsoever). Not up to GoPro standards, but the quality is definitely good enough for vehicle ID.

O'Canada? Maybe said...

Is "commie" Commie Canuck or a Faux Commie Canuck or just a stand alone legit Commie? These are the questions that plague mens minds.

Suit, Who Needs a Suit said...

You can buy a version of the camera that will transmit a signal to a server that will instantly stream the vid out onto the Al Gore invention. I've hidden one in the bag Babs takes to Wreck Beach, so next summer tune into

Anonymous said...

Concerning the first photo's caption, the three year old was "...struck by a sport utility vehicle," as if the loose nut at the wheel had no control over it?

When people keep hearing phrases like that, they subconsciously assume the vehicle was somehow at fault. How you killed a three year old doesn't matter. The poor kid was killed by a driver not in control of his or her vehicle. An SUV just happened to be the weapon of choice. Media (including sympathetic bloggers) please take note. Put the blame where it belongs, loud and clear.

In Merka, the easiest way to get away with murder is to give someone a bike, wait until they go for a ride and then run over their sorry ass. Don't worry, you'll still make your kid's violin recital because there was "no criminality suspected," of course.

Meanwhile, North of the Border said...

Canada in the forefront of scientific advancement! Scientists at a Canadian University have successfully transmitted the word "O'Canada" in alcohol molecules. The transmission covered 5-6 meters.

CSI, Yeah, Right, Sure said...

Anon@510 If the mafia gave u a contract to rub out someone you'd be crazy to use a gun, knife, etc. Just wait until the target is walking down the street, doesn't even have to be at an intersection, middle of the block is fine, and run the sucker over. Tell the donut eaters the car went out of control by itself, police will say "move on, move on, nothing to see here. Go about your business." One exception, if the target is a celeb, don't take the contract. The police actually investigate those cases.

JLRB said...

Guess who said this:

"I do not have a substance abuse problem,” ..... “Did I experiment with drugs? Yes I have. Why did I lie? I think everybody in the world has lied. Because I was embarrassed. I didn’t want to tell the truth.

“I’m not a drug addict. I don’t use drugs. Have I in the past? Yes. When they ask me, it’s very, very humiliating in front of the world to say ‘yes,’ and everybody’s lied, so maybe people can tell me, why do you lie? People either lie to cover up, people lie because they’re embarrassed, and that’s why I lied.”

Don't Eat Yellow Snow said...

Watching the Stoli Olympics, the US Women's Hockey Team is scoring like crazy now that they've been rescued from a bathroom door that wouldn't open. The team has taken an oath not to use an indoor bathroom for the rest of the games.

JLRB said...

He also asked " the public to focus on his record as mayor rather than his behaviour while in office."

and now you can see him all the time on the youtube

Anonymous said...

Hmm...a late flurry of good humor.

Commie: I'm wondering if we have two of you now, the Abe photo is absent.

Lie Dectector said...

"Why did I lie?" Because I work for Rupert Murdoch
"people can tell me, why do you lie?" Because I work for Rupert Murdoch
"that’s why I lied" Because I work for Rupert Murdoch

Answer: every employee.

Candid Camera said...

I've heard the "Fly6" is made by McFly Industries Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Leroy's Dog Inc.

babble on said...

LOL! As if you'd have to hide a camera in my wreck-beach-bag when you know I am the classic over-sharer guaranteed to POST PHOTOS online!!

Anon@1:04 suck what, exactly? Show me.

CommieCanuck said...

To lazy to switch accounts, and I out sourced my postings to Rajid in Mumbai.

Flyover BC said...

Hey DB @1:20

I my part of flyover country, some cyclists practice open carry.

There is even some speculation that concealed carry may be legal on a bike.

I and a friend have both been subjected to attempted bike-jackings. Both failed. My friend used a can of pepper spray. I sprinted away through heavy traffic, because the boys in the hoods lost the element of surprise.

Flyover BC said...

Only rode once last week because of jubilant predictions of many inches of snow. What happened was we got four inches one morning, which had melted off the pavement by afternoon. I stayed off the bike for next few days because the weather talkers kept promising more snow each night for a week. I didn't happen.

That's what happens when you rely on the weathermen instead of just riding to current conditions.

babble on said...

Flyover... hmm...
so is that a rifle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

commentatorbot_9875 said...

Flyover BC,

You must have a stable ... no maybe a quiver... of bikes to ride when it is not greater than 60 degrees 'mericun.

Fendered smooth road bike, fendered gravel bike, fendered mountain bike, and on and on...

dancesonpedals said...


You have been wonderful with your sharing...although there is the small matter of the starburst over your nickel in a recent beach photo. I'm all for the bag cam.

Anonymous said...

McFly @ 3:25 -- people who have an innate talent for flying down a bobsled run on their backs may impress you, but not me -- they're all born luge-ers.

BamaPhred said...

I swear I heard the excitable announcer exclaim during the men's x-cuntry skiing ...opened up his suitcase full of courage... Then when back to sleep.
You are issued both a concealed carry permit and a birth certificate here in the Heart of Dixie. You can assume everybody is packin'. It's considered a social faux pas if you aren't. And that's male, female, transgendered, and neutral.

Yeah Cleveland! said...

Just checking in.
I repaired my bike and rode to and from work today. No one decided to hit me.

Allen said...

My snow bike is equipped with a shitty flip flop hub. When the freewheel shot craps, I went fixed. Along with studded snow tires, this makes a horrible combo. I have no idea how much stronger I'd have to be to make that thing skid on dry pavement, but I'm nowhere near it. No brakes would be a deathwish.

Way Hung Lo said...

I like Wreck Beach, it's a great place to hang out but if Babs wants my picture she'll need a wide angle lens.

babble on said...

Cleaveland... awesome. Good for you for getting back on the old horse again, and so quickly, too.

speaking of horses... mr Hung Lo - I know exactly who you are, and that's ok. I am familiar enough with it that I don't need a picture, though I could do with a more tactile experience in the very near future.

And dancesonpedals? There's a starburst on that one only because I've already done the ol' nip shot and redundancy is so dull.

Nacnud said...

41 Communist degrees in my town today (about 104 PSI Merikan, I think).
Hot as fuck, as we say round here...

JB said...

How about these Swiss downhill ski bunnies?

McFly said...

I like em all. Even the ones that are a 5 or 6 in real world situations are an 8 or 9 because of the pent up sexual tension from over-training.

Except for Shoni Johnson its basically the White People Olympics.

Some like it HOT said...

41 is just gettin' nice...

McFly said...

Julia Mancuso...Tina Maze....Lara Gut? Yes them babes.

dancesonpedals said...

testing testing scranus crabon fatuous lobs country david byrne cippolini dick breaks colorway robs fords leroys dog dogf eces

com.e said...

Rajid? I thought that was you.

danceson pedals said...

ocho cinqo

Top said...

Red lantern

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:10

Yeah, it was the SUV fault. Same thing as saying that "guns kill people..."

What we need in Mercia is some serious SUV control laws..

Anonymous said...

Where is the global warming already? All this cold and snow is crimping my style..

Anonymous said...

Flyover, et al:
I'm not allowed to carry a weapon as I would shot at dogs, Buick Centurys and most pick-up trucks.
Hair trigger temper sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Sucks for them Asians. Cause they can only have the one kid.

Maybe they can get an exemption.

JB said...

Gut ist sehr gut.

Urs Fischer said...

"redundancy is so dull"...Babs, that might explain your Anonydowner/moaner comments. Too much of a good thing is indeed a bad thing. Now go ahead and shoot that venom at me.

babble on said...

Sorry, doll, but the venom is all yours. I just call em as I see em.

Vernal Magina said...


Anonymous said...

Its been my experience that nipples of that longish variety are synced up directly to the vaginal juice maker. You want to tweak until you get a nice squooshing sound then back off. Then tweak and tune as needed.

JLRB said...

Anon @ 9:39

Really? That is what runs through your head when you see a grieving couple? "Them Asians"?

Are you Rob Ford in disguise?

JLRB said...

Anon @10:41

The Park Tool nipple wrench works well for that fine tuning

JLRB said...

Rob Ford Timeline

babble on said...


Blog Drafter said...

100, Yeah! Thanks for the lead out Babble on (I feel funny calling you Babs.)

I'm felt galgov, too.

Blog Drafter said...

"Sorry, doll, but the venom is all yours. I just call em as I see em."

Cool. That's the way it is, just keep turning down the invitations to anger. Let the other be angry.

babble on said...

Thank you. Yes, happy is my normal. I've noticed that if you look for reasons to be angry, or offended, you will find them, and if you look for reasons to be appreciative and happy, you will find those, too.

What's that saying? When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

And NOW I am looking for a good route to ride on my daily grind... TTYL!

Anonymous said...

ugh, no one cares.

Flyover BC said...

Babble at 6:51 yesterday.

You'll have to check for yourself, if you want to know for sure.

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i like bike snob!!

Unknown said...

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tanggalmerah1 said...

Resep Obat Kutil pada Kelamin Wanita Jenis-jenis HPV yang dapat menyebabkan kutil kelamin tidak sama dengan jenis yang dapat menyebabkan kanker. Tidak ada cara untuk mengetahui orang yang mendapatkan HPV akan terus mengembangkan kanker atau masalah kesehatan lainnya. , Penyebab Kutil atau Jengger Ayam Pada Kemaluan Wanita Selain itu obat kutil kelamin lain yang efektif adalah tanaman milkweed. Potong daun dari tanaman ini dan ambil getahnya untuk ditaruh dalam mangkok kecil. Tapi yang perlu diiperhartikan bahwa getah ini tidak boleh digunakan sendiri karena dapat merusak kulit, maka kombinasikanlah dengan lotion vitamin E dengan takaran sekitar 90% lotion dan 10% milkweed, kemudian oleskan pada daerah yang terkena beberapa kali dalam sehari.
Resep Obat Ampuh Kutil pada Kelamin Pria Cara menyembuhkan Kutil di Kelamin Pria Secara Alami – Jika anda didiagnosis mengenai penyakit kutil kelamin, maka anda tentunya perlu juga tahu mengenai tentang segala sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan penyakit ini , Penyebab Umum Kutil Pada Kemaluan Wanita Vitamin E adalah zat yang sangat baik untuk penyakit kulit, dan kita dapat memperolehnya dalam bentuk lotion yang dijual bebas di pasaran. Tapi Vitamin E dalam bentuk minyak lebih baik dibandingkan lotion karean tidak diencerkan dan tidak mengandung bahan-bahan kimia seperti lotion pabrikan.
Obat Kutil pada Sekitar Kelamin Pria Pengobatan kutil kelamin untuk Pria tersedia secara luas, mulai dari obat buatan sendiri hingga prosedur pembedahan, yang akan sangat tergantung pada kondisi penderita. , Mengobati Bintil Kutil di Penis Untuk mencegah penyakit ini supaya tidak terulang kembali maka penderita harus memperhatikan diet dan berhenti dari kebiasaan merokok. Banyak mengkonsumsi makanan mengandung beta karoten dan asam folat, seperti sayuran orange dan merah atau juga buah-buahan dan sayuran hijau.

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Menghilangkan Kutil Pada KelaminJadi Apa Pilihan Pengobatan Yang Baik Untuk Kutil Kelamin Pria? Beberapa metode pengobatan yang dapat dicoba untuk menyembuhkan penyakit ini adalah melalui penggunaan krim dan salep. Selain itu bisa juga dengan resep dokter lain yang tujuanya untuk memusnahkan kutil tersebut. untuk cara pemesanana silahkan kunjungblog kami

obat herbal untuk wasir eksternalWasir tidak dapat menyebabkan kanker dubur. Dalam beberapa kasus yang jarang, orang dengan kanker dubur yang paling bertanggung jawab untuk memiliki wasir. Hal ini terjadi karena meningkatnya tekanan pada tumor.untuk cara pemesanana silahkan kunjungweb kami

obat kelamin pria keluar nanahCairan nanah pada pasien gonore tidak hanya muncul saat buang air kecil saja, tetapi juga dapat keluar melalui bintik-bintik merah yang muncul di kulit pasien. Perbedaan yang ketiga terletak pada ruam merah yang biasa muncul pada pasien sipilis. untuk cara pemesanana silahkan kunjungweb kami

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