Friday, January 17, 2014

BSNYC Lousy Generic Supermarket-Brand English Muffins Totally Lacking In Nooks And/Or Crannies!

Firstly, this blog will be closed on Monday, January 20th in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Rest assured that I will be using this day to teach my seventeen (17) children the true meaning of this holiday, which is of course big, big savings on locks, access control, safes, surveillance equipment, padlocks, bike locks, binoculars, night vision goggles, survival guides, manuals, depository safes, gun safes, file cabinet locks, fire safes, door hardware, electronic keypads, and more:

Yes, Dr. King had a dream, and it was all about hoarding valuables and armaments for the coming class war.

Anyway, I'll be back on Tuesday, January 21st with regular updates.

In other news, Portland continues to be America's wellspring of important cultural contributions, and their latest ambassador is the "Portland Unipiper" (via BikePortland), who recently made what I assume to be his national television debut:

Presumably he'll be back in town by Monday, where he'll serve as Master of Ceremonies at Portland's MLK theme ride, widely regarded as the most tasteless and offensive Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration in the United States.

And while I may be scared of unicycles, I find it oddly comforting that in 2014 you can still head over to Craigslist and buy a complete fixie starter kit from someone who's moving on to Rollerblades or something similar:

RALEY FIXED GEAR - $350 (Chelsea)


What's a Raley, and how do you re-string a wheel?

Also, he misspelled "helment."

Speaking of things that were relevant six years ago, remember "Murder of Couriers?"  Well it's the "Apocalypse Now" of messenger documentaries in that it's been in production for something like 20 years, but the filmmakers seem to have finally made a trailer that strikes just the right balance of self-importance and stupidity:

Come on, guys.  Stop taking yourselves so seriously.

You live in Canada for chrissakes.

And now, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right then good for you, and if you're wrong you'll see how to be a good little cyclist.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and check your wheelstrings.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

1) It took a few months, but Chris Horner seems to have finally found a team that believes he's not doping.


2) Or maybe not.


(Dustin Hoffman would also make a great Bill-Clinton-Awkwardly-Lifting-A-Bicycle.)

3) Dustin Hoffman will play which role in the upcoming Lance Armstrong biopic?

--Eddy Merckx
--Greg LeMond
--Sheryl Crow's overbearing Jewish garmento father

4) Order by Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to get 50% off my new coffee table book, "United States Presidents Awkwardly Lifting Bicycles With One Hand."


(Lost, drunk, and stupid.)

5) If many of the cyclists you encounter seem to have their heads up their asses, it's only because:

--They're drunk
--They're lost
--They're stupid
--They're crafting stupid wedding proposals as part of viral marketing campaigns for Strava

6) Pants schmants.


(When Strava is not paying people to write messages the results tend to be illegible.)

7) What does this Strava message say?

--Will you marry me?
--Will you blow me? (in Arabic)
--Will you divorce me?
--Will you please take me to the ophthalmologist?

***Special Day-In-The-Life-Of-A-Triathlete-Themed Bonus Video***


SoloFinish said...

10 9595459

Anonymous said...

They are real and they are spectacular!

JB said...


Flyover bc said...


flyover bc said...

or not

Anonymous said...

hum if you wake up

dancesonpedals said...

top ten

take off your pants

Anonymous said...

no pants gives me the extra edge

Schisthead said...

My wheelstrings is be tight as fuck.

McFly said...

I am again impressed by George Jr's saddle position.

Is red panty girls butthole hungry? Must not be a ONE-WAY street.

babble on said...

Hellllllo! Happy Friday! :D

Anonymous said...

Under Babble and I'm 44

Bicycle Cycling Eckspurt said...

I am pretty certain that Lampre doesn't give a shit as to whether or not Chris Horner is on the dope. I am guessing that the way they figure it is something like the following: if he's been at it this long, he must be pretty good at it and he is unlikely to get caught.

Anonymous said...

Too many choices.


Fred Nifacent said...

Thanks for the Friday matinee double feature (and the bonus shoret too). You don’t see those anymore. It was worth every penny I paid for it.

Fred Nifacent said...

Thanks for the Friday matinee double feature (and bonus short). You don’t see those anymore. It was worth every penny I paid for it.

Fred Nifacent said...

Thanks for the Friday matinee double feature (and bonus short). You don’t see those anymore. It was worth every penny I paid for it.

CommieCanuck said...

GWB: "By-sicle? Is that what them Talybans ride? Mission Accomplished!"

BC: "Bicycle? If I carry this like so, do I get 'tang in lycra?"

I'm sure Chris Horner does not dope, because America.

Yarpo said...

Terp Twerny!


leroy said...

My dog asked me to advise "Enjoy every ride!"

I agree.

We're still off on a long walk.

Not as fun as riding.

Freddy Murcks said...

Dear delusional CraigsList poster in Chelsea -

Pull your head out of your ass. That vintage 2007 fixie ain't worth $25.


tsionent and

Anonymous said...

'Round heah, a bike that comes with extra parts, and both the bike and the extra parts are damaged, is a stolen-ass bike.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to mention, "and the seller doesn't know or can't spell basic bike terms"

Serial Retrogrouch said...


enjoy the walk. good to know your dog still has you on a leash.

i haven't been riding for almost a month now... even walking sucks with an injured kneed.

but at least it's sunny in brooklyn.


streepo said...

I think Dustin Hoffman will be Phil Liggett. Reprising his role from the Dick Tracy movie.

lieutenants ngtsgem

3G said...

I metaphorically publicly foffed off and threw it on someone today. They didn't acknowledge my foffing, but I was ok wit it.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...where did that shantless bike ride take place anyways? seems there's an abundance of rumps of the womenfolk kind. on both sides of the big shanky i've seen shantless bike rides that feature usually just one woman... the rest are the self involved man-boys.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Fire breathing bagpipes is badass. I don't care where you're from.

Get well soon SR.

Have a good weekend all.

sickriffage said...

I love the shot of the (presumably) Canadian girls hugging used to illustrate what "hooker addiction" looks like in Canada.

Comment deleted said...

What happened to that tridork in the collision that caused him to ride on the sidewalk with a camera mounted below the stump of his amputated leg?

Anonymous said...

I'm nonplussed over the total lack of concern on the part of anyone over the tridork crashing. Even the fellow tridorkians just rolled on by without so much as a shout of encouragement. Even wild animals will come back to sniff the carcass of their dead compatriot if one of the group is run over. Scranus

Anonymous said...

I'm new here, is this babble person retarded?

mikeweb said...


Tell your dog he is very wise for a canine.

Hope you get to enjoy a ride soon.

Anonymous said...

Serial Retrogrouch, that's Minneapolis.

Yarpo said...

Anon 1:24pm, No, she isn't, although she sometimes claims that she is, but she really isn't. She's the first sensible Pope we've ever had, after all...

Serial Retrogrouch, may the knee heal quickly! In the meantime, trap 'n skeet in an empty field on a folding chair with lots of spirits and stimulants while observing all firearm safety protocols...except for the spirits and stimulants bit. Wear ear protection too.

Poor tridork will only ride on the sidewalk from now on! Thanks for signaling, SUV Behomoth.

Lampre-Merida contracts to SoloFinish (the new Pippo Pozzato), Bama Phred (GC Contender), and JB (Sprint Leadouts). Now all of you call Chris Horner, gloat, then hang up real fast.

Anonymous said...


Wait....I checked the does not give you ball cancer.

But it will lower your sperm count....and raise the fat girls.

Buffalo Bill said...

There's like forty feet of snow in PEI right now. Except for downtown C-town, there's no place to be a good little cyclist.

I highly recommend the mussels at the Old Dublin pub if you go.

Freddy Murcks said...

Being mentally retarded isn't a prerequisite for being a tridork, but it sure does help.

lutedau was

CommieCanuck said...

The tridork could obviously see the truck was about to turn, but he was spelling out "success" on strava, but now it just spells PENIS.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...RCT and Yarpo... thanks.

...though, yarpo, if i am not able to ride, i'd rather either have metal tubes in my hands that i can assemble into a frame, or bicycle cycling parts that i can adorn onto a frame...

...failing both those, that rump in the red panties a la McFly... if none of the above can be arranged, maybe i'll start searching dumpsters for a unicycle.

...i had a brief stint with fire arms before i became a father and we just didn't make a good couple.

crosspalms said...

Guess I'll stock up on night-vision goggles and hardtack for MLK Day. Four-day sale plus it's apparently the patriotic thing to do. Can't wait to see what they'll offer for Gandhi Day.

Anonymous said...

" . . . 6) Pants schmants. . . . "

why do you hate hot bitches?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous Anonymous said...
no pants gives me the extra edge

January 17, 2014 at 12:22 PM "

that's W edge, rookie

Anonymous said...

OK picture this: You own a security emporium. You've gotta move some inventory. It's 2 whole weeks until Groundhog Day. And, action.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of lacrosse sticks and tennis rackets being restrung, but never ever non-crabon fibre wheels. Is that the term that cool hipster kids use for lacing nowadays?

Dooth said...

After blindly crashing into the SUV, the triathlete was chastened into giving the world his ballsack view of the road.

dancesonpedals said...


I think that by the time mr tridork (i resemble that) hit the suv, he was travelling under 10 mph (16 kph to our northern brethrin & cistern)

mikeweb said...

After all the wet/ slushy weather round these parts, my 20-ish year old Shimano 105 rear hub is starting to revolt.

Specifically the freehub body. Pawls going on strike, resulting in freewheel action in both directions. *sigh*

Regular guy said...

Knowing how hard it is for triathletes to mount their bikes, one wonders if that guy ever finished the race.

JB said...

I miss the Tilford updates in this comment section.

Steve Tilford says you should wash the underside of your car during the winter.

Test Tickle said...

@Fred Nifacent,

Are you writing with a delay pedal at your fingertips?

Echo, echo, echo... and so forth.

Anonymous said...


Depending on how much work you want to do, and how badly the freehub is worn/grunged up you can try removing it and soaking it in mineral spirits. You have to remove the axle to get to the 10mm hex bolt that holds the freehub body in place. After lots of swishing in the spirits a little light oil and it's either good as new, or destroyed.

And you probably new that anyway.

mikeweb said...

Thanks anon,

It engages for now after some back and forth. I'm going to order a new one for about 20 clams but also try to bring it back from the dead in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between MLK Day and St. Paddy's Day?

Anonymous said...

Everyone wishes they were Irish on St.Paddy's Day.

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...

Anon @ 1:24 - Am I retarded? Literally, yes. I am very slow today cause my legs are dead. Hmm... well, mum seems to think I am, though apparently I have all the requisite chromosomes. Technically, though, I am a mutard, cause I have a genetic condition which alters the nature of my connective tissue.

Grouch - as a mutard who spends a lot of time recovering from faulty joint issues, I've discovered that in many instances, prolotherapy helps tremendously with all things joint-related.

Just sayin... :)

Anonymous said...

It's not Weednesday, but I suggest joint therapy too.

tityna very


Anonymous said...


BlowJobsNYC said...

can we get back on yesTERDay's comment topics, please? I'm looking' at you, Emily.

Spokey said...

Anon @ 4:32

Cut the crap out. This is a non-family forum. Stop talking about pawls, cogs, forks, etc.

Clean up the posts and get back to PG topics like boobies, scani, and dik breaks.


those legs dead? or spread?


2248292 366

Spokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spokey said...

Back to Wed topic

what the hell does this say:

I read it as TBLFWAGWI

Mr Robot;

I can't 126 48558855 with you until after spousy goes to bed. I let you know when I hear the snoring start.

babble on said...

Oh!! Where ARE my manners?!?

Welcome, dear anonyquisitive, to the best little chat room on the interwebs. I'm still new here, too, compared to a few, but it's all good. The more the merrier!

Yarpo - dunno how I missed that... thank you. Right? If the pope's not offering fellatio classes something's wrong with the world. It's important we increase the sum total of happiness on the planet, and I can think of few easier ways to achieve that end than the achievement of a billion happy endings.

RF - Heyyyyyyyyy... now yer talkin! :D

re: yesterday's (the day before?) topic. Yes. Let's. 'Cept maybe our girl's gone for a ride, bless her...?

babble on said...

Spokey - Dead dead dead. Monday was the best day EVER with six sparkly strava crowns, but we've not had any rain so I've just kept at it, till today they didn't want to do anything other than gently spin.

I intend to spread them later. :)

Oh! And you know she would sleep well tonight if you somehow curated an orgasm for her. Bonus is you'd probably have one, too. And did you know that plenty of orgasms keep you young? It's practically the fountain of fucking youth!

wishiwasmerckx said...

After seeing the movie trailer, what teeth! I am reminded that Canada is a British subject.

Also, it does not appear as if personal hygiene has yet reached America's yarmulke.

Is she ever real said...

Anon124: Babble's very real. Click on her name and you can go to her own blogs. Unfortunately, you can't go over to her place for a sleep over.

Babble, Professor of Swallow said...

Babble & Yesterday's Comments: I can envision the first day of Babble class. Professor Babble is standing in front of 30 seated bright and eager beavers. Professor Babble, "You're probably all wondering why there's an unpeeled banana on the desk in front of you….."

the commentariat said...

...and she'll be wearing 7 inch heeled booth which come up to mid-thigh.

Spokey said...


know that plenty of orgasms keep you young?

too late

Spokey said...

Babble, Professor of Swallow

Professor Babble is standing in front of 30 seated bright and eager beavers.

Now there's a great friday image. 30 bright beavers in front of me.

Are you kidding? $300, derpib. For just one derpib? You're going to have to come down a little on that.

McFly said...

We just do the male equivalent of DT around here. She holds the headboard and grinds her hot womanhood into my face.

We just call it Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Actually took the time to read through the comments section... that was a good use of time.

Korak said...

What happens to bike couriers when it's time for them to call it a day as far as careers go? Do they just peadal slowly off to some sort of mystical elephant graveyard like there was in those old Tarzan comics?

Freshman said...

Does Prof. Babs assign homework in her course? What sort of punishment is meted out if it's not handed in on time? A spanking perchance? A severe tongue lashing? One can only wonder and hope.

Anonymous said...


yes, exactly.

King Hickory said...

Babble On @ 6:35 POTD

with exception for the strava crowns part (congrats, u go gurl)

The curating and fountain of youths part.



King Hickory said...

oh and



McFly said...

Can anyone explain what we were seeing AFTER the tri collision? Was that his ballsack? I think it was his ballsack.

McFly said...

I am sure Babs is going to make a fine DT Instructor.....cant you see her in front of the class...."OK ladies...everbody got their BreatheRite Strip on? Lets do this...."

Anonymous said...

I actually think that was the bike riders fault. He was riding in the car lane then moved into the bike lane to pass on the right. If you are gong to ride in the car lane you can't pass on the right. He also seemed to have plenty of time to stop. I didn't hear the squeal of brakes.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Biker error. Though I don't care much for SUVs. I would have taken the yellow lines.

And I was astounded to learn that my fine state takes time off for Monday but links the birthdays of MLK and Robert E. Lee, so you can say you are celebrating Lee's Bday if, you know, you want to look like a proud white asshole. Or something like that.

And ,as always, late to the game, but Fuck that Robot test.

Unknown said...
Finally, specialized lawyers doing something good in this world.

Anonymous said...

Who would of thought, I have gone from a strava nobody to a NYC comments somebody by being grumpy in yesterday's comments. Regardless I am 43, ride crabon, upload to strava and am working on how I can let my non cycling wife know its over on the map of my town!

wishiwasmerckx said...

Google ran some metrics on the readership of this blog, and the results were interesting, to say the least.

Turns out the average reader is in the late 40's or early 50's, somewhat overweight with a small penis, pops viagra and masturbates constantly.

And that's just the female readers! The men are actually worse!

Emily said...

Well I gave it my best shot but my gag reflex kept jamming things up. I cannot understand why I cant figure it out because I am pretty anal when it comes to pleasing my man.

babble on said...

... but you can relax and open up the back of your throat to sort of turn that whole reflex off...

babble on said...

... say "Ah," as it were.

JLRB said...

Say ah and

Have a nice day!

JLRB said...

babs - I wonder if prolotherapy wuld have helped the stiff Irishman man

babble on said...

Oooooooh! Ouch!! No, I expect not. Prolotherapy is designed to simulate the inflammation of injury in such a way as to stimulate the body's healing response, which results in the creation of another layer of that white connective tissue "sheath" that surrounds the ligaments. Makes them tighter, stronger.

As for the Irishman? Probably the best he could do under the circumstances was to distract himself. I hope he encountered a willing lass or two along the way...

The Irishman said...

I wilk surround your ligaments with a white sheath of love spunk.

Gripsgirl said...

Goddamn em!

M. Lewinski said...

Professor Babbles course really sucks! I blew the first test.

Pretty Pleaser said...

See how Emily throws down the tease even when she can't (she says) swallow glans?

BamaPhred said...

This is making the rounds. Cyclist Harassment
Air horns, cat calls, getting buzzed, the odd bottle, drink cups, fast food detritus, etc. it's just a boring week around here without it. It always makes my day to pull up to the offending vehicle at a stop sign or red light, take off my helment, and say "Hello Boys, how's your Dad?" Gee, come to think of it, the carnage has slowed down.

BamaPhred said...

This is making the rounds. Cyclist Harassment
Meant to post this link. The other was supposed to be the video of the incident. I wouldn't know, my IPad thingy wouldn't play it.

Easy Emily said...

The first boyfriend that thought my brown eye was winkin at him had a tiny penis so it was fine. Well we broke up and then D'Shante Teague gave it a thrust late one drunk night and well.....he is the reason that I walk funny.

babble on said...

Bloody hell!

Yesterday I drank some herbal tea for inflammation. Within an hour I was in the midst of a serious seizure and not long after that my heart went into sinus arrest. The docs figured they might have to put a pacemaker in cause my heart rate dropped to 28, but it turns out it was just a reaction to the Rue.

Blessed be.

Long story short, I am much improved today and have just been discharged from hospital.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike... I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like!! :D

BamaPhred said...

WIWM I think you are on to something with those metrics.

I didn't mean to interrupt the blow jobs and anal sex.

Let me make amends with this and with this

leroy said...

Jeez Babble, feel better! My dog says he knows you'll be okay because you have a good heart. He's a good judge of character.

babble on said...

Oh bless you, Leroy. Thank you. I already feel much better than I did yesterday, that's for sure!

BamaPhred said...

I hope you both ^ regain your form, and soon! I enjoy your wit and brevity. I hope the dog agrees.

Anon 4:32 said...


Every once in a while my 1990ish shimano 600 free hub will miss a beat and I wonder when it will let go entirely; I'm hoping to find out somewhere in cell range. Maybe it's time to order a spare off eBay too. I've probably put over 100k on that hub and it's so well worn in it's damn near silent, I'd hate to break in a new one.

Now back to your regularly scheduled non-bike smut-filled programming.

mLaw said...

Nice pics man, I really like the Pants schmants! -mLaw

Anonymous said...

All right who's here today? My employer doesn't seem to give a shit about a great man like MLK so here I am. By the time I get to Arizona etc.

48559644 fuckgoogle

Anonymous said...

Babs holy shit! You're a menace II yourself.

90s references like a muh-fugga up in here.

McFly said...

Present and accounted for. I am hitting the Park Rape Trail on a BLACK MTB at 3, though. EAST COAST REPRESENT. I dont think we are supposed to be talkin about this.

babble on said...

RF - right? Some days it just doesn't make sense to get out of bed.

I'm up now, though, and hoping to find the stamina to ride. Still detoxing from that stupid tea, and still feeling kindov weak, but damned I miss my two-wheeled fix.

Anonymous said...

I'm surfin a desk oh heellll yeeahhhhh

Anonymous said...

Babs, goin out definitely sounds like the smart thing to do. Always push it, even if you're not mentally or physically feeling up to it. Hopefully the conditions will suck too. That's the best way to get attention and prove to everyone else that you're hardcore. Have fun, hope your heart doesn't explode!

babble on said...

Why thank you, kindly. What a lovely message. Wow.

I trust the doctors who released me when they said I didn't suffer any damage to my heart and that exercise is a heart's best friend, but thank you for your opinion anyway. It makes me feel better to know that the people in my life who actually matter are always positive and supportive.

Must suck to live with such a poisonous attitude, though. Poor you.

Anonymous said...

It's like a vacation today here at my desk. IT has my PC, so many peeps are off its hard to get anything done, so I guess Tuesday will be Monday. Smarting phones are good for something. I told the boss the desk was otherwise manned and ready. Kind of like having a cannon with no shells and the enemy is attacking, however.
PS Seize the day Babs. But you may want to take it easy to see if your symptoms return.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Hey babs did I miss it somewhere? Can you tell us what type of tea leaves you ingested that brought about your sudden illness?

Anyway glad to hear you are feeling better.

I saw your selfie from the hosp. bed this weekend. Have to say I like your Wreck Beach selfies much better.

babble on said...

Cheers! Yes. Carpe diem is the only way.

I am taking it easy... I didn't go out for my usual 60k/1000m ride at stupid o'clock. I am just going to go for a gentle spin to see how I feel. And I am sure my symptoms won't return cause I am keeping well away from the herbalist's tea!

LOL! Actually, my mate from the UK just admonished me for having a very UN-ENGLISH response to a simple cuppa tea, bless her.

babble on said...

It was an anti-inflammatory tea with rue and a few other herbs in it. I can't take ibuprofen cause it makes me see double, and with my connective tissue issues my ribs often subluxate, which makes breathing difficult. I have a medical marijuana prescription, but I was hoping to find something which would provide the same benefits whilst allowing me a clear mind. Turns out pot is waaaaaay better for me than rue, though.

Anonymous said...

Here it's more like the fewer people around, the more work I actually get done.

babble on said...

Rue was well named.

Anonymous said...

I rue the day I drank rue tea.

inedazo tried

Anonymous said...

I fell on my ass dans la rue.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

@babble on

Ok I see. Just wondering. I'm a tea drinker- herbal and traditional. recently started drinking a brew called Rooibos, or red tea from S Africa. Liked it so much I went back to the shop and bought the last 5 oz. they had. I do get a little nervous trying a new food or drink as different stuff can affect us all in different ways.

babble on said...

Fair enough. Rooibos is awesome... I love red tea. It is loaded with anti-oxidants.

This concoction came from a friend who dabbles in herbalism, and it's actually a common, time tested remedy, but one in fifty thousand people react to rue and I'm just that kind of weirdo.

Oh well... live and learn, right?

The Iceman Comith said...

Can riding a bike in a polar vortex situation effect one's to achieve an orgasm?

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Iceman: Here you're gonna need this. Polartec, not that hokey crocheted crap.

CommieCanuck said...

Yesterday I drank some herbal tea for inflammation. Within an hour I was in the midst of a serious seizure and not long after that my heart went into sinus arrest. The docs figured they might have to put a pacemaker in cause my heart rate dropped to 28, but it turns out it was just a reaction to the Rue.

As a guy with medical letters, this makes no sense.

CommieCanuck said...

....and the whole "anti-oxidant" thing? No one has ever shown that drinking any anti-oxidant actually lowers reactive oxygen species. The one guy who believed all this was the Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, who took so much vitamin C that both he and his wife died of induced stomach cancer.
Excess anti-oxidants in the stomach is known to be a bad thing.

Talking to people in health food stores will exceed your daily required dose of bullshit. You can buy real drugs there and take then without any control or oversight.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo speed on a mountain unicycle= 17.1 mph

Scary Fast! I'm lucky I didn't fall since I was covering 25 feet per second on the fastest pass! This is an internally geared Schlumpf hub specifically designed for mountain unicycles, and is totally fixed when in both 1:1 and 1:1.5. In high gear it becomes a virtual 39-40" wheel, capable of speeds not possible (on a unicycle) only a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like this:

Anonymous said...

Anti-oxidants: another 90s reference, along with arugula.


Speaking of chemistry and shit, how's this for ironic: hydrogen ("water maker") is present in just about every acid, while oxygen ("acid maker") makes up 80% of the mass of water.

Anonymous said...



That better?

ken e. said...

gettin' a tad tangental.

"La Rue... Johnny La Rue."

babble on said...

CC - That's ok. My body doesn't always make sense to me, either. The poison control center said that brachycardia (sp?) is a rare side effect of rue. The cardiologist said that I went into sinus arrest in emergency and they gave me atropine to induce a regular heartbeat again. They figured I was going to need a pacemaker when it happened because my heart rate dropped to 28, but my blood pressure came back toward normal and my heart rate stabilized at about 40 overnight, and they said it was just a reaction to the rue.

And I believe them cause I feel much better now, blessed be.

The seizure is just my body's response to pain. They don't happen often but I've had them my whole life.

Anonymous said...

I have medical letters after my name, too. Be careful with supplements.
Get better soon, Babble.
Rollie for the overall four day win.

McFly said...

I am no medical scientist or regimented chemist Babble but I recommend that you be on the bottom for the next week then maybe by Sunday transition into some mild doggystyle BUT LET HIM DO THE MOVING....dont be thrustin and backin it up like a rap video. Yur heart it aint ready. AND NO BJ'S.

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...

WHAT!?! NO BJ's?! That's just harsh.

Thank you, gentlemen. My heart is perfectly fine. I am 100% recovered now and I will ride on top if I want to!

My elder son is smack dab in the middle of drinking the kool aid in pursuit of his medical letters. We have plenty of discussions on the nature of the body and how it heals. Even though he doesn't share my naturopathic beliefs, he is the one who pointed out to me precisely how oxidation is the cornerstone of ageing and disease. Bless him. And really, it isn't so much the consumption of anti-oxidants, but rather the body's ability to produce the enzymes like telomerase that use the anti-oxidants that counts. Right?

My condition is progressive and degenerative, and I want to see my great grandchildren, so I spend a good deal of time and energy in pursuit of health and wellness. THAT's why I ride. :)

H.G.Wells said...

Anonymous @ 3:56; I use a Schlumpf speed-drive on my ride and think it's a marvel of engineering. Did you know that they also make a time machine?

the Commentariat said...

McFly, I usually have Babble from behind because she is a stomach-sleeper.

wishiwasmerckx said...

What a coincidence! I have medical letters after my name, too.

I never went to med school or anything. Ironically, they came for free from the Canadian mail-order pharmacy when I ordered my boner pills. I just had to pay separate shipping and handling.

And dearest BabbleOn, everybody knows that certain herbal teas can cause bradycardia, except for when they cause tachycardia, except for when they do neither, in which case they will turn your urine florescent yellow.

Either way, in my book you are still a winner...but I can't help but observe that if you lived in the US, based on your two recent hospitalizations, you would likely be filing for bankruptcy right about now.

McFly said...

Wiwm, my right hand man at work is having to put up his Kia as collateral because the local hospital is suing him for 6 g's and we HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE but it sucks that bad. His wife had an appendectomy last summer and it was that much out of pocket.

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...

Yeah, you guys have some crazy costs associated with your health care. You pay more than anyone in the industrialized world for not so great outcomes, and it's all cause you don't have one central buyer like civilized nations do.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...


They are breeding the weed that only has the medicinal properties, with no THC, the shit that gets you high.

My dealerbro gave me some tincture in gel capsules. I gave them to my artisanal woodworker peter pan buddy who has 6 softrides (he's a kook). He fucked up his stomach from eating ibuprofen like candy. No insurance. USA SUCKS.


RoadQueen said...

Present. I think Snob quietly enjoys all the sexy talk in the comments section, otherwise why would he give so much fodder in the form of Tits and Ass pictures?

Babble and Grouch - heal quickly! Spring is only 57 days away!!!

babble on said...

Thanks, doll... I'm healed! Yesterday's ride garnered six more of those little crown thingies so I know my heart is A-OK.

Comment deleted said...

Glad you're feeling better, Babs. Here's to you holding your great grandchildren!

And to the anonymous-coward death-wisher: you are lower than a snake's cloaca.

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