Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BSNYC Fixed-Gear Apocalypse Watch: The PistaDex

As you may know, I've been watching for signs of the Fixed-Gear Apocalypse for some time now. If you don't know what the FGA is, it is the day when the fixed-gear trend finally reaches the point of collapse and trendy cyclists the world over abandon their track bikes, conversions, and fixed-gear freestylers en masse for BMXes, vintage road bikes, recumbents with hydraulics, or whatever the next trend turns out to be. And in the spirit of public service, I've been sharing these signs with you so you can either abandon yours or swoop in and pick one up cheap, according to your own proclivities.

Of course, interpreting these signs can be very subjective--it's kind of like divining the future from sheep's entrails. This is why I'm proud to announce I've come up with a new, objective FGA indicator. It's called the PistaDex. Simply go to your local Craigslist Bikes for Sale section, search out all the Bianchi Pistas, and take the average of the prices at which they're being offered. That is your local PistaDex. A healthy PistaDex should be at or close to full Pista retail, or $579.99 for a 2007 model, and means the FGA is still a long way away. But should it fall below, say, $400, you'd better start shopping for a BMX. Let's take a look at the current PistaDices in our larger cities:

New York City:

2005 Bianchi Pista Track Bike (57cm) Chrome, $475 (West Village) [original URL: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/bik/478180150.html]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-13, 10:08PM EST

As the title states, Bianchi Pista 57cm. Bike is in exceptional condition. Comes with a freewheel installed (wheel can be easily flipped for fixed riding). Also comes with installed front brake. Only "flaws" are semi worn tires (original tires), and 2 scraps on the handlebar tape. The price is FIRM. If you ask for a price negotiation I will not reply to your email. This follows in meeting up as well. $475 FIRM. Thank you.

BTW, please don't request pictures. This is not some form of a scam (local sale only) and the bike is EXACTLY as described. You can see a near clone (my handlebars have black tape) here: http://www.bianchiusa.com/06_pista.html . Again, the bike is chrome, not gang green. Lastly I'm 5' 10" and the bike feels great, but this size frame can accomodate someone relativelt shorter or taller easily.

OK, only one Pista on the NYC list at the moment, but at $475 it means the PistaDex is still well above the point at which we should be alarmed. There are also certain intangibles here that further assuage any concerns I might have, particularly the seller's brusque and borderline abusive manner. (In times of healthy PistaDex, sellers treat buyers as annoyances.) Also reassuring is the fact that the bike includes no "upgrades" beyond the addition of a freewheel and a front brake. Lastly, he couldn't be bothered to include a photo, and instead links to a different color bicycle on the Bianchi site. So while the PistaDex isn't through the roof here, I see no cause for alarm quite yet.

NYC PistaDex: 475


Bianchi Pista, sized 49 - $300 [original URL: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/bik/482931410.html]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-18, 5:55PM CST

I have a clean Bianchi Pista sized 49 with no decals! The fork is also a size 49 (I believe it is a Benotto).

The specs can be found here http://www.bianchiusa.com/06_pista.html

I am just selling the frame and fork. It does not come with a headset or BB.

The frame has one tiny dent on the top tube. If interested please email me and I will send you some pics.

The price is 300 obo. I would also be willing to trade for a bigger sized track frame and fork. Thanks

When I saw this one, I almost panicked. $300 for a Pista?!? Fortunately though it turns out it's just a frame and fork, and doesn't even include a headset or a bottom bracket. Considering the fact that you can buy new fixed-gear frame/fork combos for around $300 means we're still in good shape here.

2004 All Chrome Pista - $500 [Original URL: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/bik/480386134.html]
Date: 2007-11-16, 12:40AM CST

For sale is a 2004 Bianchi Pista track bike. I've only ridden this for one season, always kept it indoors. No wrecks or significant scratches. I've stripped and clear coated the main tubes, leaving only the Bianchi symbol on the headset and "Chick Built," cause it's a cool sticker. Also has barely-ridden kevlar-lined Bontrager tires. Rear hub has flip track/single-speed gear. Ready to ride. $500 or best offer.

I was further comforted by this listing. $500 for a 2004 Pista complete with a set of (un)flop-and-chops sporting a nice dog-erection tape job. Of course I hate to see the "or best offer" because it implies the seller may be negotiable, but still, things are looking quite good in Chicago.

Chicago PistaDex: 450*

(PistaDex adjusted by adding a modest $100 to frame/fork price.)


sell/trade my fixed gear Bianchi Pista for SS Mt bike or FS frame - $625 [original URL: http://denver.craigslist.org/bik/461650662.html]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-10-27, 6:29PM MDT

Bike has some upgrades. I painted the fork red and have red matching speedium tires, I will even throw in a set of black continental tires. All have many, many miles left on them. New black KORE stem and handlebars were flipped and cut to make bullhorn style. I replaced the awful stock plastic pedals for generic but decent metal ones. I have 2 front wheels for it as well the original and a cool looking black Grecal Parade with 16 spokes (I think) instead of the normal 32. plastic rear fender is just clipped on. Only drawback is that the rear tube is flat right now and it does not include the Brooks saddle.

If you want to buy it outright I will let it go for $675 which is exactly what I paid brand new so you are getting all the upgrades for free.

If you to trade I would take a single speed Mt bike or a full suspension frame. I would prefer something with disc brakes or disc brake mounts, so keep that in mind. Thanks.

This is a welcome sign. Butchered bars, questionable home paint job on the fork, crap-tastic extras of dubious value, and an asking price well over what a new one would cost. Praise the Mono-Cog Lord!

**2007 Bianchi Pista** Fixie, Silver/Chrome 56cm - $475 [original URL: http://denver.craigslist.org/bik/452740714.html]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-10-18, 12:09PM MDT

Bianchi, fixed/track bike, 56cm. I've put close to 200 miles on this bike in approximately a month...I have to sell it due to my knees...I've had both reconstructed and it is tearing them up...The bike is in great condition, beautiful, beautiful bike...All original equipment-you can read more about it here: http://www.bianchiusa.com/07_pista.html

Please see the attached pictures. Comes with flat pedals, I've taken mine off.

I'm sorry to hear about the seller's knees of course, but bad news for him means good news for Denver. His asking price of $475 keeps their PistaDex in the safe zone.

Denver PistaDex: 550


57cm 2007 Bianchi Pista - $1000 (western addition) [original URL: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/bik/481451012.html]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-17, 12:29AM PST

I am selling a 57cm, 2007 Bianchi Pista with additional upgrades, $2000 worth after completion. Here is a list of the upgraded parts:
Frame/ Forks- Bianchi.
Cranks- Sugino 75.
Chain Ring- Sugino 48t.
Bottom Brack- Sugino.
Rear Cog- Phil Wood 18t.
Rims- 622x15
Mavic MA3 (both machined).
Hubs- Phil Wood 32 high.
Bars- Deda Velociti.
Stem- Nitto.
Peds- MKS.
Toes- MKS.
Straps- EAI.
Chain- Scram.
Saddle- Bianchi.

This is what everybody who dreads the Apocalypse wants to see--a compulsively upgraded Pista that breaks the four-figure mark. Hallelujah! Reciting that list of components is an incantation powerful enough to make derailleurs all up and down the West Coast quiver and fall off.

Stolen Bianchi Pista, battleship gray 53cm - $500 (downtown / civic / van ness) [original URL: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/bik/478790181.html]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-14, 11:25AM PST

I just had my bike stolen, it was a battleship gray bianchi pista with suntour superbe cranks. If you happen upon it, it's a stolen bike. Please contact me with details. Thank you!

I'm always sorry to see a bike stolen, but if the owner's willing to pay $500 to get it back that number must be factored into the PistaDex.

San Francisco PistaDex: 750


Bianchi Pista 53cm - $600 [original URL:
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-16, 6:03AM PST
Bianchi Pista 53cm. Pretty much a stock pista with chopped Nitto B115 bars (have original drops (included). Ridden, but well taken care of with just a couple minor chips. Mavic Open Pros with Suzue ProMax 32 hubs, MKS SYII pedals.

One Pista in LA at the moment, but happily it's selling for over the MSRP.

Los Angeles PistaDex: 600

So in conclusion, it would seem that all our fear-mongering has been for naught. The combined PistaDex for these five cities is a robust 565, which is almost exactly what a brand-new Pista costs in a bike shop. Of course, whether this is good news or bad news is subject to debate. And we should not allow ourselves to grow complacent. Some of these cities are a $250 Pista away from doomsday.


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erik k said...


Michael said...

There was actually a review of three fixed gear bikes in Maxim last month, the Langster, the Rush Hour, and of course...

Anonymous said...

sixth, I suck!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the slack chain and downward sloping bars on the chrome Chicago bike are subtle signs that no savvy market watcher can afford to ignore. Don't let irrational exuberance cloud your vision. The end is near.

Strayhorn said...

Not a single Pista for sale on the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Craigslist currently. However, there is this:


described only as a "Bianchi Road" for $325.

This may or may not screw up the 'dex. I leave it to cooler heads and keener eyes to decide.

thefutureofamerica said...

strayhorn - It's got gears - of course it's half the price of a bike without.

Scottie said...

I'm pretty sure that guy's mostly-sideways upgrades to his Pista did not run him $1400 after the price of the bike. At least, I hope they didn't because otherwise he got seriously ripped off.

I love how the guy trading his crappily home-"upgraded" fixie is picky about what frames people are willing to trade him. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Boulder with a Yeti FS frame sitting in their garage thinking, "You know, this MTB stuff just isn't for me. What I really want is an ugly bike of limited practicality. I think I'll trade this frame out for something worth half the price!"

Scottie said...


I don't think that Bianchi road bike affects the PistaDex because they're just selling it as a road bike (and a decent one at that; if they drop their price to $250 that would be a nice ride), and they're not trying to hawk it as a conversion or anything.

Anonymous said...

"2 scraps on the handlebar tape"

like a leftover pork chop?

erik k said...

heres a sure way to speed up the approach of the apocalypse. We need to start selling free wheel equipped pistas with no brakes to hungover unsuspecting trustafarians and hipster. As we let them loose on the street and the death tole mounts there widowed pistas will soon start showing up on craigslist for foreclosed crack house level prices. don't believe me that anyone will fall for it? check out the white wale of fixed gear stupidity.

Anonymous said...

$1000 for Pista? Glad to see that even though there's a slight chance the real estate market here in the Bay Area might make a marginal "correction," the Pista market will pick up the slack in the local economy.

I'm definitely going riding this afternoon and I'm taking all 27 gears with me.

bikenerd said...

Here on Sacramento craigslist there's only one Pista, if you want it complete it'll run you $750:
We can not see the apocalypse from Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

erik k get with the program hipster!
old news......

Anonymous said...

Erik K...

Whoa...I think I just watched the king of all morons. Your youtube link leaves me feeling disturbed but yet amused. Not sure I have ever experienced those emotions simultaneously before...

Jon said...

I didn't check the Indianapolis pistadex, hardly a bicycling mecca with our 30 miles of 50mph sprawled surface streets. However, I did recently sell my Pista, getting a jump on the FGA, for the bargain basement price of $200 via C-list. It was powder coated with new custom blah blah blah.

This is the first trend that won't start on a coast. Heed the warnings. All crazy things religious come from the heartland. The end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Bike Snob - get your math right. The average between cities needs to be weighted according to the number of listings, if not an even more correct population coefficient. As it is, you took the average of the cities, not the average of the bike listings. As Pista-mounted hipsters are notoriously vagrant, you should not use a city average because today's NYC messenger could be tomorrow's Portland ZooBomber. The correct calculation yields $571.88; portending an even more hipster-positive apocalypse horizon.

LK said...

4 Pistas playing Garbo (including the stolen one, which is no excuse), 1 with a sagging chain, 1 sideways and 1 dead drunk on the floor.

Only Mr.48x18 guy in San Francisco is standing. He forgot to mention "Great on hills."

Then 3 more Garbos on the podium.

I feel safe.

Anonymous said...

I thought for a minute that he was including the chopped part of his chop n' flops on the last one. I figured you could duct tape the "original drops" on, then cover them in cork to make it look almost normal....

Anonymous said...

Finally some quantitative work to back up your claims. There is room for improvement though... The PistaDex should be compared to all C-list prices for substitutes eg. BMX, "vintage" 10 speeds, and Segway and Razor scooters. As Pistas go down, these should rise...
Similarly, it would makes sense to observe prices for complementary goods eg. top tube pads, double toe straps, anything made by REload, deep Vs, and the mother of all fg commodities, Aerospokes. If the Pista market is going south, prices for these goods will take a face plant first. Adam Smith is smiling down on you today Bike Snob!

Anonymous said...

Correction: Dog erections. Near enough to always pet them off.

Anonymous said...

which brings me to Terry Cloth top tube pads.

erik k said...

yes I know its old news, its the june post on BSNYC of the "perfect strom of things that piss me off" but its just to funny to let it die and something tells me that man dose not have much time left on earth

Prolly said...

just wait for the 2008 Concept Framesets to drop...

Prolly said...

oh and guys. come on. these frames have only been ridden two or three times max! It's like you're getting a NEW PISTA!


Anonymous said...

His fans speculate that Ted Shred my be a teddy bear on the inside and I get the feeling we will all soon know.

WTH??? I guess Craigslist posters are the few remaining Luddites who either don't own a digital camera or know how to rotate the awful pictures they did take. Maybe they just pawned (I mean listed) the junk last week.

Daddo said...

Ted Shred Death Pool, anyone?

I'm going for September 18th, 2008

Anonymous said...

Another sign of the apocalypse: WWD has a picture today of Owen Wilson on a single speed.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait. Wouldn't the POST-Apocalyptic price of Pistas be under $400? I think this is LEADING to the Apocalypse. If the trend had ended, THEN people would be getting rid of their fixed gear bikes at any price they could sell them for. I think people getting rid of them period and selling them HIGH is a sign of the approaching Apocalypse and when it HAPPENS their will just be a VERY large amount of them for sale.

Anonymous said...

6 rubber tacos and a jellyfish thats all it took! waz waaaa waz waaa PISTA's for all!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ crazy guy dooms day guy on the corner.

erik k said...

tedd shred death pool, im going for
-but mostly just cauz it sounds cool

Anonymous said...

Ted Shred Death Pool- 23 MAR 09... weather- foggy, wet and 46 degreesf

Winning Prize ought to be an under/overvalued Pista based on pre/post apocolyptic conditions.

M. Weed said...

There are plenty of kids who ride brakeless fixies with SS freewheels on the other side of their hub, and as far as I can tell, these people rarely bother putting a brake on when they flip the hub to be able to coast. I've seen the Ted Shred method of braking used in traffic here in Philly somewhat regularly.

And I personally think the next trend will be singlespeed 29er freeriding. BMX's day is still a ways off, and SS 29ers are an ideal bridge for fixsters to get there.

Anonymous said...

...the "pistadex"...awesome...nice to know that sky-y left a lasting legacy before she moved on to life w/ a dirty sanchez...

...not sayin' i buy into yer conspiracy theory, bsnyc, but if the fixed gear apocalypse is comin', i wanna be ready...
...so, does bianchi even make a bmx-er ???...

...just askin'...

Timothy J said...

No Pistas in Atlanta! Boats are starting to go pretty cheap, as are lake front houses. OK, the houses used to be on lakes, but are a steal right now.

Sorelegs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marrock said...

According to one of the forums I hit on occasion, Ted Shred has taken his act to NYC, so that should make for a short-lived existence.

Sorelegs said...

Beware the Pista Bubble!
Bianchi just announced a shortage of Pista's for 2008.

Capital One has announced "easy" financing with 0% down and interest only loans.

Ben Bernanke said today that, "wise investors are looking at top tube pad futures."

These are sure signs that prices will keep rising. Buy a used pista now for $650, I guarantee
it will be worth 20% more next summer. I've got a garage full myself.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis has three, average of $566.67.

Anonymous said...

Only one pista in Seattle. A 2007 Pista Concept for $950 but there is also Bareknuckle listed for a steal at $1800.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix has a 2007 selling for $475, down from the original post of $550.

I've also seen several "want to buy a fixed gear" and "looking for fixed gear riders to be my friends" posts on Phoenix lately, which is both disturbing and counter to the apocalypse theory.

My inner math geek says that you could fit a regression line to the depreciation of Pistas. A slightly negative or horizontal slope means all is well in fixie land

Paul Johnson said...

"Scram Chain", The ultimate upgrade
Yr Pal DrCodfish

Unknown said...

Damn. That "BUY NOTHING DAY" flyer is horrible. It should also read, "No Leanr Anything"

SeattleM&M said...

I'm dying to know if anyone's actually getting "MSRP" or higher for a used Pista (or even a "new" one that's only been raced one season, but never crashed!) Especially since its not hard to find a Pista that realy is new for less than MSRP.

tofu said...

ha! i love this blog!

i'm coming to new yourk in two weeks, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the unicorns dance ( techno pop maybe)in the rain just before Ol Noah Ridley pulled up anchor and shoved off. Natural pre-selection deems that once a population becomes too large for its natural resources to sustain ( Pista Availability Factor PAF) then the herd will decline until sustainable levels are reached. The end is nigh or sometime soon after lunch

Anonymous said...

We have reached Peak Pista.
Some seem to be of the opinion that the Apocalypse will arrive nationally & that signs of local non-immanence in flyover country are indicators that it's a long way off.
Clearly, the "fixie" trend will peak & dive first in NYC & SF, where it emerged first.
People were still probably looking for friends to smoke crack with in Phoenix long after crack's day was done in NYC.

erik k said...

ok I understand that you don't like my fliers but what is the meaning of..?

Eric said...

"No Leanr Anything"

Prolly said...

Ted Shred lives in NYC and came out to the Peel Sessions last Thursday. Really fucking cool dude. Nothing but good things to say about him!

Ted in action

Prolly said...


Ted in Action

Anonymous said...

erik k: too many spelling errors to take your poster seriously!

day of?
spent time with your family?
ride a skateboard eat leftovers?

come on, man!! the design is good, but the spelling/grammar suxxxxx

erik k said...

oh well should have run spell check..
haha but now that you point it out i might as well fix it. and seriously thought about ted shred in NYC w/ Prolly last thursday! haha thats just amazing, does he real ride free whell w/ no brakes or was it just a publicity stunt? either way you have to admit its not the smartest idea

Anonymous said...

Erik K.,
For christsakes man, your spelling and grammar makes bikesgonewild's punctuational diarrhea seem almost tolerable. Do something about that shit, homie.

Also, just for the record: there are no signs of the FGA in Portland yet (but we all probably knew that already--Portland is like Pista Ground Zero).

PDX Pistadex: $800!

Bluenoser said...


Does the PistaDex sometimes work like other Dex type estimates? The HumiDex and the WindChill factor?

If it does then I guess the PistaDex value can change whichever way the Whims blow...

Somebody had to say it.


Anonymous said...

I am currently short PistaDex, as well as the following other indices:

S&P 69er
Dow 96er
Russell 650B "Retro-Grouch"

iworedettos said...

clean and no decals! impressive!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it - I thought the "Buy Nothing Day" poster was fine.

Ted Shred Death Pool - 3/18/08 (my wife's birthday)

Anonymous said...

They're nice bikes, but ...

Bianchi Pista : bike

Trucker hat : headwear

Ily said...

Hey there! A friend of mine told me about this blog, and it is too too funny! I'm glad to see the SF PistaDex is so high...kinda...means no one will be stealing my mountain bike for awhile...

Anonymous said...


You didn't take into account the season. I reckon that alot of the fixed gear freestyler would sell off their bike for the coming winter (I don't think cotton hoodies and skinny jeans could stand the snow).

So with that in mind we are still balls deep in the fad.

Cycling Phun said...

nil on the Cleveland Pista's bro... do we get bonus points for that?

Anonymous said...


59cm Bianchi Pista - $800
Reply to: sale-482009111@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-11-17, 2:45PM PST

59cm Chrome Bianchi Pista with almost everything upgraded. The price listed is 100 more than what I payed for the wheelset+cranks+BB so if you're thinking the price is a little high for a Pista frame, you should take into account that all in all I put about $1400 into this bike. With that being said, I'm open to entertaining reasonable offers.

-Deep V Velocity rims (Celeste) laced 3 cross 32 w/black spokes to black Dia Compe Track Hubs. Wheels have brand new Panaracer Messenger tyres.
-170mm Sugino 75 cranks (black) on a Campagnolo bottom bracket. 48t black Sugino 75 chainring on the front and a 16t Dura Ace cog on the back for 81 gear inches. The drive train is all 1/8in.
-MKS Sylvan pedals with MKS toe clips and nylon straps.
-3 sets of bars: Ritchey black bullhorns 42cm, no-name steel risers (with a WALD front basket if you want it) & stock steel Pista drops also 42cm.
-Saddle is a black Brooks B-17 which is pretty well broken in and still has a lot of life left in it.

There are two issues about this bicycle that you should know if you are considering making an offer. The first is the finish on the frame. At some point during the summer I just got sick of the gaudy logos that Bianchi decided should accompany the otherwise clean look of this bike, so I sanded the clear coat over them off, leaving just the chrome finish. The second is that the stock crane creek headset could probably use a rebuild.

Send me an e-mail if you're interested, and thanks for looking.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the Portland example belongs in the statistical sample. I believe that they levy a stiff surcharge on all of the accouterments of the hipster lifestyle there in order to maintain a minimal standard of living for the rest of the population.

Unknown said...

haha. loved this one!

thanks bsnyc!

Anonymous said...

...c9..."punctuational diarrhea"...nice, i do like that...

...you must admit my spelling is generally legitimate although certain colloquialisms & grammatical conflagrations are of my own suprarational intention...

...just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Please - a little PistaDex figure at the bottom of every Monday's post!

rusty said...

I'm pretty sure that those Phil Wood hubs on that SF Pista are worth as much as the rest of the bike. Smart upgrade.

rusty said...

Not quite. Just checked. The hubs run about $383 a set..... still...... c'mon

Velo, Tx said...

Dallas, Tx craigslist doesn't seem to have any pistas for sale. It is my hope that Dallas will be spared a direct hit of the FGA. I anticipate a small amount of fallout from kids that move back into the metromess after trying to make it in the "big city" and try to pawn their fixed gear rigs off onto unsuspecting suburban roadies.

Anonymous said...

Ted Shred pwns teh rest of u possers wif hiz leet turn-table skilz and owns like 10 pairs of van slip-ons with a hole in the right sneaker..bitches better recognize, yo.

Anonymous said...

guys, we are still in the air over the shark tank at this point; I work in the industry and I sold over 4oo+ Dura-Ace lock-rings last month, compared to 250 in same month last year. In '08 every nose-bone is going to hit the track-pipe wearing crocks.

-The Pathlete, head of industry parking.

Anonymous said...

oh "we'll recogognize yo", not that it it will be hard with the teddy bears and guts everywhere. the vans wid da hole bra, that's too ezy.

Anonymous said...

"Scram" chain. Har!

Anonymous said...

good thing you can buy this bike brand new for less than some of these guys are asking for their "oh so special" used ones

Anonymous said...

Trek has a new fixie out there, the 'Soho': http://www.bikecommuters.com/2007/11/21/trek-soho/#comments

Aluminum: WTF? Specialized is doing that nonsense on its Langsters too, not to mention Giant's Bowery atrocity. When the big companies are marketing fixies with aluminum frames and compact geometry, or taxi (TAXI!) paint-jobs, the PistaDex is very high.

Anonymous said...

on the apocalypse... i just heard from a friend that he rented out his track bike for the lastest nada surf video... nothing says "it's over" like mtv and aging pop stars getting in on it.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you're from NYC. What the fuck do you know about the rest of the world?

Hey, Sell Out, the shock value has worn off. Get over yourself, or post something interesting.

Anonymous said...

...anon 3:05am...so lemme get this straight...this admonishment is YOUR contribution from YOUR little world...ah, okey-dokey, got the clear picture...

Anonymous said...

This posting sends Salt Lake's already boisterous PistaDex through the roof.

Damn, who knew cobbling together 100 bucks worth of junk from the DI/Bike Collective/bike shop parts bin was such a lucrative business? Seriously...you can buy a brand new Bianchi Pista fixie (you know, an actual track bike from a shop, with a warranty, and nicer parts) for $50 less.

There is nothing chic or cachet about a 30 y/o thrift store frame on the verge of breaking, especially one for $600, and especially one that didn't even begin its life as a nice frame:

Go screw noobs elsewhere, tool.

Anonymous said...

Its so funny how even fixie tards make fun of fixie tards. At least stick up for your own kind, losers.

Anonymous said...


i just picked up a pista frame for $200 from san fran, and theres pistas going for 400 on some forums

Anonymous said...

I think that the next trend will be a matter of time, but mostly effort. What I mean is that when I look out my window to see a fixed gear, I am not only looking out to see bikes but also anything else out there. Will the winds turn with providence or malice? Only one way to find out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bike Snob-

I find it rather amusing how you take the time to bitch and moan about people trying to sell their bikes at prices you deem to be unreasonable. I can see how a price drop of 150 bucks from the sticker is reasonable if in fact the bike is near-mint condition. That, however, is just my opinion. It's called America buddy. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. I'm guessing you will try and retort with the whole "Yeah I know it's America, I'm just exercising freedom of speech". Fair enough. But allow me to do the same and suggest that you need to loosen the fuck up. Now go back to your current topic at hand, and make sure you defend your fixed-gear stereotypical pompous attitude. Remember- Blue Ribbon, Death Cab for Cutie, and a general dislike for most people who you don't closely associate yourself with keeps everything OK.

Anonymous said...

I wear a helmet. I guess I'm a poser.

Um, irony.

Anonymous said...


Join the campaign, Comrades!

Buffalo Bill said...

I nicked your concept
. Respectfully yours, Bill

Anonymous said...


philly craigslist.

These are dark times indeed. A year ago that bike would have fetched at least $1200

---- Ed ---- said...

check out this douchebag who thinks a used pista is worth more than a new one:


Unknown said...

"singlespeed 29er freeriding"

Nope, that never really did catch on.

Gavin Burris said...

I am the button-up shirt sporting, khaki wearing, daily commuting harbinger of the Fixed Gear Apocalypse. I bought mine for $400 here in Philly. Come ride with me!

RContino said...

hah... the Apocalypse will never come - fixed gear bikes are most practical for city riding.

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Calvin Klein said...

I bring you greetings and salutations from the future. The FGA has come and gone. CX bikes briefly filled the void and fat tired bikes are all the rage.

Marty McFly (no, not that McFly)

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