Friday, January 29, 2010

BSNYC Frizzy Fur Quiz!

Today is an auspicious day in cycling, as all over North America Subaru-driving Belgian beer enthusiasts are wetting their waders over the announcement that Louisville, Kentucky will host the cyclocross masters world championships in 2012 and the elite world championships in 2013:

This is easily the most shockingly lavish gift from Europe to the United States since Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. In determining the location of the world championships the UCI had to consider a number of compelling bids, including one from Portland which involved routing the competitors through an elaborate reconstruction of the "Three's Company" set, beer hand-ups from specially-trained chimpanzees, and a custom machined bottle opener and $35 Stumptown Coffee gift card for the winner in each category. Ultimately, though, the UCI decided that the sport of cyclocross should retain some dignity, and so cyclesport shall be spared the spectacle of the most ironic cyclocross race the world has ever seen for at least a few more years. Still, cyclocross-mad Portlanders will no doubt descend on Louisville in 2013, where they will be easily identifiable by their constant complaints about inferior beer and coffee, insufficient mud, and the total lack of a category for their dogs.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz. As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer. If you're right you'll know, and if you're wrong you'll see the Danny MacAskill of pretentious mountain bike art.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and remember that the deadline for The Great Meh BSNYC Free Scat Contest! is 12:01 AM EST on Saturday, January 30th (which is technically tomorrow morning but colloquially considered tonight), after which no further entries will be considered, no matter how pathetic.


1) What is this?

--The mascot for the 1972 Olympic Games
--The Canine Cyclocross World Champion
--The Dachshund of Time

2) Riccardo Riccò, aka "The Cobra," will return to cycling just in time for:

3) When kangaroos attack, they do in fact go for the "pants yabbies."

4) Who would win in a fight between a hawk and a kangaroo?

5) In a recent video advocating brakeless fixed-gear riding and featuring cycling attorney Bob Mionske, which is a reason given for this choice of bike?

--"To cross-train for different sports"
--It feels like you're "running on wheels"
--"I just feel a little more in control"
--All of the above

6) Thanks, "bike culture!" Finally:

(Canadian "Fakenger")

7) "It even comes with the pens!" How much should you expect to pay for a Canadian Bike Courier Starter Kit?

***Special Foregone Cunnilingus Pun Opportunity-Themed Bonus Question***

What is this cat licking?


Anonymous said...

wow, no comments yet?

Anonymous said...

I'm flummoxed.

The Cheat said...

Must be because of the early release.

mikeweb said...

Fur sure!!

Sprocketboy said...

That is one lame Mountie.

Fearful said...


Anonymous said...

Is that a pic of CC?

streepo said...

I hate it when I fart in the shower

Anonymous said...

Holler yall

ringcycles said...

Loovil 2013 OMG OMG OMG!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah P said...

Got it wrong,, however I think the Roo would win the battle by hitting the Hawk in the yabbies.

rezado said...


Anonymous said...

we are all anonymous cowards.

Dann said...

How much for just a Canadian Starter Kit??

S.K. said...

Riccardo Riccò is too busy teaching a spin class to worry about his large breasted better half's transgressions.

ringcycles said...

sorry Sarah P., wrong again. hawks, just like you, don't have actual yabbies.

Pontius Pilate said...



Opinionated Cicyclist said...

Can't wiat!! it snot two far awae I can biek their!! Maybe Lance will showe!!

rezado said...


g said...

i believe that should be:


innerlighter said...

RE: question 7
I hear Commie has quite a backstock of those and is willing to let them go for $17 (Canadian) and a handy.


Bad Lawyer said...

first the OC video and now this pounding in my head from the mountain bike percussion beat box video, ayeeee...I confess, I confess,. . .what ever you want me to say, BSNYC!

Anonymous said...

come and knock on our door

Stupid Name said...

Tough quiz this week, I must be drinking two much belgium beer, and inhaling the exhaust from my Suburu.

Certainly not playing enough bike polo in garages, or giving a shit about cyclocross.

Anonymous said...

Kangaroos are the perverts of the animal world

hillbilly said...

i don't think 4 was fair, but it was funny as hell.


ringcycles said...

perfect score this week! peaking just in time for the "live stream from Tabor race from the computer to the frig for another beer" on Sunday.

ant1 said...


rezado said...

what you do with your cat is your own business.


Jefe said...

You need bad beer at cyclecross races to spray the riders with. It's a Belgian tradition. The Portlanders won't show up anyway unless a Flaming Lips video is being cast.

hillbilly said...

is it an inverse relationship, the cooler the roadies think a pair of sunglasses are with how good they look on one's face?

rural 14 said...

ant 2nd!
braised kangaroo with "oysters"

Anonymous said...

great quiz, the first time in a year I nailed most of them.

cheva said...

top fifty
maybe even 40

kale said...

The funniest part was anon 12:13 referencing ICQ.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Starter Kit includes: French/English dictionary, mittens & sunscreen, a "common phrase" book (including such gems as "I'm at Timmy's, how many bits do you want?"), and a health card.

Deluxe package comes with Celine Dion CD (doubles as coaster) and an exhaustive list of why you should not drink Molson Canadian.


Coastiedouche said...

Ricco and his wife..Douche couple.Nice going!Maybe their newborn will be the posterchild for Cerra gummi chewables.

Ben said...

"inferior beer and coffee"

How. Dare. You.

(WOOOOO! and it's pronounced Loo-ah-vul)

wishiwasmerckx said...

Ricco's hair reminds me somehow of that scene with Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary."

UC Bearcat said...

Louisville? What, was Cincinnati busy?

db said...

I couldn't even participate in the quiz after the description of the Portland CX Worlds "bid". Awesome.

God knows I've been tempted to pull a Cipo bottle toss at motorists, but I'd never expect to actually make my target then crash... the man has superpowers.

Test Tickle said...



kerry said...

Canadian dress ups!! hahahaha!!!!

I wonder what its going to be like, these fixie people waking up at 35 with terrible knuckle tattoos. I mean, I know( I have some goth calf tattoos myself!)they must think that perhpas the economy will always suck, so no poin ever having to look like a sane adult again? But, wallmart is always hiring, sadly.

kerry said...

We have the Ausssie girls verwion of that Canadian dress up - a big white bra under a strappy Bonds singlet, tight jean shorts, blonde hair with black streaks, a winnie blue( smokes), a baby, 20 extra kilos of celluite( add 10 more for each successive year beyond age 20)and a six pack of XXX beer for the lucky man curating his dropped, chopped ute.
No wonder the blokes prefer Roos.

brother yam said...

Speaking of kangaroos and pants yabbies.

grog said...



SE13 said...

Broken Britain!

Garnet Silk got me into the top 50!!

Anonymous said...

I did amazingly well on this weeks quiz....I am typically pathtic but not this week.....Oh wait I just did a friday quiz and that make me pathtic on it's own....

Neil said...

So, 20 years from now, Ricco's son may be reaping the benefits of in-vitro Epo exposure?


Neil said...

in-vivo that is....

CommieCanuck said...

The expression on that cat's face indicates he's licking off some spilled bongwater.

-20 min later-

"dude, you got some, like, kibbles?"

CommieCanuck said...

Snob, it woulda been hilarious if you wrote:

Can I haz cheeseburger? under the cat pick, because there just isn't enough of this on Al Gore's internet.

yogisurf said...

My Dachshund of Time is longer then most. I didn't get the right answer the 2nd time I took the quiz.

Anonymous said...

Commie would still be blogging today if he hadn't skimped on the LOL cats.

Salty Seattle said...

okay, just now, flippin around the radio, I heard:

That annoying song by the hairy-vagina-ball band.

So, I clicked around and caught:

Holy Diver, by Dio, himself.

I don't know if you believe in omens, but I am suddenly glad I do. Friday is starting to look kind of interesting all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, Mr. Snob, I learned that it is too late for me to become an admin for a flickr group called Knuckle Tatoos and also to start a project about knuckle tatoos. But, it's not too late for Dickies Riding Fixies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, No comments from yesterday? I can't see them if there are. This has happened before - anyone know why?

CommieCanuck said...

Same thing happened to me last week. Turned out my computer monitor was just a microwave oven.

Salty Seattle said...

And a mention of Cippo again! ON FRIDAY!

This bodes well for a certain salty kitty.



Anonymous said...

All this talk of kinky kangaroos kicking people in the nads has got me hot!
Maybe I could move to OZ and become Cadel's soigneur.
Think he'd kick me in the nuts if I stepped on his dog?

slowest guy in the van said...

dog racing! great, so now when even the dog gets a better result than me i'll be delegated from the back seat to the floor space between the two front seats.

HAPIA Mesir said...

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The Lone Roller said...

Boy the cross world ought to be quite disappointed with KY for this event. In fact they may need a bit of KY cuz they are getting screwed.

Edom bin necker said...

Them fellers in louavol was on the Yankees side during the war of Yankee aggression

you can't trust them mutherfuckers

most of the people there is choir so th French fellers will likes it just fine

Rick Donkey said...

Since the "Danny MacAskill of pretentious mountain bike art video has been taken down by the user, is every answer correct by default? Have a Sumac filled weekend!

Oscar Weiner said...

Ats tha dingo at et mah dickies.

Anonymous said...

awwwww you scared the mountain bike artist away. I wanna see it!

Paul Thomasburg said...

Dang, that friggin mtb vid wuz gone so i clicked on the LSD no-no instead.

Anonymous said...

cyclo cross debauch
i would love to see the dog xrace first at an event...the night before the owners can stuff there dogs with all of the left overs in the refrigerator, kennel them overnight and blow crap accross the course...this could help bring a technical ride in a dry course
the hecklers on the run ups handing up handing down could piss on the course instead of pissing on the tree 180 degress and five feet away....golden showers run up

Anonymous said...

it has to be licking its paw.
Cyrus Jeffries
Scotty Cameron Putter

Anonymous said...

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B. Obowmao said...

I just don't understand why those knuckle-dragging tea-bagging right-wing bastards won't negotiate wth me.

Judi said...

i'm SO happy about worlds CX being 1.5 hours away from me! fuck you portland!

Rip Torn said...

I'm baaack!

Norman said...

I think I can guess what's going to be top of the line monday, eh?

leroy said...

I for one want to thank Mr. Torn for all he has done at great personal cost to entertain so many for so long.

He just keeps giving and giving and giving.

But he really needs to give up the firearms.

I can't help wondering if he was simply looking for a place to get warm.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Salisbury steak, anyone? An unregistered firearm? Really? I am seeing an update to RTMS in our immediate future.

Anquetil's Mother said...

a round of Armagnac for everybody....

this might just be good enough to get me to come out of retirement...

Oh Merckxy.... RTMS may indeed be getting the "seal of disapproval" overhaul very very very soon.
btw, now that my old seal of disapproval sticker masking the manufaturer's name of my plastic rear wheelbrow is so last year, when can we expect new stickers with the new chic 2010 Latin verbage?

Anquetil's Mother said...

Elmore Ruel Torn Jr.

his given name.

holy crap, here i thought Rip Torn was just a full on stage name.

Anquetil's Mother said...

um, but I must say that really, he looks pretty good for 79 years old. Must be the booze and the shotguns.

Anonymous said...

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kerry said...

'Riccardo Riccò is too busy teaching a spin class ' hahahha!!!

Nicko said...

This just in:

"Actor Rip Torn arrested drunk, armed in Conn. bank"

jihad said...

The answer for #4 is Chuck Norris, but it is not listed, what gives?

Stupid Name said...

Portland is growing its new cyclocross track for the gravity challenged.

ken e. said...

yes!!! (at least as much as i care not to look into it)

RTMS 2.0

BuzzKitty said...

Knuckle licker cat looks like it's wasted on catnip. Better than being stuffed in a bong, I guess...

wishiwasmerckx said...

Holy smokes, Batman. Rip Torn gets arrested and the Mongolian National Team contests the World Cyclocross Championships. What a weekend. I can hardly wait for Monday's post!

Anonymous said...

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