Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recycled Cycling: What's Happening to my Special Purpose?

Last week, I mentioned the possibility of doing some PSAs in order to promote safe, cellphone-free driving. Well, thanks to the visual magic of the incomparable Erik K, that possibility has become a reality:

If you are the proprietor of a blog or website, I implore you to join the fight against driving while distracted by posting this image. Sure, I've taken on causes, promoted them, and then abandoned them before, but this one's different. This campaign will save lives and not just lifestyles, and by ungluing cellphones from the sides of drivers' heads we can benefit all cyclists, not just messengers. Because when you're driving, the only thing that should be stuck to your head is your gooey, gelled-up hair. (And I shouldn't even have to mention driving drunk. When you're driving, the only thing that should be plastered is your hair to your scalp.) So help spread the word!

Of course, not all campaigns are of the guileless, public service variety. Most want to sell you something. And that's fine with me. I don't go in for that stop shopping nonsense, and I'm no enemy of giant corporations. In fact, you can find me most days riding the IOJB around town and sipping either an Orange Julius (a fine IDQ product) or a deliciously frothy Starbucks beverage. You'll know it's me because I'll be wearing either my moisture-wicking chicken suit with a KFC bucket for a helmet (on which I've written "Fried Chicken Is Delicious!" with a magic marker), or else on really hot days just a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, and I'll also be singing songs from the hit Broadway Disney musical, "The Lion King."

Still, even a pandering corpo-whore such as I can sometimes be shocked at peoples' willingness to be rolling advertisements. I was thumbing through trackosaurusrex recently to see if fixed-gear freestyling has progressed past wheelies, barspins, and skidding yet (it hasn't) when I saw this:

Nike Windrunner Ride L.A. from Veesh on Vimeo.

I guess this happened over a week ago now, but word travels slowly to the East Coast. At any rate, it would appear that Nike has harnessed the irresistible lure of the free windbreaker in order to get a bunch of people to ride around Los Angeles on fixed-gear bicycles and make a free commercial for them. It's like a Critical Mass of consumerism!

Like many people, I just assumed that when Nike ended its relationship with the Great Trek Bicycle Making Company last year, they were leaving cycling altogether. And even though Nike said that Nike Cycling would continue to offer products into 2008, judging from their website the Nike Cycling line consists entirely of these two items:

However, judging from the Nike Windrunner ride, they've actually managed to stay in cycling, only in a much smarter way. Now, they no longer need to spend extra money on costly things like making cycling products and buying ad space for those products. Instead, they can simply take some of the non-cycling products they've already got lying around and then get a bunch of people to ride their bikes in them. Also, they've wisely chosen to focus on fixed-gear cyclists, who not only readily accept fashion over function but who also live to make videos of themselves wearing those fashions. This is a vastly more intelligent approach than Nike's previous one, which basically involved selling cycling-specific products (like their rebranded DMT cycling shoes) to bike racers who are notoriously fickle and who occasionally demand irritating things like performance.

See, no company with any sense would ever sell something as specialized as a cycling shoe. You can't wear those things anywhere off the bike, and you definitely won't find a bunch of kids who don't ride bikes deciding that carbon-soled road shoes are cool and wearing them to the mall. So making something like that is not good business. But what is good business is taking a windbreaker you've been making for 30 years, getting a bunch of people to make a free commercial for it, and then maybe--just maybe--if that pays off making it "cycling specific" by putting a bike-related logo on it.

Because why should something be purpose-built when it can be re-purposed? It may not be cheaper for you, but it's definitely cheaper for them. And isn't helping people sell you stuff what cycling's all about?


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one, bitch

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Camp Cupboard said...

So close. Not that I care, I'm just happy to compete.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the post.

Anonymous said...


Nike 6.0 has a strong BMX and freeride team. Face it, road cycling is boring and uncool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

shit! letle viride! thought i snagged 8'th. bitches.

iamameatpopsicle said...

BSNYC, check out the Gyziro Dunk at nikestore.com

Anonymous said...

Fixed gear bikes - coming to a mall near you!

Critical Ass said...

What's with the Aerospokes on the BACK? These fixsters are still obviously in the developmental league, but then who else would let themselves be filmed wearing Carmella Soprano's old windbreaker? Not the Rain City fixsters.

Barkernews said...


Anonymous said...


Daddo said...

uhh..Snobby...I know you're excited that the American Psycho is not on his cell phone but there is no way I'm putting that PSA up until a few things are fixed:

1. the "cyclist" is not wearing a helmet
2. the "cyclist" is riding in a crosswalk
3. the "cyclist" will presumably either start riding the sidewalk or be heading in the wrong direction on the street when he gets to the end of the crosswalk

I'm more than happy to distribute some heavy weight, high gloss posters after these changes are made

Unknown said...

anon @ 1:04..

they already are! http://roll-online.com/

Anonymous said...

Mazal Tov!

Anonymous said...

Oh shit. I wish I had read this an hour earlier before I put in my order for a new Campagnolo Super Record toaster. Only $1200.

All those kid-hipsters are wearing cycling socks nowadays, punks...if only they knew the long-term orthopedic implications of their fashions.

Max said...

but in the olympics they are wearing nike shoe covers!

erik k said...

andrew, if you look more closely I've already remedied that problem because if you look more closely you will see there is a gain statue of of a baby pissing on the cyclist, to show disapproval of his actions.

erik k said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bring back the sepia nudes!

Luck E. 7 said...

Hmmmmm. My favs:

"If there is any company that is cutting edge on top of cultural sport breakthroughs...its Nike."

No Nike. EVER.

"This is video anthropology."

Suck what? Witness the fixed gear riders of the early 21st Century, proud warriors of post-alpacalips urbania. A millennium ago, in what would have undoubtedly been a marvel of societal orchestration, these same cyclical stalwarts might have all carried the exact same club, worn the exact same animal skins, and drank from the exact same foamy latte geyser. An obsessive spiraling from touting their own individuality has rendered them, ironically, almost identical and completely indiscernible from each other. Similar patterns can be observed in the gentrification and matriculation of the punks from the 1970's and 80's as well as homo sapiens sapiens...


-d said...


nippleworks supports your cause:


I do think, however, that the consequences of cell use while driving should be illustrated in future PSAs. Like... "Don't text behind the wheel, or you'll have Patrick Bateman behind you!".

Anonymous said...

A multi-national corporation's own anti-establishment hipsters? Wha?
Slap a swoosh on it.

Brakeless bikes in traffic, riders without helmets, & long rides without water...I remember being twelve.

Hey, wait. That’s my old windbreaker.

Jim said...

no company with any sense would ever sell something as specialized as a cycling shoe

What if my name is Paolo Bettini, and I *am* Specialized?

Anonymous said...

Damn it. I missed.......

Anonymous said...

buckethead, reclusive, singing songs, perpetually agitated...are you Axl Rose?

Prolly said...

HAHA... If you checked tracko everyday, your head would implode!

Anonymous said...

Gel isn't gooey for long. It hardens. You've got about a 30 second window for calling someone's gelled hair gooey. Now I'm sure you will all accuse me of gelling my hair and to get ahead of that I will simply say that the fact that gel hardens is simply common knowledge. If you don't know that, may you never reproduce. Still, I'm sure you can't resist.

Others might call pointing out such a mundane oversight petty, well, I'm just sayin'...


I'll bet everyone reading this has talked on their cell phone in their car and not thought twice about it. Now, I guess the poster is a joke but I'll bet many of you take it seriously enough to type for minutes on end into message boards and comments sections when someone points out the speciousness of your argument.

And damn it Nike, stop selling your products to people who want them.

And fire your marketing departments, it's not like they have made you any money.

Next you people are going to tell me Tiger Woods is a sell out for putting his name on Nike products and that golf shirts are just Nike Polo shirts re-purposed by putting the word "Golf" on the tag.

I know it's hard to believe but many of these products you say aren't cycling specific, ARE. And you know why? Because cyclists want them. And then the company takes something that cyclists want, adds a couple improvements without changing what they liked about it in the first place.

So if Levi's sells their jeans in a bike shop they have hit some new low because cyclists want them? Or is it when they put the outline of a bicycle on the pocket that they have crossed the line?

And even though He Who Must Not Be Named is maybe the worst competitive cyclist in history, he needs all the cycling specific gear he can gather to shave precious seconds off of 48th place in the local crit series.

Anonymous said...

Post of yesterday is still making my penis jump.

Anonymous said...

I read Mr. Anon 2:11 and am thinking that he would make great minister of relations for the public in my homeland.

Endless Mike said...

Pista-dex going up?


Sean Lynch said...

When drivers don't care to pay attention and choose to talk on their phones, people will die!

But Bob Fuller is there to help soothe the guilty conscience and let those drivers show their remorse in the best way possible.

So please drive with care, but when you don't let Bob Fuller help you show how much you care.

bikesgonewild said...

...wow, anon 2:11...you are so eloquent & astutely erudite...

...i'd rate right you up there w/ the likes of Gerchof Sirdribeldik...he of the country who's culture is solely based on "members only"...

...no, no, on second thought Gerchof Sirdribeldik takes the win...he seems to be more 'outstanding'...

Anonymous said...

Yer mama.

Luck E. 7 said...

Thanks tech support. Scrape!


Critical Ass said...

***So if Levi's sells their jeans in a bike shop they have hit some new low because cyclists want them? ***

Levi's doesn't make jeans nearly tight enough to fit a cyclist's needs, except maybe the pre-teen girls' High School Musical collection.

Anonymous said...

Umm... I kinda liked the camera phone ebay nudes too. It was definately a step up from Daily Distractions. No one every really believed that Nike was really interested in cycling anyway - they're already chasing phelps I'm sure. He has number 8 of something. Lance had 7. See the progression here?

Jim said...

Bikeslob - just let Levis ride, mkay?

Anonymous said...

scrrrraaappe...ah...much better.

veloben said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
veloben said...

Even with Andrew's issues on the PSA, it is getting posted at the library I manage.

The non-riding staff think it is cool, which is either ironic or the kiss of death. I don't know.

It does hit close to home what with the cell phone blabbing, weight enhanced, Montero driving, female that found 4 lanes not quite enough room for her, her car and my bike on Sunday.

And I really am sorry that I interrupted her call at the next light 100 feet away.

However, the giant baby means it will have to go in the staff room.

AnnaZed said...

Talk about repurposing! The guy who runs this viral marketing blog (it's for a sports drink, though it's hard to tell) talks about repurposing in the first sentence. Though I have no idea what an old-school amphibious truck even is. I imagine that this guy would really do well in the marketing dept. at Nike:


I'll bet everyone reading this has talked on their cell phone in their car and not thought twice about it.

Er...uhmmm...NO, never...seriously, NEVER. Though I have (twice) nearly lost my life when a driver doing something with a cell phone veered wildly close to me while I was on my bike

Is 2:11 a mystic number he significance of which is lost on me?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I rarely watch videos through the links, but this is an exception. I only made it about 30 seconds, but it has to be said: videos of people riding bikes slowly with or without Nike windbreakaz is fucking boring. Makes me watch to kick open a car door.

"this is video anthropology..the music attests to suggest how the event had something working for it to make people enjoy nike...yes nike benefits..but there is a large symbolic representation that Nike grasps by saying yes we will be a part of this..."

God bless Nike and the little people (literally) they employ. Kudos to them for having the courage to say "yes, we will be a part of another mindless trend to sell more shitty cheap clothing to fathletes*."

*copyright 2008, CC

Fipper said...

So, Anon 2:11 BSNYC/RTMS is Lord Voldermort or is he Dick Cheney or same diff?

Anonymous said...

so my communist Canadian friend. I realize you are implying that we can scrape the shit (aka. anon 2:11) off the proverbial shoe (aka. the comments section) , but dear lord HOW?!? clicking the hyperlink like you suggest just moves his shitty comment to the top, it doesn't remove them.... inquiring minds want to know.

Critical Ass said...

For the last few days, I have been getting this strong urge to go take a dump right around 12:11 PM Mountain Time.

Anonymous said...

click on the name of the poster, crap then disappears, wonderful, like a fresh flush of the toilet.

veloben said...


It's a 1940s (GMC, Diamond, REO) 2 1/2 ton 6x6 cargo truck with duplex drive and a boat hull wrapped around the frame.


Very useful on muddier cyclocross courses.

Airstrip One said...

Before I repurpose this browser to provide erotic entertainment, may I congratulate you BSNYC for your stand on mobile phone use. Here in the UK we've had a ban on driving while phoning for a few years now. Its a rare day now where I see more than 5 or 6 drivers on their mobiles during my 3 mile morning commute.

Anonymous said...

Yes, finally, fixed gear are starting to die... Nike sponsoring some gay hipster evening. This is the peak, from now on there will be only fail.

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out what a 'fixie' is from this video -- it's a fix-ed gear bike outfitted with a freewheel. Neato.

Anonymous said...

"I'll bet many of you take it seriously enough to type for minutes on end into message boards and comments sections when someone points out the speciousness of your argument." -- Anon 2:11

I'm gagging on the irony here. What are you gagging on, Anon 211?

That's right, MY JIZZ.

Anonymous said...

I'll post Eric's public-service ad if, in return, he promises to do us the public service of whacking the extraneous quote marks. Otherwise, he gets in here:

Anonymous said...

If Levi's introduced a cyclist jean, I would love to see Snobby's fine ass taking them for a test ride.

Speaking of rides, Snobby, my pet, you can nestle between my legs anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have known Anon 2.11 for a microsecond cos that is all it takes, and he is pretty , educated and rides hard and I can say that he is a solid douche.

Anonymous said...

Please return to your kick-ass writing and refrain from beginning sentences with "Because".

Anonymous said...

Frills, I think that the latest spate of Art house photos have got your barometer spinning off the dial. Settle and be demur as young lasses should be

Blakester said...

Man, I love this site. The Mini site's comments on the "carfun footprint" was classic. Their dander was up! Keep up the great writing. I laugh hard every day and get to see my share of fixters in N. San Diego County.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know who Bob is?


Anonymous said...

Hey Anon @ 2:11,

To jump on the sycophant bandwagon for a moment, I think the point is that brands are able to flood the market with inferior (non-specific) products because people are stupid enough to be reeled in by products (purposefully) attached to subcultures. Nike does this kind of thing a lot. Style often comes through improvisation, which in turn comes from being dirt poor or plain lazy. Give the 'trend setters' something free, and the emulators will accept it as part of the trend. Imagine how many people here are sucking down Orange Julius as we speak.

Which isn't to say it's bad marketing (it's genius), but it says something about the sophistication of the target market.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to here about an instance of Nike doing this.

I guess Shimano does this a lot too. What with making affordable components that aren't as quality as the top-of-the-line but are stamped Shimano so the pretenders can pretend.

Now I'm starting to think this applies to the aspiratioins of every company.

It's like if your favorite local band makes it big and never plays in their hometown of Frog Balls, AK again.

So what, the only record they ever made that was any good was the EP you have in your 8 track?

I guess it is their responsibility to put your morals ahead of their bottom line.

I don't claim that Nike is a virtuous company but they do what companies do; they keep the economy going.

Some people just hate the guys on top no matter what.

Also, a quick google reveals that Nike gave 37.3 million to charities in '04. How much did you give?

Anonymous said...

i just watched the video..and then was a little sick in my mouth.When will it end?...don't they realise they should all be on the next hipster thing by now...the spacehopper?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:11

I think that a percentage of income might be a fairer platform for comparison. I donate to a couple of things on a monthly basis - I'm happy with it.

And since you're askin;

"Every three months, Nike introduces a dozen new basketball shoes, and it has become standard procedure for marketing and design staff to visit Philadelphia, Chicago and New York with bags of samples to get reactions from ghetto kids."


Free samples. Kids get to keep them (which is cool), and all the richer kids with money to buy them do so in order to look 'authentic'.

Are the kids wrong? No. Is Nike doing a bad thing? Not at all. Are the kids with the money kinda stupid? If they could have bought a better shoe more suited to their lifestyle for the same or less money, then yes, yes they are.

It's more like the Frogs Balls Rockers get some indie press, so Manufacturer of Generic Product gives the band free MoGP shirts, which the band wear because being the house band at a bar doesn't pay very well. All fans of the FBRs start buying MoGP t-shirts because they believe that the t-shirts make them more like the FBRs.

If you want a t-shirt, cool, if you like the Frogs Balls Rockers, awesome, but if you think buying the t-shirt makes you more like the Frogs Balls Rockers (otherwise you might have bought a better shirt more suited to your needs), then perhaps you've been had.

I'm struggling to remember when it was I said that Nike shouldn't turn a profit. Fool me once, etc...

Anonymous said...

thanks prolly! you too stinky...
pure magic!
meanwhile... yo dip-shit! i don't own a cellphone! take you lame economics lessons elsewhere, post-haste!

Anonymous said...

snobby check out teabags on toptubes. you will love it.

Anonymous said...

OT: check out this video (not safe for work). Isn't that the same balcony on which the lovely and...um...voluptuous Gianna was photographed, from last week? I can't make out what the bike is, don't know if it's the same Cervelo, but that's weird. Just noticin'...

Anonymous said...

whoops here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Whoa, sorry I'm late.

I found my special purpose.

It was distracting.

Did I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Andy Pandy. Somebody called me a bike groupie today & I guess I'm just trying to live up to my potential.

'Settle and be demur'--well spoken, point taken.

Anonymous said...

You are so wise.

Misanthropic assumptions you make on your own are your problem.

I can only imagine you once tried to look authentic and then felt ridiculous so you attach the character flaw to everyone with money.

Give more of yours.

sasch6 said...

As much as you might hate to wear Nike products, or to, god forbid, buy them from your local Dick's Sporting Goods, one has to make the argument that this often is the cheapest way to get what you are looking for. I fully believe in supporting your local shop, but sometimes they just can't match the prices of a large chain retailer. So which act do you feel is worse, not supporting your local shop, or paying too much for something you could have gotten cheaper elsewhere?

Unknown said...

Anon 2:11

I think you've missed the point somewhere along the line. Here it is summarized. Nike has made cycling specific clothing for years, now they are no longer doing so. Yet, they are just marketing their regular fitness gear to the fixed crowd. If they are going to make cycling clothes, great. If not, leave the market to other companies.

It's not about hating the big corporations. For example, I love my Adidas cycling shorts, because they breath really well when it's 118 degrees in Phoenix in the month of June. The difference between Nike and Adidas? Adidas still makes cycling clothes and doesn't market non-cycling specific clothes to cyclists.

Shimano has always had low end components. In fact they were considered the bottom of the barrel at one time and worked their way up in the market to become the standard.

Something tells me the fact that Nike broke from Trek had to do with the retirement of Lance. Cycling hasn't been as cool considering the doping scandals and no Lance, but wait there's a bunch of fixed gear hipsters out there who are all about looking cool and making sure you know it. I smell market.

There is the critique. Nike is now about the people who spend a lot of time looking cool rather than riding a whole hell of a lot and actually being cool. Yes, the people who ride 150 to 250 miles a week are the cool ones in my mind, not the fashion slaves.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:11

"I can only imagine you once tried to look authentic and then felt ridiculous so you attach the character flaw to everyone with money."

And what a vivid imagination it is. I simply decided that - as I look ridiculous regardless of what I'm doing - practicality was more beneficial. It's kind of the gist of this whole blog - blindly aspiring to a trend in spite of your needs is just making life harder (and more expensive) than necessary.

"Give more of yours."

To charities, or to companies with marketing ploys just a shade too transparent? My pockets are only so deep - which are you advocating? As Nike are still using union-less ultra-cheap sub-contractor factories to make their products (not our concern how they treat their workers!), aren't they a kind of anti-charity?

For only $1 a day, we can beat little Phillipo until the insole is just right!

Seriously though, colour me impressed. Not many people would be audacious enough to equate questioning Nike's marketing strategies with a lack of compassion. I mean, much like the windbreaker thing, there's gotta be at least a couple of people who fell for that crap...

P.S. Thanks Jonathan. Perhaps if he comes back we can all get erik k to photoshop him a diagram.

AnnaZed said...

I'd love to here about an instance of Nike doing this.

Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...

Annazed, for a second there I thought that was a misspelled show of approval for 2:11's comment.

I then realised you were actually correcting his/her initial misspelling.

(for the record, my Australian-ness accounts for my 's' in 'realised', and also my 'u' in 'colour')

Anonymous said...

Repurposed Nike windbreakers for cycling? Brilliant! Comes complete with a convenient hood to block both your hearing of traffic and your peripheral vision of the same. But that's not all! There is a drawstring to fly up in the wind and hit you in the eye. Where can I get mine?
If you don't realize that Nike offers the exact same design shirt for golf, tennis, fitness, and so on, then you have obviously never been to a Nike outlet store.
Regrettably, I own some Nike cycling gear, and trust me, it's no Assos or Pearlizumi.

Anonymous said...

I'm as gay as prolly.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys live in some kind of fantasy world?

Cyclists are like a any other group of people,

"A few winners, a whole lot of losers."

Most people riding bikes have no need for cycling specific clothing. All these companies that make this crap market to people who don't need their stuff. Every time I see some woman with two thousand dollars worth of crap that will end up in the garage for eternity I am reassured of this.

The difference is that Nike does not hang in the balance of any trend. They don't care, really, what happens to the fixed culture or cycling at all. but Izumi and such do care. Bike shops care. So we have another case of you people getting mad at Nike for the same crimes commited by the companies you support.

But you are right, Nike gives things away for free which is much more subtle than convincing someone who has never ridden a bike that they need all this crap gear to enjoy it. Damn them.

It is just plain stupid for you to say they should leave it to the other companies to sell to cyclists. I don't know how else to put it.

Dunkin Donuts doesn't make good enough coffee. They should leave it to Starbucks to sell coffee to people.

All clothing companies depend on people who want to look cool. If the only people who bought Adidas were athletes they would be out of business and then where would you be without your lycra? 49th place?
Is there even a 49th place?

Not in my trophy room.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:11, why do I get the feeling that your "trophy room" consists of a shoebox in the garage containing your "honorable mention" certificate from the sixth grade science fair?
Now go away. Do you here me? Nobody wants you around hear.
Warmest personal regards,

Anonymous said...

Like, aw fuck.

tuppercole said...

Fuck dude, if I wanted to listen to someone ramble about economics I would hang out with my brother the econ professor. We don't care. Reading you is like watching a really boring car wreck, that never gets to the actual collision, but is just a car spinning listlessly in the intersection, interminably.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, the BSNYC comments section has jumped the shark. It was bound to happen. It's easy to avoid a half-wit troll seeking attention, but not when the majority of comments are now discussing the troll, as opposed to the blog.
It is pointless to have discussions with the mentally retarded, Christians, or Republicans. Regardless of the discussion, they will just go ahead and do something stupid anyway.

Anonymous said...

Cyclists are like a any other group of people,

"A few winners, a whole lot of losers."

People who lease cars at 25-50% of their monthly income. Winners.

AnnaZed said...

"Every time I see some woman with two thousand dollars worth of crap that will end up in the garage for eternity I am reassured of this."

...ok, it's official; I have noticed you (never a good thing)

For the record, after a long career as a bicycle salesperson I can assure you, and this is not anecdotal but a verifiable fact, the vast majority of customers for expensive bikes, accessories and cycling specific clothing that is purchased annually and then consigned to the garage, closet, rubbish bin is purchased by MEN. This is a multi-million dollar industry ~ trust me.

Anonymous said...

We don't want no fuckin windbreakers...

*rocks a haphazardly sewn together pair of skinny jeans made from Kryptonite chain cover fabric*

Luck E. 7 said...

I for one am so glad that Anon 2:11 stuck his head in to lay down the enlightenment. Just think, prior to his arrival, I just enjoyed reading the blog and the associated comments, blissfully unaware that the world was full of corporate raiders, blanket bromide toxicity, and people with their heads up their assess. Now I get to enjoy all that here too!

Thanks for staying at the party, anon 2:11, one from which you have been uninvited numerous times but just refuse to leave. Most trolls would have gotten the point already and ducked into knittersanonymous.org to exorcise the fascism and overlooked irony there, but not you! Way to hang in here and carve out a spot for yourself. I really need to hear from ANOTHER self-assured, acrimonious, wee-membered pretender with no sense of humor everyday, and you're my guy!!

Just as the world needs Nike, WalMart, Dick's, Target, and every bigmouth, pushy fuckin jerk in it, so this comments section needs you. Choke on it til ya die, ya little bastard.

I'm out!


bikesgonewild said...

...yep...what lucky 7 said...

...anon 2:11 = wet blanket...

Anonymous said...

B-b-b-but, if it weren't for Wal Mart, where would I buy Big Mouth Billy the Talking Bass?

You know, the plastic fish you mount on the wall and then push a button to make him talk.

Honestly, that never fails to crack me up.

You can't get him on line anymore.


bikesgonewild said...

...ya know, leroy, if ya hook up yer "billybass" to a motion detector, the fun will never stop...

...then "billybass" will be forever "just sayin'..."...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip BGW!

Hey, maybe I can mount him on my handlebars.

It would kinda be like those GPS devices that operate with a celebrity's voice giving you directions.

Who wouldn't want Mr. T along reading the cue sheet for their next charity ride?

Anonymous said...

i love those jacket.

bikesgonewild said...

...i have a friend w/ a huge plastic frog on his porch w/ a built in motion detector...scares the bejeebus outa anyone not expecting it to get all croaky & ribbit-y...

Critical Ass said...

Lucky7 -
I love how this comments board expands my vocabulary. Can't wait to use that one.

Anonymous said...

LA huh? That must have been the Wolfpack Hustle then, as I believe they call themselves...

but you know, they were probably just riding around the block so I'm not sure how much free advertising Nike really got out of it.

The irony of fixed gear freestylers advertising for Nike wearing made in Chinese sweatshops jackets in LA while attempting to ride rebelliously through the streets may be too much for me.

Anonymous said...

Nike bought out Pearl-Izumi. If you want to do something well, but the people who already do it. Also nike and Bontrager are still fellating each other with prototypes in the shoe genre's. I don't know which one is giving each other prototypes and rebadging them for the other company, but it IS happening.

BikeSnobNYC said...


I think it was actually Shimano, and not Nike, who bought Pearl Izumi.


Anonymous said...


Past Expiry said...

Distracted Driving Cartoon!


Anonymous said...

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No 8850 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley California
Ca..92708 U.S.A


Price List available

Santa Cruz Blur LT Mountain Bike $2,000

Santa Cruz Nomad Mountain Bike $1,800

Santa Cruz V 10 Mountain Bike $2,200

Specialized Demo 8 Mountain Bike $1,850

Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon Mountain Bike $2,100

Specialized Epic Comp Mountain Bike $1,100

Specialized Epic Marathon Mountain Bike $1,650

Specialized Roubaix Pro Road Bike $1,700

Specialized Ruby Pro Road Bike $1,700

Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper Fsr Carbon Bike $2,200

Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL Sram Road Bike $2,200

Specialized S-Works Roubaix Dura Ace Road Bike $2,200

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Mountain Bike $9,500

Specialized Tarmac Pro Double Road Bike $1,700

Specialized Transition Pro Road Bike $1,700

Cervelo Soloist Carbon Road Bike $2,100

Cervelo P3 Carbon Road Bike $2,300

Cervelo Soloist Team Road Bike $1,100

Ellsworth Epiphany Mountain Bike $2,300

Ellsworth Moment Mountain Bike $2,400

Ellsworth Truth Mountain Bike $2,100

Gary Fisher Cake 1 DLX Mountain Bike $1,300

Trek 5000 Road Bike $1,100

Trek Pilot SL 5.9 Road Bike $1,700

Trek Tandem T 2000 Road Bike $1,300

Trek Madone SSL 6.9 Road Bike $2,700

Trek Top Fuel SL Mountain Bike $2,700

Cannondale Road Tandem Bike $1,200

Cannondale F4000 SL Mountain Bike $2,400

Cannondale Gemini 900 Mountain Bike $1,200

Cannondale Mountain Tandem Bike $1,200

Cannondale Prophet 4000 Mountain Bike $2,600

Cannondale R1000 Road Bike $1,000

Cannondale Scalpel 3000 Mountain Bike $2,600

Cannondale Six13 Team 1 Dura Ace Road Bike $2,400

Giant Anthem 1 Mountain Bike $1,200

Giant Reign X0 Mountain Bike $1,800

Giant Tcr Composite 1 Road Bike $1,500

Giant Trance 1 Mountain Bike $1,200

Jamis Dakar XC Pro Mountain Bike $1,900

Klein Q-Pro XV Road Bike $1,300

Kona Dawg Primo Mountain Bike $1,200

Kona Kula Supreme Mountain Bike $1,900

Kona Stinky Mountain Bike $1,100

Litespeed Bella Road Bike $1,200

Litespeed Ghisallo Road Bike $2,600

Litespeed Niota Ti Mountain Bike $2,800

Litespeed Tuscany Road Bike $1,800

Rocky Mountain Element Team Mountain Bike $2,000

Rocky Mountain Slayer 70 Mountain Bike $1,700

Staats MTX 4X Hard Tail Complete Motocross Bike $1,800

Kawasaki KX26 Mens 26" Hardtail Mountain Bike $1000

All models available 2008,2009 at competitive prices.

Tony Pauline

Anonymous said...

EURO BIKE STORE is one of the best bicycle dealers.We are Legitimate
We ship via FedEx or DHL,ups, and your ordered items will get to your door step within 48 hrs(Two Working Day).
we have all kinds Cannondale, Cervelo, Ellsworth, Giant, Jamis, Klein,
Kona, Litespeed, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, Specialized, Trek, Gary Fisher
All of our sales team are knowledgeable cyclists from commuting to racing at national levels and the majority of them have been with us for the last 4 years.


Below are the products we have available in store.send us your full order.

Mountain bikes:
Charge Duster Hi Bike $1,000usd
Black Market Bikes $900usd
2009 / 09 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Pro Carbon:$2,000 USD
SPECIALIZED FSR XC Pro (2008): $2,300USD
SPECIALIZED Stumpjumper FSR Pro (2008): $1,500 USD

NEW 2008 MARIN Juinper Trail Bike $900
NEW 2008 MARIN Wildcat Trail Bike $1,200
NEW 2008 MARIN Alpine Trail Bike $1,300
NEW 2008 MARIN East Peak Bikw $1,550
NEW 2008 MARIN Rock Springs Bike $1,300
NEW 2008 MARIN Rift Zone Bike $1,400
NEW 2008 MARIN Rift Zone SE Bike $ 1,300
NEW 2008 MARIN Wolf Ridge Bike $1,600
NEW 2008 MARIN Mount Vision Bike $1,800
NEW 2008 MARIN Attack Trail Bike $1,810
NEW 2008 MARIN Mount Vision Pro Bike $2,600

NEW 2007 Klein Q-Pro XV Road Bike $1,200
NEW 2008 Kona Dawg Primo Mountain Bike $1,100
NEW 2008 Kona Kula Supreme Mountain Bike $1,800
NEW 2008 Kona Stinky Mountain Bike $1,000
NEW 2008 Kona Kula Lisa Mountain Bike $1,000
NEW 2008 Kona Four Lisa Mountain Bike $1000
NEW 2008 Kona Blast Deluxe - Gold - SRP $900

NEW 2007 Ellsworth Epiphany Mountain Bike $2,400
NEW 2007 Ellsworth Moment Mountain Bike $2,500
NEW 2007 Ellsworth Truth Mountain Bike $2,100

NEW 2007 Gary Fisher Cake 1 DLX Mountain Bike $1,400

NEW Cervelo P2C Ultegra Bicycle - 2008-CRV8P2CU....$2000
NEW 2008 Cannondale Road Tandem Bike....... $1,600
NEW 2008 Cannondale F4000 SL Mountain Bike..... $2,400
NEW 2008 Cannondale Gemini 900 Mountain Bike..... $1,200
NEW 2008 Cannondale Mountain Tandem Bike..... $1,200
NEW 2008 Cannondale Prophet 4000 Mountain Bike..... $2,600
NEW 2008 Cannondale R1000 Road Bike..... $1,000
NEW 2008 Cannondale Scalpel 3000 Mountain Bike.... $2,600
NEW 2008 Cannondale Six13 Team 1 Dura Ace Road Bike..... $2,400
NEW 2008 Cervelo Soloist Carbon Road Bike..... $2,800
NEW 2008 Cervelo P3 Carbon Road Bike..... $3,200
NEW 2008 Cervelo Soloist Team Road Bike..... $1,900
NEW 2008 Ellsworth Epiphany Mountain Bike..... $3,000
NEW 2008 Ellsworth Moment Mountain Bike..... $3,400
NEW 2008 Ellsworth Truth Mountain Bike..... $2,800
NEW 2008 Gary Fisher Cake 1 DLX Mountain Bike..... $1,700
NEW 2008 Giant Anthem 1 Mountain Bike..... $1,200

Road Bikes:
Felt Z100 2009 $400usd
Felt Ladies ZW40 2009 $450usd
Felt F75 2009 $600usd
Felt Ladies ZW3 $650usd
Felt B12 $900USD

Sports Utility & Commuting Bikes:
Charge Mixer $700usd
Felt QX85 2009 $600usd
Kona Sutra 2009 $800usd
GT Transeo Ultra 2009 $730usd

Felt F60X 2009 Cyclocross $500usd
Kinesis Crosslight Csix - Evo Carbon Fork(FULL BIKE) $600usd

NEW 2007 Trek 5000 Road Bike $1,100
NEW 2007 Trek Pilot SL 5.9 Road Bike $1,800
NEW 2007 Trek Tandem T 2000 Road Bike $1,400
NEW 2007 Trek Madone SSL 6.9 Road Bike $2,800
NEW 2007 Trek Top Fuel SL Mountain Bike $2,800


Anonymous said...

@BikeSnobNYC Ahh, You are right. I was thinking of Nike buying ?Hurley? or some other sports company... silly me~

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