Friday, January 18, 2008

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Ah yes--what better way to spoil the Friday before a holiday weekend than with a pop quiz? As always, study the pictures as carefully as you can without gagging, read the choices, and click on your answer. If you're right, you'll be transported via the relevant link. If you're wrong, you'll find out what it's like to be eternally pursued by Michael J. Fox.

Good luck, and ride safe this weekend. See you Tuesday.

This picture depicts:

--Angelo Moore of Fishbone circa “Truth and Soul” and Phoebe Cates circa “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”

--The proprietors of LA's newest track bike boutique, "Fixatude," in Silverlake

--The "alleycats" look according to an online "one-stop lifestyle boutique"

--The "hipster bike" look according to an upscale department store

(Thanks to Joey of Venice, CA for the link)

The owner of this fixed-gear freestyler is selling his Hed 3s because:

--He's having financial problems

--He keeps rolling tubulars while skidding

--He's upgrading to Zipp discs

--He thinks purple Deep Vs would look "more tighter"

BMC has dropped its Team Elite 01 carbon hardtail from its range. What reason did they give?

--"Unfortunately BMC failed to convert exactly the claimed quality level of the prototypes into the serial production."

--"Despite our best efforts the Team Elite 01 hardtail did not deliver the performance and durability that customers should reasonably expect from a top-notch performance bicycle."

--"Our Taiwanese contrators were unable to realize the designs of our Swiss engineers in a manner that was cost-effective."

--"They kept breaking."

The good people at Fyxomatosis claim (incorrectly) that the rider on the right:

--Is attempting to convince the rider on the left to adopt brakes, bar tape, and a beard

--Is one of the fastest guys on two wheels in NYC

--Is discussing the finer points of jean-cuffing with the rider on the left

--Is in fact reclusive blogger Bike Snob NYC

What is the most likely inspiration for this bicycle?

--Craig Calfee's famous bamboo bikes


--Mr. Garrison's personal transport device

--A homemade bong project gone horribly awry

(Thanks to Jimmy of Brooklyn for the link)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Prolly said...

dope - nice south park reference.

magnetic62nd said...


Prolly said...

oh and that's my boy's concept. Good deal on that wheelset. Someone get on that. The frame's for sale too but the saddle's going on my Higgins.

Prolly said...

Magnetic62nd... learn how to count dude.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Jimmy of Brooklyn gets the credit for the South Park reference.


Anonymous said...


I think Prolly means it's his boys Pista Concept with the HED3's.

Anonymous said...

the drive side of that bamboo bike is on the wrong side

Bluenoser said...

I win with the dial-up handicap factored in.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 12:25pm,

Thanks--I got that, I was just replying to his first comment.


Strayhorn said...

I missed the first one because that guy really does look like Moore.

Now I'm to have their version of "Freddie's Dead" in my head all afternoon.

Anonymous said...

prolly, your friend with the concept doesn't have a marked and exceptional interest in trains, maps or other closed systems, does he?

Anonymous said...

Best quiz I ever had to take.

erik k said...

dammit that one was hard, I only freaking got one right. haha and that south park reference was classic

Anonymous said...

1 for 5...'tang ina.

OAP said...

Wow that 1rst link was great. I never cease to be impressed.

Anonymous said...

so snob, just to clarify - are you categorically denying that the person in that photo is yourself?

Anonymous said...

Idiots! Don't you know that rider is NOT the Snob but our Lord?

Jesus rides with splash tape!

nteenth -- take that, bitches.

Timothy J said...

Hey, be glad for the hipster style trend, otherwise the guy in the Mohawk isn't getting any modeling gigs.

Your picture appeared in Bicycling Magazine. It was pretty clear that you did not have long hair or a beard, if I remember correctly. You could have a 70's porn star 'stache, but I don't think you had long hair or a beard.

Anonymous said...

The person fyxomatosis claims to be the elusive BikeSnob may not be the man. A while back BikeSnob felt that Shimano made better components than Campy and this guy is riding Campy.

Anonymous said...

I only got one right. I didn't think BSNYC would be riding in NYC without a helmet.

Other than than, I wasn't even close on any of the others.

That may be a good thing.

Have a good weekend all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:09,

Looks like generic aero levers to me, on a ss/fixed. No real sign of derailleurs or a low hanging chain. We need another identifying tool.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this to be the Christ. Jim, as the ecumenical authority on the blog please let us know if Jesus would:

1. need sunglasses?
2. wear sunglasses as a fashion statement?
3. ride one of those girls bikes with the sloping top tube that roadies like so much?
4. not be in his "wheels of thunder" team gear?

As I think Jim will verify, this picture is, in fact, not Jesus. It is then safe to assume it is Snobby.

Anonymous said...

The rider in the pic is Prolly with one of his "boys". you try too hard.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and if it says it right there in Bicycling magazine, it MUST be right.

Eddie B said...

that was the music from Mike Tyson's punch out right?

Eddie B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I don't think riding with or without a helmet would define BikeSnob. My guess is he would be just as confident without a helmet as he would be with a helmet. BikeSnob grew up in the era of riding BMX catching Big Air, doing wild 2 foot high bunnyhops, and high speed kickouts to knock hubcaps off cars. All this was done without helmets

Anonymous said...

hahah bong bike

Judi said...

BSNY - I was very relieved that pic wasn't you. The hair, my god!

In fact, I had to read that question 3x's before I realized it was NOT you. DUH.

Have a great 3 day weekend....


Prolly said...

"The rider in the pic is Prolly with one of his "boys". you try too hard."

no. go back to your hole.

Timothy J said...

yeah, and if it says it right there in Bicycling magazine, it MUST be right.

It didn't say, it showed a picture! With his face down. He did not appear to have long hair or a beard. Again, that is from the picture. Bicycling Magazine didn't say anything about him rocking long hair, a beard or a 70's porn 'stache.

Reading comprehension is not just for English Majors!

Anonymous said...

i liked getting the wrong answers

that link took me back to elementry school so fast

I don't know which it was first the
Mike Tysons Punch Oot
or Back to the Future

word snob...

broomie said...

Anytime you can reference Mr. Garrison is pure delight.

I like people who do creative and original things. The plywood bike the other day was cool. The Calfee copy, neither original or cool. If they had shredded a copy of the I CHING then made a bike from the resin soaked paper, that would've been cool. See, I out created them in my head w/o even trying, HA!

And I know who the mystery rider is...

Anonymous said...

prolly, you are an ugly, overweight excuse for a hipster. and you misspelled gattica. and you suck, and your slang is foolish and offensive. have you ever ridden a bike more than ten miles at a stretch? dope! my boy did that one time, he said his knees really hurt son. you are a twat.

LK said...

That bamboo bicycle makes ms think about congenital deformities. So does the tobi lookbook.

Snob a recluse?

Is Snob Howard Hughes mystery love-child.

And Hunter Thompson is Gosh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hunter S Thompson was a wannabe Hemmingway - right down to the bullet in the head.

Anonymous said...

Hunter S Thompson was a wannabe Hemmingway - right down to the bullet in the head.

Anonymous said...

Prolly,I'm Anon 1:34 not 1:54 although I agree with what he said, although i have seen you around and think you have some skills, which is why you shouldn't try so hard, it weakens your platform. Your like a pretty girl thats always fishing for a compliment- get some self esteem damn it. "Dope"?

Anonymous said...

Probably not snobby.... His pic in Bicycling had him on stache bars, so either it is a geared campy\sram bike, or a fixed gear\single speed with levers and drop bars. Since we all obsess over all clues to his identity, we know that bsnyc has a fixed gear, a cross bike, a mountain bike and a racing bike.

Anonymous said...

Every time I look at you I don't understand
Why you let the things you did get so out of hand.
You'd have managed better if you'd had it planned.
Why'd you choose such a backward time in such a strange land?
If you'd come today you could have reached a whole nation.
Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication.
Don't you get me wrong.
I only want to know.

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ,
yo, one out to ma boy snobz

Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
Jesus Christ Superstar,
Do you think you're what they say you are?

Tell me what you think about your friends at the top.
Who'd you think besides yourself's the pick of the crop?
Buddha, was he where it's at? Is he where you are?
Could Mohammed move a mountain, or was that just PR?
Did you mean to die like that? Was that a mistake, or
Did you know your messy death would be a record breaker?
Don't you get me wrong.
I only want to know.

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ,
Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
Jesus Christ Superstar,
Do you think you're what they say you are?

Anonymous said...

anybody want to go see a movie tonight?

BikeSnobNYC said...


They were actually dirt drops, not moustache bars.

Naturally though I've since switched to anodized purple risers, which are much better for bar spinzzz.


Judi said...

wwjensd said....

His pic in Bicycling had him....


You really think that pic in Bicycling magazine is the BSNY? I don't. I don't think they would do a big expensive photoshoot for that little article. They might but I doubt it. I don't think that pic was him either.

Prolly said...

Anony: January 18, 2008 1:54 PM

Thanks for catching that misspelling. I fixed it for you.

It's a great movie and no disrespect to Andrew Niccol. Andrew, if you're reading this, sorry for misspelling Gattaca.

Ugly and Fat? Thanks!

[of course I've ridden more than 10 miles at a time you wanker. I also ride in the snow, rain and anything else that falls from the sky in this dirty ass city. Go ride your trainer and listen to Creed poseur.]

Anonymous said...

I love unicorns!!!!


Anonymous said...

Judi, shots like that aren't big an expensive. They get some college kid to shoot it for $200 and a mark on her resume.

Anonymous said...

not to get all hero-worshippy here or anything, but the BM spread didn't make any claims as to the identity of the person in the pics. If it were me I would have ridden the wave--done the whole thing by email and have them dress a staffer randomly for the photos. It's just more fun that way.

oh, and by the way, I buried Paul...

Judi said...


I am still not convinced...

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad that it isn't you rocking the "30 Something"/Jesus look.

If it were I'd have to tune out because I don't support nerds.

Anonymous said...

Splash tape or is it Cipo ZEBRA, toe clips,no helmet and general stylophobia...Have they even been reading the blog???

cogxxxtreme said...

Fail on da quiz, alley cats is, all I got, how could I miss her, dat girl in da picture, been there done that, call it a rap,
but wait, on this day this date, I break out a two parter, Ya know cause Cog always do it harder harder,harder, sweaty and wet what a bitch get, when she wit Cog, come on what ya expect?
Cog? he only one letter better then a dog. read da blog.

Karl Rover said...

Snob, you look like a combination of Kim Thayil (from Soundgarden) and Matt Dillon.

LK said...



Anonymous said...

prolly reprEzent! do you want to come work for rock racing? were looking for kewl guyz like you.

-Mikey B. to the A.L.L.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm surprised people aren't to embarrassed to admit that they actually read Bicycling.

Anonymous said...

oh, you're welcome, prolly. i'll call you fat and ugly anytime you like. that's nice that you ride in the snow and rain--new york is such a tough city. oh hey, i hear there's some more high-priced track stuff for you to spend your cubicle-paycheck on! go on kiddo, get out there and buy!

Anonymous said...

BS is actually the guy in the first photo.

Prolly said...

Anony: January 18, 2008 3:06 PM

Yeah? Awesome. Maybe I'll do that. Would you mind assisting me in picking out the mostest highest end stuffs? I want to make sure I get the mostest expensivist stuff so that when I ride down Bedford ave, chicks will throw their bras and panties at me. Since I'm so fat, it's hard to miss...

Next time you see me rolling by slowly, sweaty and out of breath, stop and say hey. I'd love to meet you.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but just mousing over the quiz options gives away the answers on your broweser's status line. Does Blogspot let you put a little javascript to overwrite your status to hide the hint?

I so want my BSNYC tshirt!

Anonymous said...

If that indeed is the elusive snob, he has no business making fun of anyone.

Anonymous said...

Snob, day after day I post (anonomously) the most random s**t I can think of, pining for a personal reply from you. Day after day, I have only coal in my stocking. You have become my great white whale. Why do you mock me so? You can be honest with me. Is it my breath? Is it the beard? Cause I can shave the beard if you want me to. C'mon, man, throw me a friggin' bone.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 3:27pm,

But can you shave your breath?


Anonymous said...

the comments have gone straight back to weird.

Anonymous said...

They're both using toe clippies!

Anonymous said...

anon 3:27 great stuff

as for the last question, I might have gone with Wild Wacky Action Bike:

bikesgonewild said... the simple minded poacher posting in my name... show a certain amount of creativity insomuch as your remarks were worthy of posting...knowing anything of the literary arts would lead one to even say 'bravo' but that wouldn't be the point...

...the insecurity & lack of confidence you show by not posting in your own name or even anonymously speaks volumes, to keep it in the literary vein, about whoever you are...

...if it ain't got that little orange blogger box, it ain't the real me...

...btw...i thought all the answers were right & therefore the quiz was moot...

Anonymous said...

Cogxxtreme was the former frontman for "young Black Teenagers".
Prolly, i warned you-stop trying so hard, now you want to play tuff guy?

I hope you can acquire some substance before you hit thirty, cuz fat, arrogant, ambiguously white and newly urban psuedo architects over thirty gets no love.

LK said...

bgw - my apologies for not even noticing the magic highlite.

Anonymous said...

I love lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that's a somewhat clever insult, but it would have been better if you hadn't used my name. see, only i got it. everyone else probably skimmed over it as just strange.

and i really don't want to sign in every time i leave a comment here, so please insult me with "anonymous" or whatever other name you post under.

bikesgonewild said... complaint...quite alright...

...whoever it was posted an astute comment, whether one agrees w/ it or not, therefore i don't understand the format...

...if ya got it, bring it, just lay it down as yer own...

Jim said...

OpenYourEyes - Jesus is Just Alright With Me, as the wise man once said. I assume that isn't Him, because I believe He rides Colnago. I have to assume this is so because pretty much everybody I know who rides a C-50 thinks he's God, and I figure that one of them is probably right, kinda like how all the crazy people thought they were Napoleon, and sure as shit, one guy was Napoleon and wreaked havoc all over Europe. I'm telling you, Wellington should have believed him at the outset.

Anyhow, I sure hope that my coach isn't God, in spite of riding a C-50, 'cuz if he is he'll know I skipped a couple intervals last night to go drinking, and I'll probably get sent to hell for that, or at least have to do 'decreasing rest' VO2 intervals next week, which is pretty much the same thing in a lot of respects, except I'm betting that nobody makes you vomit at 6:00 AM on a lonely road in hell.

Anonymous said...

that's right prolly, when you give up bikes in a year or so in favor of the next hot trend you can show off your bareknuckle or whatever to your nieces and nephews and you'll be just the coolest uncle ever. and then, with the superiority that is your trademark, you can explain how uncle john rides a segway now because "my boy told me that shit was dope, yo." and then they will laugh at you and you won't get why and you'll nearly be thirty, and your young girlfriend will leave you alone, crumbs in your half-assed beard, crying into your light beer. "oh," you will say, "oh, where are my boys? who will buy me a celebratory pbr when i foolishly buy a component i have no real use for?" so make the most of it, john prolly, for your time is short.

BikeSnobNYC said...


You now have your very own stalker. You have arrived! I'm proud to have been a small part of it.


Anonymous said...

Man, what catty bitches.

BMC should just give up. Every year they go to the Paris-Roubaix with aluminum frames disguised as carbon fiber.

Prolly said...

Bike Snob,

thanks, without you, I'd never have reached such e-fame.

Hey stalker, I used to ride Mountain Bikes and road bikes before moving here close to 4 years ago. I also surf and skateboard. I'll always ride a bike, whether or not it's a Concept or a BMW Gangsta, or a roadie, I'll always have a nice hard saddle between my legs and I've always been like that.

I don't play tough and I'm not tough, I just think Anonymity is for cowards that's all..

Anonymous said...

The person in the photograph on the right is not BSNYC, it's "Silent Bob".

If one is going to sport a beard, then get thee on a recumbent with thy sandals and socks.

bikesgonewild said...

...prolly, props to ya, dude...we may have had our differences, but i'll bet like most of the identifiable regulars who 'enjoy' this site, i say thumbs up...

Anonymous said...

Two Things:
1) Just ride and be yourself; we don't care about a resume or how long yu been doin' it. Sheesh.

2) The dude in the BM picture has gray hair showing; if it really is BS, then he ain't no spring chicken.

Prolly said...

3.) remember...

Anonymous said...

Rick Astley rules.
And he is so not gay.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Gator Joe,

I realize this will make me sound extremely self-conscious, but I don't have any gray hair. So that means one of the following:

--It's the lighting in the "Bicycling" photograph (the same lighting that makes those silver rims look white and from which I'm averting my eyes);

--It's some other distinguished-looking gentleman in the photo and not me;


--I've since started using "Just For Men" hair dye (even in my flaxen beard, if you subscribe to the theory that the Cycling Jesus above is me).

Wow, now even I'm confused...


Anonymous said...

Things to do in a comment section of a blog.

1. Say random things like 'woogie, woogie'.

2. Tell people to vote for certain candidates.

3. Take over peoples nicknames and post using them (my personal favorite)

4 write a comment that will fire up certain bloggers just for the fun of it.

I've had so much fun the past few weeks doing this!! Starting next week, I will have a permanent alias.

My work here is done....on to the next blog!!!!

woogie woogie!!! (one last time).

BikeSnobNYC said...

A big hand for woogie, ladies and gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

cogxxx -- i thought you had your own blog now.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I think we're all confused. But it sure is fun.
I'll go with the "lighting" theory, especially since you admit to adverting your eyes from the rims.

Three cheers for Woogie; and, good riddance.

sh said...


Bringing JCS onto BSNYC is so random that ILMAO.

The guy who keeps dissin' Prolly and his “boy's" originally had my vote for Most Amusing Comment Today (MACT), but you sir, have knocked it outta the stratosphere. It makes no sense, yet i'm somehow in awe.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the Angelo Moore reference has finally convinced me that you are me.

I gotta get that pic of the Mr. Garrison vehicle over to rbt. Does anyone _not_ think that South Park is by far the best fictional show on tv?

OpenYourEyes said...

Jim- I knew it wasn't the Christ on that sloping top tube girl's bike. Not that there is anything wrong with girl's riding girl specific geometry bikes, but certainly not Jesus. Hell no!

ltc tim said...

1:54 Anon Stalker (although to call you a real stalker gives you too much credit).

I know giving an insecure person such as yourself any attention is like giving candy to a child, but I feel compelled to say it. WTF is your problem? Are you really that much of a "man" that you harass people in the comments section of a blog? I mean how pathetic is that?

Projecting your own phobias and insecurities on another, especially as an "anonymous" identity speaks more to your own failures and shortcomings than your so-called target. You will never come out in public because deep in your darkest nights, lying in home in bed alone, you know that you are a weak and hateful little person.

Lashing out with your false machismo is much akin to standing behind your big brother, nyah, nyah! So why don't you crawl back under whatever rock you came from.

And no, I don't know Prolly and he does'nt need my help. You're just annoying gutter trash.

You really need psychological help.

loocker said...

I like cogexxxtreme, one minute he's 'rapping', the next minute belting out a show tune.

I picture him a little accounting type spending all day in his cube coming up with his rhymes.

Anonymous said...

Woogie --

There are a number of acceptable ways to sign off, but you missed them all.

Next time, pick one of the following because the classics never go out of style:

"You're a beautiful audience, and I mean that sincerely.

"I kid, but I do it with love.

"Be good to your waitress, she's been good to you.

"Try the veal.

Honestly, Woogie, you want to work in this town or not?

BSNYC -- time to go to the two drink minimum?

Bluenoser said...

ltc tim,

Thank you.



Chiming in late... I enjoy being teased by BSNY and his identity, I echo the theory that the photo in Bicycle was a stand in rider and bike and the bearded fellow was a bad lead that he's helping propagate.

Props to Prolly, having recently jumped on the fix craze to speed up my commute, I learned how to skid watching him and his "boys" under The Brooklyn Bridge early fall, since i have no friends and ride solo the experience was enlightening, seriously.

Anonymous said...

Thanks itc Tim. You saved me a rant. I just don't get that freak. What a wasted life.

bikesgonewild said...

...woogie said: "starting next week, i will have a permanent alias"...

...gee, i wonder if he means a prison number...

...just sayin'...

sprider said...

And so it goes and so it goes, the real reason we read is because we ride. WTF is up with all the extraneous BS? I don't care if Prolly is fat, although I was Prollied, so he 'prolly' is. Get out and get on your bike, and stop posting every hour. Mr. King, (Rodney), asked, "Can't we all just get along?" Fixed, road, cross, or MTB, ride what the weather dictates. BSNYC, keep your finger on the pulse. Myself, I'm fixin' to get ready for a recreational, sub-zero breakfast ride in the morning. Layers, layers, and more layers, and I'm not talking chickens. Ride 'em if you got 'em,

Anonymous said...

basically... everything that has to do with a bicycle is gay... yea... gay.. fudge packing, lint licking...bla bla bla... go enjoy mlk day... jobless herpies!... btw... its a bicycle... just pedal.. idiots...all of you!!!!!!

Prolly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prolly said...

Wookie wookie.

will said...

Hey guys. The bamboo bike was mine, and I'm honored to be made fun of on this blog. A couple things:
The bike has a seat and the steerer cut now. The bike is left side drive because after we built the bike, we realized that the left side was a bit thicker than the right, and according to our analysis the drive side needs to be a bit stronger.....and it looks cool.

As far as originality, we know it has been done before, but I don't think that necessarily makes it bad. Plenty of people use the same methods to build bikes, but I wouldn't say that makes them uncreative.

We think it's cool and it's definitely a fun and responsive bike. In the end, its a smooth, stiff, good looking (in our opinion), sub 3lb frame. It makes riding more fun, and isn't that what matters anyway.

prattler said...

did any of you attend school at Pratt? i have a lot to say on the matter.

Anonymous said...

there's a turd in the gene pool

ltc tim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
justacoolcat said...

You really know how to bring out the worst in M.J.Fox and still make it more appealing than reality.

Anonymous said...

First post, and I may be wrong, but I do remember a photo series done by The Snob, and in it he mentions a certain GREEN reflection on a car in the foreground, I would assume that he was referring to himself and his commuter.

To actually make my point, I think Snob's bike is green and therefore the bearded fellow on the bike is not him.

He also seems like the type of person who would only replace a frame if it was mangled in some ugly wreck. So he'd still be riding that same green bike.

Again, I could very well be wrong.

dennis said...

Snob, great blog as always! The comment side of this is over the top funny. Reading later after most "regulars" have posted makes my day. I suck at the quiz, but I did get the photo question right, no helmet and pants rolled up, that was easy... just saying.

Jack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Doc Martin makes a good point about Fyxomatosis and Silent Bob. His photo of the elusive man was SBNYC not BSNYC.

I'm beginning to believe that BS does not look like one person, rather a whole gamut of people, Scanner Darkly scramble suit style. No?

Anonymous said...

ltc tim, i am a woman, so no, i guess i'm not much of a "man". and hey, prolly, how does it feel to be defended by boring middle-aged men who are obsessed with this blog? you know that means they think you're one of them. watch out, bikesgonewild might try to get a date.

bikesgonewild said...

...sorry, babe, you're wrong...i'm definitely into women but certainly not the kind who denigrate other people while they're being defensive...

...& hell, i'm past 'middle' age, but being a cyclist all my life has kept me young where it counts...

...btw...for those still enjoying the blog...
...finding out who the snob
is might be like finding out there was no santa claus when you were a kid...the presents were still good but the mystery was gone...

Anonymous said...

BGW...I wanted to relate Snobby to Santa Claus, but didn't want to be laughed off, shunned away or otherwise taunted.

So, is it safe to say:

BSNYC ~ Santa Claus (dare I say) ~ Superman?

ltc tim said...

anon 1:54

ummm... "man" was in quotation marks. try reading instead of formulating a reply in your angry little head first. knowing that you are a "woman" (see quotation marks) is TMI. BTW, you may be a female, but you certainly are no woman.

Am I obsessive? You bet, its kept me alive with all my important parts these many years. Obsessed with you? Not likely. You hilighted yourself immediately with your venom and hatred. It must be an awful way to go through life. Sad...

Now I'm going to drag my "middle aged (another assumption)ass out to ride along the beaches of the north shore of Oahu. After that I'm going surfing. These are my obsessions.

Have a nice life (but I doubt it).

insert "stinging rebuttal" here.


bikesgonewild said...

...anon 2:08 & 2:37...gosh, as you can tell, no one 'stands on ceremony' being a poster on bsnyc...i don't even wear my 'giro' when i post & i get slammed all the time...

...i like the santa claus analogy best because this anonymous being comes through the wires & leaves a little present for us & we all play w/ it as we see fit...sometimes we happily share our version of the gift w/ others & at times we selfishly fight over who's version is better...
...but in the end, it doesn't really matter cuz we've all been given an interesting little gift...

...the superman thing is scary cuz the snobster has managed to do a great job so far, w/out getting a swelled head or a big 'S' on his chest...but like drugs, you don't wanna encourage him to start... that cape thingy could get caught in his spokes & we don't wanna see the bikesnob take a tumble...

...ride & post safely & freely...

Anonymous said...

I coulda sworn the "alleycat look" picture was taken from Manequin 3: The Messengers.

The male model looks a lot like Meshach Taylor and I'm pretty sure the female model scalped Kim Cattrall.

Would be a great movie, a gay guy befriends a female manequin brought to life. Just think of the hijinks that would ensue when the manequin takes a job as a messenger in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54 --

Boring? Boring!?

Hmmmph, we were going to invite you to watch the Congressional Page Yahtze tournament with us on C-SPAN, but you just trash talked your way out of that, Missy.

And if you want to pretend to be a woman, that's cool.

Who are we to judge?

Anonymous said...

Is this the most "unique" (ugliest) bike ever?

Anonymous said...

beards are cool

Anonymous said...

"Is this the most "unique" (ugliest) bike ever?

January 20, 2008 9:19 PM"

There is no God.

Anonymous said...

Is this the most "unique" (ugliest) bike ever?

What in the name of all that is holy and good in the world could possibly inspire the creation of such an attack on my senses and on good taste? That's not just horrible, not just wrong, it's completely unnatural. It's like looking at infinity and trying to wrap your mind around it. Mommy, it hurts... make it stop!

Anonymous said...

been refreshing my screen for 4 hours straight, need the win today but nothing.

Would make sense cause today is MLK day and only a city or state worker would be able to get away a second job like this and still be a top performer in both.

erik k said...

read the post-

it ends with

"See You Tuesday"

Anonymous said...

"Would make sense cause today is MLK day and only a city or state worker would be able to get away a second job like this and still be a top performer in both.

January 21, 2008 3:16 PM"

Yeah. Snob, c'mon. You've got a degree in English. But to pay the bills you've got some admin. job at the NYC DOT? Thought about a MFA? Did writing workshops and just checked out the girls? I'm building a mental image here.


Anonymous said...

"bucket list" is the new "to do list"

will we see a resurgence of "Anon 1:54"? Fodder makes easy writing you know. Bring it and don't bring it weak dude ...errrr...whatever.

Leroy, I couldn't make it, as as cataloging and sorting my spoke collection.

Set your RSS feed which judging from the comments, seems like tracking Santa on NORAD.

G'nite! Please, try the veal. You've been great.

Bod said...

Is it OK for Americans to use the word "wanker"? I saw that someone using "cheers" to sign off was vilified quite harshly and I'm wondering if I should hate this guy? I feel sorry for Prolly especially as he's being beaten up by a girl. Try and touch her breasts, that usually stops them.

Anonymous said...

"I am Spartcus!"

Anonymous said...

the inspiration for that last one is suicide

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