Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sorry I'm late, it's Wednesday and I went for a ride, deal with it.

I am now in Bryant Park, which is either a midtown oasis, or else a tourist-ridden hellhole, depending on how you look at it:

So how did I get here?  Well, I traveled just like a drop of sweet, delicious, life-giving water, for you see back in the 19th century this very spot was the site of the Croton Distributing Reservoir, which watered the growing yet fetid city:

Furthermore, the water traveled to this reservoir by means of an aqueduct, the source of which was 41 miles north--right around here:

The path of this aqueduct is now a state park, and while the Old Croton Aqueduct was one of the great engineering feats of its time, these days it is far better known as part of the BSNYC Gran Fondon't course:

(There will be a statue in my honor right around here somewhere.)

Anyway, perhaps the most impressive feature of the aqueduct was the "High Bridge," which carried the water from what is now The Bronx, over the Harlem River, and into Manhattan.  Here's what it looked like in 1883:

This was the country back then, and people used to head up to the High Bridge to marvel at the structure, take in the views, and generally bask in the rural ambience:

The High Bridge is still very much there.  In fact it's the oldest bridge in New York City, and it's something like 35 years older than the Brooklyn Bridge.  Since then they've knocked out a bunch of the stone arches in order to make more room for ships, but it's still pretty damn impressive:

For the past 40 years, the High Bridge has been closed, but in recent years they've been refurbishing it, and this week it has reopened to bicycles and pedestrians amidst much fanfare:

I'd been eagerly awaiting this day, for the reopening of the High Bridge is perhaps the most auspicious development for New York City cyclists since the advent of the safety bicycle:

So this morning I straddled my own safety bicycle and hit the greenway through the park:

Then I rounded the Jerome Park Reservoir:

See that, California?

That's what water looks like.

We're so spoiled here that we even flush our toilets after we urinate.

Incidentally I also passed by a motorcycle riding class:

I myself am a proud graduate of the Motorcycle Safety School and have the endorsement on my driver's license to prove it--though I haven't ridden in years, since it turns out that riding motorcycles really cuts into your bicycling time.

North of the city the Old Croton Aqueduct may be the proving ground for the legendarily gruelling BSNYC Gran Fondon't, but in The Bronx it lives on as Aqueduct Avenue:

And specifically as a strip of greenery called "Aqueduct Walk:"

As well as these swanky manhole covers:

I continued on:

As I rode I became aware of the sound of rushing water.  At first I thought it was the history of the aqueduct speaking to me, but it turned out to be this fire hydrant.

Resisting the urge to kick off my shoes, crack open a beer, and spend the rest of the day standing there, I pressed on, and I soon reached one of the best-named streets in the city:

Nobody's sure where the name "Featherbed Lane" comes from, but there are some good stories:

There are four differing stories as to how Featherbed Lane, which runs adjacent to, and is the namesake of this triangle, came to obtain its name.  One says that during the Revolutionary War, locals covered the street with feather beds so soldiers fighting the British could move quietly through the area.  Another declares the road to have been so rough that those who traveled on it padded their carriage seats with featherbeds to keep it from being too uncomfortable.  A third story, partly contradicting the first two, suggests that the road’s muddy composition provided a similar effect to that of a featherbed and made for a very smooth ride.  The last story has nothing to do with the road itself, but suggests that the name dates from the 1840s, when the area was home, and office, to a large number of prostitutes.

Regardless, the name is still fitting today, because The Bronx is bisected by the Cross Bronx Expressway, which is a real pain in the ass, especially when you're on a bike.  If you continue straight you have to contend with all the traffic merging onto the expressway, but if you detour onto Featherbed Lane you enjoy a gentle curving descent and avoid most of the clusterfuck:

Here's the Cross Bronx:

Many people blame the building of the Cross Bronx for a lot of the decay the borough experienced in the latter part of the previous century, and while it's probably a bit more complicated than that it certainly couldn't have helped.

After the Cross Bronx I was almost at the High Bridge, and clearly the city has been busy getting ready because there was a bike lane in progress:

Guess what?  It's going to be green:

Don't ask me how I know.

As I got closer there was more bike lane-painting activity in evidence:

Which means there's now only one question on the minds of everyone in the neighborhood:

"Shit, are we about to get gentrified?"

I dunno, but you're now a five-minute bike ride away from Manhattan, and if what they're digging here is one of those protected bike lanes then you guys are pretty much screwed:

Finally, I could see the High Bridge over the iron fence:

And I was relieved to find I wasn't the only person totally dorking off over it:

There it was, stretched out before me in all its refurbished old-timey glory:

Not too shabby:

Here's the view looking south:

And here's the view looking north:

Just wait 'til they develop the waterfront...

After gawking for awhile I reached the Manhattan side:

Gave a parting glance over my shoulder:

And steered on to this delightful bike path:

Eventually I made it to Central Park, where it looks like the NYPD is taking advantage of the delightful weather by ticketing cyclists:

In the end, like the waters of yesteryear, I wound up in Bryant Park, where a street vendor tried to charge me $2 for a small bottle of Poland Spring.

Oh, the irony.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Layin down on the Podio!

Hey Nitrogen does make me faster!

dnk said...

I run on beans. I run on laser beans.

I_do said...

Laziest blogger ever, Podium for me!

Ted K. said...


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dnk said...

Glad you see a report from the bridge on inauguration day, Snobby. Looks worth pointing one's bicycle in that direction.

Anonymous said...

The quality of these comment streams at first seemed to suck, but I've now acquired a taste for it's nonsense, particularly the meta parts

Anonymous said...

finally, toppus tennis

P. Bateman said...

jesus snob. we're here in time every day....can i at least get a set of keys so i'm not sitting out here in the damn rain waiting on you?

Babble - who in H.R. do you speak to about all the sexual harassment you get here? i think i need to file some formal complaints about the tardiness issue.

and also about the fowl language. its quaking insane.

crosspalms said...

I saw the NYT story this morning and wondered when you'd write about it. Nice photos and thanks for the tour!

Mark said...


Jed said...

I dragged my own step to the podium. Don't hate.

Anonymous said...

Still jetlagged from your trip across the pond, Snobby?

1983 David Byrne said...

My house - out of the ordinary

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Poland Spring vendor was charging zlotys.

P. Bateman said...

Snob, i assume you are a snob about all things 2 wheeled so, curious - what sort of a motor-sickle do you/did you has/had?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Crosspalms. Saw the article, then saw the Twitter and assumed you were going to give us a tour.
Well worth the wait and I hope to ride it someday.

NHcycler said...

"The High Bridge will be open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m."

Yeah, good luck with that!

Flyover BC said...

As a historic preservation professional, I appreciate the tours and historic context you are putting in these posts.

Metaparts said...

@anon - i'll show you my meta part if i can see yours...?

Anonymous said...

Exzellent article on zee High bridge and your voyages to it in New York. Almost Seine like zat Harlem River.

leroy said...

Check out the iced coffee at the Belgian Waffle kiosk in Bryant Park. (South west corner I think.)

ken e. said...

what the !?! dandyhorse pictorial west coast delay!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

High Bridge looks good. I was in CP this morning and saw the aftermath of what looked like a somewhat gnarly accident. A couple people down and at least one cyclist. Possibly the reason for the extra cop presence. I usually eschew the park even though it is two blocks from home for the mean streets of NYC on my morning ride. It's too crowded, too many clueless pedestrians and aggressive cyclists. this was the second such accident that I've seen in the past couple months. I was trailing a couple of Freds this morning, who were running every light at high speed, mostly without looking and happened past the accident scene around the same time as them and said that's what happens when you speed through lights without looking. They ignored me. Not sure if that is what actually happened, so probably a tad dickish of me to say, but you really do need to be extra careful in crowded shared spaces like the park. As the fastest non-motorized vehicle in the park, it is the responsibility of us cyclist to watch out for our non-wheeled brethren. The park is really just not a great place to "crush" a ride unless it is very early in the morning or in the winter. Otherwise do what I do and head north, you have to deal with aggressive rush hour drivers but you can go as fast as you want.

Anonymous said...

What a trip down memory lane.
Used to buy weed in Bryant Park until Rudy Time hit. Then I used to buy bags on Featherbed until I was told to keep my white ass off the block because it was getting too hot.

They could have cooled off in a hydrant.

Just Say No (Thankyou)

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a park featuring mountain bike cycling trails associated with that High Bridge, no? Right in Manhatten, yes? Has any of youse New Yorkers' ridden 'em?

McFly said...

Careful around those NY manhole covers WC, you never know when a couple of BFF (Best Felons Forever) will pop out.

il Pirata est Mort said...

Anon 2:04

Agree totally.

Just enjoy the eye candy and leave the hammering for shop class.

BikeSnobNYC said...

P. Bateman,

The last motorcycle I had was a 1978 Suzuki GS750 that had been custom-spraypainted by the previous owner.

--Wildcat Etc.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

BikeSnob, Nice photos!

What is that skinny thing that looks like the leaning tower of Pizza but sticks straight up without the lean? And can you climb it sometime to take a picture for us?

il Pirata est Mort said...

Anon 2:10

Not sure about Manhattan. Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx has trails I've ridden. A nice bowl in the back. It's compact but fun.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:10pm,

Yes. Not the most rideable spot. Very tight and rocky. Also pretty dirty in places due to...human activity.

That's not to diminish the hard work that went into making the trails happen. Also if you like riding off big rocks it could be for you.

Cunningham Park in Queens is by far the best legal mountain biking inside city limits.

--Wildcat Etc.

dop said...



grog said...

I too did motorcycles, but prefer pedaling now.
Thanks for the lovely pixtures.

Anonymous said...

Way, way back I remember we had to move from Weeks Ave. in the Bronx to Queens because... they were building the X-Bronx Expressway though our building.. I'm that old.

Ah... sorry... nobody gives a shit..

Have a nice day (:-)

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:25pm,

I do!

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Gideon said...

DETOUR...So, I know we are ?mostly? only peripheral fans of pro cycling on this blog - however - on cycling weekly there was a rundown of the greatest grand tour riders on earth, of all time etc. etc. Lance Armstrong didn't make it. However, what do all of these riders have in common with him? How does he not make it? Is this a dead horse? <---- rhetorical

Anonymous said...

streetsblog is reporting that there is a bicycle ticketing blitz occuring in NYC

babble on said...

Beeeeeeautiful photojournalistic journey through days gone by to today's monumental moment in time, Snobi Wan. You've totally taken up photography over the last coupla years.

Master Bateman - what harassment? You'll have to take it up with snobbers. Good luck with that. :)

PotbellyJoe said...

Early conceptual design for the Snobbie Statue. Now that's not the sanctioned final design we're using for the statue, just something we've been kicking around the office, but look at it. Doesn't it... pop?

Can wait to get out and earn my Strava Ticket today. I hear the game is who can get the KOM on the value of the fine.

PotbellyJoe said...

Also, on the Featherbed Lane front, I have a ride that I have done in the past that puts not only on one, but two separate Featherbed Lanes.


Anonymous said...

Vintage cyclist photo, taken in Central Park somewhere near the Natural History Museum. Direction of the shadows would indicate it was taken rather early in the morning. Therefore, not a hipster as no self respecting hipster is out of bed before noon. Then a couple of hours of doodling, err, I mean designing a graphic, then it's off to PBR happy hour time.

Bill Crowder said...

It almost feels like I was riding right along beside you on this lovely sojourn. And as always, after reading your blog, I feel the need for a shower.

Peter Minuit said...

Love the history tour. Nice post.

Who needs the Rockaways said...

To bad you didn't have a beach towel with you. That fire hydrant looked real inviting. Of course laying on the sidewalk for an extended length of time is almost inviting yourself to get run over by a car.

Gideon said...

to follow up on the anon comment about streetsblog nypd and ticket blitzes. a link

BikeSnobNYC said...


There was a veritable army of police in the park today including a Sprinter van full of them, so I think they're going to be doing some serious ticketing.

This is not to say I didn't see some riders doing some incredibly stupid things, as a commenter also pointed out earlier.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Spokey said...

sorry i'm late, but got tired of waiting and went for a ride.


i'll join the chorus with a Great Post Today snobbie

A press release from the future said...

"Like GG Allin's gravestone, The BikeSnobNYC/WildcatRockMachine/RTMS Memorial Statue Along the Old Croton bikeway has been scheduled for demolition. NY State Parks sites continued vandalism in the form of urine, cigarette butts, feces and alcohol left on the statue by fans of the early 21st century bike blogger and cycling advocate as putting too great a strain on the park's maintenance division. At this time representatives of the BSNYC/WCRM/RTMS Estate could not be reached for comment."

Anonymous said...

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P. Bateman said...

i was gonna guess a nighthawk 750 but i think those GSs are a better choice. you are indeed an arbiter of good taste for all things two wheels.

what type of wheelchair you foresee yourself on in a couple years snob?

oh wait, those things have 4 wheels dont they. crap, i think i was just thinking of the signs.

Victor Kaminski said...

vsk said ...

Testing Google 1 2 3

Capture not capturing . . .

Turing, how fitting...


Fred from Milan said...

Hats off. You never cease to astonish with your documentation of the lesser known parts of NYC. Some could even be mistaken for the wilds of Alaska and you manage to make New York look like it even deserves it's top place as the most bike friendly town in Canada's nether regions.
Still not quite up to the level of the Freds' paradise we have over here, but still... (actually, Milan's cycle infrastructure sucks but is made up for by the tolerance afforded to cyclists due to their sheer numbers...).
Keep it coming. Thanks.

Victor Kaminski said...

vsk said ...

Robot spinning + spinning. I guess it's google again...

Really nice read today (many pik churs, me like pickchurs!).
I was trying to scribble on yesterday's entry that I was going to suggest taking some photos of the newly opened High Bridge. Glad to see all came to pass and more...
Also in a wild co-inky-dink you were in Bryant Park where I happen to saunter/meander/stroll/tourist-dodge on my way to Pax for overpriced salad lunch but amongst high quality fashionista clientele.
You may have even seen the green + white Olmo chained to a no parking sign nearby.
(My red Schwinn Super Sport used to appear in the Google Streetview across from the park 3 years ago).
I hope the ride went well. Sposed to be MURDA out there tomorrow w mid 90 degreezes and possible thunda storms about.
High points in blog reading, ... vicarious riding?


Gideon said...

This may sound daft, but - was there any policing of wrong way cyclists and rogue walkers/runners? I live nearby and do laps in the park quite often, as well as daily commuting. I'm usually the idiot that stops/slows at the lights and nearly gets hit by speedsters threading through me and walkers. However, it is very annoying to be the only one following the rules when wrong way cyclists, speedsters and pedestrians create situations out of my control.

Also, thanks for the cycling kippah from the Gran Fondon't. It has jumped to the number one spot in my rotation - until it falls into a similar state of unwash like the rest. Maybe a tutorial on washing cycling caps for morons?

Fred from Milan said...

@Potbelly Joe - just trust my fellow citizens to erect a monument to Mr. Snob...

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying these photo/historical travelogue types of posts! BSNYC meets Bill Bryson. Keep up the good work!

paulb said...

Good on ya, WCRM. I played hooky yesterday to attend HB opening ceremonies. For such an event you have to make like Marcel Marceau: pantomime placing all cynicism and skepticism into a cabinet, locking the door, putting the key away someplace safe. It was a fantastic day! I hope Leroy's dog got to go. (And that Leroy picked up after he went.)

Anonymous said...

I still have a ’69 Triumph Tiger, but I’ve resisted cleaning the points and firing it up for the past two years because I know if it ran it would cut into my bicycle time. It sure is pretty, though. Maybe I’ll just push it inside and hang clothes on it.


bad boy of the north said...

i'm in awe,snob.i:m glad you've taken an inaugural ride across high bridge.i've been wanting to cross that bridge ever since i was a pipsqueek going to see my grandparents in da bronx.great post.

paulb said...

WCRM, it is a mess, getting thru that clusterf*ck intersection, but riding everyday, approaching from your northerly parts (no sniggering!) I believe I'd prefer it to climbing W. 170th street.

Joe said...


Stop trying to culturify us with your pictures of fancy stone things that embody human ingenuity and uplift the spirit and get back to mocking the materialistic-fix-whats-not-broken culture that assaults our very ability to appreciate the former. I give you the stem for people who don't understand how bicycle steering works but have to do SOMETHING about all those potholes.

Spokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spokey said...

i'll get this right yet

not me. sold the 300zx convertible


a) ride more. the z was really fun

b) park my daily in the garage. was sick of scraping the ice off the daily looking at that pampered bastard sitting warm and snug in the garage.

Grump said...

If I was better with those word things, I'd be as lazy as you.

As to the motorcycle riding class. Were they training to chase down large SUV's, pull the driver out and give him a beatdown, while threating his wife and child?

I demand a refund.

Anonymous said...

Today's was an excellent blog. It would've been perfect if you'd told us what happened to the stone arches they removed?

Did they just let them fall into the river? Were the stones crushed for road base? Did some corrupt official build themselves an extension to their house from them?

Not knowing is driving me nuts and I couldn't be arsed finding out for myself.

crosspalms said...

Potbelly Joe,
If you can fit the Seal of Disapproval on that fingernail I think you've got a winner.

Anonymous said...

The cops are out in prospect park, too. Last night there were 4 of them, on foot, walking out into the road during every red light and stopping cyclists...even when there were no pedestrians crossing. At least they didn't seem to be ticketing. This was on the side nearest crown heights. Do we have to do this every summer? Makes one long for the fall.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

"The quality of these comment streams at first seemed to suck, but I've now acquired a taste for it's nonsense, particularly the meta parts"

Anon 1:49

You life will never be the same.

The King of Park Slope said...

I'm going to guess the revolutionaries hooked up with the prostitutes and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Gideon at 3:55

There is no mystery to washing cycling caps.

All my cycling caps: hand wash in cool water with a little liquid detergent, rinse, line dry. Gets the salt out. That's pretty much what I do for all my cycling clothes.

JB said...

"Maybe a tutorial on washing cycling caps for morons?"

1. Wash it in the clothes washer.
2. Air dry.
3. ?
4. Profit.

Hee Haw the Barista's mom said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Maybe the Poland Spring vendor was charging zlotys."

Insert zloty/dong spread joke here.

Buffalo Bill said...

What JB said.
Sometimes I just do (1), since it gets wet pretty fast anyway.
Still can't figure out how to do (4).

Anonymous said...

The "Not the Leaning tower of Pisa" is a Revolutionary War Era Ball Bearing Factory.
Drop molten lead off the top into a water bath and Viola! Perfect round ball bearings!
Ready to fit into the hubs and bottom brackets of the brave patriots War Bicycles with which we beat off (yes I said it!)
The Surly British Invaders on their Babbit Metal bushing'd Velocipedes.
Ahh History. So grandiose and comforting!

Anonymous said...

Central Park has over 40 traffic lights on its 6 mile loop. If you stopped at every light it would make for a pretty long and annoying ride so no one does, including myself. I do take extra care when running a light and slow down or stop if there are any pedestrians in or near the crosswalk. Cranky old New Yorkers love to yell at cyclists that run lights in the park, even if you do so at 5mph and not within 10 feet of a crossing pedestrian.

The ridiculously unnecessary number of lights do provide New York's Finest with plenty of ticketing opportunities though, so beware. Sometimes I wonder why I live here, the shit we have to put up with!


“See that, California? That's what water looks like.”


After my shameless crowing over California “Winter” climate not long ago.

Let’s see…December 21st - the first day of Winter - is only 194 days off.

Maybe then, I could send an image of Central California. Caption: “See that, New York? That’s what "Winter" weather you can actually live in looks like.”

Anyhow, great post! Thanks for the fine tour!


campbell fdy said...

you could've finished at the fountain in city hall park. the water from the aqueduct powered that at one time. I dork out about signs. I can't help it

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

-Anon @ 6:17 Ok that's cool. I'm not so sure a ball bearing factory maybe a shot tower perhaps? I found one on a ride in south-west Ohio last year. Lead ball bearings wouldn't last long at all but they make nice projectiles in a shot shell.

Bryan said...

Checking in from the central coast of rained here yesterday!

Dis Fookin Guy said...

There should be some kind of coalition(NGO? PAC? Church?) of motorcyclist and bicyclist. All the top motoGP racers are avid cyclist and I know a lot of purple who do both.

David Pearce said...

Dear Wildcat,

Very nicely done today!

Love the history lessons!

Dave in D.C.

Minnesota said...

“See that, New York? That’s what "Winter" weather you can actually live in looks like.”

Every one knows you are a bunch of wimps

Anonymous said...

hi, I've read that there are stairs on and off the bridge. How are they?

McFly said...

I picked up a 2002 KTM 400 SX back in January and have only ridden (rode? ridded?) it 5 times. It seems I have all these things I want to do but there is no time because I am too busy working and also I am always broke.

WTF life?

I did burn up the Canal Loop yesterday evening, which was nice.

Gideon said...

Yeah thanks for the tutorials!! I've learned to anything cycling related has to be handwashed. Although I can't seem to get the bill of my cycling caps to stay nice and crisp after repeated washes. Do I need to starch 'em? I'm only half playing dumb.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 7:18am,

There were no stairs on the route I took.

--Wildcat Etc.

Spokey said...


I only handwash when on a biek tour (sink or shower). At home I toss my funny pants and shirts in the washer with the normal stuff. I do put the dryer on the lowest heated setting. I do have a couple that are losing waist elasticity (although the leg seems fine). But those are shorts that are probably at least 15 years old now.

Interesting. A chocolate covered doughnut does not count as a cake

How We Did It in the Old Days said...

On long distance, light weight credit card tours, wear one set of cycling clothes and pack one set of non-cycling clothes. At the end of each day wear your cycling clothes into the motel shower. Take them off and squeeze then around with your feet, letting the shampoo/soap get to them. Get out of the shower, hang up the wet clothes to dry overnight and put on your non-cycling clothes for whatever the evening’s off bike activities are. Next morning pack the non-cycling clothes and wear the cycling clothes for that day’s ride. Repeat until you get tired of it of you credit card maxs out.

paulb said...

We're supposed to walk our bikes on the bridge. Low staircases at either end supplemented by new ramps; to bike off the Manhattan end, you turn south off the bridge and follow a path to 165th street. A high, steep staircase--it's more like a ladder--comes more directly off the bridge and leads to the tower plaza. I carried my bike up the other day just to try it, and probably will not do it again. But it could be effective cyclocross training.

Anyone making an expedition to northern Manhattan to visit HB should not skip the nearby Morris-Jumel mansion and, a mile north of HB, Swindler Cove waterside park. No lie!

Anonymous said...

What if the evening's off bike activitiesdo not involve clothes but a credit card and a hard up Arby's clerk instead? She needed the money.

dop said...

Nice post. A fun part of cycling in the city is seeing all the little details

Anonymous said...

Great post today! Some really neat pictures.

JLRB said...

At least they called it a crash at the end of the article. But of course the first line is "SUV Plows into Students" and it is called an "accident" and you don't find out there even was a driver until half way through the article.

Yeah Cleveland! said...

Glenda Taylor, a staple of the Midwest bicycle-racing scene, was tragically killed Sunday morning. According to an article in The Topeka Capital Journal, Taylor was struck by a pickup truck while warming-up for her event at the Kansas state time trial championships.

No mention of the driver of said pickup truck.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Oh, well then...

wishiwasmerckx said...

...if the new post ...

wishiwasmerckx said... this late...

wishiwasmerckx said...

...I'll go ahead and claim the century...

JLRB said...

ps - been traveling and didn't get to read the blog entry until today - very nice Brooks-worthy travelogue - but come now - you keep this up and we will all end up learning things from your blog. If the commentariat gets too educated will Scranus be abolished?

Scranus is dead. Long live Scranus.

Anonymous said...

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