Thursday, July 19, 2007

Worst of NYC Craigslist Bike Ads #11, #12, and # 13

If you’re looking for entertaining and/or insightful Tour de France and general bike racing commentary [past and present], go here, here, and here. If you're looking for the muck that congeals on the bottom of the fetid public pool that is the NYC bikes for sale section of Craigslist, stay right here. Watch out for Legionnaire's disease:

Trek Singlespeed - $200 [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-07-19, 10:45AM EDT

Large frame 24" or 61 cm --for someone over 5'10"
in good condition, small paint chips, very little rust new seat, bar ends, and chain tensioner. (see pics) Bike is big, light and very fast... email me to ride,

do not be short, you will not like it

The admonition to the vertically challenged is offensive. What’s not to like about being short? Are you some kind of heightist? Or are you sharing personal experience?

Anyway, nobody of any height will like your bicycle. $200?!? Your picture of that bike is worth more than the actual bike. That is not a singlespeed—it’s a piece of crap that’s missing its derailleurs. Please move it so I can have an unspoiled view of that brick wall, which is infintely more attractive.

Wanted- track tri-spoke or aerospoke front wheel velocity rear - $1 (Lower East Side) [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-07-19, 9:17AM EDT
looking for a couple things for my latest project:
-tri-spoke front wheel (100mm spacing)
-aerospoke front wheel (100mm spacing)

-unmachined white velocity rear wheel (or just the rim)

-track cranks. (something that fits my campy BB)

let me know if you have any of these. will buy or trade. i have a canon digital slr cam that im def willing to barter!


Here comes another one, ready to trade the birthday present from Mom and Dad to build his trendy dream bike... Okay, firstly, that's more than a "couple things." Second, that’s cool if you want to build your bike according to “The Urban Fixie Checklist,” but putting the word out on Craigslist is like being a beautiful woman and going to one of those “Men $20, Ladies Free” nights at a club, or like being a vegetarian at a Dim Sum restaurant. You’re going to be offered a whole lot of disgusting things you don’t want. I'd shop elsewhere.

Boutique MTB crankset - Curve - $50 [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]

Date: 2007-07-19, 12:07AM EDT

Curve 175mm 94BCD 5-arm mtb crankset. Kept as a spare, pretty much brand new. Crank arms only. I dare you to find another pair. $50

For $15 more, I can add a brand new Ritchey 42t ring + singlespeed crank bolts and make it a singlespeed crankset.

You dare me? How dare you! And you know what? I'm immature enough to take a dare so I did a little searching online. You're right, I couldn't find anything. But that's not a selling point. Rare and "boutique" are not smart choices when it comes to MTB cranks. And sometimes things are hard to find for a reason. If they are truly desireable collectibles take them to eBay.


Chris Mayhew said...

Actually, that first bike might be worth a whole lot. Cause you're going to ride it and then the ALREADY BENT FORK is going to snap and then you'll be out a lot for dental work. Sweet deal, huh?

Check the last photo. I suspect totally by accident he was able to hide the bent fork.

Anonymous said...

My favorite for today -


Tim Jackson said...

Hey man, thanks for the linky love... and for making me lose my dinner as well. "Fetid public pool"... love it.

Anonymous said...

I did some in depth looks like curve was the Kona Bikes house brand in the 90's. And from the looks of it, the parts were universally despised.

And hey, thanks for the blog, I just started reading it, and I'm turning all my friends on to it.

Anonymous said...

you my friends, are an asshole.

get a grip and take you finger out of your vagina.

Anonymous said...

Wells spoke. You ways with word is beautifulest.

Chris Mayhew said...


If I had a va-jay you think I'd be on INTERNET?


DW said...

Those Curve cranks are a complete disaster.

Prone to round out faster than a hipster who switches from blow to PBR as his/her/its drug of choice.

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