Monday, March 16, 2015

Tai A Yellow Jersey Round The Old Oak Chi

Spring is almost here--I can feel it in my sinuses!

All around us, the glaciers are receding, and the air is redolent with optimism and uncollected dog feces.  Alas, as spring peels away the scabs of snow and ice the earth is too still far too soft and raw for off-road exploits, and so I stick to damp roadways littered with grit and pockmarked with potholes.  I can't quite stomach the idea of crossing the George Washington Bridge and dealing with the Wobbly-Legged First Freds of Spring, and so instead I scamper and scurry up and down the short, steep hills along the Hudson north of my home:

Also, because it's still messy out (see uncollected dog feces), I'm sticking with the trusty winter bike and its full filth prophylactics at least until April:

As you can see, this bicycle is equipped with mountain bike pedals, and one thing that has been occurring to me recently is that there's no reason for me to use road bike pedals anymore.  I'm effectively retired from the high-stakes world of Category 3 road racing, and beyond that such pedals offer little or no benefit.  In fact, as someone who spent all his racing years hiding in the pack they really never offered me any benefit beyond roadie aesthetics.  Let's look at the benefits of road bike pedals:

1) More Cornering Clearance

Yeah, whatever.  I can assure you I'm getting dropped before any corner that requires that kind of pedal clearance;

2) Larger Platform For Better Power Transfer

Please.  90% of my power is lost through my portly midsection before it gets anywhere close to my feet;

3) Lighter, Stiffer Shoes

See #2.

Now let's look at the drawbacks:

∞) Suck For Walking

Yes, for some reason I continue to use road bike pedals even though I've almost busted my ass on the stairs you see above on more than one occasion.  Plus, as I get older I have to urinate more frequently, so why I'm trampling through the undergrowth in road shoes in order to do so is beyond me.

Really, the only benefit I'm still yielding from road bike pedals is that I can use a fixed cleat, because I'm the only person on the planet Earth who actually likes pedals with no float:

When you ask for these at bike shops, the kids behind the counter act like you're ordering a shot of isopropyl at a bar.  Then they tell you how awesome the Specialized Venge McLaren is and wonder why women won't talk to them.

But apart from that, this may be the year I finally just put mountain bike pedals on all my "sporting" bicycles--and now that I think about it I've only got one bike left with road pedals anyway, and it's this one:

I give myself ten years AT MOST before I give up all this click-in, stretchy-clothed crap once and for all and go Full Riv:

Rivendell Bicycle Works - Fork Wars from Rivendell Bicycle Works on Vimeo.

I draw two conclusions from this video:

1) No matter what a fork is made out of it's going to get fucked up pretty bad if you bang it against stuff;

2) Cyclists lack upper body strength.

I mean really, was that a tickle fight or what?

Speaking of my last remaining bike with Fred Pedals, it is a stainless steel Ritte, and so it was with interest that I read the Bicycling review of what is essentially the same bicycle:

I received my Ritte in August of 2011, so it's about three and a half years old.  This is young by bicycle standards, but certainly an epoch in Bicycle Review Time.  When I got the bike, I was still racing.  Now, I'm far more inclined towards open-ended mixed-terrain ramblings, and I've fitted the compact crank and Brooks Cambium accordingly.  The bike has indulged me in all of this.  We've gone fast, and we've gone slow.  We've seen fire, and we've seen rain.  We've been to the mountaintop (well, Bear Mountain, anyway) and we've been around the block.  But neither the bike nor I know what the fuck this is supposed to mean:

Under hard braking, in can-I-make-it corners, during prolonged furious efforts in tight packs, and in top-end sprints, the frame neither excessively deflects nor holds resolute so much as it yields then strikes like a Tai Chi master. It's a living ride. It has a heartbeat.

Oh come on.

In an attempt to understand the simile, I viewed this video:

But this left me even more confused, except for one thing, which is that the video would have been even more awesome if they'd been fighting with bicycle forks like in the Rivendell video.

Of course, the simple explanation for my lack of understanding is that my bike is an early prototype, which was built by Russ Denny, whereas apparently the new Ritte stainless bike is artisanally Chinese:

The stainless steel frame is made one per day by a small-batch build factory in China run by a Dutch family.

A Dutch family overseeing a small Chinese bike factory sounds like it would make a hilarious sitcom.

They could call it "Tulips Are Better Than Wan."

In any case, Tai Chi masters notwithstanding, after three and a half years with the Ritte I have only two complaints.  The first is the press fit bottom bracket, which is a system I despise from a maintenance perspective.  (The threaded bottom bracket shell with Hollowtech II bottom bracket is the very apotheosis of crank interface development.)  The second is that "stainless steel" is a misnomer, and this is what happens if you don't constantly keep after it:

This surface rust would not be an issue if I wiped my bike down after every ride and was otherwise fastidious about it, but that's not how I operate.  When a bike gets really cruddy I spray it down, and every year or so I replace the cables and chain and do a thorough tune-up as needed, but I'm not the type to pamper a bike with a rag for 10 minutes after every ride.  Here's what KVA says I should be doing, but I don't have that kind of time:

Now, I should point out that this rust is merely cosmetic.  Also, as the kind of person who doesn't wipe down his bike after every ride, I'm also the kind of person who doesn't really care too much about some rust stains as long as the bike's working well.  In fact, I kind of like the way it looks, since it's the sort of blemish that gets roadies upset.  (Plus, there are people who call this sort of finish a "patina" and even pay extra money for it.)  However, I probably don't represent the typical stainless steel bike consumer, and I'd imagine a lot of Freds would start to cry if something like this happened to their shiny silver bicycle:

Also, digging the rough-and-tumble industrial look of my expensive handbuilt stainless steel bicycle is sort of like wearing $250 pre-distressed jeans.

It's also worth noting the bike Bicycling reviewed is partially painted, which I suppose would help prevent this from happening:

Anyway, none of this is to denigrate Ritte, because I enjoy riding the bicycle very much and will continue to do so--and I will continue to update you on the bicycle's evolution.  Mostly, I share this with you to underscore the fundamental difference between literary device and what's it's actually like to live with a bike for awhile.

It's also why I believe that, with the exception of tires and bar tape, the minimum amount of time that should pass before reviewing a bicycle or component is one (1) year.

Really, you don't know the first thing about a bike until you've had it for at least a year, which is why I can't imagine anyone would want to back this:

Just wait until the first time you ride it in rain, the electrical system shorts out, it folds while you're riding it, and you've got to go to the hospital to re-inflate your squashed nuts.

Lastly, speaking of technology, a bicycle delivery worker found a crashed drone on the Upper West Side and returned it to its owner:

A high-tech drone equipped with a video camera crash-landed on Columbus Avenue and 61st street around 6:30 p.m. on Friday. The drone was probably owned by a hobbyist doing some video-taping — or, heh heh, the NSA.

Heh, heh, no, not the NSA. Just some inconsiderate wanker who likes to play with toys in the most densely populated county in America.

The delivery guy found the drone-owner’s phone number on the machine and called the person.

Wow!  I would have kicked that piece of shit right into traffic, because the last thing this city needs is more plastic projectiles falling from the sky--though one commenter on the story had this to say:

The thing weighs only a couple pounds, probably wouldn’t give you more than cuts and scrapes regardless of the altitude it fell from considering it’s un-aerodynamic shape.

Oh, shut up.  If that stupid contraption falls into the middle of the street it could easily cause a delivery cyclist--or any cyclist--to go right over the bars and into the hospital or worse.  And what happens when it crashes into a car's windshield and the driver takes out three or four pedestrians as a result?

Well we know what happens--"no criminality suspected," of course--but that doesn't make it okay.

You want to fly a drone around, go buy a farm.  You know, before someone else does.


Saint Urho said...

Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen!

RJSquirl said...


BamaPhred said...


Anonymous said...

top 5.
better every day

Anonymous said...

go on, Anon!
higher and higher

Anonymous said...

Hey! Rapha!

P. Bateman said...

premiere dix!

Envious folder said...

Podium, no, top 5, no, top 10 . Oh bollocks. Damn robot thing.

Freddy Murcks said...

It's your bike and it's your business, but it is worth noting that rust and corrosion are kind of destructive to steel. Since the walls of those high-end tubes are quite thin, it doesn't take much rust to get complete rust through and loss of structural integrity.

I am not a robot, but the foregoing could have probably been written by a robot - such as the Unsolicited Advice-omatic 2650.

Anonymous said...

Toppus X?

ken e. said...


BamaPhred said...

Everybody was bike fork fighting.....

No, there are at least two of us who like pedals with no float.

Kick the drone into the street, loved it!

bad boy of the north said...

snob.....great visual."scabs of snow and ice" twenty.

Jon Webb said...

It's hard to understand how an allegedly stainless-steel frame could have all that rust. What did they make it out of?

P. Bateman said...

best part of that little electric scooter "bicycle" video is toward the end when you see that the fellow is wearing a sweet leather jacket AND some bad ass 80's style leather gloves with the holes for the knuckles for tough ass street fights that you are indeed likely to get into because people are going to insinuate that you are less than manly when they see you riding a scooter dressed like a hell's angel.

fuck, that thing isnt EVEN a scooter. a honda ruckus is 10000x more bad ass.

now the video is just making me angry.

grog said...

Alas, a drone won't rust.

Henry (Bishop of Finland) said...

This post is funny and has to have the highest info-to-snark ratio I can remember. Good one Snob.

Anonymous said...

I too am in the clean it once a year camp. I only recently cleaned the winter salt crud from the chain and lubed it. Because the noise annoyed everyone else around me.

livingjetlag said...

Great video content today. I want Badass Folding Bike Guy to joint the fork fights, which should end Mortal Kombat style, with a finishing move. Perhaps the five-fingered-palm exploding tire technique? Also, I never realized before that this blog needs way more Jet Li. He should be at least as common as Bib Shorts Guy, but don't let him scare off Boris Bike Tunnel Guy.

Material Science said...

"It's hard to understand how an allegedly stainless-steel frame could have all that rust."

Take a stainless steel knife, that you will not need for a week, and put moist salt on the blade. Come back in a week and see the surface corrosion that forms. wipe it off (might need steel wool and/or soft scrub) and the blade is as good as new.

livingjetlag said...

Ready... FIGHT!

dockworker said...


Once the rust started on a Columbus SLX, or similar higher-than-high carbon steel at the brake cable bridge brazed onto the top tube, it spread faster than a modern forest fire.
Or how about the later ones that routed the brake cable housing inside the super-high-carbon steel tube? That was a disaster waiting to happen.. And rot they did! That's why there just aren't that many high end old pro bieks around.

The nickel content in the steel means WRM gets little blemishes like he's got and that's it.

I love the fear of blemishes though.

BamaPhred said...

Jivr bike sounds racist, not into leather BDSM electric folders.
Thanks for the post, Mr Snob.

bad boy of the north said...

the tai chi video would've been better with carl douglas' "everybody was kung fu fighting"..playing in're welcome.

bad boy of the north said...

oops!sorry BamaPhred.didn't realize.

Grump said...

"I'm the only person on the planet Earth who actually likes pedals with no float"

No F'n way.
Black Look Delta.
None of that new fangled Shimano copies, or small silly Keo crap.

The Robot Engineer said...

Rather than "stretchy-closed", you mean "stretchy-clothesed," which also isn't a thing.
Are you, dictating it?

E = mc5 said...


Change the name of Uranus to Urscranus.

Fight Celestial Mechanics Sick Humor in all its manifest forms!

BamaPhred said...

BBOTN, actually, thank you, cause I was too lazy to research the composer, in addition to being too senile to remember.

Anonymous said...

That stainless frame is headed for the junkyard sooner than a painted one . Looks like they didn't passivate after welding, and now it can and will fail in one of several spots. So the builders of these expensive frames can make artisanal weld joints on thin wall stainless but can't or won't take the steps necessary to actually protect the frame. Think any other mfrs actually bother either ?

BikeSnobNYC said...


Which spots and how?

--Wildcat Rock Machine

JLRB said...

My My Hey Hey
Ritte Never Sleeps

JLRB said...

Smash the drones with a fork

JLRB said...

Otherwise known as Fork the Drones

JLRB said...

AND - today I chose the mountaineering beik because POTHOLES never sleep, either

I was glad to remember that I gave it a thorough cleaning sometime last month - smooth ride today, except for the pogoing front fork on a road, which is not fun

bad boy of the north said...

BamaPhred,no problem.i'm right there with ya...lazy and getting(?)senile.

RB1 said...

wasn't there a video from some years back with some guy banging on a carbon fork with a mallet? i think there were mountain bikes involved.

and i hate to say it, but titanium . no rust, no fuss, nice patina.

BikeSnobNYC said...


As far as fancy materials titanium would seem to make more sense than stainless steel.

Then there's the aluminum frame in the top phono, which is rides great, is light, and doesn't rust...but it's bikes, so we're not allowed to acknowledge aluminum is probably the best material for building racing bikes.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

The Robot Engineer said...

Those Mormon missionaries look pretty interested in that drone.

Plus 1 said...

"... aluminum is probably the best material for building racing bikes."

+1. Also dito.

And as a bonus, because "...we're not allowed to acknowledge aluminum..." quality AL frame are the most afordable right now.

meltyman said...

The bestium frames are made with aluminum or aluminium -- unless you can afford titanium (or titanum) to go with your Cambium (or Cambum*).

* let's face it, Cambum is a far more accurate name for a biek seat.

streepo said...

I just love when you keep droning on, Wildcat.


balls™ said...

I still ride my aluminum Klein curvy bar bike. I love it, and it's not rusting or cracking.

I try to stay away from gravel though, so I won't die.

My next bike will not be crabon. I have proven I keep bikes too long, and they aren't even intended to survive the years I'd expect.


CommieCanuck said...

I use eggbeaters for my daily ride. The whole wide platform thing never made any sense, because the force distribution across the foot should come from the shoe, not the pedals, and the force, however feeble in my case, eventually gets transmitted through the thin pedal axle.
On MTB soles, you can walk all day on eggbeater cleats and they are brass and last for fucking ever.

Hey, what's your cut from the Ritte Stainless Snob?

"True love doesn't rust"..meh everything degrades to a lumpy brown substance over time.


Olle Nilsson said...

I ditched the clicky pedals altogether on my commuter last year in favour of some big DH-looking flats and don't miss them at all. Lots of surface area and no holes drilled in the bottom of my shoes for all those rainy days I'm not on the bus. It's just so civilized in stop and go traffic.

Joe K. said...

I heard the reason for Al hatred is that Reynolds forgot the "i" when shipping it to America and therefore You're-All-Peon manufacturers hate everything Aluminium.

CommieCanuck said...

Aluminum is back, with hydroforming, they are getting down to crabon weights. The Cannondale CAAD 10 105 is good enough to win the TdF, but 9/10 dentists do not recommend.
Besides, spending $1680 on a racing bike is Fred.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Bicycling recently reviewed the CAAD 10 and acted flabbergasted that an aluminum bike could perform well. It's important to act like a nice aluminum bike is this incredible rarity and that apart from a few outliers you've got to buy crabon or nothing. (Or maybe artisan stainless if you're into Tai Chi.)

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

Tulips are better than wan.. Gold, snobby, gold!

dockworker said...

All this talk of passivating has me fearing for your life WRM!!!


Most of the legitimate concerns about passivating has to do with food grade applications of stainless steel tubing. You don't want rust in the tube that shoots cheeto slurry through a super-heated tube, right? Rust on the cheeto would be bad. Rust on the Pringle would be bad too.

If there was a failure to passivate, then it would show on machined surfaces and around the welded joints. It would affect the cosmetic conditions.

It's possible, sort of, that it could eventually reach some sort of EVENTUAL bad case where the welds are compromised, but not tomorrow. It's possible I'll win the lottery too.

That is sufficient to heed the advice of the bike cycling industry: BUY upgrades!!!! BUY crabon because YOU MIGHT DIE with ugly biek tubes!!!!!!!!!

Dutch Overseer said...

What's better than roses on the piano?

Tulips on the organ!

JLRB said...

So aircraft grade Aluminuim

Knife grade Stainless?

Artificial joint grade Titanium?

Plastic plant grade Crabon?

Anonymous said...

vsk said ...

If stainless steel is not exposed to air, corrosion will happen. Within the layers of wood plies and fiberglass on boats, they (we, I) use bronze. Turns dull, then is pinkish inside when it's time to replace. Of course it could be 40 - 50 years.

You just know that there's an RC equivalent of Bike Snob out there, maybe like Drone Snob NYC ... simultaneously disinfecting and recharging the world of Radio Control or whatever. Like bikes, the operators of these things have to exercise some fookin (happy pre Saint Patrick's Day!) judgement and common sense otherwise the regulations and restrictions will come.
And you just know, someone is going to kill someone with one of these things. I watch this stuff because during the winter time I got a little tiny Faze micro quad copter from the Pilotage Hobby place on 36th + 5th Ave NYC. It's super tiny, good to futz around with indoors. ...
and it is an addicting gateway drug drone.
I used to fly real airplanes in Suffolk County. Stopped due to no time money or weather. Now this little stuff is do-able.
The big craze with these things is FPV - first person video where there's a little camera on it and you fly it like being inside it.
Makes for cool YouTube stuff but, you don't have to keep your eyeballs on it at all times and then zap ... you're out of radio range or the video cuts out and you're flying blind. The 'advanced versions' of these things (read expensive) have some kind of gps to return to where they started the flight.

Right now, no matter how heavy and 'well made' they are. They are still toys and operators have no business putting people in harm's way with them.

First bike commute to work since I forgot. I might as well saw off my drops, ... til I lose some of the 30 pounds I amassed this winter!


Charles said...

For all the +1's on aluminum as great frame material, I have to point out an exception.

I've got a Ridley sitting in my basement made of Columbus XLR8. I AM the type to wipe down by bicycle cycle after almost each ride. I rode the Ridley for about 10 years, probably put about 6000 miles on it in total, certainly not ride it into the ground type mileage.

There is enough corrosion on one the brake cable guides that it sheared halfway off (had to use a zip tie for the last 2 years of riding it) and similar corrosion at the race number fitting. Bike was always stored indoors.

And no, after making multiple calls to Belgium, I was not able to get those kind folks to stand behind their product. Who knows, maybe my sweat is part hydrocloric acid....

Anonymous said...

remind me never to buy an unpainted stainless steel bike. I guess you just did. You should consider a tetanus shot in the near future. thanks

Anonymous said...

the frame of my 39 year old PAINTED steel masi is in way better shape then your 3 year old stainless. a little paint goes a long way. that reminds me, I have a really nice mink raincoat that I'm looking to unload, any interest?

Ramon 'not dead yet' Ramone said...

Beat up the Brat!

Beat up the Brat!

Beat up the Brat with a CAAD0 Bat!

CommieCanuck said...

I insist on pencil grade crabon.

For years, aluminum frames got chastised for being "buzzy" which was true in the first generation Cannondales with the robusto tubing, but no where near reality for later frames after CAAD 4.

I bought a Cervelo R3 believing the laterally stiff, vertically complaint bullshit, that frame was bullshit stiff in all angles and a torture to ride after 2 hours. My two bikes are now 100% ally and ally/crabon hybrid (which is supposed to fall apart any minute now, for the last 4 years). I also suspect there is NO FUCKING REAL DIFFERENCE between 105 and Dura Ace.
Also, Rolex or Timex, it's still 3:30.

Anonymous said...


McFly said...

Rustte van Oxidationington

Mr. Safety said...

Lovin' the flagrant safety violations happening at the ol' Rivdell Plant--somebody call OSHA!
I was just waiting for a chunk of crab-bone to frag their designer (non-safety) glasses and or lodge in their necks.
Also, at least they could have provided a "gag reel", featuring some Starr Warz-y light sabre noises, maybe.
(sips tea)

Anonymous said...

vsk said ...

The link even says it all ...


Olle Nilsson said...

Yeah, I still find Al to be annoying when I have to install fenders and a rack or tighten the bolts. Those threads are soft.

Oh and beware of iron oxide! It causes tetanus! The things I learn from the commentariat.

The Kid who played Old Yeller's master said...

Old Yeller's gots the hydraphoobie ...

crosspalms said...

I visited Rust on the Pringle last time I was in England. Lovely town.

Freddy Murcks said...

You may recall a while back that I posited that the breathless language of bicycle reviews is really text from back issues of Penthouse Forum where they have replaced the "sex part" terms with "bike parts" terms. For instance, "stiff, throbbing cock" = "frame." Well, I think that the Ritte review from today's post was pretty much straight from Penthouse Forum, with a few minor changes.

Under hard thrusting, in can-I-make-it penetrations, during prolonged furious efforts in tight pussies, and in top-end pushing, the stiff, throbbing cock neither excessively deflects nor holds resolute so much as it yields then strikes like a Tai Chi master. It's a living ride. It has a heartbeat.

Indeed, it does have a heart beat.

Freddy Murcks said...

The foregoing was from a penis pump review that appeared in the September 1978 issue of Penthouse Forum.

M. Indurian said...

One night, while training, lost in the Sierra Nevada mountains in my native Spain. I was forced to drink my chain lube, eat my spare tube, and have sex with my Signora bicycle in order to survive the freezing night. I owe it all to my Saint Barney Fredrickson medallion, available @ $49.99. & $99.99*

*Autographed by the Saint Himself

babble on said...

Yuppers, I surely would cry if my shiny silver bike started to rust, but that's cause it's TITANIUM, so it can't!

And I have some early though not old skool Time Impact Ti-Mag pedals on it, so I am one with that superlight, easy to use pedal, even though you'll find me clomping around in da bush every time I need to pee. And that's ok with me!!

Anonymous said...

It's *stainless* steel. That just means the rust won't stain it.

Anonymous said...

If I was to clomp around in yur bush I might think you'd enjoy it

Anonymous said...

I've just rescued an early 90's Peugeot Izoard.

It's made of "mangalloy" which is the Japanese comic frame metal. It includes all sorts of stuff including aluminium and titanium and something called niobium.

It does have a pretty good paint job that has endured well all these years, but rust has formed in in many places where it has chipped. A quarter century of neglect-rust on mangalloy doesn't look anywhere near as ugly as the rust on your otherwise very handsome Ritte, Snobby.

Please, treat the rust and give the Rittey a quick spray of clearcoat. It's not cool to let that bike rust away, it's disrespectful.

Or get yourself a mangalloy frame.


I'm not a robot, it's that simple, and I said...

It bothers me how people don't seem to realize that a sky full of drones would actually be a BAD thing. Like seriously nobody sees it coming? Probably like when the first cars came out. Oh I'm sure the backlash will get some press once it's too late!

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...


Remember a couple of years back, a kid was flying a new RC chopper. He flew it into his own head and semi decapitated himself? I can't wait for this shit to start raining down from the sky.

babble on said...

That is a seriously cool fight scene, Snobi Wan. I wish I could move like that. It looks an awful lot like Kung Fu, not Tai Chi,though, don't you think? And while there is an argument to be made that a form is always highly structured, sometimes those scenes cross the line to choreography.
Um, and the writer/edtor in me just has to give you kudos for the way you tied it all together today in such a literary way, from the title to the image of you scampering along the Hudson like a spring squirrel, to the tried and true ever-fail "No criminality suspected." Hats off, oh wise one. Rock solid gold.

Freddy Murks - lol!! ++ too true

Carmen Diaz sez da bush is back, though I didn't see much sign of it on Wrech beach last summer. I'll loop you if I see any sign of the comeback this spring. Looks like the beach will be busy in a coupla weeks. (Wooooot!! happy happy joy joy... :)

But we have definitely reached peak beard. I thought we had gone over that particular hill last year, though nobody told the fashion tardy doods here in provincial BC. You'll even see full blown bushy beards on guys at the Spring Series criteriums. And enquiring minds want to know: doesn't that slow you down? I mean, seriously. What a drag! If a Fred is willing to shave his legs and his arms and every other bit of exposed skin on his body, why oh why would he grow a great big air catcher on his face?

RB1 said...

my everyday bike is an aluminium orbea. agree - its nearly indestructible, light, elegant, well-made, and fine for around town (can carry a crate of wine on the rear rack, no problem). there's no rational reason why i shouldn't love it, but i don't.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Thanks, Dockworker. I always wondered what the opposite of "activate" was. Now I know it's "passivate."

wishiwasmerckx said...

Snob, get right down to your local home improvement store. Naval Jelly will remove the rust and you can buy clear coat in a rattlecan, which you will have no problem applying nicely and evenly due to your mis-spent youth tagging the name of your Yeshiva all over Far Rockaway.

WTF? As a captcha, I had to click on some soup?

dockworker said...


The clear coat *might* not do what you think because the stuff that blemishes the nickel-and-steel biek is actually kind of "in there" such that a little gloss would only trap it, then bubble up the clear coats.

Really, the final answer is OMG BUYERS GUIDE!!! CAN I HAZ UPGRADES??

Many years from now, if it ever happens, no one cares the corrosion area might gently fails. No one will miss it. Kind of like this post.

All we are is dust in the wind.... all we are is... everything is dust... in the wind..

leroy said...

I don't mean to brag but although your bike may strike like a tai chi master, my dog assures me I have the physique of a teenage ninja.

He added something about mutant turtle shell backwards, but I didn't quite catch it.

It's been a long winter.

Anonymous said...

Go flat Rock Machine... spds too small and unless you're into buying crabon shoes will give you hot spots... Half-clips for the win!

dockworker said...


Man beard like dimples on golf ball.

Good for 0.00000234 Watts.

True story.

Ric said...

If I had that frame, I would passivate aggressively.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 6:32pm,

Or I could continue to use the same MTB pedals and shoes I've been using for years.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Dooth said...

And I thought I was the only half-clip rider. Full clip and leather straps on the track bike, though. Now don't that sound Kung Fu-y...full clip and leather straps!

wishiwasmerckx said...

Dockworker brings up a good point. Better add trisodium phosphate to the shopping list and wash down the frame with it between the naval jelly and the clear coat to assure proper adhesion.

Anonymous said...

Platform pedals and a nice pair of leather shoes (wingtips are nice - nice pair of brown ones would go nice with that Brooks coat of yours) with a heel. Argyle socks optional.....

Just adjust your seat height so that on the downstroke the heel and the sole of the shoe are applying even pressure on the pedal of the bike.

It'll keep you on the pedals, and look good too.

Benjamin Netanyahu said...

There will be no bike lanes in Palestinian State if I'm elected.

dop said...


Anonymous said...

That Shaolin master was my uncle...he used to always complain about his disciples being soooo gay.

Anonymous said...

Around where I park my bike visible rust and general filthiness is a theft deterrence measure.

Freddy Urscranus said...

Kneel Young nailed it! 'Rust never sleeps'

To say nothing of the dreaded galvanic effect.

Herr Shadenfreude said...

ANY rust on ANY part of ANY of my bikes…not tolerated. YOUR bike being silently, inexorably consumed by rust? Whatever.

Unknown said...

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Olle Nilsson said...

I've changed my mind. Kickstarter is awesome. Or awesomely stupid. No, awesome.

The Body Electric said...

I worry nobody's reading this late into the evening, and the spam bots are already getting through the anti-bot perimiter, but here's Niner's crabon frok demonstration:
I'd still be okay riding their steel fork after this.

Old-timer said...

Lanterne Rouge….on the Monday run-in…

Freddy Murcks said...

Bieks - That Kickstarter may just prove that people are idiots. I fear for our future.

Freddy Murcks said...


Freddy Murcks said...

100. And we're done.

Olle Nilsson said...

Freddy Murcks - I think he put that on Kickstarter just to prove that people are stupid. He's an online cartoonist - one with a larger following than I realized. I think it was fully funded in less than a day.

Anonymous said...

How is it that people are discussing pedals when there is an even more dorky, yet serious conversation to be had.

Wildcat, are you using V-BRAKES with STI Shifters? I don't see a travel agent or retroshift or mini V on that bike...Collective Gasp. That's simply impossible. These are incompatible...How do you survive out there....

Don't you know that Canti's have modulation, no real stopping power, and apparently, a soul! This is truly incendiary. A shot across the bow to every artisanal curated soul sled.

...says the guy who has the exact same setup.

badum tss said...

meanwhile, in australia:

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:08am,

They are mini brakes, they're just not designer ones marketed for cyclocross racing.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

I switched to mountain bike pedals years ago. Sidi mountain bike shoes look almost exactly like their road shoes and Cook Brothers pedals look like their road pedals. This disguise allows a person to remain dignified in the company of serious road bikers. Only your LBS need know for sure.

Anquetil's Mother said...

Twin Warriors!! :):) I may just have to return to the BSNYC fold after my long hiatus.

Amy Cooper said...

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Unknown said...

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