Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This Just In: House Party at the Brooks Mansion!

Yes, it's been awhile, but once again I've graced the Brooks England blog with one of my exquisite artisanally-curated bicycling posts:

In it I embark upon an expedition, solve a historical mystery of great import, and ultimately am awarded the auspicious Explorers Club Medal, joining the ranks of such luminaries as Sir Edmund Hillary, Jane Goodall, and Buzz Aldrin.

Just kidding!

Basically I slog through some trash-strewn vacant lots in Yonkers to check out something of interest to me and perhaps four or five other people.

Nevertheless, I invite you to join me on my journey, and if you decline my invitation I invite you to eff off.  Either way, I'll see you all back here tomorrow--or at least those of you who make it out alive.  Those vacant lots can be pretty dangerous.


--Wildcat Rock Machine


wishiwasmerckx said...


Synonymous said...


Unknown said...

194. Probably the revolutionaries should even AVOID assuming political power, whether by legal or illegal means, until the industrial system is stressed to the danger point and has proved itself to be a failure in the eyes of most people. Suppose for example that some “green” party should win control of the United States Congress in an election. In order to avoid betraying or watering down their own ideology they would have to take vigorous measures to turn economic growth into economic shrinkage. To the average man the results would appear disastrous: There would be massive unemployment, shortages of commodities, etc. Even if the grosser ill effects could be avoided through superhumanly skillful management, still people would have to begin giving up the luxuries to which they have become addicted. Dissatisfaction would grow, the “green” party would be voted out of office and the revolutionaries would have suffered a severe setback. For this reason the revolutionaries should not try to acquire political power until the system has gotten itself into such a mess that any hardships will be seen as resulting from the failures of the industrial system itself and not from the policies of the revolutionaries. The revolution against technology will probably have to be a revolution by outsiders, a revolution from below and not from above.

Anonymous said...

Being on the podium of a semi pro blog his is over rated

Anonymous said...

Snobby is slacking but Ted K is back!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

OK, heading over the pond to check out the Brooksblog.


Anonymous said...

...but hers is not overrated.

Royal Trump subject said...

Is it just me, or is Kozinski starting to make sense?

Anonymous said...

Hellacomment Ted K. bot, hellacomment

wishiwasmerckx said...

By the photographs, it looked like you rode all the way to Saugerties.

ken e. said...

no, doorthy, one kind of bat-shit crazy is not a good substitute for another.

bad boy of the north said...

I took the eff off from work today just so that I can read wildcat's new post.

ken e. said...

love the adventure/exploratory travelogues, thanks wildcat.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Nice post. I dig the railroad history.

Sometimes when I'm cruising the rail trail I prentend I'm an old steam locomotive and hum that old Grateful Dead tune.

"Casey Jones"

This old engine
makes it on time
Leaves Central Station
at a quarter to nine
Hits River Junction
at seventeen to
at a quarter to ten
you know it's trav'lin again

Drivin' that train
High on cocaine
Casey Jones you better
watch your speed
Trouble ahead
Trouble behind
and you know that notion
just crossed my mind

Trouble ahead
The Lady in Red
Take my advice
you be better off dead
Switchman sleepin
Train hundred and two
is on the wrong track and
headed for you

Drivin' that train
High on cocaine
Casey Jones you better
watch your speed
Trouble ahead
Trouble behind
and you know that notion
just crossed my mind

Trouble with you is
The trouble with me
Got two good eyes
but we still don't see
Come round the bend
You know it's the end
The fireman screams and
The engine just gleams

Drivin' that train
High on cocaine
Casey Jones you better
watch your speed
Trouble ahead
Trouble behind
and you know that notion
just crossed my mind

wle said...

Nice! An epic journey to find pieces of old cardboard, and get them on the Interweb, STAT!

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

Missed the sprint again, Scranus!

bad boy of the north said...

It should've been "dismount,kneel and gravel".

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

Nice travelogue Snob. I am still miffed that Brooks didn't have you contribute to their 150th anniversary book.

Governor Andrew "we don't need the Moreland Commission" Cuomo said the New NY Bridge is on budget and on time to open in 2018. With a bike lane, it will be possible to put all these travelogues on both sides of the Hudson in one big ride!

Old timer said...

Huh? What?

Alan said...

If you like funiculars and abandoned stuff and dirt trails you should definitely visit Pittsburgh sometime. It's even more of a mysterious Alpine kingdom.

Drock said...

Stick together, it's cold out there. Ha

1904 Cadardi said...

These collabos between BikeSnob and AbandonedRailwaySnob are always fun! Where to next?

leroy said...

My dog informs me that it's a jungle out there.

He also informed me that his great grandfather was one of the original canine volunteers who tested the 13 potential pillars of Grand Central - before anyone ever heard of the term "streaming media" - and whose work inspired the Who's Next album cover.

But sometimes I think he exaggerates.

Still, I'm not betting against him on this one. At least not without odds.

JLRB said...

If someone out there has a real e-mail address, sorry about the Brookes spam.

Knüt Fredriksson said...


Please tell me that you created a new Strava segment for this route under the Pseudonym Sir Topham Hatt, and that the GPS trace looks like a caboose. I bet you would stay on the leader board for quite a while if you did...

Anonymous said...

Fuck it. I'm going to go play with my train set.

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

JLRB that is genius. GoDaddy says all of the Scranus domains are currently available!

Real person, not an actor said...

The metastasizing of the automobile cancer through time…tragic.

Great tour Snobby. Thanks!

BamaPhred said...

I have to wonder if,

The SUV tag GLC..... parked in that semi secluded spot

Had anything to do with the opened prophylactic wrappings.

You may have inadvertently exposed a surreptitious romantic interlude.

One Track Mind said...

I hate trains! Infact I could rail on about them all day.

BeerDrivenCyclist said...

Sorry for my tardiness - I jammed my arm in a door. Last again. At least I'm here...

N/A said...

I've really given it a lot of thought, and it seems like optimal tire set up for abandoned bridge abutment jumping would be a rear 26 x 2.3 tire set at a medium-firm pressure and a 29 x 3-ish tire on the front with pressure kinda' low. Possibly a shocky fork, too. Obviously, you'd want a Brooks Flyer saddle for this sort of thing.
The only thing I haven't really decided on is if you'd wear a BSNYC cap in a black colorway, or if you'd curate your own custom blend.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Will return with that tire setup and an assortment of caps and report back.

--Wildcat Etc.

N/A said...


It's that sort of dedication to your readers that keeps us coming back. I don't see VeloNews doing this sort of hard-hitting journalistic work. No sir, not those fucking hacks.

No jokes, though, that path looks sweet for some quiet afternoon rides while all of the human children are at school.

Bodhi said...


Anonymous said...

I was cycling back to the Bronx on the Wildcat South County Rock Machine Trail yesterday afternoon when just before Tibbets I heard a popping sound from my rear wheel. Busted spoke. Wobbly wheel. Thirty minutes from home with an hour's worth of daylight. Needed the wheel fixed ASAP. Two bike shop choices: one on McClean Ave, Yonkers, the other by 241st in the Bronx. Chose the latter, but only because the climb up McClean with a bad wheel is not a good idea (plus, my rear derailleur was not holding the lowest gears, no chain tension).

Again with the sushi captcha.

Anonymous said...

And ... ?

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Excellent post. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Books for the Polar Vortex Days:

Outside Lies Magic by John Stilgoe

Old Wheelways by Robert L. McCullough

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