Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This Just In: An Unscheduled Layover For Your Convenience!

Yep, that's right, today's post is over at the Brooks England Blog:

(Click here...or the picture...or the link above the picture.  Or here if you want to read something else altogether.)

Which makes this post you're reading right now the equivalent of an airport waiting area:

And before you complain that you paid for a nonstop flight, please allow me to remind you that all this crap is free and you haven't paid or shit.

Or, if you'd like your money back, please send $50 to this address and I will refund it in full, less a $25 convenience fee.

See you back here tomorrow, and thank you for flying BSNYC Airways!

Your's Truely,

Wildcat Rock Machine, CEO, COO, IDGAF


Unknown said...

84. Another way in which people satisfy their need for the power process is through surrogate activities. As we explained in paragraphs 38-40, a surrogate activity is an activity that is directed toward an artificial goal that the individual pursues for the sake of the “fulfillment” that he gets from pursuing the goal, not because he needs to attain the goal itself. For instance, there is no practical motive for building enormous muscles, hitting a little ball into a hole or acquiring a complete series of postage stamps. Yet many people in our society devote themselves with passion to bodybuilding, golf or stamp-collecting. Some people are more “other-directed” than others, and therefore will more readily attach importance to a surrogate activity simply because the people around them treat it as important or because society tells them it is important. That is why some people get very serious about essentially trivial activities such as sports, or bridge, or chess, or arcane scholarly pursuits, whereas others who are more clear-sighted never see these things as anything but the surrogate activities that they are, and consequently never attach enough importance to them to satisfy their need for the power process in that way. It only remains to point out that in many cases a person’s way of earning a living is also a surrogate activity. Not a PURE surrogate activity, since part of the motive for the activity is to gain the physical necessities and (for some people) social status and the luxuries that advertising makes them want. But many people put into their work far more effort than is necessary to earn whatever money and status they require, and this extra effort constitutes a surrogate activity. This extra effort, together with the emotional investment that accompanies it, is one of the most potent forces acting toward the continual development and perfecting of the system, with negative consequences for individual freedom (see paragraph 131). Especially, for the most creative scientists and engineers, work tends to be largely a surrogate activity. This point is so important that it deserves a separate discussion, which we shall give in a moment (paragraphs 87-92).

weasel said...


Anonymous said...


N/A said...

Good morning, peeps.

N/A said...

Also, I would like to submit a correction on this post: I have, in fact, shit. You can't deny it. It was just this morning. And every morning, like clockwork.

Unknown said...

Wow, a spelling error AND a typo, both in one abridged posting. Is the Wildcat slipping?

JB said...

Podium kisses, Ted K! It's been a while...and you should shower.

DB said...

Love the travelogues, Snob.

streepo said...


Dooth said...


dnk said...

Snob is writing a fully editable history of Grover Cleveland in his spare time?

Q. What President was named after a muppet?

A. Millard
B. George
C. Herbert
D. George
E. Chester
F. George

Anonymous said...

"Q. What President was named after a muppet?"

Not “what”

Anonymous said...

Ted K. AKA Wildcat Rock Machine?

McFly said...

Lil' Wildkitten was diggin' that trail.

Bryan said...

A long layover is always worth the $$ for the Delta Sky Lounge. Free booze (well, after you drink $50 worth of it, which is like 4 drinks in an airport), coffee, private bathrooms, wifi, snacks, comfy's downright luxury when you have 8 hours to kill because your flight was delayed and you missed your connecting flight.

Especially those airports with a self service bar...why yes, I'll make that scotch a trippel.

Anonymous said...

Snob - you learned an important lesson - eventually your kids will kick you tail biking. Live with it. Be proud.


babble on said...

Cute!! That little snobberdoodle is super cute with his happy ride face going on. You've gotta love it.

And those damned macarons stole my weekend. I can bake anything - ANYTHING!!- and mostly without even the need for a recipe. Pies, cakes, cookies, breads, even a puff fucking pastry, no problem. But can I build a macaron? Not yet I can't, and the eldest son, his girlfriend, my mum and I have a macaron afternoon scheduled for mid December before which I had better figure it the fuck out lest the whole day becomes a disaster and a waste of untold almonds. Any tips and tricks from you, the commentariat, are entirely welcome. Trickiest little cookie ever. And cookies are the simplest of all baked goods. In fact, they're not cookies. They're pastries. Fucking pain in the arse pastries.

On the plus side, they're chock full of protien, with all of those egg whites and almond meal. Mmmmmmmmmm macaron. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Love in two bites.

bad boy of the north said...

No wonder why, seems it takes days to get tickets on BSNYC. Airways.damn customer service.

bad boy of the north said...

Also.i think that carcass is a dog of some sort.

Richard Breaks said...

Dammit, I want my MONEY back.

dop said...

Did we get through 24 hours without delving into the euphemistic possibilities of chimney sweeper? It sounds like a chap who just doesn't quite finishes the job. He sweeps the chimney and is gone (ref: Ertha Kitt Santa Baby, Hurry Down My Chimney Tonight )

Oh, and Brooks Blog, like chimney sweeping, gives you Ball Cancer.

Bryan said...

Mini Wildcat looks super happy going down that hill!

You call that a cockroach? Down here, our cockroaches have wings. That shit is scary. I was wondering if you were still demo-ing the Bromp. I like it more and more, even if it is small and folds and looks a tad dorky. What was that about champagne tastes on a PBR budget?

I didn't know #blacktopfriday was a thing...but I needed to get out of the house for a few hours, the wife wanted to watch her TV shows on the DVR, so it wa a win-win. If the inlaws didn't cancel, I would have made my ride a few hours longer. Already planning some post x-mess rides when we are staying with them to get away for a few hours each day.

I did just buy a B66 on the Amazon though for a greatly reduced price...I look forward to saying goodbye to the mattress that currently is on my Sports...

Anonymous said...


Spokey said...

top 1024

N/A said...

Free craps? FREE CRAPS? Nobody ever gives a crap, they're always taking a crap. Look at all this crap. I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE *indicates a fairly high level* WITH ALL OF THIS CRAP. It's all crap, anyways.

Bryan said...

@Babs...I have yet to even have a macaroon I have truly enjoyed outside of Paris...much like find a baguette that matches, or finding a New York pizza outside of NYC. Maybe Quebec/Montreal can make a mac? I dunno...those French pastry chefs are magicians. Good luck to your macaroon party. If you find a good recipe, let us know!

Roille Figners said...

Oh ma lord, khaki shorts/gray socks/brown shoes is totally rocking the shit outta that bench!

McFly said...

Babs you can make a macafly rise on the reg no probs.

Guy Y Hi said...

Good to see the original bot take out top spot again. For the whingers, imagine a bike race, in which you peddle furiously to the finish line (that's the analogy the 'podio!' idiots are trading on in the first place) and suddenly a new competitor appears, nay, a ROBOTIC CYCLIST, and takes out the sprint. The racers complain but the organizer cares not a bit. And then this robotic cyclist wins the next race, and the one after that, podium and more podium. And then it's joined by another robot, a happy unibot, equally powerful albeit with a slightly needier emotion chip, and together they compete for first place with abilities well beyond the mere human cyclist. And still the organizers don't care. And yet you still compete. See how ridiculous that is?

N/A said...

It seems to me that a fairly regular allotment of the comments are given to Ted K and the content of his posts. As such, it appears that he's winning in more ways than one.

N/A said...


P. Bateman said...

Snob, kudos on your choice of footwear.

Surprisingly handsome after all those photos of you in jorts and white socks with horrendous shoes.

I see that specialized must be sending you free bikes for all the nice things you write about them.

JLRB said...

I'm on the no fly list? Whatdido?

babble on said...

What you don't seem to understand, Ted Guy, is that nobody gives a flying fuck what you think. Nor is it your place to judge. Who Asked YOU??? Why do you think you have the right to change our longstanding traditions? Entitlment issues, have you? If you don't understand the significance of the race for the podium then you don't ride much, you have never had a blog of your own, and you most certainly don't belong here. So take your ball sucking scranus breath and fuck the fuck right off.

Oh wait. Ball sucking is a good thing, whereas your fucking judgement is simply self serving bullshit...

DB said...

Has your bike arrived?
Is your dog taking it for a test ride?

Mr Plow said...

Nice use of "totemistic"

P. Bateman said...

todays post made my wiener look like a totemistic pole.

Guy Y said...

Babble on: there's a significance to trying to be the first person to comment on a daily blog?

babble on said...

Not too bright, are you? I suppose that's why you have to post somebody else's opinion with your little cheater bot.

Brunelle said...

Cleveland rocks!
Agree w babs: ted get yer own blog

Brunelle said...

Cleveland rocks!
Agree w babs: ted get yer own blog

babble on said...

Except if he had his own blog, he'd be charged with plagiarism. Sad little man.

Russian Cosmonaut said...

Every negative comment directed at Ted K only proves the validity of his thesis: that we are products of the system and the system dictates our actions. If you are a free-thinking individual Ted K's comments should amuse, not infuriate. And if this comment pisses you off, oops, sorry. Love is the answer.

Vernal Magina said...

It wasn't just smallpox.

Freddy Murcks said...

Oh for fucks sake. Now that all of the freds-for-pay (as opposed to a selected subset of the freds-for-pay) have the option of using dick breaks on their fred sleds we are going to have to read a seemingly endless series of articles about how a team is or is not using dick breaks, how dick breaks will cause crashes or improve safety in the pillowton, etc. has an example of each on this day alone. Was there this much hand wringing among road freds when bikes switched threaded headsets and quill stems to threadless headsets? It seems to be a roughly equivalent technological development. And you would never guess that mountain bikers have been using dick breaks on their barney bikes for at least the last 15 years without it resulting in mass casualties. Somebody please shoot me.

P. Bateman said...

i think TedK and Chamois the Juice should do some sort of callabo mix tape sort of a thing.

wle said...

so what are these comments? chopped liver/??


wle said...

my comments went to england and all i got was this lousy t-shirt!!

Northrop Frye said...

Figure it would be impolite to make this comment over at old man Brooks' place so I'll make it here. Since Mr. Snob started the guesting gig at BrooksBlog I've been reading some of the non-Snob posts over there. Clearly Mr. Snob is the best writer they got.

(Course this could be like saying eh best tennis player in Scotland, or the person with the most teeth in Arkansas, but I mean it as a compliment.)

Grump said...

I believe that the half eaten turkey carcass was done in by a Dire Wolf. I hear that the are reintroducing them into NYC to cut down the surplus population. If this is true, your outdoor jaunts might be a thing of the past. (I hear that Dire Wolfs can take down a small Hyundai)

Dire Wolf said...

If it was me I wulda swallowed dat bird whole.

P. Bateman said...

got a nice response from the team at Brooks england when i inquired about a white saddle.

apparently they only do them occasionally with special editions because the process to make a white one is very involved and requires all sorts of changes to the machines it doesnt wind up basically covered in grease stains.

so, at the end of the day no matter what, a white one will costs around $400ish.

all fun facts.

Guy Y Hi said...

Babble on: you've mistaken me for Ted K. It's true he is more than bot, but he is not me.

But please, articulate why rushing to post innanities on a blog is so significant. Isn't that what you claimed?

Guy Y said...

Bateman: also the chemicals used to produce white leather are not good for the environment, I've heard.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Great pic of the microsnob bombing the hill. I can see the family resemblance. Nice work.

RoadQueen said...

Layovers are awesome. Go to the bar and get drunk as a skunk then sleep it off. What's better than that?

Guy Y: You don't have much of a sense of fun and whimsy, do you? Pop a top and loosen up a bit, sheesh.

Oh, and leave Babs alone. She's got a macaroon crisis going on and doesn't have time for your bullshit. :)

P. Bateman said...

@guy Y - none of the chemicals i ingest are good for me...but they sure are fun.

Comment deleted said...

Awesome pink 'bent, RoadQueen.

You haven't grown a beard, have you?

Dooth said...

The Brooks Thought Police is moderating my comment and the suspense is killing me.

Anonymous said...

Airport snoozer, at least he was considerate enough not to put his shoes on the seat, unlike most folks.

Anonymous said...

RoadQueen at 104: You missed all of the horse posts a week ago or so. Good fun. I'm sure you could have posted some good horse related ones.

Anonymous said...

PS to RoadQueen: Ms. Babble posted that she used to be a dressage instructor. Some wag, not me, posted that they would like to see her perform undressage.

JLRB said...


Anonymous said...

ISIS in the Middle East, Macaron Crisis in Vancouver, what is this orbiting madhouse coming to?

JLRB said...

My surogate can't wait for paragraphs 87-92!!!

JLRB said...

Making Macrons is a surogate activity. And the surogaty yummy. Interesting that they got a mention in Snobs post today. Art imitates comments on art, etc.

I stole this from somewhere. The tips worked for me. OK I lied, I've never made the little delicate fukkers. And I actually find them a bit disappointing, no matter where I have tried them. Give me a crepe from a street vendor instead of one of these overpriced crumbling crabbie patty look alikes.

My Top Tips for Making Perfect Macarons - Every Time

Use a Mat: If you can, buy a Moule Macaron, a silicon mat designed specifically for making macarons. My favourite is from Lakeland in the UK, but shop around where you are. You don't have to buy a mat; you can draw a template onto greaseproof paper; the advantage to the mat is the indentations help to create a perfect shape.

Coloured Macarons: For coloured macarons, use food colouring paste not a liquid; using a liquid alters the macaron texture. Colourings should be added to the liquid egg whites. Add more rather than less at this stage, this will make a darker colour than you ultimately want; however, it will lighten considerably with whisking and the addition of the sugar.

Chocolate macarons are slightly different, check out the recipe to see the difference.

Be Prepared: Weigh and measure all your ingredients before you start and always sieve the icing sugar and the ground almond; you may think skipping this step will not matter; it does. Not sieving, you risk lumps in the mixture which will flatten the macaron mixture.

Clean and Sparkly: Use egg whites that are a few days old and at room temperature. Before whisking make sure your whisk and bowl are sparkling clean and grease free.

Slowly Does it: Don't add all the sugar to the egg whites in one go, in three parts is usually best. Whisk the egg whites really, really well, they should be so stiff you can turn the bowl upside down, and they will not fall out.

Do not be heavy-handed: When mixing the almond / icing sugar to the beaten egg whites, use a slim spatula and fold quickly and gently. You will lose a lot of the air, but the resulting batter should still be thick and airy. Too runny and you have over worked it.

Less is More: Use a simple round nozzle in your piping bag, anything fancier is a waste of time. Less is more when piping onto the mat or greaseproof paper; you do not have to fill to the brim as the mixture will settle and fill the indent.

Tap and Wait: Once piped, tap the baking sheet sharply on the work top to remove any air bubbles and to help the mixture settle. Leave the piped macarons to dry before cooking; 20 - 30 mins is best; the macarons surface will dry and become smooth.

Waft, Waft: Half way through cooking, open the oven door and quickly waft it a few times to allow any steam to escape. Close the door and finish the cooking.

Be Patient: Once cooked, slide the mat / greaseproof onto a cooling rack and leave the macarons to go completely cold. DO NOT be tempted to remove the macarons until they are cold, you will be upset if you do; the macarons will stick.

Gently Does it and More Patience: Pipe the filling on to the flat side of one macaron, place the other on top and twist gently to spread the cream. Once the macarons are filled and you are about to think of eating them, just know; they are best kept in a container inside the fridge overnight. The end result is a more chewy and better flavoured macaron. It's tough I know but it does work.

And Finally: If you do not have the time to complete making the macarons once cooked, or want to prepare some in advance, the shells freeze really well. Put them into strong container so they don't break and keep in the freezer for no longer than a month. Always make the buttercream filling fresh, this does not freeze very well.

Clay Davis said...


N/A said...

@ Mr Bateman, have you looked at the Cardiff saddles? They do them in white.

dop said...

We're seeing a side of JLRB we never appreciated. What's next? Leroy's collection of Victorian First Edition's? Spokey on bee-keeping?

ps Northrop Frye...The best tennis Player in Scotland is Andy Murray

RoadQueen said...

CD, thanks! It's awesome, right?! No beard yet, although I'm thinking in another 40-50 years I might start getting some scruff.

Anon: Horses are my forte, for sure. I'm sure none of the horsey comments from the commentariat (other than maybe Babble) were intelligent nor experienced whatsoever, although were probably hilarious, knowing this group! I'm sure that was quite the chuckly conversation. :)

P. Bateman said...

@N/A - i wanted to stick with the Brooks like the cool kids.

i just want to fit in.

Spokey said...

i ask once again; who the hell is ted?

Spokey said...

@Guy Y

But please, articulate why rushing to post innanities on a blog is so significant. Isn't that what you claimed?.

actually getting the yellow podi makes my day. when i achieve the podi, the sun comes out and beams to make my whole day a blessed cheery event.

for example, today i came in late and <sob> i caused today to be a rainy dreary one indeed here in the hemorrhoids.

1904 Cadardi said...


I find your cooking instructions much more interesting than Ted's screed. If there's going to be bots maybe a cooking bot would be best for the comment section of a semi-professional bike blogger's bike blog.

1904 Cadardi said...

Guy Y,

"why rushing to post innanities on a blog is so significant."


Mostly the money.

Spokey said...


funny you should say that. part of my misspent youth was done raising bees in addition to my zinnia patch. but alas when my paternal grandmother died, the old man took his inheritance, bought a boat, and moved us to the joisey shore (where the schools would make bama laugh). gave the hives to a neighbor up the road who would later become dean of the rutgers ag school.

so i could wax eloquently on bee-keeping. probably mostly wrong as this was over fifty years ago. an interesting aspect was that the very first hives and original bees (with queen) was mail ordered from sears roebuck. as was almost everything else i owned, wore, or lived with. i think 'lil sis may have come from sears.

1904 Cadardi said...


As has been said by others, the expression of true joy on JuniorCat's face is awesome. We should all be so lucky as to be that happy on our bikes!

Well done Sirs!

Roille Figners said...

I ain't waiting for no spotty Brits to arrive at work & moderate my comments.

Live Love Loft: It appears to be a content-free substance made entirely of marketing. (like Nike) (but not a household word like Nike)

And there's those macarons gettin' mentioned again. Macarons, macarons, macarons! I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up in Bake Town. Until yesterday I only knew about macaroons. And frankly I still only care about macaroons because coconut is awesome.

On the bridge comin' at ya: Carol Burnett (white healemenette)

It's starting to become a bona fide neurosis, all the things to do on Black Friday that aren't shopping. I submit that you can't plan an anti Black Friday activity without 1) acknowledging that Black Friday exists (because you chose that day), and 2) acknowledging that it's supposed to be about shopping (because shopping is the one thing you refuse to do). In other words, not shopping on the day, is the same as shopping on the day, in that it recognizes the day, and links it to the idea of shopping.

Spokey said...

what's a black friday? is that something to do with this ted thing?

macaroons is simply our way of spelling macarons. but for some reason we also decided to entirely change the whole thing from the light wafer to the heavy sugar coconut ball. that said, the gloppy coconut mass is awesomey.

Roille Figners said...

Back home on THIS blog.

Guy Y - I don't think peddling is allowed on the race course. Maybe off to the side in the vendor area. Speaking of whinging and emotional needs: "eeeehhhh I need to find all sorts of meeeaning in the biiikesnob comments and it bothers me that there's a pooodio game." Weak. Meanwhile I wanted Ted to go away, and for a couple days I made it happen.

And yeah speaking of whinging weak whiners, THAT'S why I abruptly went from ignoring him to turning against his ass. The 40-years-ago Harvard milquetoast and 20-years-ago would-be-revolutionary, as well as his present-day promoter and censor. "eeeeehhh industerl sosiaty is sooo fucked up guys we need a revoluuuuuution." Why? What does it matter, Ted K? The one flaw in the thesis, and the reason none of your "ideas" will ever be implemented. Ted K is just too scary and threatening for us here with our sheep-like minds all shackled by the system? Quite the opposite, Industerl Sosiaty and It's Fucher is...

a) not new enough to be shocking - Hell I read it 20 years ago, and already it seemed dated and rooted in something from the 1960s that was clearly gone or (among a few die-hards) at least on its way out.

b) tedious - suffering from a serious lack of concision, didactic, akin to a laborious slog through row after row of barren furrows until finally one finds a potato, and it turns out to be half rotten.

c) intellectually weak - suffering a lack of clarity, motivated by fictitious principles (60s), starting from self-contradictory presuppositions, and carefully avoiding messy counter-examples on its preordained path to spurious conclusions. All while of course cloaked in a language of utmost intellectual rigor!


dop said...

I give some people hives and it has nothing to do with bees.

Spokey said...


i have it on good authority that you can work up to the manifesto by first reading The Silmarillion

Bryan said...

We all want Ted to go away because who in their right mind actually wants to listen to the manifesto of the Unabomber?? I choose to not listen to terrorists, myself.

we are all anonymous said...

question: Is it still considered a "blog" if no one reads it?

Anonymous said...

RoadQueen 104 "Layovers are awesome." Layovers with a laid layover are even more awesome (between alcohol and jet lag these things happen often).

Anonymous said...

Clay Davis @1:41 "shit" I think what he said was "Sheeeeeeeit"

Anonymous said...

P Bateman at 1234 - Zooms in for the win.

Anonymous said...

The TROLL, pseudo "Ted K" = clueless jackass, plain and simple. All the crazy things happening (San Bernardino!), and clueless jackass TROLL pseudo "Ted K" thinks it's a good idea to publish the "manifesto" of a homicidal maniac in a...BIKE BLOG? Yeah, a clueless jackass, plain and simple

Yeah Cleveland! said...

So these NY travelogues always start me wondering... My wife and I often visit the son we no longer own but are still paying for. He now resides in Troy NY. While visiting last month we took a day trip to the Bronx Zoo and the CITY. My first thought was to let mass trans do all the transporting but the trains from Albany to NYC run too infrequently so I drove the PriusV I own to the zoo. Later I parked on the street outside the subway station on 180th and Morris Something(?), just down from a NYPD station, figuring the car would be safe there and we took the subway (which at that point isn't a subway at all) into Manhattan and an overpriced dinner in Little Italy (not my choice). The Prius was still there and unmolested when we returned and we drove back to Troy.
A question for the New Yorkers, when we do this again where should we stop to "Park and Ride" between Albany and NYC?
Also as an aside to upstate New Yorkers, my wife and I bikecycled the Erie Canal over the summer. We had a great time and were pleasantly surprised by the un-asshole-ness of the car drivers and the wide shoulders of the roads.

Wile E. Coyote said...

I get blamed for every fucking thing around here and I'm damn tired of it. It was the fucking raccoon that dragged the turkey carcass outta da garbage can, for fucks sake. Now leave me the fuck alone.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Yeah Cleveland!,

Ironically when you were at the Bronx Zoo you were right by Arthur Ave., which is the Bronx's Little Italy, and a much better place to do the whole Little Italy thing nowadays than the one in Manhattan. Next time if someone insists on a Little Italy experience do that instead, I think you'll both be pleased.

As for the park and ride from Albany, I suppose you could spare yourself the worst of the metro area traffic by hopping a Metro North at White Plains, though I don't know the parking situation at the station. It's a pretty short train ride from there, like 40 minutes, plus it's close to the highways.

--Wildcat Etc.

wishiwasmerckx said...

I love it when this blog turns into a NYC travel guide.

Can you give me directions to Trackstar Bike Shop on the Lower East Side? Yeah, I know it's closed now and all, but I'd like to visit there after shopping at the John Varvatos store which used to be CBGB.

BamaPhred said...

A lovely BSNYC travelogue with bonus family interest. These are always my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Brown shoes don't make it.

JB said...

This is the kind of shit I'll remember. In 25 years, the old wifey and I will visiting my son, who will be the Governor of NY. (He moved to hip Staten Isle in 2030 and developed a very popular Stik (which is the future app, if you must know).) I'll tell the wifey that we should drive to White Plains and take the Metro North Mag Lev Shuttle, because I learned it from a bike blogger.

Anonymous said...

Speaking if joyful children riding bikes downhill.

She cuts a pretty clean apex on the last turn.

babble on said...

Road Queen!!! Yay! Welcome home, honey. I've missed you. And thank you. :)

JLRB - Check, check, check, check, etc etc, but opening the oven to release steam? New to me. Thank you. Here's hoping. Also, I found a larger than normal hole in the sieve, so perhaps the almond is too lumpy? Doubt it, but you never know. Those damned things are ridonkulously temperamental. Horses are waaaaaay easier to handle. At least you can predict how they'll react once you get to know them a little.

Ted Guy... seriously?? Honestly, if you don't understand the race for the podium, then I feel sorry for you and yer wee tiny closed mind. Ferfucksake.

And Mr Russian cosmonaut? Yes, yes it is. Tell that to the nasty little troll who appointed himself judge, jury and executioner bot of the commenariat's race to the podium.

dop said...

Yeah Cleveland.. Metro North Commuter service goes as far north as Poughkepsee, but that's a longass haul...stop & park at a river town that has an attraction you want to see..In the fall go to the Blaze at van cortlandt manor (croton harmon stop) Kuykuit in Tarrytown Sunnyside in Irvington etc

verge said...


dop said...


Anonymous said...

Cleveland at 645: Beacon Station has a really big parking lot and you can drive interstate almost all the way to the station.

Get Dirty said...

If you haven't seen this already.

dop said...

Cleveland...beacon sounds has that fancy frank Gehry museum... The dia

Zen Master said...

Since we're talking about baking, do you know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate when I fucking buy a chocolate, fucking glazed donut and there's a fucking bit of other type of fucking topping stuck to it! I want a fucking CHOCOLATE donut! I DON'T want a fucking bastardized, contaminated with other fucking topping, fucking donut!
I hate my fucking boss too! I fucking got fired from the fucking customer relations department! I don't fucking care. I got a fucking better job lined up at a fucking school. Just replied to an ad to teach fucking cursive writing to fucking kids.

Spokey said...

congrats on the centurion dop.

and i guess if the fuck-o(e)s don't understand the podi, i guess they really deride us on the century. i think i'll just hit the sack early tonight and dream of sugar plum podiums dancing in my head.

@Majid Vijah

please stop. i don't need no fuck-o loan. i took one bank loan in my life and paid it off 20 years ago. the only debt i carry is the debt i owe my family for putting up with me.

bad boy of the north said...

thanks,snob,for your brooks travel,i have a hankering for a macaron or macaroon,mat or no mat.

leroy said...

Dear Mr. Majid Vijah

I don't need a loan, but my dog is interested. Here's his application.

Full Name: leroy's dog
Loan Amount Needed:.$25
Purpose of loan: dog stuff
Loan Duration: until payday after I get a job.
Gender: Fixed gear. I don't want to discuss it.
Marital status: I like wedding receptions with open bars.
Location: Brooklyn
Home Address: Brooklyn
City: Brooklyn.
Country: Brooklyn
Phone: don't know, never call myself
Mobile / Cell: see above, but have "Call Me Maybe" as ringtone.
Occupation: Motivational Speaker
Monthly Income: $25 less than I'd like

Contact Us At

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not the Brompton!

You predicting another panic of 1893? The dems lose everything again and get Trumped?

That boy will become an mtb addict if you continue to let him ride in leaves and dirt.

Anonymous said...

Riding without helmet!

Riding in extremely dangerous loose leaves!

Riding too fast!

Riding on too steep of terrain for the capabilies of this bike!

Riding on an inappropriate bike of questionable orgin.

Riding on an inappropriate bike with questionable tires.

Riding where the trail is not clearly apparent!

Riding over old growth tree roots!

Riding without gloves or the appropriate protective equipment. 

Riding in a high adrenaline situation. 

Questionable parenting.

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