Tuesday, January 8, 2008

BSNYC Tuesday Fun Quiz: Special NYC Craigslist Edition

If you're still flush with holiday cash, I can think of no better way to flush it down the toilet than by buying bike stuff on Craigslist. Following are pictures of some items currently available on the NYC bikes for sale list. Simply study the item (if you can bear it), consider the question, and click on your answer. If you're right, you'll see the listing. If you're wrong, you'll see an image so horrifying your visual cortex will be branded for eternity. Thanks--and good luck!*
*Disclaimer: since Craigslist listings are time-sensitive, I can't guarantee the listing will still be up when you take the quiz. At the very least, though, you'll still know if you got the right answer.
How much will it cost you to "start the new year off in style?"

Bikesdirect.com sells this Motobecane Messenger for $349.95. What does the seller want for it?

--$200 or an iPod

--$225 or a Zune

--$250 or some DJ equipment

--$290 or an Xbox

$250 will buy you this set of NJS hubs, as well as the following celebrity endorsement:

--"buttery-smooth" -- Brad from Trackstar

--"retro and totally rad" -- Gina Marie from King Kog

--"superb attention to detail" -- Sheldon Brown from Harris Cyclery

--"no longer available" -- John Dacey from Business Cycles

This helmet is being sold alongside a:

No longer made, GT's entry-level track bike, the GTB, has become something of a cult item. How much does this seller want for his?





In the Craigslist universe, this bar/stem combo is considered:

--"MTB stuff"

--"trick stuff"

--"road stuff"

--"track stuff"

The seller is selling due to:

--impending move


--the need to pay rent

--disillusionment with the fixed-gear scene


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When will the 'First' / 'Podium' people become disillusioned with their contest?

Anonymous said...

That triathelete image is from Richards Ultimate Bicycle Book.
I had it as a boy growing up and it will never leave me.
woogie woogie?

Anonymous said...

That guy sounds like he admired the fixed-gear scene from afar, all the while building a bike he thought worthy of being scene on in public. But, when he finally decided to make an appearance on the scene, he just wasn't fixed-gear material.

Art said...

If I was in the area, I would go check out the GT just to see if the seller has any teeth left.

Eddie B said...

that pic should have been in yesterday's post! Tri geeks like this aren't helping the cyclist image either.

Anonymous said...

top 10!

that tri photo is grim. Thanks for that. I heard you're either born with style or not....


Anonymous said...

My eyeballs hurt!

thefutureofamerica said...

I think even the man who mistook his wife for a hat could learn not to pick two wrong answers with conditioning like that. I'm glad I'm a chemist and have ready access to sulfuric acid for eye washing.

Miriam. said...

Really? The GT has a cult following? The local racing organization has a whole fleet of them for beginners w/o a track bike to rent. I dont have a spectacular track bike by any means, but the GTs kinda suck. And their sizing is weird.

The tri-geek dude is horrifying. Its like a bad wreck, you want to look away but you also secretly hope to see a bit of carnage.

Andrew said...

disillusionment with the fixed-gear scene, hahaha

Anonymous said...


The horror, the horror....

Please make the bad visions stop.

(A full face helmet and a Langster? In a strange kind of way, the combo does say "be prepared.")

BSNYC -- you should have warned folks that if they couldn't handle the link Prolly supplied a few weeks back, they should skip the quiz.

That wrong answer guy pic is going to set me back a couple of years in therapy.

The doctors still get all quiet and nervous when they show me those ink blot pictures and ask what they are.

Well I say they should be nervous. Imagine, showing folks ink blot pictures of hot dogs chasing flaming donuts through the Holland Tunnel and trying to pass them off as medical tests.

But I digress.

Great post!

sufferist said...

Good to see that my cheap-ass Motobecane is getting some press. Too bad it has to sit in garage and await someone with more youthfull knees to propel it into awesomeness.

LK said...

Was the tri-geek for sale also?

It's so sad what the Freshman class has to go through nowadays.

I guess being from the pre-Dave Stoller error has it's advantages.

Jim said...

nice strong bike for the rough city streets

Yeah, beotches... the mean streets of Queens representin'.

BTW, who puts "lots of money" into a Surly Steamroller? Doesn't that sort of cosmic violation of a Surly's inner nature (heavy, plain, durable, reasonably cheap) tear tiny fissures in space/time, through which pure climbers, anodized red alloy spoke nipples and fixie hipsters who become committed cyclists, along with other freaks of nature, might materialize?

grey_area said...

My eyes are bleeding...

Timothy J said...

I used to have a GT GTB that I rode, and I know you won't believe it, at a velodrome. I bought it for like $300 new on an team/employee purchase deal. I could not sell it locally about 4 years ago, and Ebayed it for almost $400- which was more than I was asking for it locally. I was very happy with the small profit. 800 frackin' dollars? It is a Taiwanese machine made frame. Humans hands probably never touched it during production.

I think that tri photo is a fake! If it was real and actually from that era, there would be a forward seatpost and the aerobars would be lime green! The drops would not be wrapped in black tape! It is likely that there would be a neoprene water bladder, lime green, under the seat with a hose running to the handlebars. The pedals would actually be Sampson Stratics. The shifters should not be on the downtube, they should be located somewhere on the handlebars or aerobars. The Speedos should measure no more than 1 inch on the outside of the thigh. Somebody needs a better photo editor. They blew that one!

Anonymous said...

Triathlete image is the only known photograph of BikeSnobNYC himself!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I got a couple of these, but only by being able to magically project myself into the mind of a total, fucking idiot to pick the least logical choice.

This whole 'fixie' thing isnt as blown up here, in Calgary, Canada, as it is in other places, thank Christ, I don't know how you guys can handle it. 'Track stuff'!? $250for some flanged hubs to roll to the record shop on? Who's buying into all this hype? White belted, checkered Van wearing Tim Burton cast off emo kids? *shudder*

erik k said...

hey, that guy in the speedo is a good friend of mine, and when he isn't chasing down skinny jeaned wearing hipsters on the bike path, he likes to ride something more practical around town and to get the groceries

broomie said...

Re: K-Ro's comment

When I visited Calgary, it seemed that city had the highest bike to person ratio outside of China. I was surprised by the number of messengers considering you can walk across Downtown in 10 minutes. That's not a criticism, just an outsider's observation.

Fortunately, Tri people don't dress like that anymore (much). But my brain still slid down my back after looking at that pic

SeattleM&M said...

Gawd, only two correct answers...must gouge out own eyes...

So, let me get this straight, the Steamroller guy is selling his bike after spending a bunch of money on it because he doesn't like the guys who hang out in Union Square? Weird. My bike actually makes it easier for me to avoid people who bug me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know this from the SAT's:
Riser bars is to track stuff what:

A. Lycra is to competitive eating
B. Overweight Scandinavians are to Speedos
C. Lemurs to Greenland
D. All of the above

Anonymous said...

ah, the woogie, woogie guy speaks!?

Anonymous said...


I think BSNYC's GT cult status claim was a bit o' sarcasm. He's tricky that way!

bikesgonewild said...

...respectfully, your honor, i wish to invoke the 5th amendment...i cannot, in good conscience, answer any of the above questions...

Anonymous said...

So then what do you need to survive the fixie scene? If you've got the bike, clothing, ipod, and lack of personality, I don't know how you can fail.

Johnny said...

Oh man, this one dude at work uses one of these on our regular Saturday ride: http://www.3-athlon.com/productsimgs/thumbs/t_202_01.jpg

It just hilarious to watch him drink!

Anonymous said...

so... if I buy those "buttery smooth" hubs, does it come with the picture of the dog chasing the F1 race car chasing the runner. That would totally seal the deal for me.

Johnny said...

I just figured out how to do it like this:

Aero Bottle

Anonymous said...

re: specialized langster with purposely mismatched tape.

brah!, I've totally got to do that before it catches on, becomes 'cool', then becomes uncool 'cuz everyone's doing it. Then I can say I was doing it before it was cool. And sell half a set of bar tape for 9 bucks. Man, I am so cool.

chi-town fuck shit love said...

top 35!

sh said...

no skids no hooligan stuff.

this kid was obviously in over his head.

Anonymous said...

I would rock that jersey in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

leroy, you think the folks in the study from yesterday were wearing full faced helmets?

Anonymous said...

OT>Is there some kind of roadie hand signal language? I just got passed by a clown who flashed me a series of gangland style hand signals. Based on his actions, I think he was trying to tell me that he was going to blow himself up passing me and then get in my way up the next hill. I did like the way his entire uniform matched his bike, including his toe covers and ipod case. No wonder I spend so much time on dirt.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant cyclist: were there any branches or other crap on the road? those team dudes get so into signalling the back of the pack of road hazards I think they just do it even when they're alone. Or they think it makes them look badass or something

broomie said...

Re: Frank the Tank said...
Oh man, this one dude at work uses one of these on our regular Saturday ride:
It just hilarious to watch him drink!

Especially since the rest of you look so distinguished sucking sports drinks out of adult size baby bottles.
Just sayin'....

broomie said...

Ignorant Cyclist: Yes, Roadies are badass, you're lucky he didn't pull out a gat and bust a cap into your ass!

Anonymous said...

"ink blot pictures...as medical tests." wow Leroy, that was amazing.

Anonymous said...

woogie woogie

Cycle Jerk said...

At least it's no mystery where he keeps the spare tube and C02.

Johnny said...


How do you quench your thirst on the bike?

I use an aluminum Zefal bottle on the road and, of course, the Camelbak on the trail.

Clearly you've stumbled upon something way cooler. I know you work at a bike shop, so you're already better than every one else who rides. Do tell...

erik k said...

I like sigg bottles, no bad plastic taste

chi-town fuck shit love said...

The last person makes me really sad. Poor guy was having visions of hanging with the cool kids, doing bunny-hops and bar-spins, laughing, having friends. Then he found out it doesn't work that way when he got rejected at the park, and so he ended up riding alone, both recklessly shirking safety and blocking out the world by wearing an ipod while riding. Now he's selling his bike at a huge loss after barely riding it. Staring at his dirty sneakers, he sighs, "Just take it. I don't care anymore." To top it off, he has no idea how to take a picture or separate sentences with punctuation.
I'm choked up.

Anonymous said...

Clayton -- I dunno about folks wearing the full face helmet in that study, but I sure would have wanted one this morning if I were riding a brakeless fixed gear.

The police horses were out training on the West Side Highway bike path.

Lord knows I'd want all the coverage I could get if I were facing a face plant in a horse's backside.

Anon 5:37 -- Your doctors showed you those smutty ink blots too?! They ought to be ashamed!

Did they show you the one of Ashley Olsen fashioning a tea cozy out of Lance's chamois? What possible medical purpose could that serve?

Cycle Jerk -- that was funny! (But somehow, I don't wish I'd thought of it. Eeeewww.)

Johnny said...


Agreed. My Zefal is just like a Sigg. Water tastes good when its not in a plastic container.

Anonymous said...

horse helmet?

Anonymous said...

Everything right except the last one.

Damn you, BSNYC.

Anonymous said...

miriam said...

"...The tri-geek dude is horrifying. Its like a bad wreck, you want to look away but you also secretly hope to see a bit of carnage."

By "carnage" does she mean "balse"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:16:

In other words the wanna be single speed scenester was a doofus but not a complete moron.

Anonymous said...

Dang it -- I got 100% except for the stupid helmet. Bastards!

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm mistaken, they don't stamp NJS on flip-flop hubs.

Jim said...

those team dudes get so into signalling the back of the pack of road hazards I think they just do it even when they're alone.

Anonymous 4:58 - exactly how the fuck would you know this? If they are alone, then nobody is there to witness the hand signals. If you are witnessing their hand signaling, then it follows they are not alone.

FWIW, you get used to riding 2-4 hours with a half dozen other people three or four times a week, it becomes an involuntary habit. Toward the end of road season, I'll be driving somewhere with my wife and make involuntary pointing motions when I see a big pothole or a stick on the side of the road. Yeah, it's embarrassing. But if you can't handle embarrassment, then you probably ought to find a hobby other than road racing, because road racing is a cocktail of embarrassment, pain and mortification, served in a messy dribble cup, and only rarely garnished with a sweet pickled baby onion of success. Okay, fine, success is more like cherries, but if you like martinis, pickled baby onions are quite nice.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get any of the questions right, but it did occur to me that I might be gay. Thanks, BikeSnob!

broomie said...

Re: Frank the Tank

How I drink on bike. No reaching or bending!


I don't believe I ever said I worked at a shop, though..perhaps you have me confused with another, less attractive person? I'm actually a cover model for Yank magazine

broomie said...

Oh, and if your Martini has an onion in it, its a Gibson. If it has 2 olives and 2 onions, its lunch. ;->

Anonymous said...

Triguy is indeed scalding, but what's with the tri bottle cages on the GT fixie? Going for the hour record? Enjoy dripping ass sweat on your waterbottles? I'm sure the GT frame does not come with bottle cage bosses, but like the fanny pack and the blu-tooth headset, sometimes the most practical solution is so cosmically wrong it should still be avoided for the sake of those who have to look at you.

Cort said...

Am I the only one who noticed the chain slack on the GT? IF the chain were tensioned the axle would be out of the dropouts!

Philip Williamson said...

"Never been dropped, never been put down."
How many of us can say the same?

Anonymous said...

I think Phillip must be the Tri-Guy...nice shorts Phillip!

Johnny said...


My mistake. My hat off to you (and your far superior beverage hat)! Way to keep your hands on the bars! No need to stop for a drink at the bar either, right?

Karl Rover said...


I was thinking the same thing. That slack chain is deadly.

Karl Rover

Timothy J said...

The last person makes me really sad.


Staring at his dirty sneakers, he sighs, "Just take it. I don't care anymore." To top it off, he has no idea how to take a picture or separate sentences with punctuation.
I'm choked up.

Plus his carpet is ugly and his apartment is a mess.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angry Jim: notice how Anon 4:58 said "I think they just do it even when they're alone"? that's because he's SPECULATING. Calm down already.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:18: Jim has roadie mockery copywrited. he's the only one allowed to do it. that's why he's so sensitive when an anonymous commenter takes his place. it’s more of a “that’s mine!” than a “you’re wrong!” thing.

Johnny said...

Hey Clayton, calm down already. Jim's a big boy.

broomie said...

Frank the Tank:

I don't need to stop by bars as much but I still fall down alot. Usually low speed tip overs in front of liquor stores.

I'm working on a flask bladder system that pipes warmed brandy from your armpit to your mouth.

broomie said...

Frank the Tank:

I don't need to stop by bars as much but I still fall down alot. Usually low speed tip overs in front of liquor stores.

I'm working on a flask bladder system that pipes warmed brandy from your armpit to your mouth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


it's not a brandy armpit-warmer, OR a camelbak...

the 'wine rack' might do the trick for the brandy though.

Anonymous said...

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