Friday, January 8, 2010

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

As cycling continues to grow in the United States, it's only natural that there should be some commensurate growing pains. Increasingly, these pains are coming in the form of either new legislation or increased enforcement of existing legislation. For example, as you're probably aware, there is a movement in Philadelphia to require cyclists to register their bicycles. Also, the flat brim cap-wearing world was recently shaken to its colorway-coordinated core when a Baltimore fixed-gear freestyler was cited for "fancy riding." So at a time when "the Man" seems to be clamping down on cycling like a ham-handed mechanic over-torquing a crabon seatpost, it's a relief to learn that at least one state is taking the opposite approach. Yes, trials riders and sodomy enthusiasts can now rejoice, for a reader informs me that seatless riding is finally legal in the Land of the Epic Burrito:

If, like me, you're wondering who you can thank (uh, I'm a trials rider, I swear!), the reader informs me that this is the work of the powerful ElliptiGo lobby:

The lesson, of course, is that one dork really can make a difference. Keep in mind, though, that the bike must technically have been built to be ridden without a seat, so if you're simply riding a bicycle with a saddle-less seatpost you might want to at least cover the clamp somehow to avoid getting a ticket (not to mention serious internal injuries).

And with that, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz. As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer. If you're right you're awesome, and if you're wrong you'll see a gentleman serenading his fixie.

Thanks for reading and for emailing some of the items of which this quiz consists. Ride safe this weekend, and even more importantly, use a saddle whenever possible.



(So, so sexy.)

1) Cockles are hermaphroditic.


(So, so sexy.)

2) "Motion capture trimmings, laser beams, multi angle stop motion video"--all just part of:

--Check-in at Newark International Airport
--Making the movie "Avatar"
--Filming your fixed-gear freestyle session
--Buying a Serotta

3) When getting a tattoo you should always:

5) At which British retailer is this £30,000 (or US$950,000,000) bicycle for sale?

--Marks & Spencer

6) In a rare Craigslist vintage price inversion, this Cinelli hairnet is for sale for only $20. "Hairnets" are also called:

--"Fixie helmets"
--"Flemish sideburn holders"

7) In the Craigslist universe, what is the name for the object above?

8) The rest of this photo is unsafe for work.

***Special "Fixie Crew"-Themed Many Multiples of Choice "Epic"-Length Bonus Question***

Which word did not appear capriciously on the screen in "Pizza Fixation?"



Anonymous said...


TRB said...


Astroluc (Find me on Tumblr and Instagram @Astroluc) said...


Pontius Pilate said...



BadBeard said...

HappyFriday 5th!

Anonymous said...


wishiwasmerckx said...

Top ten.

ken e. said...

stupid internets!

innerlighter said...

Funny that the Harrod's bike is made in Diss.
It kinda makes up it's own joke.


mikeweb said...

Had an epic burrito, then I Ellipti-went

innerlighter said...

Top 10 after reading the post.

Anonymous said...

I woulda been on the podium, but my tires are suffering the effects of improper storage over the last off season.

Jefe said...

I've never been top 20.

Astroluc (Find me on Tumblr and Instagram @Astroluc) said...

got one wrong... that'll warm the cockles (coggles?) of yer' heart!

On that note...

why would someone ride an eliptigo; recumbent not geeky enough? and speaking of seat less bikes:

...damn near killed em'

rezado said...

Man, I love friday!

innerlighter said...

The CL bike is well curated with coggles and Alexis rims, which everyone knows are very rare women's specific.

double meh

Anonymous said...

Speaking of all things legal--today is the scheduled sentencing of Dr. Thompson in the LA Mandeville Canyon road rage case. According to newsreports prosecutors are asking for 8 years--in which case Doctor Thompson may be looking at a spin class without benefit of a saddle for quite a long time.

schmalz said...

booo-yaa 18th sukkazzzzz!!!

Astroluc (Find me on Tumblr and Instagram @Astroluc) said...

Bad Lawyer:

Thanks for the update!

d. fofonov said...

Leading out the podium placers.

hillbilly said...

have a good weekend everyone

Anonymous said...

according to, 30,000 pounds is $47,928.10 - still a ridiculous amount to pay for a bicycle, but a far cry from close to one million.

Jefe said...

The woman in #8 has more decals than the bike. Was she a "daily distraction" on Pez Cycling? Probably not, or she would have been posing next to a custom Madone with $5K wheels and a titanium water bottle.

Anonymous said...


The Harrod's F1 bike has a range of 25,000 - 35,000 pounds. Save the money and get the Sora group. You won't be able to tell the dif.

Anonymous said...


Astroluc (Find me on Tumblr and Instagram @Astroluc) said...

anon 1:04

methinks you missed the point of exaggeration... and Snobbies number is closer to a billion.

dan in austin said...


ant1 said...


sufferist said...

I got most of the answers correct, not sure why I need a helmet to get a tat. I'll have to follow the correct answer link and see what that's all aboot (a little nod to our Canadian brethren)

Also, Bad Lawyer, did you get a case of FRS for Festivus? Way to be.

Have a happy weekend, stay safe.

Isolation Helmet said...

Not only coggles but Alexis rims.

Anonymous said...

this guy can shoot his next video after some burritos so

Claude's Butler said...

Do not taunt hairy vagina ball.

grog said...

took the funk whiz without a saddle, and lost. shoulda covered the clamp i guess. enjoy your snow.

Claude's Butler said...

Thanks for the line, Ghost of John Belushi

Anonymous said...

I love my Specialized, I really do, but they need to cease and desist with that godawful bs immediately.

It makes me blush but in a bad way.

Test Tickle said...

"Everyone is bored and boring
Not me, I am drunk and roaring
Come on, have a drink with me
Whiskey cures insanity, yeah"

tenga un fin de semana bueno.


the2002saga said...

If they're Sora derailleurs, then they don't "match" the Ultegra, do they? No. No they don't.

rural 14 said...

ant 2nd
cockle blockled

Cognorant said...

Growing was my second choice.

Vanonymous said...

I miss the Firday fun quiz.

When are fixed gear riders going to progress along the dachshund of time and start wearing Skid Lids?

Unknown said...

Snobby has a man crush on Lance.

It's true..

Unknown said...

Oh, and Chris Carmichael is a louche douche. He said so himself.

Anonymous said...

hey, as if all this were not enough, you also get to CHOOSE A COLOUR, such as gray.

Harrods is kinda like Walmart right?

BigWheels said...

The guy is getting a tattoo in full cycling regalia.. complete with hairy legs.

Fingerbang Assistant said...

top fiddy

Finally, the recumbent dorks have someone to make fun of.

Phil Hartman's Ghost said...

That damn Belushi, always getting credit for some of my best stuff. Ah well, he still knows how to throw a party.

Anonymous said...

The Factor001 in my hometown rag too. 7.4 kg seems heavy though for a putative British Serrotta , I would have thought Pez would have been all over that

oldentard said...

friday's here
time to swall some beer

Anonymous said...

5 years in prison for Dr. Thompson in the LA Mandeville Canyon Road Rage assaults according to the LA Times.

Anonymous said...

"the above question is officially begged"

This bothers me. See below for proper use:

And yes, I'm aware that Snob didn't write that.

JTK said...

who can take a bicycle
re-move the seat
put your grandma on it
push her down a bumpy street
the S and M man,
the S and M man,
the S and M man 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the hurt feel good, the hurt feel good.

ringcycles said...

"The lesson, of course, is that one dork really can make a difference" No Snobbers, the lesson is that one dork can make a difference in California. Or one dork in California can make a difference if he is in the IT or Film industries. It the rest of the world it takes many more dorks.

grog said...

thanx bad lawyer. may the doc meat up with "bubba the weatherman" aka meaty urologist

CommieCanuck said...

Oh sure, that Harrods bike is $49,502 Canadian dollars, but it has Super Record.
Brits can afford bikes like this, as they save a fortune in dentistry.

I can tell you, no British dentists can afford a Cervelo, it's all Motobecane and Sora.

CommieCanuck said...

5 years in prison for Dr. Thompson in the LA Mandeville Canyon Road Rage assaults according to the LA Times.

Ah, 2009 Cyclist's Asshole of the Year. I hope he gets to share for the whole 5 years a cell with Sammy "the sodomite" Jones, ...or Missy Giove.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

I stopped buying anything Specialized when their sleazy business practices came to light ten years ago or whenever that was. Too bad I can't make them refund the purchases I made before that. That video is too obnoxious to be a parody, even. Yeesh!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps now Fast Boy can take his assless bike into mass production.

Just Sayin' said...

Five years is long enough that Dr. Thompson will likely need an oversized seat post when he gets out.

CommieCanuck said...

Ya ever get really hammered and can't even ride your bike up a driveway?

that's called Beer Coggles.

Anonymous said...

I just curated a can of tuna for lunch. Mmmm...canned fish!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
d. fofonov said...

I am not understanding what is funny or amusing about the above quote.

Unless you are saying it smelling like pussy.

Seanywonton said...

Why do I feel dirty when I look at the hairy vagina-ball from the Flaming lips video? Time to try to erase this memory with the judicious application of beer.

Seanywonton said...

Don't forget to practice your Coggles daily.

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods is about as cost-effective as fueling your car by spraying premium gasoline in the vicinity of the tank until enough finally trickles in to fill it.

No truer words have been brought together describing perfectly what should be common sense observation leading to precise understanding

Anonymous said...

The tattooing took place at a checkpoint in the Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts partners' alleycat put on by Sopo Bikes here in Atlanta, GA. This year's is on March 6 & 7.

mikeweb said...


I think those were Sammy Davis jrs' original lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love seeing "begging the question" used in its original meaning.

TJ Eckleburg said...

Uh Hello!!! Coggles are non Wizards

did anyone read/see Harry Potter?

Jefe said...

Hey Canuck, leave Missy Giove out of it. She was just moving a little weed, not running people down.

honkybucket said...

Man, I'm kinda sick of the never ending stream of people looking to correct others on proper use of "begs the question." Which begs the question -- why don't those people shut the fuck up about it already?

Epic Calamity said...

I was going to go for a ride today, but was unable to warm my coggles sufficiently. Maybe tomorrow...

kale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kale said...

I'm a little empty after reading Zinn's article. I feel as though I've been mistreating all of my equipment. How am I supposed to curate my stable if I haven't been properly seasoning my gruppos prior to use?

Like the only properly seasoned items I have are my wool shirts and gloves. Feel so inadequate.

Ghost of William Safire said...

I have given up on "begs the question." Not because I have passed over to the other side, but because I've taken to smoking a little weed since it's perfectly acceptable here. Too bad I was such a tight ass when I was walking around. One day I will get around to looking at all the fun I missed.

Stupid Name said...

"Using similar sensors as race cars, the bike can record more than 100 measurements to do with the rider's performance, health and pedalling style."

My training meter still says "You Suck", but now it does it for 100 different reasons.

Too much information.

The Comment Deleter said...

This comment deleted by The Comment Deleter.

Stupid Name said...

from vimeo - "foodie mecca, Whole Foods Market on Bowery"
Mecca definiton.

Crap I have been using that word wrong all of my life.

I think it is pushing it a little, to compare a whole foods to mecca.


Anonymous said...

"Man, I'm kinda sick of the never ending stream of people looking to correct others on proper use of "begs the question." Which begs the question -- why don't those people shut the fuck up about it already?"

You thought this was clever? No wonder you've been using it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wait, they make titanium water bottles? Where can I get one?

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

I think Zinn's column would fit better in the Onion.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Looks like Chris Carmicheal taught Chris Jaeckle how to strap on his fixie helmet.

honkybucket said...

"Man, I'm kinda sick of the never ending stream of people looking to correct others on proper use of "begs the question." Which begs the question -- why don't those people shut the fuck up about it already?"

You thought this was clever? No wonder you've been using it wrong.

Oh snap! I just got zinged!!!

Anyway Mr. Anonymous, there are countless words & phrases in common use that have taken on a different contextual meaning as our society & language has evolved, devolved and adapted accordingly, and the reality is this is only going to continue as teh internets dominates our society. I don't think this is especially clever. I do think that "begs the question" is destined to take on the intended and widely understood meaning from the quiz.

I also think you're a jerk & mean for making fun of me in the comments.

DistrictXII said...

"a mere 7.4lkgs"? Really?

Congratulations, you've made a bike that's 0.6kg heavier than every bike in the pro peloton...and it's only fourty fucking grand!

Disgruntl Ed. said...

I tried to buy yarn at Harrod's but they don't stock it anymore. Instead they stock some department store bike. But you can't buy it because you have more money than sense and not enough money in the first place.

So it's off to Marks and Sparks for dowdy clothes and a packet of crisps.

The quiz was too hard. Blimey.

Sixty-year-old Christopher Thomas Thompson said...

See you suckers when I'm 65.

Fodder said...

Damn it! I got 3 wrong and after watching the video wandered off on videoland and watched the flaming lips installment...somebody owes me 6 minutes of life back...I'm scared and confused, certain I saw a naked Hasidic fellow dancing around 4:56...can someone help me?

Anonymous said...

check out "fixie crew host" Chris' helmet strap. Shameless.


Anonymous said...

Giving the golden girls golden showers as curated by whole foods
sponsored by the colorway yellow, which is apperently owned by l armstrong
i hope they bring in the ritte boys to perform the showers

Anonymous said...

oh my...teary eyed and rolling on the ground

Jase said...

ah, but TJ eckleburg knows from goggles, rather than coggles...

Blanaid said...

love the blog so much, especially the swipes at the bike advocacy nuteers that i gave you a post of your won on my irish cycle chic blog.


Anonymous said...


I've been contemplating quiz item no. 8 for sometime, and I honestly can't figure out why that cheaply-made Schwinn would make the picture not suitable for work?


Anonymous said...

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Jefe said...

Snob, I think Baobao is a psuedonym for Phil Knight. Can't you ban the stealth ads in the comments?

Anonymous said...

Sunday and we are not yet at hundred

Anonymous said...

nike sucks, if it needs some dick to push their product made by little malasian boys.

Stupid Name said...

What is lance selling today?

leroy said...


Podium for the new century!

It took me a while to warm up this weekend.

Billy Reid said...

aww, Coggles name is even Fred!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is quote "nonplussed"

Anonymous said...

This author has been removed by The Post

Cyclin' Missy said...

For another intentional seatless bike, see This bike builder designed and built a bike for himself after surviving cancer. Now, risking injury from a bike saddle, he created himself a bike without one.

CommieCanuck said...

Hey Canuck, leave Missy Giove out of it. She was just moving a little weed, not running people down.

A little weed?

She was busted hauling a trailer with 350lbs of weed. This was to make money.

comment deleted said...

This post has been sat on by the author.

Anonymous said...

that Harrod's bike is ridiculous. You can buy a Cannondale or Specialized or Giant for 1/10th the price and every bit as fast and 10 times more practical if you need to, you know, replace a part some time.

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