Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: The Year of the Fred

First of all, I'd like to start 2014 off on a positive note.

Recently, the Magazine of Bicycling published a column I wrote:

Which prompted someone with the handle of "SCOTUS" to leave the following two (2) comments:

SCOTUS Sun, 2013-12-22 20:25

SCOTUS Sun, 2013-12-22 20:27
i hereby submit my request to stop printing this guy. he already has his own blog...

So here is my one (1) reply:


I hereby submit my request that you blow me.


--Wildcat Rock Machine

I guess it's going to be that kind of year.

Anyway, raise your hand if you took a New Year's Day ride, because thanks to new Technology™ I've implemented everyone else reading this blog can see you now:

Okay, great, looks like a lot of you, except it looks like little Jimmy's playing with himself under the desk again.  I too enjoyed a New Year's Day ride, during which I came to two (2) conclusions:

1) I love riding my bicycle;

2) I cannot stand other people who ride bicycles.

So here's what happened.  Even though it was like 25 degrees Fahrehenhait Frarenhite American I elected to ride my bicycle with the curved-type handlebars like they use in the Tour de France.  See, ordinarily my rule is that if it's below 30 degrees I scamper off into the forest for some woodland-style bicycling on a bike with fat knobbly tires since you stay much warmer that way, but somehow braving the open road and getting windburn on my thighs seemed like a more appropriate way to start the new year, and I have to start building those base miles for no reason whatsoever.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet some people at the George Washington Bridge, from whence all Fredly rides begin, and while I was waiting a car like this pulls up:

From the trunk rack (naturally) hangs a crabon time trial bike complete with rear disc wheel, and out steps a gentleman wearing a Gran Fondo New York jersey and tights that have gone extremely baggy at the knees, rendering any aerodynamic benefits conferred by the bicycle completely moot.  I did not photograph him, but here is a courtroom-style sketch of the defendant rendered in Crayola:

To be perfectly honest I don't remember if he was actually wearing a teardrop helment, but I've included it anyway.  Also, I don't think he was wearing a pair of fresh Cazal (?) glasses, but I haven't attempted to draw a full person since middle school when I used to draw graffiti in my notebook during class, so it's the only way I know how to reproduce the human visage.

I should also mention that I was cranky because it was colder than a witch's labia piercing, the people I was waiting for hadn't arrived yet, and I'm now officially middle-aged and thus deep in the throes of male menopause (or "man-o-pause").

So at this point aero-Fred calls out to me something like, "I need you to pump up my tire."  In no way was this an entreaty.  In fact, he said it imperially, the way you'd tell a gas station attendant to fill up your car.  It was as though he though this was some sort of charity ride and I was a marshall stationed there to help wayward Freds fix their flats and wipe their noses.

I was overwhelmed by a powerful urge to tell him that I could not help him, and that if someone with a state-of-the-art time trial bike that probably cost something on the order of $10,000 cannot inflate the tires himself then he does not deserve to ride it.  However, I am a coward, which is why I'm a blogger, so instead I simply bent over for the guy and helped him.  So embarrassed was I that I don't think I said a single word to him during the process, and instead suffered in silence like a yeshiva student getting molested by the Rebbe.  Believe me when I tell you I still feel dirty as I type this.  In fact, I think the only way I can work through it is to tell you what happened, sort of like that yeshiva student pointing to the parts on the doll where the Rebbe touched him.

Basically, I guess he couldn't put air in his tire because he had a stupid valve like this:

Which sits in a stupid hut like one of those Virgin Mary statues you see on the lawns in Valley Stream:

Now, I have virtually no direct experience with this kind of clitoral hood valve set-up, because even when I was at my most deeply-deluded as a bike racer I refused to partake in any event that might require a disc wheel.  However, as I understand it, in order to get air into the clitoris on these things you need a valve head adapter, which any reasonable person would only use for the consumption of the "Wednesday weed:"

And what was happening here was that Gran Fondo Fred couldn't keep the valve head on the valve and pump at the same time, so he needed an assistant.

So Gran Fondo Fred finally gets his dumb bike off his dumb car, and he's got all kinds of pieces of dumb cloth on the bike to protect the delicate crabon, and he retrieves his floor pump, and he puts the weed bowl on the valve stem, and then he tells me, "Now pump."

That's right.  On top of all this, he expects me to do the pumping.

Scowling, I walk up to the pump, and I swear on every bicycle I own he then tells me, "I need to get it to 116."

Not 115.  116.  I can only imagine some stupid iPhone app told him that this was the ideal tire pressure for the day based on the atmospheric conditions combined with the weight and density of his scranus.

I looked at him with what I hoped was disgust, yet despite myself I actually took the pump handle in my lobster-gloved hands and pumped.  Now I was disgusted only with myself, and as I thrust on the handle I felt like I was clutching the Rebbe's schlong and bringing him to climax.  At this point even the Gran Fondo Fred could tell I was humiliated, because to be honest I think I was crying a little, and as the needle started tickling the 110 mark he stopped me and said, "That's enough."

On top of all this it turned out I'd missed the people I had been waiting for in the first place, and so I set off on my own, and as I did I tried to figure out why exactly this bothered me so much.  On one hand, he's just a guy trying to have some fun on his bike, exactly like me.  So why shouldn't I help him?  On the other, here's someone who seems to feel as though his personal recreation should be a collaborative effort, and that the cycling community should rally around his complete inability to do the most basic pre-ride preparation on a pice of extremely expensive professional sporting equipment.  That he just took off a car.

Soon though I forgot about him, and in an effort to stay warm sought out all the hills that I could.  The ride ended up being quite enjoyable--until later, I was approaching the bridge, when Gran Fondo Fred himself blew by me on his time trial bike with nary a nod.

I'm sure he'd have passed me even quicker if I'd gotten his tire to exactly 116.


Flyover BC said...


Anonymous said...

new year new podio

3G said...


The Rook said...

What what? Not working! Podio? Sweet!

Serial Retrogrouch said...

dang it

The Rook said...


The Rook said...

PED's are over-rated.

theEel said...


Flyover BC said...


Your column in bicycling makes the rag worth the money.

Otherwise, the purchase price is a gamble.

Unless, of course, you want to read about clothes, gear and (now)d) that you'll probably never buy because it's too ridiculously expensive or logistically out-of-reach.

Flyover said...

and now food, in the magazine, that is.

smelling the roses said...

top 10 - WEED!

Anonymous said...

Top XV ?

Ehh...2014 mid-pack fodder

256 32445398

The Tongue of Cipo, More PSI per Square Inch said...

"clitoral hood valve set-up" If you could have gotten your tongue on it you could have gotten air in it.

RoadQueen said...

Congrats, Flyover BC, Roille Figners and 3G!

Newcomer on the pode...way to ring in the New Year, gentlemen!

Head from a Fred, NO said...

You sure you don't want his wife to blow you?

Serial Retrogrouch said...

watch out for a spate of attacks on fondo freds all over the city and beyond the GW bridge... all your readers are ashamed for you... and we also area little humiliated... so we'll take back some of our dignity by puncturing dicks wheels.

JB said...

I, for one, would like to thank Gran Fondo Fred for fueling at least 57 WCRM blog posts in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Wildcat.
Your crayon drawing is great, but I wonder what BKJimmy can do with it?

Had a great time in your city. Did not have any problems with Access-A-Vans, drones, Dunkin' Donut crashes or sidewalk drivers.
PB: we have to talk about the Morris-Jumel mansion.

Euro Spondee said...

Tell us more about your time at yeshiva, Snob - or perhaps you should be telling it to the nice policeman

mikeweb said...

Pack fodder. Now to read...

Scranus Extrodianaire said...

"ideal tire pressure for the day based on the atmospheric conditions combined with the weight and density of his scranus."

A true wordsmith extrodianaire.

KSS said...

Re: the "thrust" of this piece is buoyed-up by this glistening nugget.

*face palm*

Marcel Da Chump said...

Gran Fondouche Fred

dnk said...

Silly Fred.

I always inflate my tires to 121, a numerical palindrome that is the square of two repetitive primes. Everyone knows that's the way to fly.

RoadQueen said...

Welcome back, Snob! Hope you were able to unwind on your vacation. Until Gran Frodo Fred took away what pride and masculinity you have left, anyway. :(

Maybe you should start riding with ear buds. You don't have to be listening to anything, just have them in. That way you can pretend you didn't hear people over your wicked jamz.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the snow storm today. If Jim Cantore is reporting from your town, you may be in big trouble. Get the snow bikes out.

mikeweb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mikeweb said...

I especially liked the rendering of the Drek TT douche chariot with the ZERP wheelset.

I'm wondering if the Fredouche engages in sexy-times with his mail order bride in the same manner:

"I need you to suck on my penis."

"Now suck."

And then perhaps superfluously:

"I need to get it to ejaculate."

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Valve head adapters flying off the shelves in Colorado.

db said...

I had a fever dream like that right after Thanksgiving....

Anonymous said...

Dude! You're a bonafide New Yorker and you can't tell off a a stupid Fred? You just lost a ton of street cred.


Anonymous said...

Yeah JB - Snobby will let this go about the time his 17th child is out of college.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean all the nice helpful people out there are actually sniveling little wretches who talk shit about you later on their blogs?

mikeweb said...


Glad you enjoyed your stay in our fair city and sorry you missed the Flea. No worrries, sir.

McFly said...

Do those ZERP(s) come in a clincher? If so what is the additional gram penalty?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mikeweb. Ordering some bangles from Elma.

mikeweb said...

DB, very cool! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Damn Snobz you got raped by the Pope. (Sorry I guess I had to translate to Catholic.) And not Pope Babble either. In that case we'd all be signing up for altarboy class.

Correct responses to "I need you to bla bla bla" include:

"OH YOU DO HUH?" and don't move an inch

"WHAT'S THE MAGIC WORD, SWEETIE?" and don't move an inch

mikeweb said...

anon 12:38,

No. What it means is that folks who feel that it's acceptable to order around perfect strangers instead of asking nicely, using words like 'please' and 'thank you', are assholes.

Yarpo said...


Fred-ride today as soon as laundry and the mountain of dishes are done!

Welcome Back from Wherever-in-Lob you went, Snob!

Chapeaus to Flyover BC, Roille Figners, and 3G for first podium of the New Meh (imagine loud clapping sounds and drunken Flemish cheering)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:38 does have a point though, which is that assholes deserve to be told, right away and in clear terms, that they're assholes.

Yarpo said...

Okay, I read today's blog and have to concur with Mr. Figners with his keen advice of voicing whatever comeback statement/question you come up with at the moment, and don't move an inch. Just freeze in place. Also, point your chin at them. Let their own douche-tisity wash over them like pancake batter poured over their head.

Anonymous said...


BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 1:16pm,


--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

You should have tossed that fucks bike over the railing of the bridge and into the Hudson and then simultaneously headbutted him in the face and kneed him in the crotch and then told him that he needs to learn some manners. Not what I would have done, but certainly would have fantasized about it for the next hour, after I helped him pump up his tire. Anon 12:38 Suck a dick.

Etherhuffer said...

Ah, those wonderful words of civil society, please and thank you, now forlorn and can't get a date with anyone.

I am such a sucker. Please will get me to overhaul your bike at no charge and thank you gets you life time tune ups.

I am feeling so ancient. It grates on my ears to hear people in restaurants say "I want.." to a waiter instead of a polite and somewhat obsequious "May I have, or I would like."

Regular guy said...

Perhaps a name change is in order.

I suggest BikeSubNYC, you worm.

Now crawl along until it is time to write another post.

Jed said...

Oh the humility....
Its like asking Kim Jong Il to pull the switch,
or asking DeBlasio to provide paternity tests,
You just don't DO that.
You are like the pope washing the sinners feet. LOB bless you.


biketheak said...

welcome back. happy new year.

Anonymous said...


I agree; there is, however, one thing even worse in a commercial culinary setting -- when the response to a polite "Thank you" to a waiter/waitress is "No problem".
Where -- WHERE? -- did this idiotic response come from, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

It's like sometimes the Snob is living in my head. It's not so much what people ask me to do, it's the attitude that is exhibited that is the turn off. Gran Fondo Fred gets the "I'm sorry, but my carpal tunnel is hurting today, you understand" whereas someone with a less imperious outlook gets a non committal "Sure".

JB said...

OMG Jed, Snob pumping up an uber-Fred's tires is like Jesus helping the tax collectors and prostitutes. The followers may sneer, but he is truly doing Lob's work.

All hail Lob. May the Lob be with you. Halleluiah. Holy shit.

leroy said...

Even my dog has the decency to put some effort in to conning me when he wants something.

I wonder if Mr. BSNYC merely misconstrued an invitation to sing Elvis Costello karaoke? "Pump it up when you don't really need it."

I too went for a bicycle cycling ride yesterday because the Snowpocalypse is about to descend and without Janette Sadik-Khan our bike lanes won't get plowed until the main arteries in the outer boroughs are cleared. Oh, the indignity.

But I only circled Prospect Park slowly in order to show off my bar mitts and bask in the warm glow of my woosiness.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that Anon 1:16 got a spell check program for the Holidays? He used to call BSNYC a "Looser". Next year, he should ask for an app to fix the grammar on his macro. Honestly, using "GIVES" twice in a sentence. Rookie.

And unless I'm mistaken SCOTUS is short for the Supreme Court of the United States. It looks like BSNYC pissed off Justice Scalia.

Oh well, Happy New Year all!

jayteepee said...

Man, the guy at the bike shop practically guaranteed that my new Zerp wheels would bag me a podium spot. What a shitty way to start the new year.

Beth said...

I'm with Anon 1:21 (hey, I'm talking to someone in the future!): would meekly perform as ordered and then fantasize about tossing the crappy crabon sled into the drink. Just looking at that valve stem makes me angry.

Welcome back, please have a happy new year, and thank you.

Mr Plow said...

" hell is other people" - some guy

leroy said...

Earlier this week, I signed up for the New Jersey Fondo in September. It's a pretty ride.

The race fits my training seamlessly: ride, schmooze, stop, eat gelato, ride, schmooze, repeat (substituting baked goods for gelato as necessary).

Hope no one orders me to pump up their tires.

jayteepee said...

BTW, Zerp sounds an awful lot like Zertz. If there's anything Mr. Sinyard can't stand, it's further dilution of his brand's trademarks. Rest assured, a cease and desist letter is forthcoming.

mikeweb said...


I've heard that the NJ Gran Fondo is very enjoyable, without the GFNY price tag.

And gelato?? Sounds irresistable.

Ether-pumpyerownfackingair-huffer said...

Pump Bitch Rock Machine. Nice ring to that. You can even make it worse with periods and commas:
Pump,bitch:Rock Machine.

Thank you.
No problem.

Estherpumpbitchhuffer said...

Yo. Pump bitch. Over here.

Thank you.
No problem.

Blog Drafter said...

Life +1 is like that. Nothing's pretty. Funny post.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

How many DFUs of force can I expect those Zerps to withstand before catastrophic failure?

Serial Retrogrouch said...

... biking gives you "BALL CANCER" is when your ceramic ball bearings catch the flu.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Now Jean-Paul Sartre is "some guy?"

Dooth said...

Oh jeez Wildcat, you're representing the Bronx..."I need you to pump up my tire"..."excuse me"? (said with a dead eye glare).

My New Year's Day ride was to the playground where I attempted a middle aged suicide-by-basketball.

No one cared to pump up my lungs. And I asked politely, too.

wishiwasmerckx said...

DB, I would like to order some bagels from Elma, too. I hear that they are delicious.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...oh, and actually, "BALL CANCER" is the leading cause of "LOWER SPERM COUNT", which is a measure of how much oil you have around your ceramic bearings. prevent "BALL CANCER" and "LOWER SPERM COUNT", just don't use ceramic bearings in your dicks... wheel.

JLRB said...

SCOTUS normally stands for Supreme Court United States, just like POTUS is President of the United States, and BSOTUS is Bike Snob of the United States

But here it clearly stands for SCranus of the United States. Duh.

JLRB said...

by the way, my nephew got one of those plastic motorized cars for Festivus, and I have to admit it was awesome - we set up little bikes for him to run over and he took to it right away.

Robot: Spring BMunit ..hmmm

Anonymous said...


I love this as an art form.

What's all the worry about lowering your sperm count though? "Oh no, I might not be able to father a child and be on the hook for someone's college tuition when I'm 50?"

leroy said...


I had to sign up for the NJ Fondo.

Last year, I attacked the gelato too early and had vanilla before I realized they had pistachio.

Won't make that mistake again.

Serial Retrogrouch said...


...the last time i had ice cream on a century ride i ended up cursing myself... because as i was crossing the GW on the way back, i had the worst case of 'i need to take a dump NOW'.

Olle Nilsson said...

Fred probably took one look at the brakes on your bike and pegged you as a woosie. You had it coming. Still, not as emasculating as receiving an NYC Cabbie calendar for Lobsterfest.

And I'm pretty sure Anon 1:16 cut/paste that comment from a previous comment months ago. Obscure reference, now 2 steps from being immortalized.

Olle Nilsson said...

Yep, word for word


Basho's Domestique said...



You're right, this is art! It's the first two lines of a beautiful Haiku.

Now how to finish?
May I suggest paraphrasing WCRM's response?


Olle Nilsson said...


See what happens when you take a break from blogging? People start reading the archives and dredge up these gems.

RoadQueen said...

Getting pounded here in Ohio, and not in the good way. Because it's a shit stack of snow.

I'm going to have to shovel a clean spot in the yard for The Old Man to go potty in.

Because really, when you're only 12" tall and you need to hunch to take a dump, 6" of snow is just not pleasant.

Robo words: situation butlear

How the fuck does it do that???

Olle Nilsson said...

Who's going to make this into a lolcats

Anonymous said...

My sperm count is 0.000 and I love it. My semen count, however, is 5 to 6 eruptions on average. You make enough homade porn and the hard data does not lie.

JLRB said...

people wait in line for bong hits, eating donuts in line - they have it backwords

Haiku Spondee said...

but the flowers in the window box are

JB said...

McFly @ 4:33pm?

Billy said...

I thought you were a New Yorker snob. Why didn't you tell him to go fuck himself?

My therapist wife tells me this is the exact opposite thing to say to a molested Yeshiva student, but what does she know, she's "the rapist".

Olle Nilsson said...

Don't put anything in my flower box ™

Pump Jack said...

It was the early 80's and as a young teenager I was riding my Raleigh Record ten speed with a pump conspicuously attached to the frame along Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver an obviously gay man ran up to me, grasped my arm and asked me if I could pump some air into his volley ball. "I... I don't have a needle valve. Sorry.", I stammered. Then I rode on leaving him holding the softening object of our attention.

The Rook said...

congrats to flyover, rollie, and 3g. but the elbows really hurt.

Double Deed said...

I was once at the gym a bunch of years ago when some big dude holding a paper towel asked my buddy to wipe his back with it. My buddy, who is pretty darn tough by all accounts, obliged and then uncomfortably wiped the sweat so the guy could get in his next set of squats. What are you going to do? Say no?

My buddy has never lived it down - not with me around anyway. It's been years and I still give him shit for that one. In fact, he's punched the crap out of me several times for reminding him.


™ said...

Olle Nilsson said...

You could have asked him to buy you dinner first.

Anonymous said...

liars, midnight riders, time trialers , sooner or later god'll cut you down, sooner or later god'll cut you down.

Or the Rebbe's Moil will cut you.

tubasti said...

Bike Snob, the problem is you thought about it too much. The default response to this kind of request/demand to hand him your frame pump, saying, "Be my guest."

The extenuating circumstances are: (1) the requestor is a woman, or (2) the requestor has been working his pump for 25 minutes already and you'd better help him before the buzzards start circling.

Anonymous said...

" Gran Fondo New York Jersey"

Was it New York or New Jersey?????

eff it.....As if there is a difference.

PS. Could you oil my Sturmey Archer AW Hub....I only need exactly 2.5 teaspoons in it.

ChamoisJuice said...

I like to stay late at work so that I can pee in the trashcan in the break room.

BamaPhred said...

At the risk of TMI, but in the spirit of transparency, I feel some of the Snobs' shame and sense of self loathing. It's wonderful to hear that others got a chance for a fredly New Year's Day ride.
I spent the first half of New Years Day repairing my life partners' silver Honda Minivan death machine. Then I spent the second half roaming Honda dealerships, looking for a replacement death machine.
HunnyBunch, the master of the highway stop and chat. Yentaism is not confined to large urban settings.

Master of the Internet said...

One need only to preface a command with "I need you to" and our gracious host will comply to just about anything.

Dick Lewis is watching.

McFk said...

I need exactly 116 comments. You do the typing and I will hit the enter key.

I let my neighbor borrow my fancy floor pump to air up his DeNali. So yeah anyway....I had to buy a new floor pump. He managed to mutulate it.

McFly said...

Dammit iPad....McFk?

wishiwasmerckx said...


wishiwasmerckx said...

...and 100th!

Anonymous said...

Oh, geez, crimony crimeany,

Anonymous said...

Whoa, you jumped your lead out there…

Anonymous said...

Fuckin capctha

Anonymous said...

Fuckin iPad

Disc Wheel said...

virgin in a bathtub. not a bad combo!

after reading all these comments I can't figure out who blew who. shame on someone i guess.


Jed said...

I'll pick up the barriers.

Comment deleted said...

If we wanted any shit out of you, Scrotus, we'd squeeze your head.

Kirk said...

Brother I feel your pain, here in Anchorage, Alaska a winter ride was a fun thing with beer, wensday weed and a relaxed spirit. Now it's a bunch yupy scum who can't wait to brag about riding they're bike in Anchorage when they move to Broklyn or Portland.

ce said...

We need to get this baby up to 116 comments.

ce said...

Could we settle for 110?

McFly said...

Hey Queen is your region still getting pounded by 6 inches?

It does not sound like much at first, but after a while it starts getting all sloshy and salty and you wish it would just be over already.

semi serious cyclist said...

....111 psi is pretty close, but I'm a little surprised no one's called those valve adapters out as "Crack Pipes" yet.

Anonymous said...

If someone wants assistance, they can say it politely. And if they have a $10,000 bike, they can afford to have an assistant with them. You are really too oblidging, BikeSnob.

Anonymous said...

funny, funny, funny!!! OTHER people who ride bikes really do suck,,,,

RoadQueen said...

McFly: My region got pounded most of the night last night. Then it turned colder than balls on a brass monkey and it was 1 degrees American when I got up this morning.

You know what happens at 1 degrees American? Nothing. Salt won't even melt snow and ice at those temperatures. Bollocks.

Glad I had my new flannel sheets on my bed last night.

telecons saucy <--- no, not really

Anonydiot corrector robot said...

funny, funny, funny!!! some OTHER people some of whom ride bikes, really do suck,,,, like I do

Gran Fondle Fred said...


McFly said...

ssc, You HAVE to smoke crack in a glass pipe. Brass would get too hot. Glass does not heat transfer like brass.

I mean....thats what I heard....I think.....

JB said...

I once made a tobacco smoking implement out of brass hydraulic fittings, when I summer-jobbed at the DOT one summer. It was used once for the wacky. Too hot. Needed a heat break or some heat-dissipating fins.

At the DOT, if it rains, you change the oil. If it rains again soon, you go hide in the upper garage and make things out of the stuff you find.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

queenie, region has never been pounded all night. that must be quite an experience.

McFk (WTF?)

...i imagine getting pounded by 6 inches, or more, or less, all night would cause things to get salty and sloshy regardless. but what do i know... i like i said, i've never experienced that kind of pounding.

JB said...

6 inches is the average depth of your typical regional pounding, no?


Dr. WIWM said...

Actually, its 5 1/2 inches. True.

RoadQueen said...

I try to keep company with above average people. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's great.

Anonymous said...

No shit.... There's really a beginner triathlete dot com???


I'm going to get value outta this for years.....

Von Nut

Anonymous said...

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