Friday, May 16, 2014

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Firstly, the other day I mentioned that I'd removed the kiddie seat from my Big Dummy and replaced it with a crabon "stoker bar," and I seem to remember a commenter asking for a picture, so here you go:

I may kludge a pair of footrests out of some old bar ends I've got kicking around, though then again I may not bother and instead just wait for the kid's legs to grow.

Depends on the weather.

Secondly, on Wednesday I wrote about Alec Baldwin's salmoning arrest (though mostly in the context of my coinage of the term "salmon"), and no sooner was the ink dry on my monitor than A-Bald was at it again!

Baldwin pedaled against traffic for a roughly a block on East 10th Street and Broadway, near his home on Thursday morning.

He then rode on the sidewalk — which is also against street rules — and narrowly missed a pedestrian.

Wow, this guy's incorrigible!

There's just no corriging him.

I was particularly amused by the caption in which he's accused of "nearly hitting a woman," since the woman pictured looks totally unfazed--but then I brought the photo to the BSNYC Image Enhancement Lab, where my specialists discovered a second woman, as well as some other telltale clues:

As you can see, the second woman has her hand to her head, and it's unclear as to whether she's expressing shock over a near-death experience, or very excited to have just spotted a celebrity, or both.

Moreover, Baldwin himself is clutching both a smartphone and a coffee, leaving him with no visible means by which to actuate the brakes.  I'm not sure how he plans to stop, though my two leading theories are:

1) He doesn't;


2) Should braking become necessary he will quickly transfer the smartphone to his mouth.

I have actually done the second one, and I can report that it works, though not very well.

Anyway, it's clear we should all give thanks for every day we're not killed by a runaway Alec Baldwin, but I'm extremely disappointed that the Post missed a great opportunity to also accuse Baldwin of nearly killing a baby:

Come on!  The first rule of fear-mongering is always "invoke the baby!"  I guess the Post must not have an Image Enhancement Lab.  Sure, it cost me $25,000, but it's already paying for itself.

Speaking of The Law, in the aforementioned post a commenter linked to this story about a police officer in Kent, Washington who tasered a guy for not wearing a helment:

The officer arrested the man for investigation of obstructing an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia after spotting two bicyclists riding without helmets at about 7 p.m. April 26 along 104th Avenue Southeast near Southeast 240th Street, according to the police report. City law requires bicyclists to wear helmets.

The officer pulled his patrol vehicle into a parking lot to stop the two bicyclists for not wearing helmets. One of the bicyclists stopped, the other one pedaled away.

That's when the officer tasered the helmentless cyclist for his own protection:

The officer again yelled at the man to stop but the bicyclist kept going. The officer then pulled out his Taser and shot the man with a dart. The man fell off the bike. Police ordered the man to stay on the ground. A second officer arrived and the two handcuffed the man.

Good thing he did, too, because the bicyclist turned out to be a drug cartel kingpin:

Police transported the man to the city jail. Officers searched his backpack and found a syringe as well as a glass smoking pipe, which the officer noted often is used to smoke meth or crack cocaine.

Officers did not re-contact the first bicyclist.

Wow.  Some people get elected Mayor of Toronto for that.

I can't believe we're not winning this "drug war" thing.

In any case, if you didn't already know, this story makes it pretty clear that helment laws are mostly a pretense designed to make it easier for police to stop and detain undesirables.

Meanwhile, in pro cycling news, Taylor Phinney made a race and the cycling world is Fredgasming all over it:

SANTA BARBARA, California (VN) — Taylor Phinney’s talent has long been evident. He won a junior world time trial title at age 17, and he is the son of not one, but two, former professional cyclists — Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter. All the same, Thursday’s victory into Santa Barbara at the Amgen Tour of California was only the second time Phinney has won a road stage in the pro ranks.

"Magical?"  Hey, it's great that he won and all, but I'd just like to remind everybody it's a stage in the Tour of California, whose greatest champion is Levi Leipheimer, so let's keep things in perspective.  Plus, everybody knows pro cycling wins in America don't count, unless they hold the Worlds here or something.  You're supposed to do it in Europe.  Winning a bike race in America is like the handjob you got while you were away at summer camp: sure it felt good, but nobody's impressed.

Lastly, are you missing a garden-variety Brooklyn-style fixie?  Well, a reader tells me you may have locked it to someone else's garden-variety Brooklyn-style fixie:

You locked your bike to mine (Champs)

Are you the asshole that locked your bike to mine last Friday? Well I have your bike. I cut your lock off, and I'd like you to come and get it.

A couple things though, not only did you waste a a few hours of my night asking around of who's bike it was, waiting, and then figuring out logistics of what to do in such an unheard of situation when I had plans to leave New York the next morning, your bike and lock scratched the shit out of my frame, fork, and stem. That's a $900 frameset and a $110 stem. That's usually why I look for solo parking. To protect my investment, not to let dickheads I don't know lock their bikes to mine.

Shoot me an email please. I'm not a dick, and I want to get your bike back to you. No one deserves having their bike taken away from them.

Actually, gratuitously mentioning the cost of your frame and stem is pretty dickish, especially when the bike you're bragging about is a beer can Bianchi.  I can only imagine what would happen if someone were to spill coffee on this guy at Starbucks.  "You stained my sweater!  It cost $39, I got it at the Gap!"  It's basically the "I drive a Dodge Stratus!" syndrome.

This is not to defend locking your bike to someone else's, and if someone did that to me I'd leave the offending bicycle somewhere it was sure to be stolen.  It's just that, in this particular case, I think these two may deserve each other.

And now, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right you're a genius, and if you're wrong you'll see something which probably seemed funny to someone at the time.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and leave at least one hand free for braking, unless you're palping a coaster brake.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

1) The unofficial Bike to Work day checklist includes:

--A helment worn way back on the head, like a yarmulke
--No fenders of any kind, resulting in a scrotalitarian "skunk stripe"
--A messenger bag purchased specifically for the occasion and worn lower than Sid Vicious's bass
--All of the above

2) A shoal is a school of fish.


3) William Shakespeare coined the phrase, "This pen smells like ass."


(Peak Fred?)

4) Finally!  A:

--Helment you have to remember to recharge
--$799 one-legged power meter that compensates for changes in air temperature
--$200 in-your-face glasshole display that shouts in your ear and doesn't work
--All of the above

5) First came the:

Then came the:

Now we have the:

--"Cunt Queen"
--"Mount Cunt"
--"Cunt Ride"
--"Gator Cunt"

6) Finally!  A clothing company that specializes in:

--Beards and Bicycles
--Salmon and Shoals
--Cycling-specific girdles
--Boats 'N Hoes

(You mean you're still using keys?  What are you, an old-timey prison guard? )

7) Finally!  A u-lock that:

--Requires solar recharging
--Requires a smartphone
--Requires connection via Bluetooth or WiFi
--All of the above

(via a reader)

***Special Hard-Hitting Journalism-Themed Bonus Video!***

[Alternate Video Title: Lots of Benign Cycling Behavior Followed by a Bunch of Driver Behavior That Pretty Much Explains it All, Plus A Brief Interview With a Typically Irritating San Franciscan.]


BTW day Cleveland said...


flyover bc said...


Anonymous said...


Comment deleted said...

I'm your scranus, I'm your fire, at your desire.

Anonymous said...


Spokey said...

well at least top 5

Anonymous said...


Spokey said...


dcee604 said...

Top ten??

Anonymous said...

Nutmeg keystone tar heel scranus top ten?

dancesonpedals said...

top X

dancesonpedals said...

oh buggers

ken e. said...


Comment deleted said...

That guy doesn't understand that scooters are allowed to do whatever they want on the city streets. It's in the Vehicle Code.

JLRB said...


BikeSnobNYC said...

Comment deleted,

I like when they get off, walk them through the red lights, and get back on, and then rip off the Velcro license plate and park them on the sidewalk.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...i just got older... waiting for a quiz

Spokey said...

I really sucked on today's quiz. Need more salmon and green tea I guess.

Where was the interview? Not at the end of the video. Pls don't make me watch the whole thing again.

flank_steak said...

Also worth mentioning is Andy Rihs, owner and bazillionaire cycling hobbyist lives nearby.

It would not be the first time the peloton has agreed to soft pedal it in to satisfy a peloton sponsor.

BTW, Tour of California is essentially a hobby for Phil Anshutz and his pal Thom Wiesel.

Davis Phinney said...

w 4y;j; w45;j ml/mkkkjtrjkl; fg
l205b45rtbs40; srth kl
cfg xcv;RTt014402h0r

Spokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spokey said...

He then rode on the sidewalk — which is also against street rules

Street Rules? What the fuck are those? Is it illegal? Maybe in communist NY, but not across the Hudson here in America. NJ manual:

Although riding a bicycle on a sidewalk is not prohibited by statute, some municipalities have passed ordinances prohibiting bicycle traffic on certain sidewalks

Then you're informed how riding on the sidewalk is deadlier than not wearing a helment. But it is not against the street rules.

BikeSnobNYC said...


I was referring to the hall monitor at :30 seconds.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

McFly said...

Winning a beik rase in 'Murka is like suckin' a titty through a sweater. Your gonna get a boner but it will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Orestes Munn said...

Blogger Comment deleted said...
I'm your scranus, I'm your fire, at your desire.

Whereupon, FotS said, or rather thought…
Scraaaynus, whoa whoa whoa Scray ay ay ay nuh-us,
Have you got cheating on your mind?

My scranus has a mind of its own.

A gut shabbos. Time to go Fred and shred it up on the aitch-too-owe!

BamaPhred said...

That corset thing looks remarkably like this f'ing back brace im finally fixin to shed after 8 long weeks.

JLRB said...

A glorious wet BTWD here in the Capital of Canada's Jock Strap. Rain kept away the usual horde of weavers and bobbers, and most importantly, left more swag at the pitt stop for me, me ,me.

I like stupid swag, like Shakeyspear liked big butts, and I can't deny.

Orestes Munn said...


Couldn't face it this a.m. I heard the Bethesda event was in the tunnel and the shirts are baby aspirin--or is it salmon?--color.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...on bike to work day, i always leave my bike at home and take the bus.

...though with the threat of rain today, i should have ridden... cuz the woosies were not out.

trama said...

Hahaha! Mr Stanley Roberts is one of my favorite things on TV, he regularly stakes out intersections and catches people abusing carpool lanes and using cell phones while driving and illegally dumping old mattresses on Oakland streets (wait, you can't do that?).

Spokey said...

thanks snobby.

well worth going back to study that tidbit.

Mental acuity is lacking this week. Must be anxiety over my upcoming Portland trip to see peaches. I'm not prepared at all.

Spokey said...


depends on the sweater (& the titty of course)

JLRB said...

FOS - I caught a bit of a rain window - what did hit me wasn't that bad - SMUGNESS - I've ridden in worse - ENDO SMUGNESS.

The t-shirt (just what I need - another cycling t-shirt, right?) - is a light red - not quite Salmon (enough with the salmon). The front is very understated. The back has the usual phallic (Washington Monument) and titty (Capitol dome), with two things that could be hairy testies, or cherry trees.

If I were smart I would have immediately used it to wipe all the wet road grime of my precious bikecycle.

Enjoy the Sea-Fredding! Are you out near Annapolis?

JB said...

Old bar ends laying around!? Bar ends are for using and shredding and getting rad and goring on-comers.

Orestes Munn said...


Bethesda. Boat's in Nap.


Anonymous said...

OK I give in, Alec Baldwin's a douche I guess.

"Street rules!" Sounds like how you might refer to "traffic laws" when you're talking to your 5-year-old. Which is basically how the media think of us, so.

"I am not a dick"... "Methinks thou dost protest too much." (Billy "T.P.S.L.A." Shakespeare) I guess he thinks recovering your damages by simply selling the offending article that was negligently attached to your property, is somehow more dicky than writing some whiny public thing on craigslist.

Orestes Munn said...

…and yes, the smug does hit one rather hard. I pine for the days when riding a bicycle in the street was a faintly subversive act or meant you had one two many DUI convictions.

Spokey said...

When I think of street rules, I think of swinging a mace at the first salmon I encounter. Or taking the middle of the bike lane and not flinching.

Thems be street rules

I run in to (figuratively) a lot a salmon on US 206. So far they have flinched.

Making herefn is OK on a Friday PM

Olle Nilsson said...

Roille, "Street rules!" is code for traffic laws you couldn't be bothered to fact check.

Olle Nilsson said...

I'm kind of annoyed that I've been lied to all these years and the so-called "hazard lights button" is actually the "park wherever you want button". All those missed opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I know huh. "I ain't got time for that, whadda I look like, a journalist?"

Anonymous said...

effervescent post today, snobbie.

JLRB said...

FOS - I'm in McLean - went to the National Geographic Pitt stop - they moved it inside to their cafeteria. (better than having a boat - my friend has one docked along the Magothy)

CommieCanuck said...

I have more kids, and am thus far more potent. <a href=">We use this solution.</a>

CommieCanuck said...


I have more kids, and am thus far more potent. We use this solution.

CommieCanuck said...

It's great 'cause they learn hand signals.

Anonymous said...

Truly scrotalitarian/baronial.

Comment deleted said...

Commie, NO HELMENTS???? I'm calling the Scronadian equivalent of Child Protective Services.

RaynieJames Dio said...

I can't believe you failed to mention Alec Baldwin's work in radio. on WNYC of all stations.

Jan Heine said...

Spirited post, never once felt fatigued - I planed the entire way.

BTW day Cleveland said...

No complementary tshirts here in JohnnyMazelville (We've already been renamed). Lots of coffee at the "energizer" stations. There was some Chef types downtown cooking omlettes for riders. 40F temps kept the freezebabys in their cars.

VOR said...

I am a bicyclist. I am not a cyclist because that includes "Crotch Rocket" goons who beat up people in cars (damn that occurred in the NYC Metropolitan area) fat guys on "Hogs" and other elitists, including "Freds." You ever see "Fred" without a helmet! Not often. So guess who legislated for helmets: The fat guy on the Hog, no way; crotch rocket thug, probably not. That leaves all those "Freds" out there, who believe that the rest of us are stupid and should act the way they do, because of they are superior. Get a "Fred" judge on your side or elect "Fred" politicians and wala, you have poor cops enforcing ridiculous laws which, trust me, they really don't want to enforce. But if a "Fred" out there sees a cop not enforcing the helmet law, he or she calls aforementioned judge or politician, and the poor police chief is front and center explaining why his or her officers are not saving lives by enforcing the law.

Mom said...

That's right honey.


Anonymous said...

Working on another status bike.


Igloo Dweller said...

I miss Rob Ford being in the news, he really put Canada on the world stage. I'm sure when he gets out of rehab things will pick up once again. Now if Justin Trudeau could be caught riding sans helmet whilst clubbing a baby Harper seal to death then that would put Canada back on page one!

Vernal Magina said...

What do we suppose the end result would be if the helmetless bicyclist tasered by a cop were to fall to the ground convulsing and then split his head open?

Also, s'funny -- someone locked their bike up to mine on Atlantic Ave. the other day, first time that's ever happened. (Luckily, I was too preoccupied drinking and watching baseball inside the bar that they had gone before I intended too.) But seriously, wtf.

JLRB said...

OK so back to ALEC Noun-Verb-win - he is brilliant - now instead of the poparazzi chasing his wife and kids, they are distracted by his stupid golf visor on a bike - he is like a colorful male mallard distracting attention away from his drab colored hen and her nest full of chicks.

"Do you know who he is" is just a brilliant tactic.

Or maybe he is just a spoiled duchawallalalalalalala - whatever - at least he is out bikecycling instead of Hummer noun-verbing.

dancesonpedals said...

I think motorcycle riders are called 'bikers'...never heard them called 'cyclists'.

I call myself, 'Fredde, ze bona fide cycliste' (two syllables for fide, svp)

dancesonpedals said...

Hey Commie, can those ladies do a cunning array of stunts on that bicycle? I can't see how tall they are, they seem like a cunning group of runts...

very tylespu

Dooth said...

That paragon of journalistic excellence, the New York Post's Page Six, calls Alec Baldwin the Bloviator. Maybe they'll change his title to the Salmonator.
Wildcat, we desperately need coinage for a sidewalk cyclist.

babble on said...

I'm a little tiny bit corrigible, after half a bottle of wine ish...

Man, what a week! That was EPIC. Scrotalitarian is going to rock the whole digiverse, Snobbums. Well done.

My SQ - that's Smugness Quotient just took a mammoth hit.

Anonymous said...

Sidewalk cyclist, hmm.

How about "faggot"?

OK nono seriously, how about (keeping with the marine theme) a "flounder." A fish that masquerades as a ground dweller. Added bonus for being slow and clumsy.

Or how about a cuckoo - sneaks its eggs into another species' nest and tries to make them blend in with totally different eggs.

Naturally Snobz will have to reject these two awesome suggestions out-of-hand, but we all know I totally win.

VOR said...

Dear, Dance on Pedals, I guess it depends on who (or is it whom) you ask. "cy·cling (sī′klĭng) n. The act, sport, or technique of riding or racing on a bicycle, motorcycle, or similar vehicle. adj. Relating to or used in cycling. cy ...." According to the "Free Dictionary ." I suppose you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

I've decided to read later in the day at a more leisurely pace.

and if someone could post some pictures of chicks in those tight black pants, ever so tight, it would be appreciated.

Olle Nilsson said...

I like bikeen; therefore, I'm a biker*.

*This comment has not been screened for verb-noun scranulage.

VOR said...

Dear, Vernal Magina, it depends on whether or not he or she had drugs and/or paraphernalia in his or her backpack. I mean really, run from a cop who wants to, at worst, ticket you for not wearing a helmet! In liberal, fucking, Washington. Please.......

Freddy Murcks said...

$900 fixie frame and $110 stem?!? What does he think this, 2007? When you can buy an entire fixie at Wal-Mart for pocket change (literally) that is, everybody knows that the frame and stem of that aggrieved CraigsList poster aren't worth a tenth of that.

llowlya common

Freddy Murcks said...

I need an editir. Since i don't have one, I need to fix my own post.

$900 fixie frame and $110 stem?!? What does he think this, 2007? When you can buy an entire fixie at Wal-Mart for pocket change (literally) that is in every way the equivalent to the $900 fixie frame and $110 stem of the aggrieved CraigsList poster, everybody knows that his shit isn't worth a tenth of that.

ementriu acted

Anonymous said...

Sixty-eight comments and no sign of Kenny nor manic commentator exhortations for him to grace us with his presence/presents.

Attention Deficit Disorder, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

I am president of the Nationals Club of the Midwest. Go Nats.
Snob: you had a good week. Thanks.
Kenny: if you don't have a good excuse for not telling us what's in that box you are dead to us.

Anonymous said...

Heard there were snow flurries in Chicago this am.

Deadly Fredly said...

I did a really long and tiring MTB race last weekend. Thinking about how much fun it would be to tickle Babble's vulvanus area actually helped me get through some of the more difficult parts.

babble on said...

Well bless your heart, Deadly. Thank you, and you should know that all thoughts of pleasure and passion sent my way are most welcome. Sometimes I feel little frissions of pleasure run through me like a wave, a shudder. It happens suddenly, out of the blue. Maybe it's cause of people like you, thinking of people like me.

Kundalini yoga makes me believe in sexy chi, and life has led me to believe that anything is possible.

CommieCanuck said...

I can't believe you failed to mention Alec Baldwin's work in radio. on WNYC of all stations.

You mean Mike Schweddy and his Schweddy balls?

dancesonpedals said...

Damn dictionary

dancesonpedals said...

oh babs, you put the kun in kundalini (which I used to think was that red-hair pasta)

JB said...

Tickle, tickle, then hide the pickle.

JLRB said...

Rollie -

You totally win.

Did you know flounders are hatched with eyes on both sides of their heads, and then as they grow one eye slides around and joins the other - some become right sided flounders and others are lefties?

I had to read about that stupid fish eye thing for some standardized reading comprehension test a million moons ago, when I was hung over as dog balls, but for some reason that factoid is stuck with me for eternity.

With that, i say good day, and a fun fredly weekend to you all.


shoal the salmoning scranus

Spokey said...

O Kenny, Kenny wherefore art thou Kenny?

Deny thy Wildcat and refuse thy name; offer us a glimpse of the treasures in thine eyes

robot says similar nchique but he prefers West Side Story

ASSS MELL said...

I want the BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz Question 3 to be reviewed by outside authorities. I think that's pretty lousy to make up phony phacts and then say the shit is true.

Have you no integrity, Bike Snob NYC?

Angry Beaver in Miramichi said...

"Winning a bike race in America is like the handjob you got while you were away at summer camp: sure it felt good, but nobody's impressed." Or the BJ you got in HS from the captain of the cheerleaders. You thought it was great until you saw Deep Throat. Then you realized it was like winning a stage of the Tour of California.

Spokey said...


--> Have you no integrity, Bike Snob NYC?


Are you kidding? Snobby probably won't even answer such a ridiculous question. If he had integrity he'd have a real job and would have limited his seed to no more than a dozen urchins.

Although I got a big red 'F' on this week's quiz, I recognize the artisanal craftsmanship and wisdom that went each carefully honed question.

now 201 panlans shows the dearth of integrity from the robot

JLRB said...

Two parting notes (Yea I know) -

I must comment on the indignity of putting on wet Fred Cycle shoes for the return trip after a wet bikecycle commute to work.

AND, I must return DB's Go nats, because the Lego Movie says to be popular you must root for the local sportsing team (and 'cause I do like the team - hoping for big things out of Harper when he gets healthy) EVERYTHING IS AWESOME

JB said...

Anonymous Angry Beaver in Miramichi @ 5:28:
For some of us, both can be great.

Anonymous said...

My best friend has season tickets behind George Will on the first base line. I fly out for 5-6 games a year.
Otherwise, it's MLB TV every night.
You New Yorkers may want to change allegiance to the Mets as they will be better than the Yankees for the next several years.

Olle Nilsson said...

Kenny's package must have been so baronial that he's sitting on the beach in the Bahamas right now, sipping on a tropical cocktail.

Oh wait, it wasn't ticking, was it Kenny? Kenny? KENNY?! NOOOOOOOO!!!




Anonymous said...

Wilson Ramos Bobblehead night.

Anonymous said...

Babs - that's not Deadly Fredly doing that, it's me. Yeah I thought you might enjoy that.

Haw haw just kiddin. It was probably McFly!

shining trapezoid said...

Fine form this week Fredly

McFly said...

YO Snob you are so spot on about US Road bicycle cycle racing being an intense cauldron of non-fun. I just dooded a Cat 5 in the Land between the Lakes, the Espinazo Del Diablo, and the USAC bitch on the BMW yelled at me in the race and also got onto me after the finish. I went 6 ft with my helmeant on the hood and she had a coronary and threatened to fine me TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. I did not give much more than that for the lid.

Anonymous said...

I hate to make fun of a charity ride but how am I supposed to ignore the doucheclamation point at the upper right.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Roberts' universal Micky Rooney-ism has earned him the ire of both cyclists AND drivers:

Olle Nilsson said...

McFly, wait, you dooded a Cat 5? What the hell does that mean? I need to know.

So you threw yourself or the helment on the car?

McFly said...

Ummm there are 5 categories in competitive road cycleen. 5 being the slowest IN THEORY BUT THEM FUCKERS ARE STRONG. I was up front for a while then flatted. 36 miles and 3000+ feet of climbing so I cruised on and basically paid $1.25 a mile to ride a road 30 miles from my house lol. My healmeant was hanging on my shifter hood. BIG MISTAKE. I was close to callin her a name but I want to do the White Lightening MTB race in June so I kept my mouth shut since she is a USAC official. I been chewed out before its no big deal.

McFly said...

This helment deal happened AFTER THE RACE WAS OVER and we were just bullshitting by the pode.

JLRB said...

A Canadian Conspiracy to keep us from expanding our bike share program

If it were Toronto-based there would be a lot of cracks about, well, crack.

Time for some competition if one company is supplying the bikes/stations to everyone, but still can't turn a profit?

Vlad said...

Hello, dear Bikesnobnyc not from Dubrovnyc! It's me, Vlad from Bucharest! Just writting to tell you that, in Romania, it's already monday afternoon and there's no bike snob new post to read. I realise that in America it's still early in the day, and that probably, as I heard you do in America, you have one of those fancy 9-to-5 working hours, not 6-to-midnight like here, but still, you do have a lot of readers from abroad who don't have anything else to look for on a Monday afternoon, and really depend on your blog updates! I know that getting up earlier just to write a new post would be to much to ask, but you could program your blogpost to post on Monday morning an update that your wrote earlier. It would be like having a buffer of 10-20 pre-writen posts.

Bah! I know, even that would be asking too much, I know. I shall simply browse older posts, as per usual, in the meantime. Good luck to you, M. Bikesnobnyc!

Anonymous said...


wishiwasmerckx said...


wishiwasmerckx said...

...and 100th!

georg festrunk said...

hello America, it is I, Georg brother Yortuk & I follow bikesnobs nyc all the way in Bratislava...we enjoy your lady bikers with their big American breasts...and can't hardly wait for next installment...don't worry....we've read many blogs worse than yours

Olle Nilsson said...

Okay, makes sense now. Thought you did some "illegal" manouver to a Cat 5 racer, but you did a healmentless Cat 5 race. Don't know if that motivates me to race or to keep avoiding it.

Anonymous said...

I got some concentration tongue around 11:45 last night and it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

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Dan ternyata ada Obat herbal wasir yang secara alami masih bisa dikonsumsi, silahkan silahkan baca selengkapnya . Penyakit kanker payudara bisa isembuhkan jika ditangani sejak dini dengan Obat herbal kanker payudara . Anda harus mengetahui gejala-gejala kanker payudara agar anda dapat mengobatinya sebelum terlambat silahkan baca selengkapnya . Tapi jika anda sudah terlanjur terkena penyakit ini, maka pengobatan yang harus dilakukan dengan Obat kutil di alat vital , lebih lengkapnya silahkan baca selengkapnya . Sebelum membicarakan tentang Obat kutil di daerah alat vital , sebenarnya ada hal lain yang lebih penting dari hal itu, yakni tindakan pencegahan silahkan baca selengkapnya . proses pencegahan sebagai Obat alat vital sakit ini juga perlu dibantu dari orang-orang yang ahli di dalamnya sehingga pencegahan tersebut efektif dan bisa sesuai dengan sasaran, silahkan baca selengkapnya . bila kita melihat lebih jauh dan meneliti beberapa kasus yang ada Obat keluar nanah di kelamin yang paling manjur adalah pencegahan sejak dini, silahkan baca selengkapnya .