Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving By Bike: There's No "I" in "Communaty"

Got money because the economy's doing so awesome now?  Looking to give it to a smug Kickstarter campaign because crowdsourced products are the shot in the scranus America so desperately needs?  Well, too late!  "Moving by Bike: The Book" is already funded!

So what is moving by bike?  Well, here's your answer:

"Moving by bike is like a barn-raising for the urban environment, a gangly parade that migrates the innards of one's living room from hither to thither, all to the melodious sounds of bike bells and friendly calls of 'car up!' People have moved countless homes, a puppet theatre, a few small businesses, file drawers, a chinchilla, more than one hide-a-bed, coveys of bookcases and chests of drawers, pianos, accordions, plants, a gun safe, saplings, and a documentary crew, to name just a few items. You don't need a trailer, just moxie and a sense of fun and adventure."

People sometimes ask me, "Hey, you're a bike blogger.  How come you don't move to Portland?"*  Well, there are many reasons, but the main one is that I live by the credo "Move your own puppet theater, asshole."  This has served me very well in New York (in fact I'm currently working on a children's book and using that as the title), though it doesn't go over so well in the "urban environment" (gigglechortle) of Portland, where saying stuff like that tends to make people cry.

*Disclaimer: nobody ever asks me that.

Anyway, "Moving by Bike: The Book" tells you how to move by bike, but here are the CliffsNotes:

Step 1) Live in Portland.

And that's pretty much it.

See, Portland's not really a city.  It's more like a quaint suburb of Seattle that got lost in the woods.  So when you live a simple life in a small town whose economy is based on "arts and crafts," and your only possessions are a puppet theater, a chinchilla, and your accordions, it's pretty easy to move by bike.  But for the rest of us, there are trucks.

Still, this project asks an important question:

"What do you think drives so many people together to just get involved in the community and help people they don't know?"

("I'm helping!  So ahhhsome!")

Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that people in Portland have a shitload of time on their hands and thus can afford to squander it on leisure activities like moving someone's kitschy vinyl collection for them:

To wit:

"People usually gather and hang around for up to an hour just not doing anything, and then you spend 10, 15 minutes loading up, maybe 30 minutes riding, and then you unload for five minutes, and then you spend the next two hours hanging out and drinking, having fun."

By the way, he's not describing a bike move here.  That's just a typical Portland weekday.

Yes, you can tell a great deal about a society from the stuff they move, and evidently in Portland it's perpetually sophomore year at Bard since the cargo basically consists of kitschy vinyl, skateboard decks, and other stoner toys:

Oh, and milk crates, of course:

Some of which are full of wine:

"There comes to be this sort of competitive thing which I freely admit that I'm a part of, that you want to see who can carry the most cargo or how much you can carry and I've found a lot of times like if you don't show up early you might not get to carry anything..."

Competing to see who can carry more of somebody else's playthings for them?  Now that's what I call "Cat 6 bike movin'."  By the way, showing up late so you don't have to carry anything is how you're supposed to do it, you rubes:


And not only do these people have time to participate in bike moves, but they also have time to make quilts celebrating the act beforehand:

Look, I don't mean to be negative here.  All I'm saying is that we should place the city of Portland under martial law and force the population to work on projects that benefit society as a whole instead of themselves.  At the very least, every qualifying New York City household should be given at least one (1) Portlander who will serve as their valet.  (Naturally they'll be free to use their bikes as much as they'd like in this capacity.)

Speaking of people with lots of time on their hands, I recently received an email with the subject "Fixie heroes," and here's what it said:

Met these three young guys in Grand Forks while on a bike tour. The one on the right is from Spain and he is riding from Vancouver to Calgary off road (trans Canada trail). Tough enough. 
The other two are riding Calgary to Vancouver on fixies. God knows how they are getting over those brutal ascents but they seem to be knocking off 80-100km a day without the luxury of pedal clips or bike shorts that we all take for granted. And carrying tents on their backs!
But they are grinning whenever we see them. 
Just wanted you to know

You know how they're getting over those brutal ascents?  By not having any jobs or responsibilities!  That (and weed) would also explain the perpetual grinning.  I mean, good for them, and I hope they're enjoying themselves, but I'm not exactly marveling at their exploits here.

And what's the opposite of the "gangly parade" that is a bike move?  Well, one might argue that it's riding around in the woods and killing things, and a number of readers have informed me that the hunting bike is the new gravel bike:

It seems just as superfluous as a gravel bike too, since the definitive characteristic of the hunting bike seems to be the camouflage "colorway:"

Now, I readily admit I don't know shit about hunting, and the only "survivalist" behavior I engage in with my bicycle is riding it to the bagel place, but where the hell do you put the dead deer?

Though of course the true outdoorsman knows you don't need any fancy special equipment to portage a deer carcass:

That's doing it the old-fashioned way.  He'd be a real asset to your next bike move.

Lastly, speaking of Portland (or at least Oregon) and gravel, it was only a matter of time before the two came together:

You have to feel bad for the poor Midwest.  For awhile they were the epicenter of the whole gravel racing thing, but now here comes the Portland "bike culture" to steal the whole thing away from them--because your grassroots style of racing hasn't truly arrived until you can order a Speedvagen for it.

What a bunch of artisanal carpetbaggers.


DerZoots said...


Robot podium blocker:168 sedTCa

Anonymous said...


DerZoots said...



Robot shit againsing: firityB310

dickey said...
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dickey said...


Fuck captchas.

3G said...


DerZoots said...

Whos says unemployment doesn't pay.



More roboting stopper: 13 ciewit

Anonymous said...

Tip five Cleveland yeah!

DerZoots said...

Simmer down Cleveland!

Robot not top five: ycialek 4

Anonymous said...

never a dull moment...bike movers... yoik

Anonymous said...

Guessing the puppet theater and the gun safe weren't owned by the same person... call it a hunch.

Anonymous said...

Top XX

erapplo 39

Anonymous said...

"What do you think drives so many people together to just get involved in the community and help people they don't know?"

The answer, of course, as with everything else, is mating. Mating, my friend. It makes the world go 'round.

samh said...

Moving by bike is really fun. Smug? Yes. But fun!

Anonymous said...

Ugh yeah see moving someone else's clutter would piss me off. I might take a wrong turn and head for the dump, do them a favor. Communaty bike moves are just enabling clutter-hounds. Because if people don't have to sweat and throw out their back and wake up totally sore from carrying their own crap themselves, that removes the most important incentive for getting rid of all that pointless shit!

P. Bateman said...

i wouldn't want to mate with any of those overly nice mother fuckers. good god i can't trust someone who would willingly volunteer to move a strager's junk for them. what asssholes.

Marcel Da Chump said...


DerZoots said...

I did the LOLing amightily.

Never would have reached the top step in podium lore with the reading first technique.
I did manage that once but it was a very early post day. Must have been no frootloops @ casa de snob morning.

Anyway it's all downhill from here for me until of course tomorrows post. Unless my new frameset turns up today! Ooooh dare to think it.

Yeah so no job totaled the racebike and spent money I shouldn't have on a new one. I found a deal though so reasonable. I convinced myself I could ebay off the parts closet and it would be okay. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fucks sake,
Load trailer.
Pedal bike.
Unload trailer.

How difficult is that?

crosspalms said...

Texas may be the next gravel paradise. I read something last week about the state converting some paved roads to gravel because they can't afford the upkeep. And here I thought Republicans were against bike infrastructure.

McFly said...

DerZoots FTW from out of nowhere.


I moved a bed just last night.

etherhuffer said...

By the way, he's not describing a bike move here. That's just a typical Portland weekday.

I assume you meant "workday" and not "weekday." At least that is what most folks would assume after a downtown stroll.

Oh, and Portland is indeed unlike Seattle. Portland is sort of what you might get if Seattle raped Spokane and then gave the offspring up and called it Portland

Yarpo said...


aaaaaaaand Congrats to DerZoots for the death-defying, shape-shifting, time-traveling 1st AND 3rd Podium spots, and to Roille Figners for the Silver spot, resplendent in his Oakland A's cap and Handlebar of Handlebars. Well done.

Now to go back to last Friday and start catching up.

Anonymous said...

Texas has oil but no water.
I was thinking of retiring to the south, but I think I'll stay up here where the fracking hasn't used it all up yet.
Still thinking about Tennessee, though. McFly. What's Tennessee living like? Who's up for a 700 mile bike move?

rural 14 said...

Rural 1st!
Rain day
Vacationers, slow down!
"look at the quaint cyclist - push him to the side of the road, we're in a hurry to have a fun time"
I like the Ehampton internet shaming idea. A train wreck in real time.
mud on shoulder
sloppy splash
late to work

Too much stuff to move! New dump sticker today! Shall I get a trailer or keep using the car for the weekly dump run.

The wettest summer on record.

Nice that the new SUVs use electric motors...so they increase their weight and acceleration, slightly better gas mileage...an unvirtuous consumer circle(jerk) of credulous youngsters. How can we stand the pain? (eg Gitmo / SUVs / 9/11=iraq, still 12 years later? - numb to it, and the SUV drivin' children are steeped in this compliant conformity. I sad.

Where to begin? Selling vegetables at the farmers market when the clientele is them SUV drivin' mofo's who want to knock the price down because it don't compare with NY supermarkets getting their food from Mexico; we account for our labor - and we work superfast - at $16.00 an hour, barely a living wage..yet nice bumperstickered cars whining about the price of arugula?

Where is my artisinal axe? My axehandle I grew meself. Black fuckin' locust.

The 'culture' of Portland is looking better and better, though it's an island in the middle of even more dire reactionary thinking than the blind smug non-thinking going on round here.

"What is the answer? What is the question." Gertrude Stein I think.

For sure a robot.

leroy said...

What I learned this weekend:

1. You can't fit two cases of dog food on the front rack of a CitiBike.

2. Your dog will not help you portage two cases of dog food.

3. His idea of being helpful is suggesting that he would prefer a burger, fries and beverage from Shake Shack, which would fit nicely on a CitiBike front rack.

4. Hold the onions.

5. My dog does an uncanny impression of Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces requesting the withholding of certain sandwich elements.

Jimboner said...


McFly said...

I would not want to be anywhere else. Cost of living is cheap. I am smack dab between Memphis and Nashville if I want little culture. The roads can get shitty but I pretend like I am in Belgium. Great MTB'ing. Southern women are everything you hear they are and a trampstamp.

It won't quit raining for some reason. Which is weird.
Where are you at presently?

crosspalms said...

I thought the bike moving video was kind of fun. Now I want to write "How to go to the grocery store by bike." Send me money.

Rural 14,
Speaking of assholes moving their own puppet theaters, today's NYT had a piece basically saying the rudest drivers have the priciest cars.

ford_f350 said...

Haha. Let's review the Republican shangrila, 99% of Texas for a minute. (1% is Austin)

I thought their master plan of low regulation, low tax was supposed to result in improved revenues for government? Now they can't afford to keep roads paved.

The wealthiest scranus in the world moves to the top of the developing nation list in infrastructure.

And yes, those poor people that made the bad decisions that made them poor have only themselves to blame for only affording a bicycle as transportation.

Get out of my way when I'm driving armored personnel carrier or F350. It's not my fault you were in my way on that poor person's vehicle.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Back in the day circa 1990 while in the service I sold an old Schwinn Mirada I had to a Hawaiian named Lum. The Hawaiian alphabet has only 13 letters so naturally their names are short. Well anyways Lum was an avid big game hunter and we were stationed in Eastern Washington State at the time; an outdoorsman's paradise.

One day after returning from a vacation/hunt Lum said buying that bike from me was the best piece of hunting gear he ever bought. He was amazed at how quiet and quickly he could cover ground on that old Schwinn.

That was back when velo-hunters were real men. No dick breaks or suspension forks and a granny gear was maybe a 30 tooth.

ChamoisJuice said...

Skate helmet is the headgear of choice of bicycle movers. I wonder how long it is going to take the average utili-fred to catch on that the whitewater protec with the earflaps is the current skate helment du jour.

ChamoisJuice said...

Skate helmet is the headgear of choice of bicycle movers. I wonder how long it is going to take the average utili-fred to catch on that the whitewater protec with the earflaps is the current skate helment du jour.

Anonymous said...

"I am smack dab between the Memphis and Nashville if I want a little culture..." Good one!

RoadQueen said...

Congratulations DerZoots!!!!! Podio KISSES! XOXOXO!

Roille, not bad but you're in the middle of the sandwich that is ALL DerZoots. Tough break, man.

Man, I thought Mountain Biking was bad-ass. THen along comes a hunting cycling bicycle, and those guys are all like, "Trails? Trails are for pussies! Give is no trails, and let us kill shit, then eat the hearts!"

Ok, I don't know if they're really saying that, but if I were one of those guys, I SURE AS HELL WOULD.

Note to self: Still need to try out Mountain Biking. But on a sissy trail...

11 hedBoom <-- Even the anti-robo words are pulling for DerZoots.

RoadQueen said...

Second Note to self: Proofreading is your friend.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Hey McFly do you have a moonshine still?

McFly said...

Of course by "culture" I mean good bbq and cuntry musak. And when you get to the big city the trampstamps quit saying things like 24 HOUR DROPBOX......they get waaaaaaay classier.

McFly said...

No but a friend of mine does in Murray, KY. He was on the show Moonshiners a little while back. Spencer Balentine....TO THE GOOGLE MACHINE!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked portland because my hotel had a distillery, brewery, and 4 bars within its hallways. and a warm saline pool to sit in. I got a lot of attention in the pool, was the only person for miles without tats or piercings.

I thought portland had industry? No?

you livin in the woods selling used lawn gnomes out of a backless trailer in a coonskin cap?

Mr Plow said...

Dead deer are the new cat ears. They dampen wind noise and you get a nice upper body workout

CommieCanuck said...

Oh for fucks sake,
Load trailer.
Pedal bike.
Unload trailer.

How difficult is that?

Difficult for the mentally challenged.
My last move was by 12km human chain. The piano was a bitch.

Anonymous said...

If I moved, without proper mechanized equipment, it would be an quite an episode. Think 'Fitzcarraldo'.

CommieCanuck said...

I liked portland because my hotel had a distillery, brewery, and 4 bars within its hallways. and a warm saline pool to sit in.

You mean urine pool.

Anonymous said...

I live in the northwest corner of Illinois. The mrs. and I have been crunching the numbers looking for a tax friendly place to end up. Tennessee wins pretty much every math exercise we do.
Can we still get a New York Times in your neighborhood? That's about the only requirement.

Slam said...

1) it's been a successful business in Montreal for years: http://www.demenagementmyette.ca/

and no one is wanking about it.

2) Shit I lost sight of my camouflage bike and now I can't find it.

balls™ said...


I'm in late today, but to be honest I'm still getting over RoadQueen kissing my balls on the podium yesterday. This is a close-knit community but wow! That took me by surprise (not that I'm complaining).

RoadQueen said...

I do what I can for my fans.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

McFly, Nice -Silver Trail Distillery. I always thought distilling spirits would be a fun hobby. I've brewed beer and made wine. but not the hard stuff. I get a kick out of that show. Was watching it with my son yesterday. And now I see Tickle is getting his own show.

Between that and that duck commander show -America at its finest right there.

mikeweb said...

Some hard hitting journalism.

I was hoping for more about the life and times of Vito.

mikeweb said...

Congrats to DZ and RF today.

Moves? I usually do a major move after lunch every day.

DerZoots said...

Thanks for the congrats erryone.

Now serving DerZoots sandwiches...

On a Kaiser roll no less...

Jed said...

Mr. Plow,
""Dead deer are the new cat ears"
Now that was funny! Nice one.
I had just finish reading a bloggers account of "everyone always asks me". And for the first time, I tried to imagine the conversation where ANYONE would ask him. I could not. Seconds later, I read your disclaimer. Had a good laugh. Isn't it odd that honesty is funnier than deceipt.

babble on said...

HA! That's a helment for you. Forget your cardboard caps, yeah wussies. Here in the great white north we wear carcasses. It's the man's man's helment, and it only costs a buck.

Anonymous said...

oh, man, Snob has a tat!


BamaPhred said...

I thought we had a discussion on roadkill a few weeks ago. "Look what I found on the side of the road! Lunch!"
Much more interesting than smugness flotilla, which by the way I noticed an absence of hills, mountains, and major appliances.
Awesome, indeed

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, I guess I'm resplendent in a Zoots samwich. If he were a butt-cheek, and I'm not saying he is, I'd be droppin' a Deuce out the crack. I know... so charming.

McFly: Where am I, you ask? I am in Portland, tolerating these people. Since everyone here is from somewhere else, I'll keep an eye out for your southern betrampstamped honeys.

babble on said...

... it's not much doe, even though it is.

Zoots! Mwaa. Kisses. I so get it. I didn't even blink at the cost of fixing my baby when the derailleur broke, because my daily ride is integral to my well-being.

Queenie! I'm a fan. xo xo

Devlin McGrabbin said...

Say what you will about Portland, at least it isn't Seattle.

Boy, talk about lost in the woods... Seattle is a shithole entirely lost within itself.

RoadQueen said...

Babble, I'm holding out for the Ladie's version of the Venison Helment.

It's bound to cost a little more doe than a buck, but shells well spent.

McFly said...

Did I mention we had a bicylylecle cycling race of the competitive variety this Sat and Sun? The Tour De Paris Landing. We have a killer lake hence the "Landing".

Them fuckers averaged 24.7 mph for 85 miles on the Sunday leg. All of my unhip friends say "Hey did you do that lil race/ride thingy?"

I tell them it flatters me to think that THEY think I would even be remotely a factor with my consistent 18 mph, lolz.

You guys should all move here and we can have a cycling commune. I will get the Kool-Aid started.

CommieCanuck said...

I thought we had a discussion on roadkill a few weeks ago. "Look what I found on the side of the road! Lunch!"

Watch them dead skunks..one of them might could go off on ye.

babble on said...

Mr Plow ++ :D
I posted before I read the comments. Again. It's sorta like posting without proofing. I do that too...

did you know that some genius has designed a helmet which actually protects the brain from torque injuries? This is a very good thing, since they cause the most damage.

The Canadian Standards Association doesn't actually give a fuck about my brain, but I do. It is very small and I am quite prone to injury, because I love nothing more than riding as fast as I possibly can. Plus shit happens.

I want one of those helmets, and I want one for my baby boy, too. Yet when I've asked around, no-one knows where to find them. Most shops haven't even heard of the technology.

Anyone know where I can find one?

BamaPhred said...

CC I hear that. As in I only THOUGHT they smelled bad on the approach. Seems like the aroma gets caught in the draft and follows you along after you pass. EEWW.

Buffalo Bill said...

Gravel roads are fine, I guess, until the dump trucks start rolling by.

Regular guy said...

Those guys are riding from Vancouver to Calgary, and they're in Grand Forks? That is a long way out of the way. Must have had a really good tailwind and decided to hell with Calgary. Have fun riding across Saskatchewan, dopes.

ChamoisJuice said...

I believe you want a MIPS healment. POC and Scott both make them. I'm pretty sure Cove, Dunbar carry POC

How much younger is the young buck????

babble on said...

Hey McFly, me too!

Today we rode 42km in 1h20, climbing approximately 1200m and averaging 28km/hr... which is about 18 miles per hour!

Little by little those damned hills are getting easier. One day I'll flatten em.

babble on said...

Thank you, CJ!

Who, my baby? He's ten. He just bought his first road-bike cause he wants to race, and I want to keep him as safe as I possibly can.

crosspalms said...

Hard-hitting indeed. If those photos are to be believed, Snob owns 2 bikes, 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 hats (let's not even get into the whole helment thing...) and a backpack. Snob, if the phone rings, it's the NYT Style section and they'd like a word...

Criminal Jerk said...

What's stopping one of the helpers from loading up with some of the best stuff and then 'moving' it back to his own place?

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the fancy cycling jacket Snob owns.

DerZoots said...

Bong hit and 4:20 Podium
A special day indeed!

DerZoots said...

Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!

Robot deflctro thing:23 iticaler

debris88 said...

I go in deeper and faster, but I always leave a trace. Sorry.

Dooth said...

That deer is NOT DEAD; it's been tranquilized.

Anonymous said...

It's pronounced He•ro.

Nebraska Bike Commuter (non DWI edition) said...

Moved my daughter from Ne. to Al. a couple weeks ago and you can be damned sure we didn't use bikes. I drove a twenty six damned foot long U-Haul and towed my old Ford Escort for the return trip.

Thought about McFly a little going through Tn. Mostly just wondered were he might be found if I wanted to find him. Shitty roads? apparently he's never lived where it freezes regularly. All the Tennessee roads I drove on were of the finest quality. Most of the roadkill down there probably walk onto that smooth surface and think, "Boy, this would be such a nice spot to lie down and take a nap." Halfway between Memphis and Nashville? A little out of my way as it turned out.

Very pretty country though, I have to admit.

McFly said...

Shouldn't an Escort be in front? I seem to be what my riding buds call a Shit Road Magnet. Chip n tar, patch n seal, potholes and black goo. I prefer the road less taken. It's usually less taken for a reason. Lots of road kill. Saw a fawn, 2 possums and a BIG ASS TURTLE today.

Hey Babble I am going to get a shower. Stand by for 90 seconds of vigorous junk washing followed up by 30 seconds of shame and then 30 more seconds of washing my hand and possibly my thigh off.

McFly said...

Why Ala? School? Job? Seems like an odd jaunt from the Nebraska area. Is it her shame over the Cornhuskers and being able to root for an SEC team now? Sorry I could not resist.

Nebraska Bike Commuter (non DWI edition) said...

Her roommate is going to grad school in rocket town, and they're very good friends, and she's wanted to get out of Nebraska for a long time, and her roommate already has a community of friends down there that she fits in well with so she figured now is as good a time and reason as any. Alabama wasn't on her radar at all - she was thinking Pacific Northwest - but Huntsville seems like a fairly blue dot in a red state.

First leg of my trip home was to Ft' Wayne to see my sis, with a stop at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. Set GPS for shortest distance and it took me on some lovely secondary and tertiary roads between Huntsville and Nashville. One thing against your roads there; y'all got some damn deep ditches with no shoulder and no guardrails. Seems like a car could completely disappear into one of those and if nobody saw it happen it'd be lost for days.

artisanal carpetbagger said...

I could have had the podium but I killed a dear in Eastern Oregon while on gravel group ride.

We stood around for a few hours and some guy moved it for me on his mod-o-fied Burley trailer (it had two a "Portland Recycles" Glass bins held on with fine beaded hemp tie downs.

We stood around around awhile and drank. Then some stranger who came too late to help with the move made us some fine bacon and jerky from the carcass.

Then I mounted the antlers on my recyclable paper helmet and went back home to see what Andy and Opie were up to, they were stealing my stash so I strangled them with my dreads.

It was a good day.

David Puntel said...

Hi Mr. Snob - I thought you'd be interested in reading this article - http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/bike-boom-popularity-of-cycling-leads-to-overcrowding-a-915598.html

liebe Gruesse,
Dave (one of them Amerikan expatriates living in SF East (Berlin))

Square Tapir said...

That deer is some high protein workout food. Reminds me of a Balance bar.

El Bonkistador said...

Shit! I wish I'd been able to read this yesterday but I had to get up early and work on my new kickstarter/ manuscript:

"Moving by Foot: Qouque Librum"

Mostly I walked or "Foot Moved" into the kitchen, fixed my morning coffee/rum/milk (mostly rum) and then my usual doping routine (it's like I'm addicted to training or something). After that, a bit of hunting.

Saw the Pope but couldn't get a bead on him, he'd squat and scat like lightning; leaving nothing behind but blessings and a foul smelling 'offering'. Also, I lost my bike, so, more hunting of a diferent sort... plus more doping.

When I finally got home I had only the energy to shake up all my wine and "Foot Move" my "Carcass" to bed.

Just before drifting off to sleep somebody spoke to me. Pretty sure it was the Pope because of what I found under my covers this morning but what is important is the words...

Paint Your Hunting Bike ORANGE Numbnuts!
(or PYHBON if you prefer pneumatic devices.)

twattle said...

Anal sharts in your chamois

twattle said...

Anal sharts in your chamois

CommieCanuck said...

That deer is NOT DEAD; it's been tranquilized.

It's sad when a date ends in the use of rufies and being carried home on one's shoulders.

CommieCanuck said...

That deer is some high protein workout food. Reminds me of a Balance bar.

Clif used to make deer, possum, skunk flavored bars 2005-07. Didn't sell well, obviously ahead of their time.

Anonymous said...

late post

I move by bike said...

I dont know man, ive moved everything I won including furniture by bike/rickshaw more than once and I live in the hills of San Francisco. We also moved my entire bike co-op by bike, in the rain(though that was from downtown to the mission).



bikelovejones said...

Dear New York City: please don't move to Portland. Ever. We like being underemployed, semi-broke, spending less time shopping and more time hanging with our friends. If you can't relate, then you wouldn't understand and you wouldn't like it here. So please just stay home. Thanks.

Sincerely, "Waiting for Pittsburgh to become the next IT town"

Anonymous said...

Fuck Portland. Just think all those bike moving slobs could be caddy racing instead. Get a life http://www.golfwrx.com/127246/the-caddy-races-banned-from-the-phoenix-open/

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing.
I often cycling my bike from my house to the mountain.